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  1. Aster

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    To the Spanish nation Surrender-Survive
  2. Aster

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    Know your enemy
  3. Aster

    Next DLC

    I am calling a ship mounted with rockets/ maybe explosive shot. Don't worry it will be balanced.
  4. Aster

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    To the French still wanting to hide while the enemy kills your country men at your door. The white flag memes will continue until your spine improves!
  5. If its not just a RVR game then removing it from shallow RVR where it is pay to win because no shallow water ship can beat it (literally the definition of pay to win) shouldn't be an issue. It can be like the Hercules being a pretty over powered ship for what it is but being far less destructive to one aspect of the game. The requin is what the old Hercules was in shallow water port battles. If the requin has to be left in shallow water port battles then it needs a pretty hefty BR increase to reflect its power over other shallow ships.
  6. And no single non paid ship can beat it in a RVR setting in the shallows. So simply ban it from shallow RVR and it will be much less of a pay to win issue.
  7. Its only real limit is that you can only spawn one per day per account. Which is a limit but in the current state of RVR Unless you get three shallow ports flipped at once that you have to show up to its a non issue. A first rate can not go into shallow water port battles so thats irrelevant and that literally has nothing to do with the definition of pay to win in any sense of the word. Anyway making the requin a 5th rate/banning it from shallow port battles like the Niagara of old would be a good first step to not making shallow water RVR pay to win. Just like what happened to the Hercules.
  8. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win I will simply refer to the common definition of pay to win for that one.
  9. Ok one more time. Take a fleet of non paid ships, any shallow water ships you please. Then fight a somewhat equal skill opponent with requins and color me impressed if you win.
  10. Ok step by step then. You buy the requin. Check. The other side buys the requin, Check. Both sides can fight with a chance to win. If one side does not buy the requin it has no chance to win. Because the requin is a over powered shallow water RVR ship and non paid ships can not compete.=Pay to win If a piece of gear has to be bought with money to be competitive because all normal in game pieces of gear simply get stomped by it. It is pay to win.
  11. Heavy rat meta at least saw some princes in the mix and you could very easily get them through in game means. Now we have a pay to win meta. There is no shallow fleet that can beat a all xebec fleet because the ship is broken in RVR.
  12. Thats a great idea, personally I think this would make a great tag.
  13. I would like to see a system were a player not in a clan/a clan that owns no ports will receive greater protections. Such as no pvp/mission jumping in their reinforcement zone. This would hopefully help the real new players that do need protection. Or the players that simply have no interest in getting involved in game politics. I think clans should be in control of their own diplomacy and can set whatever alliances they want to other clans. To support this idea the clan name would have to show on the players open world info.