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  1. Problem with combat missions 7th rate

    I agree that low tiers combat missions are too strong for newcomers, i've tried to help one few days ago, remember that new players don't know anything about perks or woods, maybe even about the structure and repair kits system, i don't even talk about manual sailing or basic sailing... When i see Liquicity talking about 3 doubleshots broadsides, it make me smile. Last noob i helped had only rig repairs and was in a fir / crewspace priv because he though that was a larger and better ship than the "basic" cutter, he didn't even knew how to differenciate a bot from a player. I don't even talk about fleet missions i tried to do with him where we faced aproximativly 12 ships, i was not aware of such radical changes. Even 6th rate single combat missions now make me face 2 rookie brig and one rookie snow while 1st rate missions make me face only one Santi at max, i think the difficulty curve is completely wrong. 7th rate combat missions should only face something like 1 or 2 gunboats or luggers, or boats/ships with only one central carronade or swivels. It was the usual first step to level up and discover the game, being sunk repeatedly in those missions may prepare them for being sunk repeatedly in pvp, but most of them will not even stay long enough to understand that.
  2. [Question] What Happened to Captains Who Lost Their Ship?

    I would like such kind of reputation system in game
  3. Leeway warning! Important!

    I love all that leeway can bring into the gameplay. But my first concern is that i can see from here a lot of duels ending with one of the opponent grounded, unable to sink due to being stuck ashore but not surrendering, what are we supposed to do in that case ? It should surrender irl, yet in the game he will just have to brace and wait for the clock to deny the opponent a kill and a victory. No one will risk closing in to board him or even grape him. Then setting him at zero crew could take forever, even more now that we can revive crew forever... And when grounded, if the battle timer end, you can still sail in ow like if nothing happened. This could be abused, running aground should automaticly make you surrender after a timer. Other than that, grounded ships could result into the appearance of shipwrecks on the ow map to be explored or recovered depending if you are from the same nation. Then more specific sails plans, wind strength, could make sense too. Maybe anchors, whaleboats (to tow or board from a distance) throwing guns in battle instance to gain weight or getting unstuck too, who know ? Good job anyway.
  4. Navalaction-France ouvre ses portes

    Je trouve tout de même dommage de se servir du site comme d'une tribune pour exprimer son désarrois, décourager les éventuels nouveaux joueurs francophones et faire pression sur les devs, le site se présente comme le portail de la communauté francophone, pas ta tribune / la tribune de quelques uns, signer et présenter le poste comme un avis personnel est un minimum. D'une part, si les devs ne cessent d'opter pour des changements douteux non réclamés et qui n'aident en rien l'état du jeu, et nous empêchent d'avoir une idée claire de ce à quoi devrait ressembler le jeu fini, les derniers patch n'ont pas d'un coup rendu un jeu fantastique en un truc à se pendre, une grosse partie de la communauté est insatisfaite ou lassée depuis très longtemps et le manque de joueurs actifs est un problème en soit dans un sandbox. D'autre part toutes les critiques formulées ne concernent que l'aspect rvr, tout cela ne parlera pas a un joueur nouveau, indépendant ou tout simplement indifférent au rvr.. perso quand j'ai acheté le jeu je m'en cognait de colorier la map avec des petits drapeaux fr. Bon ok ya pas grand chose d'autre actuellement pour un clan mais mettre un avis négatif après avoir poncé un jeu plus de 1000 heures, je trouve ça un peu vache. Stop le jeu ou fais une pause, si t'en as encore le courage, continue d'échanger avec les devs, mais tu ne leur fera pas faire un jeu qu'ils n'ont pas envie de faire. En tout cas j'avais encore jamais vu un portail communautaire faire ce genre de publication et ça me dérange un peu.
  5. Lenin God Of PvP

    First he tells he was in a wasa teak/wo Secondly he claim that this player made 5masts fully fall on 4 successive bouncing broadsides shooted on the hull. Wasn t there so can't tell, i just try to give a better translation than Quineloe do. I can't imagine anything else than full destroyed ship structure hp on Desmoine at the moment of the broadsides ?
  6. Important: Server status announcement

    Come back of the pb flag soon ?
  7. Why did players leave?

    I'm out for the second time actually, mostly because other games i play have been released or added content. I play NA under french flag on eu pvp servers since the steam release, except new ships, and cosmetic coastal battles, the game looks the same, a dull sandbox where an incredible number of mecanics have been changed/tested/reverted/rushed/trashed. 1- Econ is broken (Gold is not rare except for lone rookies while it should be the other way if you want to make them stay and keep vets balanced.) No server reset make for huge imbalance 2- Ressource production is dull, uninteresting and not challenging. Plus this make for great inbalance between nations. 3- No content to make ow sailing less boring and more rewarding appart giving ship turbospeed, no ow content minigame, no ow ship management.. 4- PvP & RvR risk/reward is lame (cf: 1 & 3) No real win appart making your opponent loose his ship. No minor loss - minor victory when one opponent flee after receiving several damages or opponents agree to seperate without killing each others. Griefing is the rule. 5- Toxicity inside the community with the removal (instead of rebalance) of nation vs nation diplomacy vote, nations are a mess and clans matters take too much weight. Lack of server reset. 6- Nothing about roleplay have been introduced to make me feel like a captain and sense of progression, once top level you can't go back even if you are trash, and there is nothing you can't do better than a low level player because of money/loot system. No incitation to sail outside my capital, hunt or explore the world. 7- Ships meta is the worse. Newbs have no chance to gain anything outside pve in cutters or cheap/failfit/not upgraded ships. Only few classes have a value in game, and upgrades / perks / books / quality brake any balance in game. Even ship's Br are a joke, so late after the steam release, it appears you have no idea on how to solve that. 8- Grind: rank, craft, knowledge => linear grind, ppl hate it, but it give so many advantage, not doing it put you at risk. Easier/ faster to grind through pve => deserve the game. With the sandbox ow at the steam release, i was hoping for at least something like a mount&blade kind of sandbox, even without 3rd person view, you associate yourself to friends, sail accross the ow, choose a career as trader, privateer, officer, organise under your nation to capture ports in landing operations, ports with real value and identity and where you can build some business. At sea you try to kill other fleets or assist capture other player''s valuable cargo. Make a name.. If sunk or captured, you loose money or fame. You had the fondations right, yet years afters, the game looks more like a warehouse-manager with Rage -chat-of-doom plus bot fighting missions and 20 vets pvp-rvr l33t sniping your masts, bouncing your shots, outturning , outrunning everything, infinite repairs & boarding fitted humiliating everyone else, holding the few valuable ports and having nothing else left to do but griefing everyone else and making a joke of newbies in recovery position hiding in pve zones. What are devs working on ? Sails strenght rework, port windows back.. ok now i just want to see the final product. Because we are back to two years ago, with less people but more nations and gamebreaking upgrades and new physics. I will not play NA legend for now as i'm done with the grind and the bot fights.
  8. Devs fix the demasting

    This game once was a good age of sail combat game, with a great great potential for a superb combat / damage model. We started with a relative ok DM, then the more they added or modified it, the more broken it became, from the 100 crew per ball when they introduced new detailled hitboxes and "spall" creating the " ball rake meta", to the "chainshots of death" , the "carro meta", "the thickness meta", "the speed meta", "the fireship meta", the "infinite repairs meta": That's not good players excelling in an inovative strategy, it's now what i could call a shitty game where only stays the players who enjoy finding the meta of the day and master it until next patch, it's not anymore trying to be an age of sail sim game, it's just a few devs trying to maintain interest for this few population, all the others do pve or quit after a month..
  9. Port battle feedback - battles with BR limits

    This will work if you redo the br calculation. And : Higher br-pb brackets should be limited from 1st rate du 4th Lesser br deepwater-pb from 3rd or 4th to cerberus Shallow from niagara to lynx
  10. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    People just vote for Montanes as they hope it will become the next op ship as a superfast 3rd rate..
  11. I voted yes but actual ship br are totally messed up, br at the moment don't reflect the gap /combat efficiency in pb of the different ships, until then, players will go for the same best compromise of ship and spam the more of it.
  12. Foreign clan alliances

    1- Remove pirate nation , replace it with a pirate/outlaw status and proper gameplay. 2- Bring back alliances between nations but voted by landlords of nations and make forged papers buyable in admiralty: you don't like your nation's choice or lack of opportunity to become a landlord: raise the black flag or join any nation you prefer until you change your mind or situation change.
  13. French EDR clan has pacted with Brits

    Could you tell me why?
  14. French EDR clan has pacted with Brits

    Most of the french nation seems to prefer to fake flip and pve then blame edr.
  15. French EDR clan has pacted with Brits

    Never head about that sorry. Are you talking since the wipe ? Did edr flipped a port there ??