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  1. Lars Kjaer

    The Lonely Fireship at Turneffe

    Against stupidity even the gods fight in vain..
  2. Lars Kjaer

    Danish-Norwegian privateers

    With so few PvP fights happening none of us is learning anything and skills formerly learnt has been unlearned. Shitty state of the game makes for shitty gameplay.
  3. Lars Kjaer

    What about the Ship's anchor

    I'm in favor.. More magic is what this game really needs! (*Holding up a sign* "SARCASM")
  4. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I sincerely doubt the brits had any fun in that battle.. And it doesn't change the facts. The game is SUPPOSED to be hardcore, realistic. It has magical greenzones, magical reinforcements, magical positional reinforcements, magical upgrades (since when did tar do anything but preserve the planks and increase the firechance on a ship?), magical limitations founded in nothing but a select fews demanding that others play a similar game to their own. PvP on the PvP server should be encouraged and promoted. If you want magic? - go play assassins creed black flag. If you want to be safe from PvP? - Go play on the PvE server. There's a reason the game barely breaks 320 players in primetime now.
  5. Lars Kjaer

    Pirates vs Portuguese

  6. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Try to take a look on the second pic.. We were not the taggers..
  7. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Tonight we had a very fun battle with the british outside Port Morant.. https://imgur.com/a/eYklfte The brits agreed to a fair fight and after that we killed 'em all.. Now thx in part to a bug, where Sir.Sigurd was dropped from the group a prince de Neufchattel managed to tag us on our escape vector. This in concert with positional reinforcements inside the magical green zone enabled the british to take revenge. https://imgur.com/a/sWEv7su Now I will not fault the brits for using a broken mechanic. But it is a broken mechanic. The greenzones killed off the PvP hunting, and the positional reinforcements basically enables the countergank to jump in right in the way of the escaping hunters. I've been tired of the magics employed in the game for a while. Tired of the greenzones, tired of the magical reinforcements, tired of the magical positioning, tired of the limits imposed on the players in terms of tactics and strategies - i.e. limiting chains, limiting PvP, limiting the games potential. The game is losing players for a reason - now I'm putting the game on the shelf indefinately. o7 to all the captains out there and fair sails to all of you!
  8. Lars Kjaer

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Except the cannonballs aren't passing through a body of water. Your heel places your ships waterline above water and when you either change direction, the wind changes or depower sails your waterline will become below water in effect causing your leaks to become red. This will be aggravated by a quickly diminishing ability to force the ship to heel above the leaks due to the water intake - and you sink.. Leaking to death is one of the most satisfying things to do to an opponent ingame, mainly because most players protects themselves by depowering sails, effectively placing the ships waterline below water and thereby preventing any penetrating hits below the waterline.. It is however as you have experienced one of the most infuriating ways to sink - but there can only be yourself to blame in the case..
  9. Lars Kjaer

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Most of the ships captured was either scuttled or so unseaworthy after the battles that they wouldn't be used again. As for realism - limit chains = unrealistic, demasting with sniper accuracy? = unrealistic, erecting a mast magically while at sea? - unrealistic. I believe we can all safely conclude that we sacrificed the realism under the bus of the gameplay (wether we find it fun or not) a long time ago. Wether it being realistic or not - paying attention to what's happening in a battle is paramount wether you're in a first rate or not... Or wether you're playing a realistic game or not.
  10. Lars Kjaer

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Getting leaked to death has nothing to do with the building of the L'Ocean but everything to do with the inexperience of the captain. Depower sails and that wouldn't have happened.. The damage sustained by the Santi has nothing to do with the dmg it does in the leaks. If you want to play a game that magically shields you from stupidity - by all means go play Assassins Creed Black flag or some such game. Leaks are devastating because taking in water faster than your pump can funnel it out is realistic - it is a sailing game... You do realise that in a sailing game we sail on the water right? - Not under the water....
  11. Lars Kjaer

    Danish-Norwegian privateers

    And Dream you're by far my most favorite raider in danish waters... even if u are a mean demaster.... or a master demaster
  12. Lars Kjaer

    Spain Land Jump

    lol if it doesn't take more to bully the "hardcore" nations then I really don't believe the hardcore nations are all that hardcore..
  13. Lars Kjaer

    Money form

  14. Lars Kjaer

    Spain Land Jump

    Was originally intended as a way for new players to find their way back after getting lost in OW.. Would work fine with having to jump empty and fixed at nations capital.. And as I said - cartoon nations are supposed to be "hardcore" anyway so no tow for them.
  15. Lars Kjaer

    Spain Land Jump

    I take it that you're one of those cutting off about an hour of sailing past the free town of Tumbado and the PvP zone? - Trading with no risk is screwing the game basically..