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  1. Problem is that engaging ai on the ow put you at risk of facing players assisting bot's side while they were not on the horizon when the battle started. So either make them close sooner, or make late jumpers spawn farther the later they join.
  2. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Basic Cutter Nonsense

    Simply get rid of the basic cutter idea, as my understanding was that completing tutorial was supposed to assign us a 5th rate in the manner of the yacht or waterver, then unrated ships would receive their historical traits.
  3. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Mais lors de la release, n'était il pas question d'avoir un 5th rang d attribué par défaut a la manière du yacht après avoir terminé avec succès le tutoriel ? Permettant d'en finir avec le problème des basic cutters ?
  4. I think now it could be the time to remove the fleet perks and simply let everyone put unrated ships (7th rate) as fleet for everyone while moving all traders as unrated ships. This would : -leave the traders in a same posture (except those travelling in indiaman with 2 consti as fleet) -Still can help low rank capitains in doing their missions. -Become more like an annoyance for higher rank captains (just a minimal help like for exemple if ai become more efficient at using chain shots ? now they are limited to two salvo, two extra salvo from a cutter could matter, or as extra cargo space for loot) This would also help with the minimal ow info: - unrated fleet don't represent much of an unsuspected threat but potential ai trade fleet can be a good target. Also i think this would be more realistic, fleets of frigates or larger should be composed of players captains only. While a navy officer usually had a smaller ship alongside him to act as a tender or else.
  5. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Reinforcements update

    OW was too risky for trade ships and new/solo players farming missions in a risk/rewards - rage/fun perception? Let's create protected area aka pvp-free zone and put every needed stuff in it. (-risk +rewards) But in this area you can be tagged (+risk -fun) But you can ask for ai support autowin, (-risk) then change it to not totally autowin, just strong help. ( +rage ?) All of this is quite confusing. Lot of moves resulting in keeping players inside boring reinforced zones, killing the ow life, but letting them still getting occasionaly ganked.
  6. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Patrol BR limit suggestions

    Make only the join circle visible for the weaker side and allowing entrance until br balance is reached and that's it.
  7. Baptiste Gallouédec

    The dying RVR

    -Reintroduce the diplomatic screen to allow each national to vote for a targeted enemy region. -Tie PBs to region and their capitals, not the other ports. -Then pvp patrol missions offer two choices: a defensive patrol (if a nation elected one of your nation's region) and an offensive one (the one your nation picked). -Tonnage sunk in each zone is recorded from any (ai or player) of the two hostile nation's ships sunk in these zones (ai or players). at the end of the day, the server calculate if the zone have been defended (more enemy tonnage sunk than the other way.) or contested. If contested, a pb is set at the port timer. ofc i'm all for revisiting roe in pvp patrol zones, like allowing to reinforce only the weaker side up to approximate balanced fight (only the weaker side circle is visible). Or making surrendering in patrol instance give you an extra durability if outnumbered.
  8. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Death of Shallow area patrol missions?

    When tutorial rewards will be finished, there will be no need for basic anymore from my understanding isn t it ?
  9. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Reward long trips

    Yes maybe instead of giving tiny amount of xp per distance, making it exponential, the further, the more xp per km.
  10. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Oak ships

    In game, White oak fills the Oak role (strong and durable) and Teak the Pine/Fir one, Devs could very well change name and keep those two only. Others in game options are just distraction and meh easy-to-get (craftable) appart fir planking wich is like copper-plated-Balsa
  11. Baptiste Gallouédec

    patroll mission thoughts

    20000dmgs in the shallow is somewhat a different challenge than in deep water, maybe the goal could be scaled a bit.
  12. But names & clan can still be asked via private message on OW isn't it ?
  13. I'm ok with all of this except crafting bonuses & extra slots via ship notes. That was supposed to be for crafters, it's already gamebreaking enought you have access to every rare woods via notes. Make all ships craftables and exclude teak / liveoak / whiteoak / bermuda & bonus from ship notes.
  14. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    1- Supprimer la possibilité de transporter avec sois lors des tp les upgrades permanents dans le coffre de son capitaine, limitez le coffre perso aux pièces, marques et éventuellement les livres => Inciter les mouvements de traders autour des ports à cuivre et carthagena et en faire des zone de chasse, au lieu de quoi tout le monde y a un outpost et y craft les upgrades sur place avant de les téléporter sans aucun risque. 2- Changer les classes de cannons de telle façon que les version medium descendent d'une classe au prix d'une diminution de leur précision a longue portée et de leur pénétration afin que l'on ai sur chaque classe maximum à choisir entre un poids de bordée plus lourd mais uniquement viable a courte portée et contre des navires moins solides, ou des long de calibre inférieurs, plus pénétrants et précis. class1 (36lb long / 42lb medium ) class2 (36lb medium / 32 long / 68lb carro ) class3 (32lb med / 24lb long / 42lb carro ) class4 ( 24lb med / 18lb long / 32 carro / 1 pood) class 5 ( 18lb med / 12lb long / 24lb carro ) class 6 ( 12lb med / 9 long) class 7 ( 9lb med / 6 long / / 18 lb carro) class 8 (6lb med / 4lb long / 12lb carro) class 9 (4lb med) class 10 (swivel)
  15. so 1 crew = 1sail hp = 1 hull hp = 1 dmg ? Will we be assigned to a type of ship in this zone ? Or everyone will come in fleet of victory to gank everything, letting small cerberus do few sails dmg before getting dismasted and instasank ? Will battles be closed at the start or same ow roe will be kept ?