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  1. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    C CONNIE REWORK!!! *swooooooooooon* And yeah, thanks for fixing the leaks, it's ridiculous when a "dead" ship floats for 5 minutes blasting at you like 0 structure and armor is nothing. Now for the bad. The new map isn't great. Scrolling is a bit daft (it needs edges), and please give us back grids and coordinates. In fact, please give us a way to determine our position on the map again. Enough with the Polynesian Navigator thing.
  2. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    One Texan to another... you may go to hell and I will go to PVE server
  3. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Thank you very much @admin‌‌‌
  4. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    @admin Did you change the chance to build "better ships" on PvE server too? we can't capture ports you know.
  5. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    You forgot RNG crafting. That's what made me leave, anyway.
  6. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    limitation of wood classes in the construction of boats.

  7. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    You know what I think? The game offers WAY too much information and it's a bad thing. We should remove all the HP indicators on both sides. Just count the cannonballs as they hit or miss and make an educated guess whether you or your enemy will sink. We should also remove the cannonball counters for double charge and chain and double shot, just count things in your head or on a piece of paper, like in real life. Wind indicator needs to go, just look at the flags and pennants on your ship and at the sails. Compass is overkill, it's always on screen, that's not realistic, captains didn't walk around with a compass glued to their face, if you want to look at the compass you have to hold "look at compass" button for 20-30 seconds and imagine that your captain walks over to the compass stand and peers into it. Add a random 5-10 seconds to account for ship sway, battle stress, sun glare, etc.. After time elapses, the compass flashes on the screen swaying this way and that until you let go of the button. But once you let go, you have to redo the whole thing again to see the compass again. Pressing a button and seeing a map is not realistic, you need to hold "Look at map" button for 60-90 seconds that it takes your captain to walk to his cabin and sit down and bust out all the navigation tools and a loupe. Same deal as with the compass, once you look at the map you have to hold the button down, if you let go your captain walks back out onto the bridge and you have to redo the whole thing to look again. Consistent map grids are not realistic. Well, maybe they are, but we say they aren't, so they aren't. Because in our real world, there was no way to determine the position of your ship with any kind of precision, people would just pick a heading with a protractor and hope they get there, and if you got blown off course, you were screwed. Anyway, since in our world navigation is still somewhere on par with Polynesian canoes, all maps are crappy, so every ship gets a random map with differently sized grids. Labels above ports in OW need to go, OMG SO UNREALISTIC. See how much better the game could be if we would only get rid of TOO MUCH INFORMATION?
  8. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Naval Officer is a Shipwright

    This is likely the worst idea I've seen on this board. And given how many bad ideas there are, that's saying something. Have a gold star, OP. But not a big one.
  9. Dark Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls. Oh Dark Souls, let me count the ways I love you. Dark Souls SUCKS. There, I said it. It jumped into prominence because it was different. And as anything that jumps into prominence, it became trendy, so it made bank. I would be willing to bet that most people who bought it never actually finished it, because the basic design principle behind it - "bash your head into the wall until you either find JUST THE RIGHT SPOT to hit or crack your skull" does not carry a wide appeal. Sure, you can watch video guides, and die 10000 times before you clear the Nth boss, and if that's your thing more power to you, hell, some dudes like it when ugly women tie them up, whip them and call them names, I ain't here to judge... But it doesn't have wide appeal. Most people will get frustrated and quit. So when you take your cues from Dark Souls for tutorial design, you are barking up the wrong tree. Tutorial is there to gently ease the player into the game (which the first part of it does just fine), not present him with an advanced scenario that requires luck and say "here noob, get rekt." People see the tutorial and expect something fairly low-risk that they could even maybe replay a few times to fully get to grips with the game mechanics. You, instead, are throwing them into the deep end. Get repeatedly rekt in the tutorial, or get repeatedly rekt in the cutter/pickle while grinding through the low ranks. Sure, both are options, and they are both bad. You couldn't pay me enough to sail an unrated ship or a 6th rate, because of how bad my low-rank experience was. Then suddenly you get into 5th rates and this whole new world opens. So maybe, just maybe, instead of offering the players the option to get burned out in the cutter/pickle/snow stage or give an almost equally frustrating shortcut to M&C, just start people in the 5th rates? Dark Souls is simply a wrong game to take cues from. You want your game to be populated exclusively by hardcores? Great, enjoy your total population of a couple hundred players (maybe). Sure, they'll all have huge hours played stat on Steam, and if that's what you need to feel good about the game, then congrats, mission accomplished. You are selling a fairly slow-paced Age of Sail combat sim (or at least what used to be a sim, before you turned all ships into paper boats), not a twitchy and flashy "guy hits bigger guys with sword" game. You aren't going to appeal to as many people as Dark Souls did in the first place. Now, from the already limited pool of players, you're going to turn off a big portion of them because "you are not going to boil the frog slowly" and "this game is not for everyone". The tutorial solves the problem of the early game being slow and grindy. It does not solve the problem of the early game being frustrating and a turnoff.
  10. Again, lineships do not run away from frigates to keep the engagement distance. In that fight, I deliberately behaved as a lineship normally would - that is, sail with the optimal wind, maneuvering to align my broadsides and avoiding stern rakes. I wanted it to be a deliberate broadside-to-broadside battle. A 2nd rate vs. 2 frigates SHOULD be a fish-in-a-barrel situation in this case. Did they hang around too long? You bet your arse they did, because NPCs have buffed HP, and instead of being either wrecked or close to wrecked , they can absorb a lot more than they should and keep doing damage.
  11. Q.E.D. "Bots are stupid so bots need to cheat", which is pretty much the norm, I take umbrage to being told "bots don't cheat" when they obviously DO cheat. And yes, I'm pissed that I can't go broadside to broadside with ANYTHING anymore, because it's not goddamn worth it, considering how much you will spend in repairs afterwards. If you told me 3 months ago that two 5th rates can strip half the armor and quarter of structure from a Bucentaure, I would have laughed at you. I deliberately didn't angle the hull because FFS, I am in a 2nd rate lineship with thickness upgrades. Lineships didn't give half a toss about frigates in real world, and frigates sank when lineships looked at them funny (as rare as it was). And I assure you lineships didn't scramble to OMG HERE COMES A FRIGATE ANGLE THE HULL QUICK SO WE CAN TAKE THEIR MIGHTY BROADSIDE. So on one hand we have paper ships everywhere now, which is of course enables YAY CHECK OUT MY HARDCORE TURNING SKILLZ AND MY EPEEN, and on the other hand doing stupid crap like limiting chain shot because HURR DURR HISTORICAL ACCURACY. Either one or another please. Either we gamify things to please people who want to show their "leet skillz" and have a fit at the thought of not having a chance in certain match-ups, or we accept the fact that it would take a miracle and a whole bunch of unfortunate events for certain ships to prevail over other certain ships.
  12. Oh give me a break with this. No mod will expand my broadside arc to such degree that I can land the majority of it when the enemy ship is way ahead of me or way behind me. No mod will make it possible to hit a tiny target (stern) from a mile away when both you and your target are moving. Yeah, maybe once in a blue moon, sure. Maybe with 2-3 balls, sure. Not every time with half a broadside and using medium cannons. But your bots hit every time, because they are bots and have perfect aim. I haven't once heard a boarding whistle from a bot ship. They are always ready to roll. Hell, I saw someone get t-boned and boarded about a minute into a PvE mission by a bot, during the initial "joust" phase. Said bot had full prep and and marines, and boarded the human player in 2 turns. Even if the human started preparing for boarding the moment the battle began, he wouldn't have had nearly enough prep to even start boarding. Tell me please which mods I should install for that? Heroic raids have nothing to do with OW and PvE missions. Blizzard buffs heroic NPCs because it's an option that people select for greater challenge and reward. You buff everything across the board. I get the overbuffed ships in epic missions - sure, you can choose to go out and face Grand Admiral Hugenuts and his Super Armada and feel good about it and get extra-good loot if you survive. But we're talking about OW and regular PvE missions, no "heroic" settings involved. Maybe the "mods" your bots use are some magic NPC-only mods and skills, or maybe they all have 10 perma slots and 20 skill slots (which magically disappear the moment I capture the ship and turn into "Fir/Crew Space, Shoddy" LOL). Then yes, of course, they are using mods like we do, and don't cheat at all.
  13. "AI never cheats" is bunk. AI ships have buffed HP as of one or two patches ago (you said so yourself). AI always has marines, morale and boarding prep. AI can hit your stern from a mile away, putting sniper shots on a small target with medium cannons (I have never seen a bot ship with longs). AI has insane firing arcs on the broadsides. You can be well ahead or well behind the bot and it'll still put the vast majority of the broadside on you, whereas you can only hit them with a few cannons (somehow, pretending to be the Mercury never works out in the player's favor, somehow you always end up being the Turk, LOL). I get the whole "durr bots are stupid and need to cheat" thing, but please don't say "they don't cheat" when they clearly do. Chain limitation is crazy. Let's just limit ALL of the ammo so people exhaust the cannonballs and are forced to board. So hardcore, much historic, very accuracy, WOW. I swear, with every patch yall are making it harder and harder to like this game. Sad.
  14. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    USS Constitution

    How the devil did you sink a Wasa and an Ag in a solo connie? They should have had you beat merely due to the surplus of cannons on their end.
  15. Ahoy H.R. Matey

    Trincomalee vs Endymion

    Endymion is pretty, fast, fragile and has bad DPS. Famous for annoying the sister ship of the Connie, the President, into striking colors. Trinco is awkward due to its excess heeling. So, neither.