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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The glorius Danish-Norwegian navy was foiled in its invasion of Santanillas! The british nation came in force to prevent the depredations of the danno-norwegian marines. The british screening fleet attacked the danish-norwegian transports due west of the port as the danno-norwegian navy was making its approach to the island. The british fleet were mainly fighthing a retreating battle where the main objective obviously was to keep the danish-norwegian fleet engaged whilst the british defenders secured the harbor and the surrounding hills. According to this reporters admiralty informant, the brave british captains in the screening fleet were however slightly outmatched in the screening battle.. The danish-norwegian fleet started sinking the brits in short order after having split the enemy fleet in two. The danno-norwegian fleet isolating the british shipsand after a carnage only one british captain managed to slip the slaughter and escape into the safety of the night.. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962414651/screenshot/2431257256127761097
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    I recon they set the timer at a shitty time because they didn't want the port to get flipped and now when it is flipped they'd like the PB in a time where it's more convenient.. I hope they show up tho, because if I'm getting up at 5 in the morning to flip a port, on a friday, and 5 in the morning on a saturday for an empty PB then I'm going to burn all of GB down!
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    The owning clan had the PB timer at 5-8 When we flipped it.. That they change the timer doesn't change the scheduled PB time.. But what I would like an explanation for is why someone would have a timer at 5-8 in the morning and then immediately switch the timer the second it gets flipped?
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The danish-norwegian kingdoms are attacking the british port of Santanillas! It is a direct result of the bloody brits attacking of misteriosa earlier last week! The war for the Caymans it seems is just heating up. Another reason may be the bastard brits attack on danish-norwegian supply convoys moving to and from the Caymans. We did manage to get a statement from a danish-norwegian admiral stating that the attacks on british possessions would continue as long as a danish-norwegian presence was found in that region.. It is said that the danno-norwegian fleet may be running low on supplies due to their latest convoy being intercepted by british warships, regardless the danno-norwegian admiralty seems more determined than ever to press the attack and punish the british empire for their dastardly acts against the free trade! All hail the two kingdoms!
  5. I disagree.. Demasting doesn't require a whole lot of skill and it requires no tactics, and when the stacks are decked in favour of the mod-player then the game will be unbalanced and the noobs only defence is chaining. This change will force one type of gametactic and this will be unbalanced because skills has nothing to do with demasting, mods will decide the battles and more noobs will leave.
  6. LO/WO: 20%, Navy structure: 2,5%, Cartagena caulking: 5cm (which is a hell of a lot more than 5% on most ships).. And no you can't reach all the hardcaps, IF you read my comment - I stated the hardcaps are WAY too generous, and the fact is that players will build the ships that increase their chances for survival - they will go for the meta and I don't agree that there is no meta. At the end of the day - I have mast upgrades - I don't get demasted - I demast the noob - the noob leaves the game because he has no way to counter the only playstyle that is left in PvP then.
  7. @admin I believe my statement on the hard caps are correct; could you confirm or deny these hard caps? Turning speed: -25% Sail hp: +30% Armor hp: +30% Hull thickness: +30% Gun reload: -30% Gun dispersion: -30% speed: 15,5 kn. If the numbers are correct then every player can use this website for upgrade infos and try jugling the different knowledges and upgrades on a 4/5 or 5/5 ship and see if they are still "ignorant" enough to believe that skill has anything to do with this game anymore. http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page
  8. I'll ignore your baseless comment on DNP (as I recall you tend to lose a lot of ships in the CS area.. We're ofc thankfull for the easy PvP marks) and just highlight the area I simply don't agree with. Chaining IS easier than demasting - because some ships are nigh impossible to demast due to mast upgrades and the moronic mechanic that enables mast hp to go from 1% to 100% in a hearthbeat - for those that knows that mechanic ofc. This however has nothing to do with skill but everything to do with upgrades - against a noob with no knowledge of the mechanic, no logic behind the mechanics and no access to the upgrades needed to make your ship demasting proof it will only mean that every PvP match is a onesided afair with no learning curve because no new player sticks around long enough to learn anything..
  9. How often do you see two equal fleets meet? - At the end of the day it's the shipwoods, upgrades and shipknowledges that decides the outcome. How come I hardly ever gets demasted? - I run mast upgrades. Could everyone do it? - yes. Can everyone afford it? - no. If this was supposed to be a skill based game why then can a ships gun dispersion be diminished by 40%? or the ship thickness by 30%? or the ship turning speed by 25%? In the end it all adds up and with the introduction of 5/5 ships it became even less balanced. It's not the player that decides the outcome of the battle it's far more often the upgrades, coupled with the insanely high hard caps, that decides the outcome of the battles. New players simply cannot compete in terms of ressources and will as a result more often than not experience what they perceive as unfair fights and leave the game as a result. And frankly, judging by both some players replies and the arrogance of the developers I can't blame them.
  10. So limit all ammo types, and I expected SoL to carry less chains due to the very role of the ship. That the connie ends up with almost a third of its ammo being chains is a bit surprising tho..
  11. Do he still carry 4pds?
  12. Where's the skill in having a ship that can't be demasted (due to upgrades) and fighting a shitty noob that can easily be demasted due to no upgrades? And with the limited access to the best woods then it becomes even less skill based. The entire argument based in skill is a false premise when the ships are so heavily unbalanced if favour of a limited few as they are.. I know that I've won my share of fights - not because I'm some magically gifted prodigy in naval action but simply because: I had the better ship, I had the better upgrades, I had the better ship knowledges..
  13. How much more does a chain ball weigh compared to a ball shot? and I've seen rattlesnakes (before they removed that beauty from crafting) kill a first rate by basically firing an unlimited amount of balls into the ass of a first rate.
  14. @admin Is it the desired effect that it will leave just one tactic to win battles? The game becomes nothing about skills but all about upgrades. Is this intended?