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  1. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Can I have your stuff?!
  2. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Is that a chronometer I see as a reward for passing your exam?? Hmmmmmmmm...... Known longitude incoming!
  3. Unequal battles

    Would definitely be worth testing.... even if it’s just for a unspecified amount of time. Data would be very interesting.
  4. Unequal battles

    Again, not sure there IS a solution. Only know that it’s not a good way to encourage players to engage others.
  5. Unequal battles

    On a side note.... but not one that, in my opinion, has no bearing on this discussion.... Theres a small subset of players who insist upon not only beating their opponent(s), but then belittling them in Global chat. While I’m not really sure there’s much of anything that can be done about this, I would suggest that many players are turned off of PVP by it. It’s one thing to be beaten by a player. It’s a whole other level of frustration to have tried your best and risked your hard-earned stuff only to be insulted and told how terrible you are. Its ridiculous and unnecessary.
  6. Ninja Port Battle Layout Change?

    Can I have your stuff??
  7. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    Can we all be a bit less histrionic regarding BR here?... 1) Its a game. 2) They explained how they came up with these numbers 3) They explained that they will be adjusted 4) Its a game. 5) Its. A. Game. Looking forward to testing the new sail profiles.
  8. steam is not responding again

    Pretty excited that I had just entered a battle and don't know if I'm currently being boarded or not.... lol
  9. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    While I think their obsession with each other is slightly weird, I fail to see what actions on the part of KoC you consider bannable.... I may have missed it, but I haven’t seen him openly state his intention to “break the game”.
  10. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Well, if you take it as an insult rather than trying to help, then I cant help that... Maybe you just assume the worst of people?
  11. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    lol... palpable...
  12. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Werent you already all joined anyways? Although I was starting to see some signs of tension between "allies"... The more I actually think about it, maybe it will mean more of the Dot-Gods will be out in the OW. Instead of just logging on for PB's. As always, "GREEN is good. RED is dead." More RED = more targets.
  13. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    That’s not how I read it... I see nothing about a change to clan-based anything. I see him telling you guys to enjoy your tantrum.
  14. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    I think it will be hilarious when Admin tells you to take ur shitty antics elsewhere and tells you all to deal with it....
  15. REDS + VCO Change Nation