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  1. Kloothommel

    The Admiral

    As a Dutchie this is mandatory material. Saw it in the movie theater, it was awesome on the big screen. 10/10 would broadside again.
  2. Kloothommel

    Admiralty DLC Extra Outposts (P2W or...)

    I see the dlc as an option for solo players to use if they don't want to (or don't know how to) use alts. Personally I like the DLC and would have bought it if I didn't already use an economy/crafting alt.
  3. Kloothommel

    Name change item

    Was this already added to prolific forger? I remember it would be added as a seperate redeemable. EDIT: Never mind, found it.
  4. Kloothommel

    Danish-Norwegian privateers

    Showing your mental age like a pro.
  5. Kloothommel

    Danish-Norwegian privateers

  6. Hey @Lord Vicious, I saw your Albion guild is history. What are you playing nowadays?
  7. Kloothommel

    Danish-Norwegian privateers

    Please stop spamming DNP's topic.
  8. Kloothommel

    Danish-Norwegian privateers

    It's just Banished trying to make Russians look bad. Don't pay too much attention.
  9. Kloothommel

    Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 (your thoughts)

    They just announced BFV has battle royale on top of all the shit. Not getting this POS.
  10. Kloothommel

    Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 (your thoughts)

    Anybody got a TS going for it?
  11. Kloothommel

    Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 (your thoughts)

    Gonna spam that install button...
  12. Kloothommel

    Spain Land Jump

    It's just you.
  13. Kloothommel

    Pain Scale (Let's have some fun)

    Worst pain is caused by @Banished Privateer.
  14. Kloothommel

    Spain Land Jump

    They got wiped AFTER I left the nations. And putting up a neutral port as capital seems a bit like a move a coward makes. So no surprises there. Maybe I will write a suggestion about making it impossible to put a capital in neutral ports? Hmmmmm.... Seems like a good idea.
  15. Kloothommel

    Spain Land Jump

    You chose it. You could always jojn a tregular nation or wait till Prussia gets wiped after you piss off every other nation in the game.