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  1. Vernon Merrill

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Duels will be like the “fleet missions”... Popular for a few weeks and then people will largely not use them except for an odd few. IMO
  2. Usually takes about 10-15 mast hits with a 6-lb.’er to take down a Xebec mast... The only way I’ve found to escape a pirate-rigged Xebec with a pirate rigged Prince is to take one down before you get rage-boarded. The skill/luck factor of escape in this situation is extreme. Which is typically why experienced hunter groups will usually involve one Xebec and a at least one square-rigger.
  3. @Norfolk nChance I know. I should probably delete my post. We’ll see how I feel in the morning. But “goodbye cruel world” posts are the worst.
  4. Confusion to Boney!! Keep your filthy democratic ideals among your friends at the Academie, sir!! *removes leather glove and slaps you right across the cheek* Good day, sir!!!!
  5. Vernon Merrill

    Economic model design - Infinite Resources.

    One thing that really needs to be said: Scarcity of goods REQUIRES and severe re-make of mod and wood bonuses in parallel.
  6. Vernon Merrill

    Economic model design - Infinite Resources.

    I keep hearing this. But maybe it’s actually one of the reasons people don’t necessarily stick around longer. Theres a vocal group who, in my opinion, assume all new players want a simple arena instead of a true 18th/19th century age of sail experience. But again, we shall see which way the devs go.
  7. Vernon Merrill

    Economic model design - Infinite Resources.

    But dammit, I want both!! ;D
  8. Vernon Merrill

    Economic model design - Infinite Resources.

    Your last sentence says it all... This pond is a thousand miles wide and 3 inches deep. Maybe that too plays a role in people leaving?
  9. Vernon Merrill

    SELL NA to another developer because.....

    And yet.... here you are. Strange.
  10. Vernon Merrill

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    @Sir Hethwill the RedDuke
  11. Vernon Merrill

    Combat feedback

    This game has NEVER been “gank” free. It has always favored and encouraged group sailing play. Some would say it’s part of the design. Why is it so god damn hard for people to see that?
  12. Vernon Merrill

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    Here’s my take: Devs designed a game around ship combat. It’s very fun, yes. However, for some people, they either grew bored with ONLY ship combat or they expected more than that. Many gamers have come to expect “quests” or storylines in multiplayer games. In Naval Action, the only “quest” or thing to aspire to do other than combat is gather the sexy mods. Heres the rub: devs promised us ship combat. We want ship combat, but some players expect more. i personally do not “expect” more. But it would be lovely to be surprised by any additional ideas they come up with. I want “Civilization” with age of sail combat added. But that’s not what they promised.
  13. Vernon Merrill

    Stern Camping DLC Ships

    From the looks of it, he didn't stern camp you..... Your side is toast. Unless he de-crewed you first?
  14. Vernon Merrill

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    @victor we ALL do that... If you think that YOUR suggestions are not an attempt to influence the devs to build a game that’s more to YOUR liking, then you are deluding yourself. Again, ultimately the devs are going to have to decide how “hard-core” they want the game to be. It’s quite clear there are two distinct camps. One of them, however, just doesn’t to threaten to rage-quit all the time or spread speculation of doom and gloom about “everyone” quitting as if they are the Oracle.
  15. Vernon Merrill

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    To be fair... TLynxes are Prince food too.... just not QUITE so obvious and easy.
  16. Vernon Merrill

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    yep... I'd rather have 500 players online who like a more in-depth game than 2000 players who want World of Warships Sail Edition
  17. Vernon Merrill

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Spending the same $40 entitles you to the same game.... spending different amount of time and effort in game to get the better gear/weapons/ships/planes/mods is a feature of MANY MANY games as well.... Many games use reputation systems as well to reserve advanced content for players. I'm pretty sure you dont start Escape from Tarkov with a fully tricked out M4 with a 100-round mag. By all means grind a SoL... but dont confuse bigger with better or "insta-win"
  18. Vernon Merrill

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    "it's a fact that so many seasoned and very active testers got bitter (or silent) over time ..."
  19. Vernon Merrill

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Yes. Yes... ok... I agree now. We should just dumb down the game until "I" quit... like many of the players that "I" played with. Got it. At this point the devs should just build the game they want and let the tears flow.....
  20. Vernon Merrill

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Hotfix for the overloaded bug.
  21. Vernon Merrill

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Lol. The problem is that CERTAIN people want it set up so that a bigger ship equals “ I always win”. Theoretically, there should be a reputation system that determines what rate ship you can sail. Not a useless rank that is gained by 75% of the pop by attacking AI in their live oak indefatigable. Bur as stated above, the genie is out of the bottle and everyone thinks they should all “be able to sail the ship they want since they paid the same amount of money”. The fix is to make 1st and second rated PROHIBITIVELY expensive. And watch the tears flow. Launch is coming. Best to rip the band-aids off now. Along with a more austere economy. It should be HARD to survive as a captain in the Caribbean in this era.
  22. Vernon Merrill

    Sterncamping realism - possible solution

    LOL... "your "trash ships" are killing my 5/5 Speed-rigged Bellona!!!".... Do we need to post the video of how to effectively fight off smaller, more agile ships AGAIN, for the millionth time?!? P.S.- Every 4th thru 2nd rate that I've been part of killing lately has lost because he's be an absolutely TERRIBLE shot... invest in some additional powder for gunnery practice. P.S.S-- I think many of you overestimate the accuracy/effectiveness of musket fire. Has anyone actually ever shot a musket, even a rifled one, and examined the accuracy? It would be interesting to examine combat reports and see what percentage of casualties was from small-arms fire. My guess is its somewhat small. I think we get caught up in the "Nelson was sniped. Therefore marines can decimate an entire frigate in 10 mins" syndrome.
  23. Vernon Merrill

    Stop surrender abuse

  24. Seems like a good potential for "PvP'ers" to find some fights and earn some money to me... I'll never understand why people dont do escorts more... One of the most fun fights I've had was when I lost my fully-loaded LGV trying to fight off 3 Wasas (damn Russians) with my cohorts valiantly sacrificing themselves to try and gain my escape... O7 @PG Monkey and @Sir Hethwill the RedDuke