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  1. Should the ships awarded for combat marks be random instead of the current two?

    No you don't need anything other than the note.
  2. I am enjoying my return to the game very much but I have noticed there seems to be a proliferation of Wasa and L Hermonies in the game. Both these ships are offered as rewards from mission marks, why not allow the player to choose the wood type as is the case at the moment, but make the ship reward a random 5th rate or in the case of the Wasa a random 4th rate. You could make the higher end ships of the class to be rare and the lower ones more common. This would mean more variety of good ships in the open world rather than so many of just one or two types. That's my suggestion for this great game thank you.
  3. Come and visit us in AP clan. Mixed bunch of new and returning vets, we have players from many countries so use English in clan chat and TS. Look me up in game or the Leader Ade for info. We are social and run our missions together come and join us for a few anytime.
  4. Why did players leave?

    Thank you I have returned made a fresh start with one of the new nations. Game is much friendlier to lower levels now.
  5. Why did players leave?

    I left because I felt every rule change was skewed more and more against the casual player. The odds were being stacked in favour of people that simply wanted to cull new players around capitals. Port battles by the very nature of allowing only 25 ships in became very elitist, port battle could of been an open battle lasting many hours with anyone able to enter but restricting numbers means of course only the 25 best ships can take part. In short it lost a lot of the fun out of it.
  6. Two type of Port battles = Allowing server merged + dynamic&balanced RvR

    I don't think port battle system ever reached the average player apart from screening. I think the old conquest flag system was more fun than the current system, it also made the world map a bit more tactical. It meant your empire could only spread an hours sailing at a time and you had to leap frog your way across the map.
  7. I wondered where they came from. Got done the other night, sailed out, was clear in all directions, next minute im getting attacked. 3 Pirates. I did wonder where the hell they came from.
  8. night flips

    2 servers, one for cry babies who want the devs to constantly spoon feed them everything they want, and one for the rest who can deal with whatever comes their way. One for those who have no imagination no innovation and must have access to every resource all the time and must have a totally balanced equal playing field to play on otherwise they throw their toys out the pram and cry for their mum or the Devs to come and do something, and one for those that can accept the ups and downs the good times and the bad times a nation can go through in a constantly evolving world.
  9. Nightflops and the continuing development of a "global server"

    And the people who work night shift jobs or others that live not in Europe or USA? its a stupid idea as if the population is not low enough as it is.
  10. night flips

    Why not have a server for every single player, that way everyone can have their way. Oh wait we already got those, there called single player games
  11. The real reason for pvp failure

    Problem is a lot of people dont want risky pvp they would rather gank noobs near capitals, There is global chat channel you could always arrange a fight but that would mean a chance of fighting people that really know what they are doing. Another option you have is to go to a freeport like La Navasse there are no forts near freeports and always tons of players so go have alook im sure your find a fight.
  12. Nightflops and the continuing development of a "global server"

    The only problem being the world is round and it also rotates, so while it's dark on one side it's going to be light on the other side. So who exactly are the night flippers. Perhaps they should bring out an ofline version of the game for people like you so when you turn your PC off and come home from work the next day everything is just how you left.
  13. My love+grunge letter to dev.

    I have over 1000 hours in this game, for the price of a round of drinks in an average London bar that would be consumed in 15 mins, I think I had my monies worth what ever happens. Looking through my steam library there is not much other than Everquest that has given me so many hours of entertainment.
  14. Nightflops and the continuing development of a "global server"

    Dam those Americans for living in America. Perhaps we should all ask Donald Trump if he could change their countries time to GMT because it makes life easier for online gamers .
  15. US Should Join w/ Spain France Sweden

    Enjoyable for all? or enjoyable for those who play the same time as you? I have nothing to prove to you but I might say hello in game just so you can see who I sail with. No need to be nasty I am neither a liar or a prick, well at least 90 % of the time I would like to think so. Think about your words, you want an enjoyable game for all, but you wish to exclude anyone from outside your play time? you say its broken, I think things may need a tweak but its not broken. People leave because they get bored or other games come out they play for a while then they come back. You cant be sure why people quit neither can I there is no proof its anything to do with port battles, I would in fact blame it on there is simply not enough to do outside of port battles.