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  1. lol I seldom sink and I'm not whining.. Read my posting again mate - my contempt for the brits in general goes back a lot longer than just the cartagena tar.. In principle I can't say that the tar makes any difference.. It's an OP upgrade but not the make all - end all upgrade that some seem to think it is..
  2. Free port of Viques

    I've been wanting to ask for some time btw... Who pays the BF clan and how much?
  3. To sail something given and not earned.. Well... The joy of capturing or sinking those mickey mouse players will be that much more satisfying..
  4. Free port of Viques

    On the subject of the TS.. It's not that expensive and it might as well be a shared effort.. Ofc - this would also mean we couldn't get our priviledges revoked without warning nor explanation like the case is today. In regard to the rest? - Where were RDNN during the nightflips? Where were RDNN when blame was assigned for breaking the Christmas truce? (I know - on the US TS and telling everyone it was DNP - even despite the evidence to the contrary) Where were RDNN when danish waters were infested with pirates? I have never seen RDNN hunt in groups that were less than 8 or 10.. Quite like AHOY, but then again honour is in short demand in Naval Action. I've seen the vaunted RDNN port battle fleet attend Port battles.. Most were set up by others than them. The answers to all these questions is: RDNN is nowhere or nothing, or ofc soiling the names of those better than them. As for the first rates - they have always been easy to come by, even more so now. Hardly a feat to ensure "everyone" can sail a first rate. I for one is not worried. The danish nation stands united in defence as ever and for the battles? Well I hope they are coming. It is the reason we play after all.
  5. Free port of Viques

    From my point of view things are neatly under control. Guyama is a noisance - not a catastrophe.. Who all these people are that have an adverse opinion I have no idea.. Perhaps it's the RDNN guys that are losing their ships.. How it could be my fault however that BF made the port available for all I fail to realise. What exactly RDNN would do about it besides giving in to blackmail I fail to see as well.. Why RDNN are so affected by me questioning their "leadership" is beyond me as well - I have never told them what to do, and I see no reason why someone who finds it so difficult to honour their deals should be dictating how I honour mine. Only the weak cares for how others perceive them.
  6. Free port of Viques

    Oh and btw @Gysendorf I agree - we have an entire thread to flame eachother so no need to do it here.
  7. Free port of Viques

    You're talk like an idiot Graf. I have never asked, sought or demanded to "rule the nation". I only object to a clan that has 5 active members and does nothing for the safety of danish waters claiming the right to lead. If anyone wants to lead - they should prove themselves worthy to do so. Only the weak-willed or feebleminded asks for the right to do so or expects it to be magically bestowed upon them. If RDNN or RUS wants to lead - then by all means lead. Their own clans. My clan will go wherever it's members decide to and we have both the strenght, the numbers and the illness of the mind to do so.
  8. On the ship? - Hover the mouse over the empty knowledge slot.. Other than that I'm uncertain as to your meaning.. *snicker* those aussies and their beers *snicker* EDIT: Arh for ffs... Didn't notice it was NA legends... And NO!! I'm not giving up drinking..
  9. Free port of Viques

    I can't recall ever having laid claim to be "the rising star". And only the weak asks for something. Especially if it's for me to shut up little man..
  10. Free port of Viques

    wow.. Again... read a book mate, most would learn from it..
  11. Free port of Viques

    Those two simply cannot be compared... You sir... Need to read a book..
  12. Free port of Viques

    lol oh right.. And I rarely venture more than five minutes away from CS.. I forgot about that
  13. Free port of Viques

    This is simply not true. The state needed private expertise but the capital needs of the colonies and their demands in goods and serfs meant that the state was not only partaking in the ventures but the driving factors behind them. The mercantilistic idea is basically to harness and extract the private interests in the interests of the state.
  14. Free port of Viques

    I rarely do PvE, but then again how would you know I rarely see you ingame..