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  1. Recently we had the British mostly ARMED clan stack hostility missions on top of one another. This makes the mission impossible to join for defenders outside. I am fairly sure they knew full well what they were doing as the US tested this not to long ago. The players we pulled when they jumped out of their mission. How it appears from the outside, you are completely unable to join the battle making it impossible to stop hostility.
  2. I may be late to the party but.... HAHAHA what? The ai literally shoots double out of its carros. When we had the shot log you could see that and if you cap the ai like in the final exam one of the cerbs I boarded had double on its stern carros still. I know the ai gets some pretty good boarding buffs at high lvls and epic ai just beats you no matter what you do.
  3. Aster

    Prussian Ports For Sale

  4. Aster

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    Hostility in thread has reached 25%, and who let koiz into the bath salts again?
  5. The gun boat actually spins a few degrees every second while it sails so this triggers me.
  6. Also I would like to assure everyone that as far as I know there is no underground pact of "PVP" players to not attack each other in the safe zones. I have attacked and been attacked plenty of times in other nations safe zones.
  7. Seems like a lot of people are worried about new players losing their only ship then just leaving the game. Maybe the tutorial can provide a number of ship notes like 7th-5th rates. That way if they do die/get ganked its not such a big deal. Also having a tutorial on how to capture ships could help that way newer players know how to easily replace their ships. Anyway everyone is never going to be happy with how safe/unsafe protection is in the green zone. Regardless thoughs that accept that pvp happens on the pvp server and sometimes in ways they do not like will continue to play. Thoughs that get killed because they didn't pay enough attention and rage quit will stop no matter how "safe" it is.
  8. When fighting in the open world once the player is killed I have no reason to kill their ai ships so I will often let them go especially if they are combat not trade ships. The player then does not lose everything. Surrender could work in a similar way, if you surrender your ship raises the white flag then the player can choose to sink you (same as what we have now). Say a trade ship gets attacked, both players could engage in a long drawn out chase thats not really very enjoyable. Or the trade ship could simply offer to surrender for the promise that he will not lose everything. Now of course the attacker could lie and sink him anyway after but then his reputation would get around and no one would surrender to him. At least thats my best idea for surrender at this moment.
  9. I don't think rewarding less risky kind of pvp (ganking) is a good idea.
  10. Aster

    Reinforcements update

    I'm a bit confused why some people don't think "Hardcore" PVPers fight each other. Yes players of similar playstyles tend to come together in clans. But its not like there is just one PVP focused clan out there. As far as I know there is no secret underground "Hardcore" PVP counsel that mandates all seals must be clubbed and no PVPer shall fight another. Maybe I'm just a care bear though and I wasn't invited. Anyway the PVP server has PVP. If your PVE is being interrupted by PVP and you don't like it there is a server for that. I Agree that PVE players are very important to an in game economy but so are RVR players to provide the towns for trade and resources. Also the PVP players that deny said resources and generate in game content are also important. PS. Many if not most players do PVP and PVE
  11. Aster

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Port battle for San Aug. USA vs France. Good fights everyone that showed, not sure why they had first rates grinding hostility during the battle.
  12. Aster

    Reinforcements update

    PVP happens on the PVP. The safe zone provides a very safe area for you to do all the pve/econ work you need to make ok ships. If rookies are the issue make a rookie zone in the pacific where people can grind up to X rank then join the rest of the server.
  13. Aster

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Also not to detour but is that a picture of a cockpit?
  14. Aster

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Do you even lift bro? Ram pls no post. Also there is really no reason to farm pvp marks. If you even go into the pvp zone you will make them.