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  1. Will there be an OW model quality pass?

    Agreed, but a quality pass on the OW models would go a long way towards reducing said jarring visuals. Details matter.
  2. Will there be an OW model quality pass?

    That's cool for whatever ships are historically accurate.
  3. Will there be an OW model quality pass?

    IMO the OW models of ships, not all but a vast majority of them, should have a quality pass done. We spend a decent amount of time sailing around the world, and model defects can be jarring. The most glaring ones that I can think of is the ship's behavior with respect to water (some ships look like they are constantly swamped, like Niagara; others like Constitution have water clipping through the hold); still others just have waves constantly washing over open gun ports (for example Indefatigable). Another good thing would be animated gun ports: close them while sailing and open them when attacking something or entering a mission. I know it's not exactly an "immediate" priority, but it would be a good thing to polish along with the interface. With the weather and day/night cycle, the game can be VERY atmospheric; it would be good if the OW ship models were closer in appearance and behavior to the in-battle ones.
  4. Goodbye fair Poods, I barely knew ye. (Actually I knew ye quite well, because you helped me level my Constitution). Back to long guns.
  5. I'm tired of training ships for now, and RNG crafting sucks, so I thought I'd do something different. I want to take my Constitution and sail it somewhere, and maybe pick a few fights with bots along the way. Pretend like I'm a privateer on a mission to harass the dastardly enemies of the USA. It's something that I want to do over the course of a few days. The objective is to go somewhere I've not gone before, preferably somewhere nice looking and unique. I know the islands around Cuba are pretty, but most of them are shallow water so I can't get there in a Connie. Where else could I sail that's worth seeing?
  6. What ship should I train next?

    So looks like Bellona it is! Also, is it just me or does it seem that Bellona is essentially a "bigger and better Constitution"? Same thickness, same turn rate, speed only lower 0.4kts because of more cannons, more hull HP. It kind of out-Wasa's the Wasa: a frigate with a lineship's firepower and durability!
  7. What ship should I train next?

    PvE peasant here, this is purely for PvE purposes blah-blah-blah. Just finished training Constitution to 5/5 skill slots (which was fun given its recent buff. Still miffed that Agamemnon is both faster and more agile than it though!). Can't decide what ship to train next, so maybe you can help me. My choices are: - Bucentaure (had that ship and loved it before the wipe... and lost it while sailing drunk). - Bellona (never sailed it before. I always notice how pretty it is when one sails past me). - Agamemnon (because with Wasa's departure from the 4th rates, it is apparently the best 4th rate now? Also Eggs n Bacon). - Wasa (I hate this ship because it's an ugly tubby barge with a tacky gilded arse, but it's the OP dev darling, and essentially a 5th rate with 3rd rate's cannons). - Indefatigable (I already have 2 slots unlocked on it, but it'll be a slog because unlike Constitution, it can't do higher-rate missions reliably). - Endymion (the quintessential sexy frigate, also 2 slots unlocked). Help me decide! Not much is going on on this board anyway.
  8. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    "It's a CLOCK, Lara. *audible eyeroll* It ticks, it tells time... It's wrong."
  9. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    If If only I had more likes to give.
  10. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    That's exactly what I mean. Give everyone a way to get the "best possible ship" through work, not luck. Or level the field and give everyone the same ship. Even WoW gave up on loot casino. Even Elite Dangerous, the game made by the most outdated-thinking developer in the world stopped it. RNG is the way of the past.
  11. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    Awesome chest puffing post bro! Do you feel better now? Get it out. Get it all out. There! Good job. I don't rage quit squat. I'm a PvE peasant. I am here to sail pretty boats and blast bots to splinters. Do you feel scared because you rolled a 5/5 ship and @admin might take it away if he thinks I make a good point? Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to SUFFERING. Breathe, bro
  12. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    At this point, I honestly would be OK with ditching all mods and all bonuses outside of wood type (and maybe even that). If you cannot arrive to desired performance via any vehicle other than blind luck, then screw it - let's level the playing field entirely.
  13. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    RNG is BS. End of discussion. If I wanted to play roulette, I would go to a casino.
  14. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    @admin, tried the new and improved Constitution, and it sails like a dream now. Thank you for that. Maybe, the next patch could do something about the awful RNG crafting?
  15. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    I'm just happy Connie got buffed. Can't wait to get home and sail it. Ah, the life of the PvE peasant. Wouldn't trade it for anything.