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  1. reinforcement area

    if you got tagged in the capital area, which is not the same as the reinforce then it stays open forever for the capital owner and they can join anywhere. Check your area on the left and if you go into the enemy capital area just be aware that if you get tagged you could be in a lot of trouble.
  2. If you leave battle while your ai are still fighting they surrender
  3. I think the internet should shut down when I'm not online. The world revolves around me anyway so I don't see why its a problem. Its not fair that other people can use the internet when I'm not there because then I cant interact with them.
  4. All this wouldn't be a problem if we all just accepted the flat earth theory... just sayin.
  5. Quick idea on balancing

    When there is a single piece of gear in a game that is so powerful everything else in the game has to be compared to it to see if its good enough. That thing is overpowered and this is the wasa.
  6. Concerning hacks/ cheaters with vid

    Sounds like that tutorial cant come soon enough. Anyway maybe some way of making the key press more visible, like right now we have the little green text for brace. Maybe if someone is trying to control their ship while braced they would get a visible warning letting them know they hit brace and to hit H to turn it off.
  7. I thought the current system was fine the way it was. Mods were still a pain to get for ships but it wasn't a crushing loss when you lost a ship. I feel that making ships much more valuable wont encourage pvp it will encourage ganking/ just not fighting evenish fights. Its not worth it to lose days/weeks worth of pvp marks to use the ship in pvp. Also while giving the players that "participate" in successful port battle marks is better then the old system of everyone in the nation getting them. It still encourages people to join the already strong nations making them stronger. Why would you fight for an underdog nation if your efforts give you no reward when you could switch to the top nation and get 300 pvp marks worth of rewards every week? A better system would be not even dealing with the nations and the players that go out and fight port battles get the rewards regardless of their nations ranking.
  8. Ship Mods Why?

    There have been lots of ideas thrown about on this issue. Personally I like diminishing mods, IE 1 10% speed mod gives 10% then the next gives 5% then 2.5%. You would still be able to make a full thick tank or full speed ship. But you would lose out on a lot of stat buffs in other areas, hopefully encouraging more mixed builds.
  9. WASSA

    https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kronprins_Gustaf_Adolf_(1782) This is the ship we have in game. It had 36 pound guns irl.
  10. WASSA

    I'm pretty sure the wasa had 36 pound guns on the main deck
  11. Lost all my crew ...

    Only crew lost to combat are replaced. If you move crew to another ship it will not replace them.
  12. PB Ganking

    Long john sailed up to the port battle by himself then proceeded to sit just out of render range of the port for about 10 mins before the battle started. I was sailing around in my wasa looking for kills and i guess he must have been afk because i sailed right up to him and tagged him. The end result isn't to hard to figure out. Even if he made it past the handful of screeners outside the port by himself there was a another handful of brits waiting for him in shallow water ships. The lesson should be do not try to take a hostile port all by yourself then be mad when it does not work out.
  13. Naval Action Meme collection

    How the pirates act in global chat when the allied fleet starts to log on.
  14. How about having ammo as a item like rig/hull reps, so chain grape ball all being their own thing.
  15. Everyone who is alive can see ship damage so anyone who is dead and wanting to watch the fight play out should also see ship damage.