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  1. Baptiste Gallouédec

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    DLC ship are still one dura ships as you loose all your upgrades on it when you sink. That was not the case when ship had multiple dura and then when your ship was reduced to his last dura, no-one was willing to play with it anymore.
  2. Baptiste Gallouédec

    "Louis Le Grand" French 50 gunner 1700s(?)

    The Paris museum have been renovated so maybe it is now part of the permanent exibition ?
  3. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Flags Flags Flags

    The Gwenn Ha Du ( flag of Brittany ) have been created in 1920 so no.
  4. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    + I like the map police and land detail. - I don't like how grey the sea is on the map, at least give the shallows a pretty Turquoise blue color, right now they just looks grey and the sea looks Feldgrau, not blue at all.. + I like the "enter port" illustration but i would prefer it to appear in the bottom of my screen. Also i think the illustration fits for capitals, maybe deep water port, but shallow ports could have a more "fishing/contraband harbour" feeling instead of this "continental large town". + I like the illustration when clicking on a ship in OW but as it have been suggested, it would be more usefull and intuitive if the illustration was showing if it's an unique ship or a fleet (multiple suggestions have been made in that way). This would help counter the non-intuitive ow unique-ship modeled. Repreasenting it in a round / scope sights lens-like would also look better. - Buttons and windows looks very blocky/rigid - Fishing/ Hold / etc.. icons are too discreet. I personaly would prefer them to be on the left of my screen. Having to hover to read what they are for seems unintuitive, and the hover text is very small. I think the text should appear under or over the icon at all time. - Shallow indicator is too small and blue, it's hard to notice. Having the shallow highlighted directly around our ship on the open world would be the best option. Otherwise keep the previous one - Compas looks WIP and you said it is so i will wait. - Sadly the OW ui looks less intuitive and clear than the alpha one. And not much immersive appart for the map and the few painting/artworks. The ui still feels cold. I was expecting something more atmospheric.
  5. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    - Harbour menu & OW UI: helping in feeling the rp even if this is just via some painting/artworks - OW sailing gameplay: Ow sailing can stay the same, but give us the possibility to launch manoeuvers/drills as kind of minigames to pass the time when sailing. (ship identification training as a watchman, sails trim/hoist via coordinating the effort of your crew in rythm with a shanty, firing drill by following all the steps requested to point load and shoot a cannon fast.) - Diversity in pve missions: attacking/protecting fishing fleets / treasure fleet, vip/mail delivery missions, etc. help the newcomers & casuals finding stuff to do when connecting apart tagging the random ow fleets to be potentially jumped, or safezone missions to be jumped or fighting boosted ai. Fishing fleets could appear for each nation outside Safezone and be attacked by players even in cutter if they find one. - Warrant officers recruitment/levelling: Keep the books & perks tied to you character but add warrant officers you can move from a ship to another or recruit for each ship. Warrant officers unlock knowledge slots we have right now regardless of the ship they are in. Warrant officers have a % chance of being killed if your ship sink before surrendering. This is to ease knowledge progression and making it more dynamic but also to give a little something for not sinking. You don't loose you warrant officers from rageboarding, you don't loose it if you choose to surrender instead of delay / grief, it can create some attachement with your crew, and punish for switching off survival. - Pirate-Privateer specific gameplay vs Nation RvR
  6. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Test du Requin

    Sa voilure se rentre beaucoup trop rapidement ce qui permet de la protéger des tirs beaucoup trop facilement , d'autant plus qu'il conserve très bien son énergie et accélère très très rapidement. Si, comme dit dans le topic anglophone, un mode "battle sails" est introduit par la possibilité de rentrer seulement la grand voile, peut être pourriez vous également modifier au passage, le positionnement de la grand voile afin de la placer en opposition par rapport aux deux autres mats, je pense que ça pourrait être un bon compromis visuel et réaliste en l'absence de gambeyage, surtout lors de nos combats plutôt très manœuvrant.
  7. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Je veux bien que la mer soit grise quand le ciel est nuageux ou autre, mais j'ai quand même déjà vu quelques mers dans ma vie, y compris ailleurs qu'en France, et puis on parle de planète bleue, pas de planète vert-de-gris / feldgrau. Qu'au moins les hauts-fonds - cotes soient turquoises quoi.
  8. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Le rendu de la carte est propre mais les tons sont un peu trop gris /sombres/tristes, ça colle bien avec la grisaille de l'OW et de l'UI actuelle (ou à la DA de UG) mais ça ne respire pas les caraïbes et l'attrait du grand large. La couleur de la mer ressort très (beaucoup trop) grise pour un jeu de bateau, le rendu attire plus l’œil sur les zones à terre alors que la mer semble vide, plate et triste, j'espère que c'est un wip et qu'une fois les ports, les typos et les terres terminés, l'attention se portera sur la mer afin de rendre le tout un peu plus sexy.
  9. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Hercules ship feedback

    I like this small ship a lot but it looks weird to me as it sits quite high. Especially when compared to the plans. It seems to suffer from the fat Cerberus syndrome.
  10. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Correspondances navales à l'intention du Capitaine de Gallouédec

    Merci a tous, j'observe que j'avais utilisé une police d'écriture "us constitution" avec laquelle je pensais que le texte serait affiché, mais il se peut qu'il faille cette police installée chez soi afin de pouvoir la visualiser. Maybe i will opt for complete translations from time to time if i happen to take part in a remarquable fight or a text of which i am proud enough.
  11. J'ai ouvert un petit blog afin de publier mes aventures en jeu sous une forme rp, histoire de faire partager le plaisir que je prend sur ce jeu et lui donner éventuellement un peu plus de visibilité. https://french-naval-action.blogspot.com/ J'avais déjà commencé il y a plusieurs mois sur le forum NA-france et j'avais quelques brouillons non publiés même si je ne pense pas publier en rétroactif, mais mon rythme de connection actuel, plus espacé me laissera justement peut être plus de temps pour le rp. Voici la liste de mes navires actuels ainsi que leurs capitaines. - Basic Cutter / Cotre : Panis - Trader Lynx / Goélette de 8 cannons : Vuivre - Privateer / Goélette à hunier : L'Agile , Capitaine Germain Lacroix - Niagara / Brigantin-senau : L'Incisif - Hercule / Corvette : Diane , Capitaine Damien Vigouroux - Cerberus / Corvette / frégate légère de 26 cannons : L'Hermerillon - Le Requin / Chebec / Xebec : Vigoureux , Capitaine Auguste de Magnanville - Endymion / Frégate de 24lb / Frégate de 40 cannons : L'Epone , Capitaine Leopold Maillard de la Thine - Indefatigable / Frégate de 44 cannon : Aquilon - Agamemnon / vaisseau de 64 cannons : Roland , Capitaine De Gallouédec Cette liste sera complétée a mesure des récits et des pertes/acquisitions.
  12. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    Don't get it wrong, naval action really offer a superb experience of the trill of being a captain of a sailship.
  13. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    How having the option to do stuff during ow sailing would deteriorate / reduce what you like in the game at this state ? You made yours the statement telling the concept of OW as the boring time between what you like in the game, and devs made it more acceptable to you by allowing to bypass it via tp/ freetown patrol zones, tow to port & turbospeeds. Resulting 300 players are still here, and no one can be met in the ow. And no improvement regarding the playerbase. I am not advocading in favor of the removal of patrol zones, tow to port & tp. It works. But vets must remember not everyone already have an outpost at every strategic point of the map, and any new player will still have to experience the terrible experience of boring, dull, lame aspect of wasting time watching your ship move from one point to another, fighting the clockwise wind. It saddens me so many vets can't understand how it is a huge obstacle in the way of any durable gain in population and viable release.
  14. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    Vocal people here seems to reject any suggestion about improving ow time, with the argument "this will kill the playerbase" but maybe the 300 players still active are those who can live with the few pvp/pve, multi tp & alts, rare pb & afk sailing and don't want their world to change. But what about everyone who bought the game and quit after spending hours of sailing without crossing anyone or any fair encounter, realizing they spent hours doing nothing but looking at their ship with no action nor rewards, to the point leaving the port may not be worth it as it could mean wasting hours doing nothing. This kills the much needed lone captains, traders and explorers. OW sailing actions should be added after the ui & econ rework. NA right now is much more niche than a game like Virtual Regatta, there is room to attract & keep naval enthusiasts into NA, as its not taking the path of an Eve successor, and it's already the best age of sails themed game in the market. Do it, make something of the ow to give it a place in term of gameplay, not just the boring time between potential fun.
  15. Baptiste Gallouédec

    More content to game!!

    Nobody would connect to the game or leave safe zone for sightseeings, that's nonsense. This is not the "content" anyone expect. Do you envision NA as an eurotruck kind of game ? It's not that it would be bad to have that next to the rest, it's just that NA don't even offer the "driving" simulator experience, that would work if ow offered a minimum of sailing action, but that's not the case as i can sail from Martinique to Belize afk with no problem. This is not the path devs took. Making the ow & pve time, where players feels like they are playing a singleplayer, game more attractive, will sadly request more than dolphins to watch.