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  1. Drop-only Books in Admiralty on PvE Server

    English translation follows. Уважаемые авторы и разработчики игры! Выношу на ваш суд просьбу от капитанов на сервере PvE Only. (Кстати, огромное спасибо вам от всех нас за то, что вы по-прежнему оберегаете и не обходите вниманием нашу тихую гавань). Не сочли бы вы возможным добавить книги навыков, которые сейчас доступны только как боевая добыча (например, Notes on the Best Rudder Angles, Means of Directing the Fire), в магазин Адмиралтейства? Хотя бы и по большим ценам (1000+ combat marks). Так как на сервере PvE Only конкуренция между игроками и нациями отсутствует как таковая, на общий баланс это повлиять вроде-бы не должно. С другой стороны это даст нам еще одну игровую цель, не зависящую на сто процентов от случайности. И так же, если мы заметим какие-то проблемы с этими книгами или с теми улучшениями которые из них делаются, с энтузиазмом нажмем F11 и поведаем вам (чем черт не шутит - может быть найдем что-то, проскользнувшее мимо зорких глаз игроков PvP). Надеюсь на положительный отклик. Спасибо. English translation: Dear developers, I would like to bring to your attention a suggestion from the captains on the PvE Only server. (By the way, thank you for preserving and taking care of our quiet harbor). Would you consider adding skill books that are currently only available as enemy loot to the Admiralty store? Even at excessive prices (1000+ combat marks). Since player and nation competition on the PvE Only server does not exist, this should not, in theory, impact the overall balance of things. On the other hand, it will give us (PvE captains) another goal in the game that is not 100% RNG-driven. Also, if we notice any issues with these books or upgrades from which they are crafted - we promise to enthusiastically press F11 and tell you about it (who knows, perhaps we'll find something that slipped past the eagle eyes of the PvP players). With hopes for a favorable consideration, thank you.
  2. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    Cause stats are shiny, and we likes shiny. I don't think the matter is with the amount offered but with the fact that it isn't dropping in sufficient quantities to even consider selling. I know he could offer two billion for it, and if I got it as a drop, I sure as hell still wouldn't sell. And if I had it drop twice, the other copy would go to the clan members. Considering the minuscule chances of it dropping, I don't know if one would ever come on the market no matter what the offer is. The only way I'd see anyone putting it up for sale is if 1) they are a clueless newbie or 2) somehow have a whole bunch of those books on hand, in which case they are either a dev, or a hacker, or should be playing lottery... What's worse is that on a good day there's only 100 or so of us on the PvE server, spread across all nations, and not everyone is fighting, and a lot of those who are fighting don't bother with the new daft looting system... Gawd... I do so wish they put the books in the admiralty. Charge 1000 marks for them, it would still be better than this because at least people would be making tangible progress instead of being RNG slaves.
  3. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    On PvE in C-ton, we have a guy offering 2 mil for a copy of the book that goes into the Elite British Refit, for over a week now. I asked in Global the other day when was the last time someone saw it drop... crickets... I guess in the age of sail you can't go into a bookstore and buy a book, LOL. I wish they just put books in the admiralty. Charge a kittenton of marks for them, I wouldn't mind. As for the masts, I'm debating whether to drop them for Katherine once I have a slot unlocked to put the Combat Sailing Reports in or just sacrifice that half a knot of speed for agility.
  4. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    No, I put them on for the 10% turn bonus. The speed penalty sucks, but I'll put up with it until I can craft an Elite British Refit. Which may be never, because the goddam skillbooks just won't drop.
  5. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    Nah, no discovery whatsoever (since I just did what yall told me in this thread, heh)... I did phrase it badly though... I guess as one of the PvE hermits who isn't steeped in the meta and optimization of the PvP server I was just surprised that this upgrade combo pushed the Lotion from "decidedly mediocre" to "hey, this boat is pretty damn cool".
  6. Change shipmodels of 1st rates

    Isn't the current situation fairly historically accurate though? Naval battle accounts from the age of sail are rife with stuff like "two ships meet, shoot at each other, blow off masts, make lots of holes, lots of guys are maimed and killed, and it all ends in boarding action anyway". I know part of the impetus for boarding was the fact that tall ships were expensive to build and it was better to capture one than to sink one; but also, wasn't sinking a first or second rate kind of a rare occurrence? Look at the historical Santisima: it got pounded into a floating hulk once, got rescued, was repaired in time for Trafalgar, was severely shot up, and still didn't sink until the Brits scuttled it. Of course there's argument to be made for "realism vs. gameplay" and all that, but since NA strives for accurate simulation, maybe all we really need is better boarding?
  7. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    Alright, so... an update to an update, not sure if anyone GAF, but I like hearing myself talk. I have to completely reverse my previous opinion on the L'O I built, and "this crow is delicious!" In fact, for the moment, I think I accidentally built a perfect first rate. My build, strictly for PvE, ended up being: Teak/WO, Cartagena Tar, Kirimati Masts, Navy Structure Refit, Optimized Rudder and Rum Rations. End result: same 97.6 thickness as my LO/WO ships (but with better hull shape), 2.25 turn rate, 9.45 speed with cannons and repairs on board. More HP than either Vic or Santi, better turn than Santi, bigger crew than Vic. The remaining three knowledge slots will go to Combat Sailing Reports, Hammocks and Powder Monkeys. If I ever manage to craft an Elite British Rig Refit, I'll replace Kirimati Masts with it and gain a speed boost at the expense of 2% turn rate (at that point I think I should be able to handle it just fine). And if I also manage to craft Art of Ship Handling, I might replace Combat Sailing Reports with it. By the way, does anyone know if you can run an Elite British Rig refit and a Navy Structure Refit at the same time?
  8. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    So, small update: I built it, finally, on the recommendation from here with Teak/WO. With Cartagena Caulk upgrade, I got thickness of 93.6 and the most all-around HP of all of my first rates, speed of 9.90 (before cannons) and turn rate, holy christ, of 1.97. (compare: Santi 2.23, Vic 2.51) Visually, L'O is beautiful. There is no arguing about that. In a fight however it was less than impressive. The usual tactic of broadside on opposite headings, turn and another broadside is severely hampered by the fact that the turn takes you far from the opponent, precluding efficient usage of carronades. Also, due to lousy maneuverability (and I do know how to manually sail), speed kind of becomes a liability at some point - you can certainly out-RUN your opponent, but cannot out-TURN them, which exposes the ship to stern raking. A lot. I think its turn rate should be on a par with Santi, at least. I hope this gets changed eventually as I would love to sail the L'Ocean, but just can't see myself enjoying it in its current state when better alternatives are available.
  9. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    Maybe I will try it, but if it ends up being a failship, I will haunt your damn dreams. This doesn't change the fact that Lotion needs a buff tho...
  10. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    Not sure if serious. Teak/WO is indeed a lovely build for a resilient speed demon frigate... But for a first rate, would wo/wo be the appropriate compromise between speed and tankiness?
  11. How, and why, did L'Ocean end up the worst of 1st Rates?

    My LO/WO Santi with Rum Rations turns better than a WO/WO L'Ocean with Rum, Optimized Rudder and Combat Sailing Reports (or whatever that mod is called). And not just by a little bit. That is rather... indigestible.
  12. In its current state it is, putting it mildly, unappealing. Victory is tankier and more agile. Santi hits harder (by a wide margin) and turns better. It used to be a very nice ship, why was it nerfed? It's not historically accurate either - L'O and its sister ships were considered among the best designed first rates.
  13. Santisima or L'Ocean for PvE?

    Victor, that is a very detailed answer. Somewhat related: how would you fit a Vic? The one I have is lo/wo, and has a full set of longs already.
  14. Santisima or L'Ocean for PvE?

    So I have a Victory, but also enough materials piled up to build either of those. Can't do both though. People sailing Oceans have been complaining since the last patch that the ship has taken several nerfs and in fact maneuvers worse than the Santi. I guess it's supposed to be somewhat tankier though? Anyway, I can't decide. I had a Santi pre-wipe, but it wasn't an optimal build and I didn't really like it. Any advice?
  15. The Junkie & his Dealer…

    Dude. Wake up. I spent A LOT of time getting to RA and CL50. That was pure grind. You want devs to toss it in the bin. Now I also have to grind for ship knowledge and money. And you are proposing that in addition to grinding the new stuff, I should regrind the old stuff too. Lower levels in NA are NOT fun. They are the worst part of the game. In fact, because of the money gate and ship knowledge gate I haven't touched NA since the wipe. The entirety of NA is grind, but low-level grind is the worst of it. So no. Just-soddin'-no. I am NOT climbing that ladder again. Your suggestion is crap, and I am not sorry for saying that. If you feel bored enough and masochistic enough, then by all means, claim your redeemables, delete your character and start over. Twenty-five times if you feel like it. Me, on the other hand, I'd like the devs to respect MY time that I've already put into the game.