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  1. We shall see if there are any stout-hearted Prussian captains that wish to unchain themselves from their Pan-Dutch-Prussian Care & Trade overlords. Surely by now most, if not all, Prussian captains have sated themselves of the "filthy lucre" and would welcome a chance to one again warm their guns in pursuit of glory. After all, how many top-tier "mods" must one buy and own before he is willing to risk home and heart for the greater glory of the Screaming Black Chicken? RISE, Prussia!!! Do not let yourselves continue to be considered a PvE nation full of traders and money-changers..... BEHOLD, the flag of filthy traitors!!!!
  2. [suggestion] Ship refitting, modules and knowledge

    Lets be completely honest here.... In 99% of the OW "battles", the fir/fir ship's ONLY job is to shhot enough sails for the teak/teak ships to get close enough to finish the job....
  3. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    I'll never understand how people with 2000 hours in a game can write a bad review.. Especially one where you know that its still in development. Dont you think you've gotten your $40 worth at that point? Jesus, if you dont like where the game is at, take a damn break, like we all have at some point. Usually, the game will come back to a point where its enjoyable, regardless of your ply-style.
  4. [suggestion] Ship refitting, modules and knowledge

    Just once in this "Age of Sail" game, I'd like to have my position in the OW and the wind conditions actually determine whether I can engage or not.... Not some 16-knot, speed-capped monster that ignores some basic laws of physics.... Whats the point of a sailing profile if its boosted 25% in all points of sail?
  5. Server Merge Proposal

    Yup, me too... I can keep up with those CST and Western time zone night owls.
  6. Server Merge Proposal

    Will your pretty little face be there?....
  7. Server Merge Proposal

    My playtime is usually 7-10 PM EST US. I watch the EU server numbers drop from 500 to ~90 during that time.... Yesterday I sailed from Aves to Fort Royal, up to Gustavia, over to Christianstad and back to Aves. I saw ONE French Indiaman that was just outside his huge "Safety Zone". He immediately turned and ran back into the zone away from my Prince...lol THAT was MY gaming experience. God forbid you guys cant be on for EVERY port battle.
  8. Eliminate small ship griefing

    We’ll be sure to tell that to the Swedes we’ve been taking those Wasas from.... I don’t necessarily disagree about your assertion regarding the physics of it, however... This search for “balance” is creating some strange effects...
  9. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Lol... 2 decent captains in Princes can easily take down a Wasa... getting “griefed” by 6th rates is almost as annoying as 15.5 knot Wasa captains that run away from a couple of 6th rates. 1) make 4th rates incapable of speeds above 13.5 2) make catains have to get 100 PvP kills before they can move up a rate... See how easy it is to make unreasonable demands?? and *ahem* HMS Speedy vs. El Gamo *ahem*
  10. CPU runs hot while playing Naval Action

    lol... I recently changed my thermal paste and got so paranoid by everyone saying not to use too much that I didn't use enough... ended up running hotter and I rechecked... Paste hadn't spread over the entire CPU because I didn't use enough... better now.... I also re-configured my airflow and fans... Cut a nice hole in my case side and added a giant puller and all is happy now...
  11. Pirates specific features before release

    Sooooooooo................ What are the DISadvantages? Sounds pretty sweet to me...
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

  13. Caribbean Invasion News