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  1. 8 knots to board? EIGHT? Holy balls, when I said I was happy that the speed limits for boarding were relaxed, I didn't mean they were tossed right out the window. Bad move.
  2. The amount of scope creep is astounding. Let's recap a sec. We have: - 1 brand-new ship (Diana) that is neither craftable nor purchaseable. - 1 brand-new ship with an old ship's stats (Connie Classic) that is neither craftable nor purchaseable, and also (according to admin) is due to have a stat buff to be a proper super frigate. - Oh and by the way Connie Classic MAY or MAY NOT be a DLC (even though devs know that fools like me will run out and buy it within seconds of release). - Herc and Requin that may or may not be properly balanced yet (?), and require delicate touch because people paid real $$$ for them. - Port UI waiting in the wings. - Economy patch waiting in the wings. That's a SHEDLOAD of work. Devs, I get you that y'all are supermen, but even Superman has only 24 hours in each day and 7 days in each week. Maybe, sort out the things that are already in the pipeline and people have been waiting for before even more mechanic tweakage (like structure damage, grape, major boarding changes)? Especially since the more visible changes like port UI will have a noticeable impact on how newcomers perceive the game; and the economy patch has a good chance to turn the whole world on its head because that's what economy patches do more often than not. Just sayin'. Not doubting y'all's abilities to deliver here, just questioning the focus.
  3. Alright, let's see those videos then. You're blowing smoke up people's asses. Connie only leaves the docks for the turnaround cruises, once a year. She's towed out and back. When she actually sails under her own power it's a HUGE DEAL and they only put up very limited canvas for a very short time.
  4. Ho ho! I like this "boarding speed increase" business! As a frigate man (albeit a PvE peasant), taking prizes is where it's at. Would love an actual number though.
  5. Feedback on Connie Classic, such as it is, from a PvE peasant. 1. Looks: amazing. Very happy with the reshaped hull, rigging and colors. Would be cool to get the black-and-yellow livery someday. 2. Performance - can't quite judge yet because still 2/5 on the skill slots, but seems similar to the regular Connie. One thing it does A LOT better than the regular connie is protect the crew. Even though mine is wo/wo, her sides are made from iron. My crew losses are much less than they were in the regular connie. 3. Her sides are made from iron but the stern is made from paper. Rake produces absolutely brutal crew loss even if there's some armor left. Doesn't seem right? 4. More bow chasers are nice even though they are kinda situational. 5. It needs a little more speed and a little more turn. Not a whole lot, but just enough to make it a bit more frigate-like in behavior.
  6. The Classic Constitution doesn't care about you, either. It's a ship, it's incapable of caring.
  7. What about us PvE peasants? Can we have a Connie Classic to spice up our drab existence?
  8. Did they release it then???
  9. They tease and tease us with the new Connie, it's so beautiful, I can't even sail my old Connie anymore because it looks so janky in comparison. Please release it soon and make it a premium, I'll buy it in five seconds from release
  10. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    When's the new Connie coming though?
  11. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Soooo... new Connie for the 4th perhaps because 'Murica? @admin‌‌‌
  12. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Premium ships 24 hours

    Can I get a massive "hell no" on the OP please. When I pay real cash for pixels (which I have done), I expect them to be top-notch pixels and always available. No shenanigans.