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    Audio Alert when PM'd

    I would agree. A bell, since they like the bell anyway. It rings when you get close to another ship, it rings if you are afk for too long, a couple of times. So ring it a couple times for a PM, or maybe a whistle..something..lol
  2. B4DD4WG

    Enable leaks visibility on enemy ship

    You dont have to "see" the leaks, to know that they have leaks. Take note at the whistle that your "signaler" sounds out, for "survival mode". That same whistle will be heard from the enemy ship. I use this as an opportunity to get in close, because it is going to raise their reload time. I will have time to nail them again, without them being able to get a shot off. Hopefully the Dev's will be able to optimize the engine later, enough to see water being pumped out. (Off topic: But I would also love to see a ship break in half from repeated shots in one spot..maybe later..lol)
  3. B4DD4WG

    USA servers are crashing and un playable

    Damn..Another attack? EDIT:NVM..Im back...
  4. B4DD4WG

    Map location indicator needed. Realism

    I love that map..But let me add, we pay these Dev's, great Dev's, so something like this should be in the game, not done by a fans, at a website we have to switch back and forth to. No offence to the fan! Great Job! to them. Maybe the Dev's would like to hire him/them to make one for the game. I would love it if the map in game was like this. Would be nice to actually see the tools, interact with them. Instead of just having a "box" with "you are here". Use a interactive magnifying glass. Inside the glass is your random location. Depending on the distance of the trip, might depend on how far in, or out, the magnifier is "zoomed" into the map. Again, very nice map. But, again, the Dev's should have all these "tools" in the game.
  5. B4DD4WG

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Oh so this is YOUR fault...Thanks..And, BTW, stop buying new ships..You got me disconnected....
  6. B4DD4WG

    Stormy Seas Battle Instance

    Not just storms, which I would have to agree, in battles are worth it. Very nice gameplay to be had with a good storm. Also, the instances don't seem to be synchronized with what is happening in the OW. It could be pouring the rain in OW, but enter the instance, and now its calm, or even sunny. Plus, the "missions" are the worst! Every mission will start you out with wind from the port side at 90deg, and enemies right in front of you. No matter which way you were facing going into the battle..Heck, they got it very close when attacking a trader, but always the same on missions? A little more randomness if they can't sync. missions to the OW weather. But, seeing that they can with an "attack", means they should be able to do the same with a mission. Or you would think so... Another little peeve...Wind speed....I get why it would never be 0, or gale force. Fun over realistic any day! But, some fluctuation would be nice. I don't expect any suggestion to be instantly implemented. There is plenty of time for "quality" of gameplay. I just hope they don't ignore it till the very end....lol
  7. B4DD4WG

    Gameplay For Players With Limited Time

    I would hope that content is incoming. With that, new and different missions to take. PVP and PVE missions. It's just a bit of a waiting game right now. Escort missions, Hauling missions, bounty hunting missions, capture missions, conquest missions, stealth missions, Navy Missions.. Im sure that they will introduce more soon enough.
  8. I think that the mission rewards are spot on. BUT... Even though I understand that a little sprinkle of Poseidon majik fairy dust is needed here and there. I don't feel like the "battle rewards" are the way to go. Now, I dont really have any issue with the extra XP from the battle, that I get. (even though it may be a little high, considering the XP you receive from the mission. I would rather have a little "majik" that emulates "reality" for immersion. Like after a ship sinks, there would be debris floating, that we could collect for our "battle rewards". There could be anything from loot, to gold in the debris. It would feel so much better...to me...
  9. B4DD4WG

    Refined boarding systems

    I dont mind the current way. Even though I would love to "see" them doing the action that I command. If I choose "deck guns", I would love to see my ship shooting the deck guns, see a couple crew go flying. Choose "grenades", then I would like to see them explode. "Attack", and see some crew crossing over swords swinging..Etc. And, possibly a new UI for this, so I can see it.
  10. B4DD4WG

    Battle markers

    Red: Mission received from port. Green: PVP Blue: PVE initiated by a player on a NPC
  11. B4DD4WG

    Mission marker for the whole group

    A simple "share mission" would fix this, and make the mission show for all.
  12. B4DD4WG

    A suggestion for navigation

    The whole reason I mention being stationary is; It adds risk to the navigation. But, it could work while moving as well. But, the added movement might extend the estimation considerably. So why not..lol Like I have said in other posts. I am not opposed to a difficult game. I really like not having my "hand held". On the contrary though. I also don't think that adding added difficulty, just for the sake of it, is worth it either. It make me think like this: I like to go to this gourmet restaurant. (It's just been opened, and most of the equipment isn't even in there yet.) I want to Pay high dollar for my meal. Tip the waiter, but I have to get my own meal, cook it, and clean up. It will remove the greatness of MY experience if a Chef cooks it for me, and a Waiter brings it to mel. Its easy to cook, I can easily cook my meal, and bring it to my table. And, if you go to this restaurant, you should have to as well, or it will ruin MY experience. Lets face it, this game has a gourmet price. For them to NOT to add some ways to find yourself, isn't natural for the time, or a mechanic. It's there, just because. There could, and should, be a way! And, would not only leave in some difficulty, add some risk, and at the same time, be helpful. No reason to have unrealistic difficulty, just to have it.
  13. B4DD4WG

    A suggestion for navigation

    I came up with a very similar idea. Could add risk to using any "navigation tools". In order to navigate a spot on the map, your ship has to be stopped. (which i agree, that it should NOT be totally accurate. It would look nice, if that "circle" was a magnifying glass. The further you are, following your plotted course and distance to destination, the more or less magnified area of your location to your plotted course) Which, depending on how long your npc navigator took to "find/calculate" your location, would raise the risk of being attacked while navigating. I like this Idea. And, I am against hand holding. But, with some thought, it could work, be immersive, and not hold your hand. All at the same time.
  14. B4DD4WG

    Map Tracking

    Im just going to post this idea here, instead of making a whole new post. Idea for the map, plotting courses, and "marking" location. (Before you guys bite my head off for mentioning "marking" a location. Have a read..Thanks) You open the map. You will find your navigator tools. (Which WE are the Captains, not the navigator. So, having the "navigator" doing somethings, with "majik", is ok and can be immersive.) 1: Plotting: If you click this button. The camera will zoom in a bit, a couple of hands come out and grab a pencil, ruler, protractor..etc(Mostly for immersion) You can click the pencil and make straight lines on the map. This line you mark will only be useful for your navigator. But, should look nice, and be editable. 2: Clear Course: (self explanatory) 3: Navigator: (This should not be used lightly, all willy nilly. There should be risk involved in "navigating". Because, we don't want it to be hand holding. And, it would be nice and immersive to have a navigator. If done right) This action can be interrupted and canceled. It will leave your ship vulnerable for a short period. You must be stopped to navigate. (no hand holding remember) Once you call on your navigator to find your location. It starts a countdown. Depending on the course plotted. (which is necessary to mark, or find your location) Will depend on how long it takes your navigator to "find" your location. And, then give you a rough "guess", or estimate, of your location. During this time. You can be attacked. (risk) And, being that you are in your "map room". You can't keep an eye out. So watch out using it! For some "immersion" while this is going on. You can hear the navigator scratching sounds, from him "calculating" on the map. Maybe see a few instruments being moved around. And, the closer that the timer gets to complete, have a magnifying glass following the plotted course. Once complete, the magnifying glass would "encircle" your estimated location. And, in the middle of it, you could see a X. The circle of the magnifier would be like the circle you see around a port when you are docked, and open the map. Plus, there should be a cool down on being able to use the navigator again. 4:Calculate distance of your plotted course. It would tell you how many nautical mile you plotted course would be, and an estimated time to travel that course. 5: Notes: Here you could archive your most used courses. But, can only "store" limited amount. (Im sure that with the "help" of the community. A map, and tools, could be achieved without making it "easy mode". Plus, it could be immersive, and risky.)
  15. B4DD4WG

    historic game need historic instruments

    I'm a little torn on this topic.. On one hand, I hate the hand holding most games have gotten into the habit of producing nowadays. Heck, most of them you could play with your eyes closed. (Over exaggeration, but not by much) On the other hand, in the time period, they had "navigators" that would spend the trip marking plots, reading wind, weather, currents, and stars. Just to give the Captain an "idea" of their location. As far as I know, we are the Captains, not the navigator. And, since this is a game, having a few "tools" to be able to plot a course, and mark my location, on my map, doesn't seem too far fetched. Example: Open map. (M) In the corner you see: 1:Plot course: Use a "pencil" to draw on the map. These lines would stay until cleared. They are used to also calculate mileage. Only used on the map, and for the "Navigator". 2:Clear course: (Self explanatory) 3:Navigator: Mark Location: Would have a "timer". The longer the distance of the voyage, the longer the timer takes to calculate.(Which could also have stipulations, like having to be stopped. Which could be dangerous in OW, on pvp server) The "navigator" (In game majik, maybe with a cool animation later?) would take "X" amount of time to calculate your position, and give you a "close" estimation and place a mark on the map. 4:Calculate Mileage: Using the course plotted, it would calculate distance in nautical miles. (Must have a course plotted) (Maybe more) Don't get me wrong, I would never want some huge flashing "beacon", and an exact "You are Here", button. But, it could be done in a way that would be immersive, and not hold your hand, at the same time. `Torn` EDIT: Damn typos..two fingers....lol EDIT2: My son and I were talking about this last night. And, he came up something nice to go along with this. Because we dont want our hand held. I mention above about being stopped. (Which adds "risk" in marking your location) The "mark" should NOT be exact! So, as the timer counts down, from the "navigator". Have a magnifying glass move along our plotted course. The closer to the ship actual location gets, the closer the camera moves in on the map. When the navigator finishes. In the center of the magnifying you see an X, but the ship is "magnified". And the circle of the glass, could work like the circle that we see as we are at port. All this mark would be "good" for, is for the player to see "close" to where they may be. And, using the Navigator, should have a little risk involved. And, on a slight cool down.