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  1. I cant wait to get de-masted by Pada.... ugh.
  2. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    Friendly fire should cause a gold/XP malus and a HUGE re-load penalty... Your gunners SHOULD be very reluctant to follow orders that go against King and country....
  3. Best RVR clan in games history

    And some would say ruined it by making it so toxic.... I often wonder what the game would be like if they didnt include the fictitious "Pirate" faction that had long since been widely eradicated by the timeframe of the game.... Its amusing that real-life people of that era had more manners and honor even though they would kill each other....

    The true Glory Days of NA.... Epic chaos and danger in the Windward Passage.... Then along came RNG "Gold"Marines....
  5. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Montanes is indeed a fine looking ship... Although I hate anything that promotes ship-size creep. I think another 3rd wouldnt be too bad. How about a fix to the Connie while we're at it?!?!?!?
  6. You're one of those guys who loses his shit at a restaurant if his burger is slightly overcooked, aren't you....?
  7. OW Travel Speed

    I just wish we could "conduct business" in other ports without having to sail there sometimes... clearly not moving actual goods but doing stuff that uses crafting hours. Is there a logical reason why we cant separate those two types of travel? I'm actual serious, because there may be but I cant think of one... I think THAT would go a long way to alleiviating the travel time issues. Just my $.02
  8. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    True. There is more PvP on here than in game lately, so.....
  9. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    And to think people howled when "gem" forums like this were taken away.... Threads like this are the poster-boy for them doing that again.... *Please sweet angel-of-forum-death come and take "National News" into the blackest cauldron of hell...*
  10. End of the server

    Well, I could be wrong... but the premise was that there is SUPPOSED to be a balance where "big/slow/powerful ships" fought other "big/slow/powerful ships" and if not then the "big/slow/powerful ships" had a better than average chance of wrecking the "small/fast/light ships". The "tagger" meta just simply led to the "speed meta"... WHY would I sail a crafted Connie when I'm just gonna get "tagged" by a Renommee and then ass-raped by 3 Bellonas that couldnt catch me in the first place?
  11. End of the server

    But it also made the ship-building design feature work... you wanted a fast ship? Fine but it has real dangers. You couldn't just "tag and wait for the AC130 death machine" to finish off your victim.
  12. End of the server

    I'm assuming Australian Minister is also Aussie Pastor...
  13. End of the server

    Memo to Baghdad Bob... There's nothing left to "win"... I can say "I won" too, since there is no metric... WO "won" over CCCP because we sank more ships... See how easy that is?
  14. I'm pretty sure France didnt give a crap about France losing all of its ports... So, if 10% of player do RvR and 10% of players do "strictly" PvP, what does that mean? It means exactly whats stated in Tommy Shelby's post.....
  15. Sounds like an RvR player's paradise.... Congrats, you're down to 100 people on Global.