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  1. Naval Action Craft

    just tryed to update the page for patch 10.0 (hope nothing is missing)
  2. Naval Action Craft

    api dosn't include the fine wood yet, so i cant show it.
  3. Naval Action Craft

    maps should also be up to date. Please report if you find some missing/wrong port.
  4. Naval Action Craft

    Just made a bigger Update! Ship Data is now loaded via API and should update automatically Some additional data added to the ships page New wood types added for ships (Mahogany, Bermuda Cedar) Calculation improvements for building ships/modules (now it should result in less "Left Over Materials") Map positions update still missing as i try to figure out how to use the x/y position from the API.
  5. Public "API" for Naval Action

    Hello, is it possible to convert the maps x/y postition to latitude/longitude?
  6. Naval Action Craft

    the problem with the map and the api is, that i only get som strange X/Y Coordinates for the ports. I don't know how to convert them to latitude/longitude to show on a map. Anyone knowing this? for now i entered the coordinates for each port by myself, so they are not updateing with the api (only port info does)
  7. Naval Action Craft

    the API currently doesn't show the data for "fine" wood. maybe they will update the API soon.
  8. Naval Action Craft

    do you have a list of fine logs needed for each ship/quality?
  9. Naval Action Craft

    Removed the version number, as i have updated the page but always fogot to update the version number. XD Also adde a new ship: http://www.navalactioncraft.com/craft-ship/bucentaure
  10. Naval Action Craft

    this data is loaded from the API, if the api is doing strange things i can't change that. if it is on my side, i can try to change it. what exactly is the problem?
  11. Naval Action Craft

    i can only update data i get via forum/email, as i don't have all blueprints. and i havn't got any data yet.
  12. Naval Action Craft

    danke, habe das mal so dazugefĆ¼gt.
  13. Naval Action Craft

    Added 3 new ships: - Gun Boat - http://www.navalactioncraft.com/craft-ship/gun-boat - Agamemnon - http://www.navalactioncraft.com/craft-ship/agamemnon - L-Ocean - http://www.navalactioncraft.com/craft-ship/l-ocean There is still some information missing for some of the ships (XP/Labor Hours/...). Let me know if you know the missing numbers.
  14. Naval Action Craft

    no. it still seams to work. there are currently users on the page and for me its also working fine.