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  1. Aster

    Port Dropping Issue

    The connection problem seems to only effect some people, I have heard its been people from the US having the most issues. I was in battle and the ping would spike up to 6k then drop to normal again was super frustrating.
  2. Crowns and anchors is gone! First my pray button and now this!
  3. Aster

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    I think neutral ports look to yellow almost like Spanish ports. Also a way to make the port icons on the map larger would be nice.
  4. Aster

    Gun Packages

    I am not entirely apposed to a model like what EVE has. But having "Premium" things in a paid games seems wrong.
  5. Aster

    Gun Packages

    If you do not wish to source them yourself, you can always pay someone to do it for you.
  6. Aster

    Gun Packages

    Buy/craft all the guns you want and haul them out on a trade ship/ in the hold of your war ship. Same with repairs if your a solo player a single supply run should sort you for a while. If your in a group make a large supply run or start crafting guns in the area.
  7. Aster

    Safe zones and Newbies

    They had no timers on the port and when they put one on north inlet a eu clan took the port for us.
  8. We already have deep water ships doing this so having the herc changes nothing
  9. Aster

    Beacon fires

  10. Wants to participate in port battles. But does not want to go through the effort of making it themselves and would rather leach off others to do it for them 🤔
  11. Aster

    Hercules vs X (Experimental Testing)

    Can I bring a gun boat?
  12. I really like the ability to trade outside battle, if that was also aloud in battle that would give a nice buff to trade ship usefulness in combat to support a fleet.
  13. Aster

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    premium ships from the looks 'like the yacht" will be a ship you can spawn in every few days. Resources arnt the issue, its that its a super slippery slope from useless premium ships to p2w. The herc as it stands would be pay to win.
  14. Aster

    Am I seeing new weather

    We have been waiting for the patch that long?
  15. The swivel guns of the lgv refit tend to get 7-10 kills per broadside on 5th rates with armor with my experience which does work down their crew over time. Also the elite pirate refit is way to powerful on the requin it needs to be changed.