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  1. One server, 24hr + eu time locks (ports listed)

    This has been discussed endlessly.. If you'd like an answer - read some of the 2k+ replies to that very question. I'm done discussing a servermerge untill a genuinely new proposal (yours has already been discussed and dismissed) that actually seem to realistically balance the conquest competition comes along. All these repostings of already discussed and bad ideas - I'm done with them. Merge the server without a solution = kill the only functioning server in order to safe the one that is already dead.
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The Swedish Kungliga marine just took Cap Francais from a brave russian defence! The russian armada suffered heavy losses and clean-up of the docks are expected to last for several days! The russian Ship of the Line "Katarina Rostovna" blew up inside the harbour and afflicted severe casualties to the general population that went out to watch the battle. Several buildings in the vicinity of the docks were set on fire and the blaze razes strong still. Swedish loses are said to be minimal but the imperial russian navy has prepared an ambush on the swedish occupied Port-de-Paix, what this means for the impoverished and hard tested inhabitants, time will tell..
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! hear ye! The Swedish Kungliga Marine attack the russian occupied port of Cap Francais today! Reports indicate that the fleet departed from Saint Nicholas some time ago and gathered in the protected port of La Tortue before making the final approach to the steep shores and cliffs of Cap Francais. The roars from the cannons can be heard at this very moment from La Tortue!
  4. bow- and sterntanking

    Historically stern raking was about the most dangerous thing a captain could experience, so much so that Nelsons famed "cutting the line" was a court-martial offence and there are accounts of admirals (albeit from the early 17th century since it wasn't reproduced til Jarvis did it in the 1770's) where admirals were hanged for dereliction of duty.. A sternrake was all the more dangerous due to the vulnerability of masts and in particularly the steering tows that could in essence cripple a ship for days, sometimes to the point where there were little option than either tow the ship into a friendly port, row the ship into a friendly port (ardous and for first rates not always possible) or scuttle the ship (instant court martial but there are plenty of cases where scutling the ship was preferred than to let it fall into enemy hands).. A stern rake has no effect today - damaged rudder? - Instant emergency repair fix, Lost a hundred souls? - pour rum into them and let your voodoo doctor do his magic. Lost a mast in high seas? - Not a problem, you zombie crew erects a new in 3 mins! A bow rake has no effect today - does it damage the powder magazine? - no, even tho many smaller frigates had their magazines right behind the forecastle. SoL had more protected powder magazines but ingame there's no difference. Lost a hundred crew? - no problem see above. Even if demasting was a thing on a bow rake (I can't recall I've ever seen a mast fall from a front rake) it would just be erected by the zombiecrew ^^ see above. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I believe that we need to limit the amount of repairs in general and the rum repairs in particular. No matter how great a surgeon you have on your ship - you will always experience fatalities in a battle.. The rum should only be able to send 50% or less even, back into battle. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I can't say anything on the gameplay experience on test server. I will however add that there are LOTS of medals issued when SoL found themselves facing 2 or 3 frigates - not because they won the engagements, or sunk the enemy. But because they survived the encounters. Nothing was more dangerous for any SoL (even 3rd rates) than facing more than one frigate on their own. The problem was exactly the sternraking that would quickly render a SoL inoperable. The medals were issued to captains and crews because of the skill required just to survive the encounters and many ordinary seamen could sell most of their belongings but have a hard time separating themselves from those medals.
  5. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    Not really just make a CD of 30 mins after exiting a battle before you can join a PB.. Problems from that would be aplenty tho..
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye!! The danish-norwegian navy won a skirmish against the french marine! The smaller danish squadron cought a french squadron out on patrols, off the coast of castries. Captain "Dark" Joker, quickly decided to engage and the rest of the danish squadron followed into battle! The enemy fleet were superior in both numbers and firepower but the tenacity and bravery of the danish captains, the most drunken souls in the carribean, carried the day! After exchanging broadsides in a running engagement for about a bell the first french ship sank, this didn't deter the french squadron that doubled its efforts to sink the small danish-norwegian squadron. After 2 bells it became clear that the french squadron had been outwitted and 3 french ships had joined davey jones, a frigate of the Endymion class and two smaller ships of the Cerberous and Prince de Neufchattel classes. These loses caused confusion and fear in the hearts of the french fleet and for the rest of the battle it became a matter of running, and for the danish-norwegian fleet - killing as many of the french before darkness interupted the battle. In the end the french squadron lost six out of the nine ships that complemented the detachment and the danish-norwegian fleet left the area unscathed.. https://imgur.com/a/yOkhF In other news: The danish-norwegian royal family are in happy circumstances! The nation rejoys as the news that the royal dachshund Lady has been found to be carrying a litter! The fate of the illegitimate father, who is believed to be a beast of unknown origin is as of yet unknown! The most likely scenario is that the tramp will be put down once captured. A city-wide doghunt has ensued and all citizens are expected to carry the kings favor and apprehend the tramp. A reward of 100 rigsdalere has been announced for information that would lead to the capture and imprisonment of the lousy mut!
  7. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    More likely you'll be sailing an empty ocean.. Just like you do on the global server..
  8. lol I bunk with no one and I generally don't care about much.. Unless someone has a nice set of milkcartons.. then I'm hungry... As far as I recall @North were the one who engineered the host bombs - just because I've been a member of a nation that has used cowardly tactics doesn't mean I'm likewise..
  9. But it would be nice if we could forego with all the shannanigans of multiflipping a nation just to stretch their defenses.. Tactic of the weak imo..
  10. marxism, leninism or troskijsm?
  11. Mechanics

    Actually it is not.. Most 74s sailed at cruising speeds of 8-9 kn, most frigates went a knot faster.. There were a few exceptions where the 74s were as fast as some frigates. In general the lineships were able to utilize winds that frigates were not, but that went vice versa as well. With the introduction of copperplating in the 1770s the lineships got half a knot faster but so did the frigates..
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The danish-norwegian fleet has just confirmed that a polish battlefleet were spotted and engaged SE of El Soco! The danish-norwegian commander, not quite sure where he was, ordered the marines to take to the battlements "Kastellet" and "Trekroner", large fortifications crowning the harbour of Copenhagen. The puzzled captains quickly reorganized their fleet into battle orders, and the drunken danish-norwegian admiral quickly got to his senses when a cannonball took away the legs of the first mate standing right next to him on the quarterdeck. The polish-lithuanian fleet started out in two lines but due to the wind and the disorganized danish-norwegian fleet the "Nelson" tactic were voided and a brief period of chaining were exchanged between the two fleets. From the danish-norwegian perspective it seemed like the polish fleet would pass straight past their enemy and go for the harbour but two polish-lithuanian captains were intercepted and one boarded the other severely damaged in the pass and after a few mins the polish fleet changed heading and went straight for the danish-norwegian battle fleet. What ensued was an ungodly brawl, cannons roaring left and right and the waters off El Soco turned red from the wounded, the maimed and the sinking ships. Both sides suffered losses but in the end the Polish-Lithuanian fleet were forced to disengage and after a short pursuit the danish-norwegian fleet returned to El Soco, fatigued but overjoyed! The celebrations has once more turned the port into an unseemly mix of puke, rum and easy women as the DANVE clan has opened the stores for all and the rumladen crews are mostly impossible to interview for this reporter. One first mate did mention tho that the current admiral seemed at his best when laden with rum and troffles before a battle and now a giant pot is being filled by the battlegroups senior crews so as to ensure a thoroughly drunk admiral in future battles! https://imgur.com/a/IyY2K
  13. Green on Green

    Then there's no problem, only issue is when one player agrees to get sunk by another in order to get PvP marks..
  14. Green on Green

    arh.. ehm.. I need to start reading and stop drinking..
  15. Green on Green

    Actually farming PvP marks by agreement is against the rules. Again french-sorry PB.... We all remember the "no cannons" affair..