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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    Or the infraction at Cap Francais was merely deemed more severe than some ramming.. I for one disapprove of both cases that shows poor sportsmanship - I would however have permabanned the accounts at Cap Francais.
  2. Carronade buff.

    Aye but I'd say there's a whole other range of balancing issues..
  3. Carronade buff.

    Have you ever read about the USS Essex duel with the HMS Phoebe? - The carros not only work as intended - they work realistically as well..
  4. Carronade buff.

    Carros were not very accurate nor dependable in longrange battles. Basically the carros works as intended - a closerange meatgrinder.. Whereas the other option is longrange dmg.. What we really need is a credible midrange weapon..
  5. As I recall the forums tribunal rules - only those actively involved in the incident AND having relevant information can post in the tribunal. A shitload of forum warning ought to be on the way. If you want to discuss who touched who where, first and how often... Go to the news section. EDIT: But keep the hello kitty out of the RP section!
  6. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    Then you must be blind.
  7. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    @admin is it the intention of the portbattle timers to avoid portbattles? Is it intentional that we test mechanics already tested before?
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth suddenly finds itself in a dispute with the british over the ownership of the port of Saint Louis! Will this mean the outbreak of another war in the carribean? (And ffs stay to the hello kittying RP format or use other threads!)
  9. Haven't read much yet, but this here is my new bedtime reading!
  10. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    I agree.. It's an unfortunate situation where the dwindling playernumbers are being patched by joining the servers, but imo it's a bandaid on a broken leg. The US servers primary problem were the maintenance timer and due to this not being addressed for a very long time the problem became playernumbers. The global server failed because the global server imo is a bad idea - it has nothing to do with the players playing on it.
  11. Attack on the port of Corrientes

    Captains log, Jan 14 1765. The danish-norwegian admiralty has decided to attack the spanish port of Corrientes as a retaliation for their assistance to the Russian imperial fleet. A spanish squadron gave assistance to the russian port defenses of Cayman Brac, we managed to capture the port regardless, but it has been decided that the transgression would not be overlooked. I'm apprehensive to the idea of attacking a port so far from homewaters, danish-norwegian fleets are already stretched thin and manpower and ressources are dwindling. Reinforcements are sorely needed but the wars in Europe as well as convoying ties up the bulk of our fleet. We gathered in the ragtag port of Tumbado a few hours sail east of Corrientes. The fleet wasn't very large, a few 2nd rates, a few 4th rates - mostly 'Agamemnon' class ships and a few frigates. We set out after the second bell heading west in bad winds. A spanish cutter spotted us as we were approaching Corrientes and as we were nearing the port a large enemy squadron undocked to meet us. The enemy contingent consisted of several 1st rates, 4th rates and a contingent of frigates.. The situation was grim at best but we decided to go for battle rather than let their frigates catch the slowest of our ships. A fighting retreat back to Tumbado were in the cards and unfortunately the enemy managed to divide our forces into several smaller engagements. I was commanding the "Vor Frue" a 88 gun SoL and managed to keep a fighting force around me consisting of the 2nd rate "Højheden" commanded by my brother, two 4th rates and a frigate. In the following engagement we were up against three 2nd rate SoL, four or five 4th rates and a few 5th rates. We managed to sink one of their older 4th rates and a fifth rate before nightfall gave us the blessing of safety and a clear retreat back to Tumbado. The Danish-Norwegian raid was entirely unsuccessfull.. We lost a 2nd rate, a 4th rate and a 5th rate and only managed to give the spanish minor losses in return and were entirely unable to threathen the port of Corrientes. Captain Lars "Bearwall" Kjaer, port of Tumbado
  12. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    @admin Was it the intention of the timers to be used in order to avoid combat entirely? EDIT: And my god I agree with Christendom! If one side is playing unfairly why shouldn't everyone? Players being players will actively seek what advantages they can get.
  13. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    I don't blame the 'globals' - I'm merely pointing out that the timers are gamebreaking and that the best long term viable option is regional servers. This game is not EVE online but should rather in terms of player activities be compared with RPMMOs like SWTOR in regard to online time. The fact that one parts gameplay negatively impacts the other parts ability to actually play the game merely destroys the game. There is nothing gained by a global server.
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye!! The glorius danish-norwegian navy just fought a series of skirmishes off the coast of Corrientes. The drunken danish-norwegian admiral that was sent to protect the invasion fleet sounded the battle orders just after the third bell. To say that the danish-norwegian lines were disorganized would be an understatement! Rumour has it that half the officers on the decks of the warships were either drunk or seasick! SEASICK! A nation has never been more astaunded nor embarressed! The drunken admiral did manage to gather a few of the ships around his flagship and committed to a fighting retreat against a superior fleet of spanish men of war. The Captain Pyeron unfortunately lost his commision as he went down with his ship and 330 souls a little after the fourth bell. The unfortunate captain were lucky enough to be plucked out of the waters by a spanish fishing boat and thanks to the spanish guvernors very generous pardon on part of valour, Peyrun is now holding up in Tumbado getting warm and familiarising himself with the local establishments for gentlemen of good fortune... The spanish losses are thought to be minor as the danish-norwegian fleet reassess it's command structure! Long live the two kingdoms!!
  15. Caribbean Invasion News

    I seem to recall they multiflipped the swedes as well.. only in their multiflip the swedes lost one port and in this most recent one the russians lost two.. And the swedes weren't cowards enough to hide behind timers... Anyway - could we get back to the RP part?
  16. Diminishing returns

    This is something that has been suggested before, but I''ll be making yet another suggestion. In the RvR we often see very few to no PBs between the 3 largest nations. This can ofcourse be because of happenstance or simply because the largest nations gets rewarded with VM so they can easily replace 1st rates whilst smaller nations has a harder time, this is no doubt one part of the explanation.. I'd wager however it's in part due to politics as well. I'd like to suggest an incentive for the smaller nations to rattle the cage of the larger - grant smaller nations VM for successfull PBs against the larger, 3 for taking a port from nr 1, 2 from nr. 2 and 1 from nr. 3.. (or whatever) Secondly I'd like to suggest diminishing returns for attacking in OW PvP.. Basically the amount of achievable PvP marks should be reduced by the BR advantage on either side. If the winner has 2 times the BR he gets half the PvP marks (or none at all), if the winner has half the BR than the loser he gets 2 times the PvP marks..
  17. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    And according to your chart the pop dropped 64 on average in december.. hmpf figure facts..
  18. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Not entirely true - we don't play the same game. We have little to no interactions, only the gameplay of one part is adversely affecting the ability to play on the other part - and vice versa. Which is the very reason why global server will fail - regional servers are the way to go post release.
  19. Pls change the font.. That blue tint ain't doing anything good for the readability of the post.
  20. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Not if you compare with November and October.. Just as if some players stopped playing when the merge were announced??!
  21. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    I totally agree - #globalserverfail #Regionalserversforthewin!
  22. Caribbean Invasion News

    @admin Was it the intention of the PB timers to create a defensive tactic with the aim of avoiding port battles?
  23. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Server merge Players being players - wanting every advantage they can get no matter how it ruins the game - RvR timers Events