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  1. Lars Kjaer

    Losing The love for the age of sail

    You can't nerf the DLC boats because there is no caveat in the dlc sales pages. This means that changing an already sold asset will give every single individual that bought them the possibility to refund since the item is no longer as it was sold.
  2. Agreed, rather than the whimp of the server as it is atm.. @AeRoTR Good luck in the efforts!
  3. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    The lack of meaningfull RvR is the least of the problems. Devs has made too many errors as it is. The global server idea is a dead idea. The safezones is a dead idea. The PvP zones is a symptom of the underlying problem. The lack of content becomes a problem when it is no longer the players that can/may drive the ingame content. The game is, for all accounts, a dead game with less than 400 active players (and this is counting the alts as individual players). No reason to invest more time in a stillborn child.
  4. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Requiem im Pacem mate - they fled when and DK/NG was no better nor worse for it afterwards. No nation in this game is a democracy - everything is being led by the clans... RDNNs problem was that 4-5 active members doesn't constitute a clan it's merely a collection of individuals.
  5. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    First off - We've never backstabbed anyone, secondly Staun were hardly active when DNPs grievances with RDNN became apparent so stop hassling him for something he had nothing to do with - I'm the leader of DNP at the time and I didn't backstab RDNN I just didn't blindly walk in their wake.. But you guys must really have been a weaker clan than I remember to go and hold on to a grudge for that long.. If RDNN wanted to do something it would've been able to do it without DNPs assistence - if it had any claim to importance that is.. As it were it hardly had more than 4-5 players active when they accused us of "treason" and since we're taking up old grievances I might reiterate that WE (DNP) never lied to RDNN, but we would not accept being lied to either. The RDNN were nothing but weak leaders with no realistic plans for the nation, an insistence on clans autonomy (as long as it was RDNN that were autonomous any clan that behaved contrary to RDNNs wishes were apparently traitors to the crown) and again - I never cared for leadership I just wanted the battles. As it is - the battles are uninteresting, no real PvP and since RvR doesn't matter the stakes in the battles are gone as well.
  6. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I could direct u to the posts posted, and reiterate my points, but I'd rather not waste more time on the subject. We (DNP) don't bow a knee to anyone, doesn't matter how gilded the cage, a cage is nothing but a cage. We didn't bend a knee to RDNN, We've (to my knowledge) never had a beef with RUS @DreamMaker can clarify this, and we never asked BF to join DK/NG but as long as they were there we worked with them, just as we worked with all clans that showed us the respect we in general showed them. As for the loss of a port? - It doesn't matter, RvR doesn't matter in this game, PvP is long dead and what's left to play for? - I stopped and I haven't seen Dyfed in a winning battle since the RDNN days.. Where for most of the nightflips DNP pulled the weight for the eastern alliance along with Tiedemann on behalf of the Danish-Norwegian nation.. So to summarize - You know nothing mate.
  7. I don't agree with the 1 circle solution - then why have circles at all and not just force the players to slug it out?... In my opinion kiting is a valid tactic at certain stages of the PB, something that the opponent needs to be able to prevent.. Ofcourse with chain limits the advantage atm will be with the kiters.. Mostly those that complain about kiting are happy enough to use the tactic when it suits their needs, but as soon as they are "robbed" of a win it's a bad mechanic. I know Tiedemann and has never known him to complain unwarranted, so I'd reckon its a question of having no option to actually prevent/limit kiting, coupled with the Le Requin being OP with 80 BR to it's guns and crew compliment (has if I recall correctly more 9 pounders than a renomee and more crew to boot)..
  8. Lars Kjaer

    DLC's and game release.

    Developers cannot change DLC as they are a finished item.. Unless ofc they have a caveat in the sales description like they do on the games storepage (haven't bough any DLC so I don't know).
  9. Lars Kjaer

    Player trying to RMT in Nation Chat

    It's not illegal, it's just not submissable in a court of law, which isn't really relevant here since developers can/will use it if they deem it appropriate.. But - talking about trades outside of the game cannot constitute an offence since GL is only permissable to make rulings directly related to their product. They can't however as the admin writes, assist in cases where trades run sour.. And really... 7.5 million for a DLC? - I can make that in less than an hour of AFK gameplay...
  10. Oh ffs.... I agree.. Simple solution: no DLC ships in PBs and problem is solved..
  11. Lars Kjaer

    [HAVOC] Caribbean PvP - VP - PvP/RvR Clan

    Along with me, myself and Irenicus!
  12. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Yeah but as I wrote - the low countries were in fact a separate administrative entity which enabled them to break off from the rest of the dutch revolt (a presence from the largest european army at the time - the spanish - probably fascilitated a break as well), but european domestic conflicts were just that - european. To state that it had significant effect in the colonies is to ignore the inherent role and vulnerability of colonial society, especially in the carribean. I couldn't care less if clan wars are introduced, but it does raise the question wether we should stick to a map that is basically the worst possible map for any MMO.
  13. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Some of these issues would be solved if the conquering clans would receive a percentage of all ressources dropped in the port as a default. That would reintroduce meaning to the atm pointless RvR. Alts/spies would be an issue with clanwars anyway (unless you remove nations entirely but even then I'd wager spies would be an issue). Players that are toxic or inflamatory can already be dealt with by the ingame chatreport - use it at your own leisure.
  14. Lars Kjaer

    Caribbean Invasion News

    The problem with this is that the colonies were hugely dependent on the european countries. The netherlands revolt cannot be compared to the british civil war since the netherlands were ruled as a sovereign entity with its own legislative and administrative practices unhinged from the spanish cortez'. This meant that in effect the netherlands had a substantial military-fiscal administration in place before and during the revolt, the control of which were firmly in the hands of the city councils of the seven provinces. The british civil war was a civil war in its purest form, but - and it's a rather important but, didn't touch its colonies that would've been too weak to play an important part. Secondly the centralization of power and monopolization of violance was the very cause and effect of the british civil war (kings and administrations were essentially encroaching on the hereditary rights and responsibilities of the nobility and landed classes which ofc led to clashes over control of the new, modern and more powerfull administrative practices). The frondes didn't touch the colonies either (other than as a source of semi-voluntary exodus), the american revolutionary war was perhaps the only true revolution by a colonial entity during this timeframe but as a whole they were a political entity much like the netherlands, except the true victory for the american revolution were not Yorktown but the successfull co-optation of the administrative framework that financed the war effort (and ofc the US owe their very existence to the french intervention, but nevermind that). Australian "frontier" wars can't really be used in this context due to the timeframe of the period. The vendee is very much similar to the british revolution - it didn't touch the colonies (bar ofc that saint domingue experienced a successfull slave rebellion that could to some extent be attributed to the french revolutions draining of ressources from the french colonial empire. In short: The colonies dependencies meant that european civil wars were exactly that - european in nature. The timeframe chosen by the admin is a period of increasing governmental control of administrative, legislative and fiscal practices - NOT A WEAKENING OF SAID CONTROLS. To accept clanwarfare is to deny historical pretext - and by all means the game can do just that. That leaves more questions to be answered though. I have earlier exclaimed on numerous occasions that the developers could hardly have picked a worse map for any MMO than the carribean. Just take 1/3 of the map that lies empty (pacific + atlantic regions) and add to that the mexican gulf is barely populated due to the localization of capitals. In effect I'd guess that only about 50% of the map is actually used on a regular basis - Short question in regards to the introduction of clanwars: why not remove and redo the map since the pre-existing condition for picking such a poor map to begin with is a historical context that would be no longer present. The secondary question is: would clanwars really change anything? - my guess is that it's a big fat no. The nations are exceptionally small to begin with so most nations wouldn't experience much in terms of freedom. In fact most clans can make hostility on any enemy port without any of the other players in the same nation doing anything about it - the problem would be to fill the PB and this ofc would require the clan to get into the PB in the first place. IF the desire is clan alliances then why not just merge the clans like what has happened with 7UP, RDNN and a long forgotten british clan at the start of the server? The only arguably large nation left (the brits) are the weakest nation in terms of player quality. This will not change just because clanwars are introduced. My guess is that even more players will lose faith in the development of the game and look for other avenues to fullfill their gaming desires. / Lars Kjaer My two-cents.
  15. Lars Kjaer

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    No risk but high rewards makes for a boring game. The problem is not the map size, nor the "bashing" of rookies around capitals.. The problem is that the game is boring. Any player with just a wee bit of brains can trade, craft and grind with little to no risks - the game gets boring.