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  1. Danish-Norwegian privateers

    Clan DNP is recruiting Denmark-Norway is as always recruiting new members. We in Denmark-Norway have a lot of diversity to offer - trading and PvE'ing for the casual player, fun and engaging PvP for the more combatitive player and as always RvR for those who wish to promote the glory of our nation to the rest of the carribean.. You name it and we either have the clan or the activity for you.. DNP is a clan of RvR, PvP and from time to time PvE.. Our original focus was on PvP and this is still where the hearth resides.. We have however taken RvR to hearth in order to safeguard our nation on behalf of the free commerce and the casual players.. We seek new members willing to exchange broadsides with the enemy and to promote the interests of our nation in an engaging contest with the rest of the Caribbean.. We're an easygoing fun loving clan that in general doesn't place huge demands on our members.. Recent events do force me however to reiterate a few guidelines.. We honor our agreements at all times - even when they turn out to be against our best interests.. Our word is binding.. We fight our enemies in the hills, the beaches and on the seas. We do not waiver, we do not surrender. We conduct ourselves in a manner befitting a member of the most honorable faction in the Caribbean and we will continue to do so. We do not cry when outnumbered, we make the best of it. We ask no quarter, as we give no quarter.. Recent events has forced me to reiterate these principles by which we sail, and any member conducting themselves in a dishonorable way is ofcourse liable to disciplinary measures at all times, from a public flogging to a private beheading. Regards Lars Kjaer, Captain of his majesty's privateers port of Christiansted, 1765
  2. Notifications

    Hey all! I don't get notifications when ppl qoutes me and either it's a bug or I've been flipping a switch I shouldn't have when I changed name... It may be "human error" but I can't really see where the problem is..
  3. Divided nations and trust

    Getting people together for anything has nothing to do with whatever clantag they have on their back but everything to do with motivating, organizing and actually suggesting something. Go for a nice bit of PvP? - you can either do it alone (ill-adviced for most) or in a group of 2,3 or more.. Just remember - the more you bring the less likely you'll get tagged by anything. People don't need a clan tag to participate in this. Go flip a port, attack it and get some nice PB biff? - ask around, people don't need to be in the same clan, clans just need eachother on the same friendlist so ppl can actually get into the PB..
  4. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Wow... So.. ganking happens in a MMO??! wauw... that - quite literally - blew my mind. We just got screened out by 50 russo-americano-spanish players and all I'll have to complain about is neither sinking nor killing anything. - Gankings part of the game, the most fun? - beating a gank. Why? - nothing shows your superiority more than that. Does it happen often? - For some more than others but let's face it - some ships weather a gank better than others and some captains beats the odds more often than others. Same truth applies to all tho - we sink. Drop the debacle over who ganked who and go out there and settle it like carebears - cap an ai!
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The navy of the two kingdoms was attempting an invasion of the port of Little Cayman in order to expel the spanish navy and consolidate danish-norwegian holdings in the north west of Jamaica. The spanish armada turned up in force, along with russian and american allies. The danish-norwegian fleet was prevented entry to the port and a larger battle was fought between spanish and danish-norwegian squadrons in an attempt to force the main port battle fleet through.. This did not succeed as the spanish, russian and american armadas were too numerous for the two kingdoms to achieve success. All hail the two kingdoms!
  6. Danish-Norwegian privateers

  7. Danish-Norwegian privateers

    https://imgur.com/a/IEpgh https://imgur.com/a/pS1Pm
  8. Improve Uncontested Port Battles

    32 - there's a 10 min delay on the circle capture and you need to get there too..
  9. Idiot seems to be the best applicable in terms of semantic meaning. Fool, sucker, jackass is all slang that can be used with different connotations.
  10. Graf - You're an idiot. Normally I just ignore you since the saying goes true - "Never argue with an idiot since he'll drag you down to his level and beat you on experience". I don't care wether ppl heed my advice or not - I make millions whenever I want/need it. Easy gold.
  11. As I said - Gustavia - Saint-Francois.. Bigger risk, longer sail, lower profit pr time spent. Take a closer tradegood when you go swede Graf.
  12. Except - first off - time spent. The sail from Saint-Francois to Gustavia is too long and too risky. Secondly u don't take the item that nets the largest pr item income, u take the item that nets the largest income pr weight unit. True that tax cuts into ur profits but four indiamans still carry a larger surplus than you can ever get in the same timeframe from either PvP or PvE.. And the profit is larger if your clan owns either the departure point and/or the destination point..
  13. Make Naval Action more realistic

    Ffs paintings are NOT a viable source of reference since they were used as either commemorative or celebratory events... A ship CANNOT replace a mast in open waters it needs to be more or less stationary which is not achievable unless beached.. When most recounts speaks of demastings it is either a full demasting (horrible catastrophe that would decide the engagement) or - more often - yard or rigging damage that could be replaced during the stress of either a voyage or an engagement.. These could put the ship out of contention for hours but wasn't as catastrophic as the ship retained some maneuverability..
  14. It's the same for practically all the capital areas.. You can basically print your own gold..
  15. Durability

  16. Christiansted area - buy spanish goods in all the former spanish ports - sail to CS - sell.. you make between 2x-3x in profits.. Ez gold and since the reinforcementzone covers almost all the ports it's with very low risk. Same is the case for Sweden, the Dutch, The pirates - and with a bit longer sail the french and the brits.. Only nation that has to sail for an extended time in OW without magical protection is the US and the Spanish.. If you don't want to sail to capitals and the sharks in those waters, there's 25 or so ports that consumes national goods same way as the capitals.. EZ gold..
  17. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The spanish armada attacked tonight the almost defenceless port of Cayman Brac! The danish-norwegian fleet hurried to the remote island where they put up a gallant defence against the spanish invaders. Losses were staggering on the danish-norwegian side as the wind kept shifting in either direction and the spanish broadside pummeled the danish-norwegian fleet into submission. As luck would have it, the wind turned in favor of the defenders and the spanish - being blown out of the harbour, were forced to withdraw and make another attempt at a later point. The heavy losses the dano-norwegian fleet suffered means that the leading admiral will be court martialed and most likely have one of his beloved children put to the executioners block! All hail the two kingdoms!! Alas again this poor reporter were unable to provide a painting commemorating the event. Some state that it's because the losses were so heavy on the dano-norwegian side, whilst vile rumours state that the Danish-Norwegian kingdom has been too poor and too buys paying off privateers to keep their ports safe in the wee hours of the day, to pay for more paintings!
  18. Caribbean Invasion News

    Well Christentrash... I like the attention but if there ain't a ring on my finger you're ain't getting any... With that out of the way - Russia didn't start swinging for the fences -> they started attacking DK/NG and the pirates.. The very same nations that kept fighting them after they attacked the swedes. Russia fell because of shitpoor diplomacy - nothing else. I do hope however they come back from the ropes, and this time a bit wiser than before. Just loved the pic
  19. Caribbean Invasion News

    I can understand that in any walks of life you're bound to meet people with whom you disagree. I can accept that. I do however find it extremely curious that @Graf Bernadotte starts writing in this thread once more and all of a sudden any pretense of light RP or friendly banter is thrown out of the window. Graf - you may get off ruining someone elses game, but just like the ill-behaved kid in the schoolyard, I really think you should go into the game, find some friends and just enjoy the battles. Don't embarras yourself any further and don't ruin the RP thread for the rest of us. A concept as simple as sticking to your own faction, keeping a light tone and reporting news is apparently entirely lost on you. If I didn't dislike you so much I'd feel sorry for you, but alas just like the kid in the schoolyard I just don't want to play with you - please keep out of this thread if you can't conform to format.
  20. Again - as I've stated before... You can make between 2 and 3 millions for 25 mins of sailing.. Hardly something to make a fuss about..
  21. Combat patrol at Fort-Royal

    Arh ffs right it's forban de something... Shouldn't write and drink at the same time I guess Would've been nice to see you mate, even if it was at the barrel end of a cannon
  22. Combat patrol at Fort-Royal

    Captains Log, 11th of March 1765. The war with the russians has all but died out. They abandoned their holdings in Puerto Rico, removing most of the reason to maintain a state of hostilities against the russians. The swedish wasn't long to break the non-RvR agreement with the two kingdoms but for some reason hasn't been attacking the danish-norwegian holdings. This has left Denmark-Norway without a clear strategy - the northern haitian holdings were lost after attempting to expand the holdings in the area with the port of Bahia Escosesa. The danish-norwegian navy were however intercepted en route by a contingent of dutch ships of the line that were destroyed. The prussians soon after attacked the port of Macao and in a hard fought battle annihilated the danish-norwegian warships on the north side of the island. His majesty has vowed to retake the port and continue a policy of expansion on the northern side of Haiti whilst holding on to possesions elsewhere in the carribean. Most recently the british fleets attempted an invasion of the port of Misteriosa. The small danish-norwegian port serves as a base of operations for small scale privateering against the british crown and the intention of the british seem to be the destruction of those privateers. The danish-norwegian navy frantically despatched a fleet for the defence of the island, arriving just in the nick of time as the british fleet were bearing down on the port in preparation for landing troops. The two navies fought hard and the battle lasted for a little more than nine hours - not untill nightfall was the british navy contingent forced to abandon the invasion. 4 british ships of the line was lost along with a mortar brig. The danish-norwegian navy lost two 3rd rates and in the pursuit of the british lost another as the fleets victualies and supplies were running low. The fleet returned to Misteriosa to resupply. The danish-norwegian kingdoms doesn't rest on its laurels. Neither the british nor the french are paying the kings taxes so in response the danish-norwegian navy were despatced from the port of Christiansted to the waters of Martinique to search out and destroy any french navy vessels and merchants. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The fleet left at the 2nd bell, in three 74's and a 26-gun renommee class frigate. The contingent were cruising off the coast of Martinique when it was joined by a further two 74's and a heavy 58 gun frigate. As the french were gathering a squadron to hunt the danish-norwegian fleet out of french waters there was a warcouncil onboard Captain Darks "Hættemågen", a 74 gun SoL that had just recently been brought into service. The main point of discussion was wether to allow the gathering of a superior french squadron at Fort-Royal or rather take to sea and search for swedish pickings along the lesser antilles. The decision to hold position in french waters were unanimous and after some waiting the french squadron set sails on an intercept course. The battle that ensued proved both bloody and messy. The smaller danish-norwegian contingent started focussing the largest enemy SoL the first rate "L'Ocean", a 118-gun SoL trying to beat bad winds and get to safety under the guns of the forts at Fort-Royal. We managed to intercept her in good time before she reached safety and after heavy and bloody hand to hand boardings, particularly for "Hættemågen" that lost about three quarters of her crew, we managed to win her and sink her! Under the circumstances a huge win, but the heavy focus on the first rate had allowed the french squadron to gather their guns around us and we were in dire straits. The admiral hoisted the flags for a general retreat and signalled the captains Nihilus and Svendson to engage and sink a small 20 gun privateer under the command of the captain F0RBIN. The privateer was quickly demasted and sunk under the barrage of a 74 and the 26 gun frigate, which allowed the two isolated danish-norwegian ships to slip past the main battleline of the french and head out to sea. The danish-norwegian main battleline however were in deep trouble. Pummelled from the french, getting rigging shot to pieces and a several of the 74's in ill-repair the admiral grudgingly accepted his fate and signalled for the rest of the fleet to seek the protection of the night whilst I, along with the merry men of the "Tudefjæset", changed heading and went for the weakest ship in the french line, a 38-gun frigate that quickly lost in the ensuing gun fight and went to davey jones. The manouver forced the rest of the french fleet to single out "Tudefjæset" and when fire broke out in the center of the middle gundeck I was forced to abandon the ship. Me and my men were most cordially saved from the hazards of the sharks by a french 58 gun frigate and a smaller 4th rate, they even brought me to the port of Aves, presumably as a gesture for the bravery "Tudefjæset" had shown in the battle of the 688 men I sailed out with 356 was brought to Aves. The french even commemorated the battle with this painting - https://imgur.com/a/j1Olf __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now we're restituting in the port while a new 74 is being laid down in Christiansted. I'm hoping for an agile warship that can hold a decent speed whilst still be able to take a pounding. I have to admit that the "Tudefjæset" was a beauty of a ship, some might say she was old but I'd dare challenge any captain to find her match anywhere in the davey jones locker! Lars Kjaer, Captain in his majesty navy Port of Aves - restituting.
  23. Merge the nations!

    The ability to mobilize forces says nothing of the total population in a nation. We mobilize for RvR - the dutch leadership refuse to come out of port.. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what nation will win that war..
  24. Merge the nations!

    I agree that there's been a lot of hardwork put into Prussia. I was against the creation of the new factions from the start since I really didn't see much sense in them and the paradox atm is that of the historical nations, the US and the Dutch are basically inactive while the DE and Russians are very much alive and kicking. I am not in any way saying that the accomplishments of the DE and Russia is not to be celebrated, I'm merely advocated for a retention of factions based in something other than the current aquis communitaire.
  25. Names for Capes, headlands, bays and Rivers

    And the map would look so much nicer.. EDIT: but unlike Sid Meier's pirates it shouldn't be in OW that you sail past an area and magic words tell you exactly where you are.. Only in the map - forcing an approximation to the location.