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  1. lol I seldom sink and I'm not whining.. Read my posting again mate - my contempt for the brits in general goes back a lot longer than just the cartagena tar.. In principle I can't say that the tar makes any difference.. It's an OP upgrade but not the make all - end all upgrade that some seem to think it is..
  2. Free port of Viques

    I've been wanting to ask for some time btw... Who pays the BF clan and how much?
  3. To sail something given and not earned.. Well... The joy of capturing or sinking those mickey mouse players will be that much more satisfying..
  4. Free port of Viques

    On the subject of the TS.. It's not that expensive and it might as well be a shared effort.. Ofc - this would also mean we couldn't get our priviledges revoked without warning nor explanation like the case is today. In regard to the rest? - Where were RDNN during the nightflips? Where were RDNN when blame was assigned for breaking the Christmas truce? (I know - on the US TS and telling everyone it was DNP - even despite the evidence to the contrary) Where were RDNN when danish waters were infested with pirates? I have never seen RDNN hunt in groups that were less than 8 or 10.. Quite like AHOY, but then again honour is in short demand in Naval Action. I've seen the vaunted RDNN port battle fleet attend Port battles.. Most were set up by others than them. The answers to all these questions is: RDNN is nowhere or nothing, or ofc soiling the names of those better than them. As for the first rates - they have always been easy to come by, even more so now. Hardly a feat to ensure "everyone" can sail a first rate. I for one is not worried. The danish nation stands united in defence as ever and for the battles? Well I hope they are coming. It is the reason we play after all.
  5. Free port of Viques

    From my point of view things are neatly under control. Guyama is a noisance - not a catastrophe.. Who all these people are that have an adverse opinion I have no idea.. Perhaps it's the RDNN guys that are losing their ships.. How it could be my fault however that BF made the port available for all I fail to realise. What exactly RDNN would do about it besides giving in to blackmail I fail to see as well.. Why RDNN are so affected by me questioning their "leadership" is beyond me as well - I have never told them what to do, and I see no reason why someone who finds it so difficult to honour their deals should be dictating how I honour mine. Only the weak cares for how others perceive them.
  6. Free port of Viques

    Oh and btw @Gysendorf I agree - we have an entire thread to flame eachother so no need to do it here.
  7. Free port of Viques

    You're talk like an idiot Graf. I have never asked, sought or demanded to "rule the nation". I only object to a clan that has 5 active members and does nothing for the safety of danish waters claiming the right to lead. If anyone wants to lead - they should prove themselves worthy to do so. Only the weak-willed or feebleminded asks for the right to do so or expects it to be magically bestowed upon them. If RDNN or RUS wants to lead - then by all means lead. Their own clans. My clan will go wherever it's members decide to and we have both the strenght, the numbers and the illness of the mind to do so.
  8. On the ship? - Hover the mouse over the empty knowledge slot.. Other than that I'm uncertain as to your meaning.. *snicker* those aussies and their beers *snicker* EDIT: Arh for ffs... Didn't notice it was NA legends... And NO!! I'm not giving up drinking..
  9. Free port of Viques

    I can't recall ever having laid claim to be "the rising star". And only the weak asks for something. Especially if it's for me to shut up little man..
  10. Free port of Viques

    wow.. Again... read a book mate, most would learn from it..
  11. Free port of Viques

    Those two simply cannot be compared... You sir... Need to read a book..
  12. Free port of Viques

    lol oh right.. And I rarely venture more than five minutes away from CS.. I forgot about that
  13. Free port of Viques

    This is simply not true. The state needed private expertise but the capital needs of the colonies and their demands in goods and serfs meant that the state was not only partaking in the ventures but the driving factors behind them. The mercantilistic idea is basically to harness and extract the private interests in the interests of the state.
  14. Free port of Viques

    I rarely do PvE, but then again how would you know I rarely see you ingame..
  15. Free port of Viques

    To some extent, the development of the VOC is different from the rest of europes, partly because it's the first of its kind but mostly due to the decentralised nature of the dutch provinces with an unusually capital strong citizenship. The point - that they bought the monopoly is however due to a graduation, they leased the monopoly and as I have written before dutch foreign policies became very much embroiled in the tradepolicies of the VOC.
  16. Free port of Viques

    Aye true. But the major point of contention is the sharing of sovereign powers. I.e. the VOC became more or less an extension of the seven provinces, in part due to the presence of appointed members of the board, in part in the mixture of foreign policy with trade and domestic policies. A very, very short explanation that doesn't in any way do justice to the nuances of the subject, would be to follow the swedish historian Jan Glete in his explanation that the states incorporated private interests and harnessed them to the interests of the state. Private shipping expertise could see mutual beneficial advantages in joining the state. The resulting mix is what were at the time called a oktroje company (oktroje comes from the latin word for delegation or subdelegation. I can find the proper latin phrase if anyone is so inclined). To compare them in any way to private business' would simply be wrong. Have no doubt that the resulting enterprise were at the beck and call of the states interest.
  17. Free port of Viques

    You cannot use modern day understandings of joint-stock companies and apply them to 18th century oktroje companies.. Please Graf - don't rely only on wikipedia.. READ A BOOK!!
  18. Free port of Viques

    lol oh right I was sealclubbing the kbear rearadmirals.. srry - my bad
  19. Free port of Viques

    They did not use company law as a legal framework. The fact that you would even write this underscores the lack of understanding and appreciation of the subject. Take DK/NG as an example. Disregarding Russia it is the only country in Europe where absolutism became set in a legal framework. That very law (kongeloven 1665, + enevoldsarveloven 1665) makes the existence of a sovereign private company illegal. Instead most countries organised companies along the ORGANIZATIONAL lines of privately owned business' but in LEGAL terms they were to be regarded as extended parts of the sovereign nation. In the case of Denmark-Norway (as with almost all oktroje companies) the directors, the governors and the higher officials were directly appointed by the sovereign monarch. The "indirect" public administration was for the most part local councils whose authority stemmed from royal decree as much as the fact that they were there and the crown were not. Graf I don't really want to waste my time discussing a subject matter you clearly lack the understanding and appreciation for. If you are interested - by all means enlist at a university and take classes. I however are not payed to give you semipublic tutoring in my free time. Suggestions to check up on (and no you will not find the answers in wiki pages) - Oktrojecompanies. - Sovereignty. - Mercantilism. - Monetarism. - Colonies and their legal affiliation with their parentcountries. -. Absolutism and the legal framework surrounding it. - This is opposed to your invalid notion of constitutional frameworks that just happens to be approx 150 years too early (depending on the countries) If you don't know how the libraries function I'm sure there will be a nice clerk that can assist you. If not - well I still don't have the years nor the patience to teach you. _______________________________________________ To state that I demand sanctions against BF is simply not true - what I am arguing for is a way for nations to sanction any clan that acts in a treasonous manner and unlike RDNN I consider any act against the nation as treasonous - not only those that work against my own clans interests. As I have already stated - DNP is not losing ships because of this and it is not really a problem for us.
  20. Free port of Viques

    ffs.. The danish west-india company like all companies in this period of time were oktroje companies. It is roughly translated to "sovereign" companies, except that interpretation would be misleading. The Oktroje companies operated with a royal charter, using royal navy ships either during a lease period or under the command of naval personel. The largest stock-holder of all oktroje companies in Denmark (there were three from 1671-1753) were the danish crown. This is as far as I know the case for all oktroje companies in the world, including the largest - british east india company. The dutch VCP was the only exception that comes to mind and this has mostly to do with the veregnigde provicien being as decentralised as they were and even there the majority stockholder in the dutch west-indies company were the seven provinces. Please read a book and don't depend on wikipedia overly much. As for the gamemechanic - all I'm arguing for is a change to them, that is why were testing after all. As of yet I have read no response that didn't seem more concerned with antagonizing me than with the development of the game. I can understand the affection you have for me, but really Graf it is getting embarrassing. As for the DNP being too lazy to take the port to begin with, well we aren't opposed to others taking ports - we leave that to RDNN, but we are opposed to a free town in the middle of the danish traderoutes. If you recall, well ofcourse you wouldn't recall since you don't get informed of much. Well let me enlighten you - the conflict between RDNN and DNP basically stems from divergent priorities. WE priotized getting the ports in the CS area secure before going out to bash brits, the RDNN prioritized bashing brits before securing homewaters. After wasting time and effort on a futile endeavor RDNN decided to go for the ports in CS area - with the full appreciation of DNP. We did however take offence that it apparently had to be to the expence of our time, our efforts and ACN that would have to wait with testing the new port ownership mechanic.. The end result is that neither can be entirely satisfied. Wether or not DNP has failed well.. I can't say that we have, since - and I've tried to explain this before but apparently you're more than a little dense - NA is about the battles and DNP gets it share. That it appears to be RDNN that's losing ships to the raiders from Guyama is just a bonus.
  21. MassimoSud, bb3ar, Adam Littlejohn

    Except the seller removes the market price and creates an artificial stock price. Secondly the contractor can upon setting up the inflated sell contract coordinate the timing with the timing of the hourly appearence of the item - this ability the others doesn't have.
  22. MassimoSud, bb3ar, Adam Littlejohn

    Arh ffs I didn't know that! I could've been even richer!! EDIT: But that does sound as an uninteded mechanic.. EDIT II: But why not just put up your own insane sell contracts - effectively ruining the market for everyone?
  23. Free port of Viques

    Again.. It is getting tiresome having to lecture you. I'm not only thinking in terms of gameplay but also the historical pretext this game is set in. According to the historical pretext "clans"/"squadrons" couldn't even own ports, but for gameplay we have allowed the clans to take ports for themselves and not only the nation. The right to set a port as free for all is basically high treason to allow ships of war into ports the nation is actively in a war with and hence - the need for the nation to take appropriate action against such clans/ports. The accussation for "corrupt" is mainly my interpretation of the historical pretext where f.ex. governors in Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas) allowed pirates and capers to dock and resupply in the port during the officialdom of governor Esmitt - the danish nation did however take action, arrested the governor and after a lengthy trial he was found guilty. The governor was replaced by another - in that specific incident equally corrupt governor. However from the period of the early 18th century and untill the end of the age of colonialism the central administrations tightened control with the colonies and hence the frequency of corrupt officials declined. The pretext period is the mid-17th century. As for RDNN's claims to defend ports that are made available for all, I can only reiterate that I am extremely unconcerned with the actions/opinions of a clan that has so few active members. And btw *sigh* I am not complaining but merely trying to correlate the current iteration of gameplay with the supposed historical pretext of the game. There is ofc also the possibility that any historical pretext is either rewritten or simply dropped - in that case I want a Bismarck!
  24. Free port of Viques

    lol I was refering to the free ports.. But yeah I can't imagine the three or five RDNN players that are normally online being any threat to anyone..