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  1. Aster


    Friend swivel guns are op. Especially on the lgv refit that broadside of swivels kills like 20 crew every 25 seconds.
  2. Aster

    Naval Action Meme collection

    When you find out the multi flip is coming
  3. Aster

    Reduce the crew numbers on the indiaman

    #Indiaman refit
  4. Aster

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Hachi we are all sinners, thou must repent by doing a … econ run
  5. Aster

    Penetration and damage

    From what I can tell if it pens it does damage, lower pen does not reduce damage otherwise double shot would do less damage due to less pen. Damage does drop off with range though.
  6. Aster

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I am not that pope
  7. Aster

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Ten commandments of Naval Action
  8. Aster

    predator of the requin needed

    I feel like any ship that will be a real threat for the requin, will just be the new requin. The prince is the best counter at the moment.
  9. Aster

    War of the lovers revisited

    If the night time players are just putting timers late to dodge you and don't actually play during that time. Then surely they shouldn't be able to defend during that timer and should be easy prey.
  10. Aster

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    The port battle at la navasse, it was a hard fought and close battle. I believe rediii recorded it.
  11. Aster

    Boarding as Secondary Option

    Boarding is a defense larger ships have vs smaller ships hugging them down, if boarding is impossible then the smaller ship can for the most part hug down a larger ship with impunity.
  12. Aster

    War of the lovers revisited

    1. sounds like you would rather not have timers? I can hear the "OMG you night flippers, go get your own server!" 2.There is no "historical" super powers in game all territory that is not starting ports are neutral. I thought the pve server player would know this. 3.Who are you?
  13. Aster

    War of the lovers revisited

    #Thanks Jags
  14. Aster

    Crafters Need quality control

    Perhaps a small number of capturable ports could have a slightly higher crafting chance.
  15. Aster

    Traders limited to 3 knowledge slots?

    1.6mill profit per Indiamen on furniture is no small amount.