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  1. Shocks should stop Repairs

    Or when your crew is repairing rigging and you get chained you get crew shock and your repair is stopped for a short while. Same with hull repairs and getting a salvo blasting the planking you want to nail together. Maybe call it repair shock? 10 (or more/less) seconds of repair time wasted? It would counter the multiple repairs in combat a bit. @admin?
  2. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Seconded. I don't have a lot of time to play NA anymore at this time, but when I can do some hostility missions and do some PVE with that, sure.
  3. Thickness meta is back

    Shoot chain, slow them down, cap points. My point is that if somebody wants to play tanky, let them. put some more downsides to it if needed, slow them down. I doubt the crew of the British vessels that were frustrated from their shot bouncing off Constitutions hull could convice the US guys to nerf their ships because Brit frigates coudn't pen their hull. Same should go with 1st rates imho. They are hard and expensive to build on a solo account, they should be able to take a beating. And if they can't be penned by lower rate ships, so be it. Those can outrun them. The issue is that this meta doesn't suit some players/playstyles. Adapt.
  4. Thickness meta is back

    You just prove my point! You play the meta too much! have fun, stop being obsessed with winning! Metagamers destroy games. Not only naval action but in all games. Powerbuilds destroy casual players fun.
  5. Thickness meta is back

    Again, I like the thickness mod. He doesn't but uses it to try to prove that he doesn't want others to have fun. He should put down his calculator and spreadsheets and play more.
  6. Thickness meta is back

    Ha, ha. Like I said, the thickness or ships is ok as is. Leave it be or just adapt your playstyle. you can't always have it your way. I still find it funny that rediii is on the forum posting suggestions favoring his playstyle every time he is under pressure. Very funny indeed.
  7. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Speak for yourself. I like the heads up, so I can actually prepare and not be "forced" to be on standby every evening. That leads to attrition. Now with the heads up you can at least prepare a defense. Without timers it would be even worse in both multiflipping and player attrition. Agreed. For the rest: I like raising hostility. Because I also like to pve besides rvr/pb. this encourages multiflipping and favors zerging and discourages smaller populations to play the game. This will only lead to even fewer players, as we can see that if RVR fails, the pve non-rvr players leave that nation as well. So please stop this initiative. Thank you.
  8. Thickness meta is back

    I like thickness. Why is my fun ruined yet again by anothe thickness-is-too-much thread?
  9. sealed bottle weight

    Why did you think it sank? Pretty obvious to me.
  10. Caribbean Invasion News

  11. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    If somebody told me 2 months ago Prussia would rise to kick ass in RVR I would have told them to have their head checked. Great job at building a great rvr group!
  12. Naval Action Meme collection

    That moment you get the message telling you you are a viscount of something:
  13. Caribbean Invasion News

    Jon snow got kicked out of HRE?
  14. How demasted ships sail?

    The natural state for a ship is to turn into the wind. Aerodynamincs do this -> leeway!