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  1. Vernon Merrill

    The problem of leaving battle

    Man.... If someone wants to 1:1 time sail a ship from Shroud to La Tortue to keep something safe, all the power to 'em... They can keep it. LOL
  2. Vernon Merrill

    New Boarding patch

    I'm putting together a detailed post on this concept as we speak... Will make a thread after I get home from work.
  3. Vernon Merrill

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    Yes, decay OR VASTLY DECREASE the amount of material you can stack. It makes little sense to me have caps on the number of DIFFERENT materials we can fit in a warehouse but not the AMOUNT of materials. Looking at some screenshots with everyone having 10K of EVERYTHING absolutely makes the economy pointless. What we have is a world of buyers and very few sellers.
  4. Why not use collision damage ( which I believe you already have coded) to remove hugging? The very common method of putting your 5/6th rate into the bow of the 4/3rd rate could be easily eliminated by making it cause massive damage. The more nuanced “side hugging” should still be technicall possible but rubbing up against a much larger ship would open up gaps in the seams of the planking. That should cause leaks. I think you have the means already to prevent small ships coming so near to large (unless they want to take the risk) by using this method. You can remove the “ramming meta” which occurred last time by making the ship tonnage delta VERY curved. I.E.- two 3rd rates rubbing wont cause any damage to either (like currently). This will easily (and without further coding) fix the hugging problem. Stern camping is a bit harder. But I’ve always thought small caliber guns did slightly too much damage on larger vessel sterns. I think it’s worth a quick test @admin before you devote a huge amount of time and effort to passive musketry.
  5. Vernon Merrill

    Naval Action Meme collection

  6. Lets remember that ships are never really "stopped" given the fact that the *average* deep-water ocean current is approx. 1.5 m/s, or 3 knots. Hmmmmm….. I wonder if that is close to the number approximated for leeway, with a static wind factored in...? Soooo.... Many.... Numbers....
  7. Maybe it should be starting to dawn on you where the source of the problem lies?
  8. I'm still at work, but my spidey-senses tell me I may actually start to be impressed when I see a 5th or 6th rate take down a big ship.
  9. Incorrect. The percentage of ships actually sunk was quite low. Most surrendered after a token show of resistance to save one's honor. The majority struck colors and were boarded.
  10. Kinda like this? (Cape St. Vincent)
  11. Guilty!!!!!! He even giggled when I got sunk by a fort the other day.... HANG HIM! (In before this ridiculousness gets deleted...)
  12. Maybe if guys stopped lobbing pissy ad homs in a feedback thread, you wouldnt get moderated.... Just a thought.
  13. How's your game development company coming along?
  14. I must admit I am as guilty as the next, but its amazing to me how many people forget that this is STILL an early access game and our role is to test changes (Good AND Bad) so that the Devs can get DATA.... How hard is it to sail a few days in some cheap ships and do some damn testing. Sail some ships you dont mind losing.... Have some fun and dont worry about "Muh Pixels!' for a bit. Jesus. The sense of entitlement on some of these posts is ridiculous.
  15. 8 knots is fine. I’m more worried about the delta. We shall test and find out!