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  1. Vernon Merrill

    Rework of Nations for a clan based game approach

    You damn nation-hoppers are always clamoring-on for clan-based this and that... "Off with you, vile beggars!!!"
  2. Vernon Merrill

    World Cup (annual event)

    I'm down. How about something crazy like a week-long running total of nation PvP totals... (obviously converted into PvP marks/national login.) Main accounts only. Get EVERYONE out into the OW and fighting... Just a thought.
  3. Vernon Merrill

    Game Reviews on Steam

    Its pretty naive to think that everyone who will potentially buy this game has already been reached.... If anything, the potential audience has barely been touched. Other than an occasional Steam sale, there has been little to no advertisement of this game. And why would they? Its not completed yet. All we are is a suitably-sized pool of testers, which admittedly we all wish was a bit bigger due to our own selfish wants. We should hold off on the panic button until the game is completed, advertised and people still decide that they dont enjoy it.... Just my $.02
  4. Vernon Merrill

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    They do. More guns.
  5. Vernon Merrill

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    So bigger ships should have an “instant win” button?!? GTFOH Time to git gud.
  6. Vernon Merrill

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Again... hull thickness of HMS Victory at water line ~61cm. Hull thickness of USS Constitution at waterline ~55cm. According to ballistics testing from the early 1800’s, an 18-lb long will penetrate 3.3 feet (100cm) of oak at 100 yards. The only MAJOR difference between the later heavy frigates and SOL’s is their overall size which allowed them to carry more guns. They were, and should be, still susceptible to damage like any other ship Especially from point blank range
  7. Vernon Merrill

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    I wonder how many people complaining about the Determined Defender mod being magic also have the mystical "Lord-of-the-Book-of-the-Five-Rings" mod. (Which apparently turns your boarders into zombie Zorros in a cocaine-fueled euphoria able to jump over gunwales 12 feet tall.....) Nothing out of whack there at all.... nope.
  8. Vernon Merrill

    cannon knock back.

    This is probably all stuff they will do for eye candy once they get around to optimization.... Right now, my PC works noticeably harder playing NA than PUBG.....
  9. Vernon Merrill

    Naval Action Meme collection

  10. Vernon Merrill

    ships modification & accessory's

    “Let’s not top it the knob with the King’s ships, Aubrey... We’ll have none of your garish trinkets aboard. D’ye hear me there, sir?!?”
  11. Vernon Merrill

    ships modification & accessory's

    Yes, pennants at mast-heads. No to designs on sails. IMHO.
  12. Vernon Merrill

    ships modification & accessory's

    The day they put the ability to cover a ship and sails with skulls will be my last day in the game.... Warcraft with ships. Ugh.
  13. Vernon Merrill

    Hard caps on stacked boni

    Half the problem is cutter hold size and the fact that they should disable it for anything other than reps/rum.... I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll attack a player in a cutter. The last one I caught had 9 labor contracts and two good mods in it...
  14. Vernon Merrill

    Hard caps on stacked boni

    Loot, man.... Loot. When sinking ships isn't enough, you find other challenges.
  15. Vernon Merrill

    Hard caps on stacked boni

    Its actually even more nefarious that the OP states... Because not only do the fancy-pants mods actually give the player (some would argue) too much of a bonus, the PSYCHOLOGICAL effect is even worse for the game. How many players, especially newer ones, just decide to stay in port, supposed safe zones or wait til theres 15 of them to venture out to fight? That being said, there is still only one true way to actually learn and get better in this game. It involves spending time in affordable ships and being sunk, and sunk again.... and again.... and again.... For me, that was the hardest lesson to learn in this game. How to accept and mitigate the negative effects of ship loss. There's many reasons ROVERS run around in 6th/7th rates attacking much larger ships. The challenge is certainly one. But economics certainly plays a role. This is why I was a big proponent of an OFFICER system over the MOD system. But I understand that for many people, loot-hunting is a draw.
  16. Vernon Merrill

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    Can someone please pull the Don Innocencio always from the sisters for a bit...? He was at least funny.
  17. Vernon Merrill

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    Dude, EVERY nation in this game has done some shitty things since the OW was launched. Stop being a turd. Its one thing to role-play and play the loveable foil. It’s another thing to just be an ass. Be one. Not the other.
  18. Vernon Merrill

    Screening fleets

    It’s not a giant secret that the screening battles are usually far more enjoyable than the actual port battle. Most port battles will have the outcome obvious within the first 15 mins, then one side will pop out to save their precious PB-build ships. Shallow ones tend to be a bit better.
  19. Vernon Merrill

    Victory - too much hull exposed

    Hercules also sits too high in the water....
  20. Vernon Merrill

    Defense options against 'spies' in your nation

    Remember what came after this?.....
  21. Vernon Merrill

    Modules list

    It is the most recent one I have seen compiled... I havent checked it against what I have, however...
  22. Vernon Merrill

    Modules list

    I use this one Heth....
  23. Vernon Merrill

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I'm sure there's plenty of traders in nation that absolutely love an escort... you should post something in chat. Other than that, there is ZERO difference between "Missions" and finding AI fleets out in the OW (except for the fact that missions keep players from adding to the OW player-base)...
  24. Vernon Merrill

    Fleet suggestions

    You dont. Should you REALLY be able to?.... (Unless of course you re-capture it...)
  25. Vernon Merrill

    Fleet suggestions

    Truth. Whats the point of a "minimum crew" requirement if you can have sailors HALO jump in from a circling C-130?...