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  1. Personally: I don't really see the link between forgery DLC and the video, but nevermind that. To comment on each subject: Forgery DLC is probably the best new addition to NA in a long time. I don't think anyone expect me to use it anytime soon, but I recognize this game for what it is - primarily a social game. If you don't like the teammates on one team, or dislike the options in one side - then you can switch and this option is by far better than forcing players to grind all over because when ppl switch nations then it isn't by the spur of the moment. Unless you're HAVOC ofc then you do it each month when you change the underwear.. Anyway - The option to switch nations ofc renders the problem of what if all the strong players switch to one nation, but that is a question of gamebalance - which is decided by the ability to wage a war without the "all or nothing" wars that exist on the servers atm, there should be an option to throw in the towel, negotiate terms and then be "safe" for a couple of weeks while rebuilding the forces. At the same time no nation should be prevented from actually participating in PvP or RvR (The only content on the PvP server that actually matters in the long run) - this means that all basic necessities needs to be available to the players and moreover that no module/special ressource is decidedly gamebreaking *cough* cartagena tar *cough* white oak *cough* (just to take a few examples).. In regards to the video - I've made a piedestall for Lenin and I worship him every night before bedtime, I've never been able to focus on any more tasks than the one at hand so to watch this video and experience that lvl of situational awareness, the fluidity of the combat and the relative ease he works the windows I must say that I am thoroughly impressed - that is skill based gameplay.
  2. There should be a love + like button - I'm Lars Kjaer and I wholeheartedly endorse this message!
  3. Lars Kjaer

    HMS Victory

    If we went by historical standards I'd like gunports and the punishment that came with them if a careless captain sported more sails than the seas and ship could support. Frigates in general had their lower gundeck higher from the waterline than 3rd rates, and even those would not run with open gunports in rough seas..
  4. Lars Kjaer

    Testbed - Academy

    Will this replace book knowledge we have already learned?
  5. Lars Kjaer

    HMS Victory

    Not all 1st rates needs to be equal. Ressources req for a ship is a way to balance them as well..
  6. Lars Kjaer

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I have a clear feeling that most of the current sales are merely alts.
  7. Lars Kjaer

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    My name is Lars Kjaer and I'm the richest person on the server - And I'm sure as hell ain't gonna risk a decent warship just for a personal tp.. I'll take the cutter..
  8. Lars Kjaer

    Patrol zone griefing

    To be fair - I've been pushed out of the circle in a patrolzone match, got a full broadside on the masts, lost two, couldn't get back in, lost my ship, and applauded my opponent. This can only happen on the edge of the circle..
  9. Well.. The emphasis is on dishonest..
  10. Don't really think russia supported DK/NG as much as it opposed you.
  11. Have you applied the Admiralty connection DLC? - has to be activated from the redeemables.. Do you have ships in fleet? As far as I can tell you haven't bought the 9kk upgrade to the dock, and haven't applied the admiralty connections dlc..
  12. Lars Kjaer

    Patrol zone griefing

    Yeah, but unlimited repairs + limitation on chains makes some engagements drag on forever.. Rather than just being able to counter the unlimited repairs with unlimited chains. Waste of time imo.
  13. Lars Kjaer

    double flips?

    gl with that.. When did you last win a PB in EU primetime? One win doesn't mean that the swedish nation is defeated.
  14. Lars Kjaer

    double flips?

    Is there a decent forum avatar for a tittybaby?
  15. We've already talked about that incident and I had a talk with Gorgons. As far as I know there have been no further attacks from Gorgons since 21/9. This however was Friday, and Staunberg claims to have been attacked Saturday morning: https://imgur.com/a/6hfExqB That was inside the Christiansted reinforcementzone. I don't know what was worse, the attack on a trader or that your guys were dumb enough to tag inside the reinforcementzone. Regardless the end result was the same - a bunch of sunken PL ships Saturday and Sunday, PL wasting time on a two hour flip on Amalienborg that couldn't even be completed and Rediii and HAVOC losing a bunch of ships to the russians today, while we now owe the russians a screening. And again to clarify - I have not broken any deals. The deal as far as I can tell from every single DNP player that I have spoken with was that we would allow your presence in CS since you couldn't survive anywhere else, but no OW agreement anywhere else on the map. The deal was broken by a bunch of PRIV players becoming angry for losing ships - IN THE PATROLZONE. Who even take a ship to the patrolzone and expect to get it back alive? - But I agree, pointless.