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  1. If you need help, and you are ok with the fact that i could play a lot for some times and not that much for others i can help keep the chat clean. I am active in PVP 2 USA. I know English, German, Italian, can read some Spanish and Romanian, and bits of French, Portuguese, and Dutch. In game i contributed to create the Biggest Dutch clan, and have lot's of connections to other nations and clans also trough steam. I tend to ignore Global chat, but if you require to keep an eye on that i can do that.
  2. To me getting the right time to turn while shooting and the right angle os quite interesting. With this change why bother to turn if you can do max dps and max tanking at the same time.
  3. sure but game play wise, you get less stuff to play with if the side where your main damage comes from is also your main source of armor. As it is now, you have to ask your self, do i take more damage or do more damage which is an interesting choice.
  4. yea, but my point is that this way if you get the bigger ship, there is no point than to just tank on your side. Like a Frigate vs Cerberus. Not Frigate vs cutter.
  5. I think that improving damage to stern/bow is a bad idea game play wise. I understand it would be historically correct. But smaller ship have no chance to tank with their sides to bigger ships. Currently it's only viable to avoid damage by camping in stern or turn to bow/stern to avoid as much damage as possible. If raking will become prominent, what will happen is that fights will be quite a lot less engaging from a player point of view.
  6. Do you like a challenge? Do you like to be the underdog? Do you like to be among easy going people? Then Join the Nederlandsche Hispaniola Company Company leader: Jacob de Gheyn Officers: Francech Van Pelt Time Zones Active: EU - USA Company associates total number: 27 Active Alliance with shared TS: BVG We are seeking new captains, to do trade, missions, port battles. Send me a private message in game or here in the forum if you are interested.
  7. Francech

    Do we need "crafting XP"?

    the demands for shallow water capable ships will not diminish. The need to replace losses once the nations will start to fight each other will drive the demand even higher. Also the time to build high tier ships is quite high, so that means that the production capabilities will go down quite a bit. So i don't see much troubles at all. There will also be a good demand for upgrade modules, especially the permanent ones. I don't see the demand going down, but going up.
  8. Francech

    Dura Trading Pt 2

    No. Durability trading should not exist. Period. Let's say 20 pirates go to a neutral town. They bring 5 ships. Make durability trading. Bam they got all the necessary ships to actually start taking over ports or start hunting down others. That's just not designed as intended.
  9. Francech

    Dura Trading Pt 2

    Yea good points. This is clearly not working as intended. What if boarding consumes 3 durability istead of one and normal death by cannon balls does consume only one? This way pirates could not rade durability and everyone esle can keep playing happy. I mean boarding ia a very rare thing anyway ina any bigger battle. Most people could not be boarded.l in time. It would also encrouegae people to make fully oriented boarding ships to make some attrition to the enemies.
  10. Yes i think that's the smartest thing said till now. At some point you have to surrender to how narrow the view is of some people.
  11. That's the focal point you are not understanding. People will play the game to build up their capabilities of getting their slice of finite resources of the game. This generates conflict, diplomacy, competition and gives motivation to actually play the game long term. What you are advocating is counter strike format of gameplay. That's a bad idea, for a MMO. Crafting is the most vital part for such a game. If there is nothing to compete in the open world because the resources are infinite, the game will simply die out after 2 months because everyone has everything. Also you admit yourself that you need to get some sort of consumption. But why then make something complicated like payment, repair and so on when it's much more simple to just replace a ship. It's way less artificial than what you are proposing.
  12. Can you explain what alternative there is to losing ship to actually make trade matter? If you never lose a ship, once everyone has the one that they like, where is the need to conquer ports? Where is the need to trade? Where is the need to be in a company? Why should you be involved in open world politics? Why being in open world at all? Can't you see that having finite resources is the main motivator to compete for them? With infinite resources (immortal ships), the whole point of the game is defeated. After 2-3 months everyone gets what they want. Then the only way to play will be by using the small battles feature because there is no point in being in open world. I just cannot understand why it's so difficult to grasp such a simple idea. And the developers did understand this and went rightly in the best direction possible by introducing mechanics to make people move, to give them motivation to interact with each other on a long term basis.
  13. The idea of this Topic is really horrible. First of all, the creator of the topic has clearly no idea of how an MMO economy works. If no money sink is made, what will happen is that prices will inflate into millions just for the most basic things. An experience every MMO has proven. Everquest did it, Ultima Online did it, Final Fantasy XI did it. The ignorance of past experiences is appalling. Also there are not only strictly economic reasons why to keep the economy as it is with ships being lost, there are very valid reasons from a game play point of view. Player interaction is driven by crafting. Player need to band together and pool labor hours to build ships giving reasons to cooperate. The lack of resources pushes players to seek trade to other ports. This creates a competition to control ports, which in turn motivates player to form companies to take over ports. This generates Diplomacy and War, giving player interaction a meaningfulness existence. If no ship is ever lost, there is no need to do anything. No incentive. It would be a dull and boring game where your choices have no consequence and become irrelevant because no matter what you do nothing will change. What the topic creator proposes is call of naval duty action. A game that starts a new every single round with some achievement progression. It's a horrible idea! Also it's quite puzzling that the topic creator proposes such an idea. This option is already present in the form of small battles for players that only seek that form of game play, and is made possibly by giving 5 durability on ships or taking the basic cutter.