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  1. elmerxxw94

    problems to enter the realm

    HELLO captains. I'm having problems with the game , I was yesterday in a battle and I appeared a message saying that the time had run out when there were still 50 min , and not let me go I had to close the game, and wanted to go I put a list wait 15 minutes and never decreased. today to start the game let me ent to the server but when the character elijir nothing happens. sorry but I 'm using google translate
  2. elmerxxw94

    Accidental attack on a member of my clan

    hello my friend and I were waiting out a Dutch enemy of a free port , after a while of waiting , between the port and just when I go out side the Dutch enemy and puts me in combat immediately , when I finally step loading screen I realize that my partner was in the enemy side. Thank you for your attention
  3. elmerxxw94

    Fist Through Screen - Pirates

    aceptan gente de habla hispana?
  4. elmerxxw94

    Se divisa una bandera negra en el horizonte.

    bernandino tienes clan de piratas? en cualquier momento sere declarado traidor