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  1. Vernon Merrill

    Please Dredge Kingston/Port Royal Channel

    Dammit. Henry beat me to the map....
  2. Vernon Merrill

    Key to sucsess

    I played Post Scriptum all weekend... There is no tutorial, or guide for what different classes do and how to build outposts/ command units ets.... I died incessantly. And I mean incessantly. Did it make me want to quit and uninstall? Nope. It made me want to discover and explore and learn until I DID figure out how stuff works. Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop assuming that EVERY new player wants to have their hand held until they are Rear Admiral and have every sexy book available to them. Because all we're really doing is creating artificial ranks, with captains who have high rank and still cant handle their ships.
  3. Vernon Merrill

    My reasons why this Game will never Succeed....

    Star Wars vs. Master and Commander. Which has been more popular? Now re-examine your numbers.
  4. Vernon Merrill

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Sail you lazy sod!!! 😘
  5. Vernon Merrill

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    Well perfect. We just finally put to bed the entire "we need to help noobs and casuals" argument.... So lets get rid of fake features like "reinforcement zones" and go hardcore... Rare woods and patch 10.x were my favorites, actually.
  6. Vernon Merrill

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    Sure, lets assume that's the case... Isn't that what you "hardcore vets" claim that we need to help foster, the "casuals" who can only afford "dirt cheap boats"? Again, I don't really care. I just get a kick out of players who SAY one thing and ACT another way... And honestly, ANYONE who really gets upset over pixels should maybe step away from the PC for a month or two...
  7. Vernon Merrill

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    The last line says it all... new players have ZERO chance against vets. I personally don’t really mind either way. But it’s funny to see how some people always talk about the need to “protect new players” and then get the vapors at the thought that something that actually PERIODICALLY AND RANDOMLY levels the playing field.
  8. Vernon Merrill

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    OMG!! Muh pixels!!! God forbid I have to replace them!! (Where did my fainting couch go again?!...)
  9. Vernon Merrill

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    Not in the 20th/21st century... but in the 18th, it sure may have...
  10. Vernon Merrill

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    I would not be opposed to a “major hurricane wiping out the vast majority of buildings and vessels” every so often. Purely randomly generated, of course. Its actually a great way to insert into the game what people in that area of earth deal with on a annual basis: Will my home/business survive another hurricane season?
  11. Vernon Merrill

    Devs, you must see this video.

    A thousand miles wide and an inch deep..... Not to mention it was like watching "Mad Max on water"...
  12. Vernon Merrill

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Ummmm.... except one actually HAS happened.... and the other, not so much....
  13. Vernon Merrill

    Bring back leeway

    Leeway was phenomenal. That and random wind changes actually gave a reason for land to be rendered into battle. Anything that makes me have to think more in a battle other than just “whether my mods are better than the other players”, I’m all for.
  14. Vernon Merrill

    Money form

    Maybe you missed the part where I said that that was “my opinion”?
  15. Vernon Merrill

    Money form

    Nah, because I think 90% of the ships sailing around should be 4th-7th rates... but again, that's just my opinion. Roving bands of 1st rates kind of breaks my immersion.