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  1. 50 hours in - some intermediate questions?

    Across all your outposts. And yes.
  2. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    I'm talking about a solution taht works with bigger pops as well. Not a barren server like Global.
  3. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    You get it. Discourage =/= stop or counter. It's all about reducing the urge. It's about at least reducing the rewards. That way you don't encourage completely loptsided ganks for the sake of pvp rewards.
  4. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    Fair enough! But there should be no bottom when it comes to less % rewards.
  5. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    Contrary to the tags on this thread (clickbait ftw) I have a nice solution (and easy to do!) for the ganking issues that plague PVp at the moment. here it comes... Make PVP rewards scale to BR difference. mind blown yet? Please follow my thinking: Target BR : attacker BR x100%= % of rewards. And I do not mean rewards per player, but total potential rewards across all players for the attacking group. Group of players x attacks player y. The BR difference is X: 500, Y: 100. So the maximum rewards for the players in group x can be AT MAXIMUM 20% of what it would have been in an equal br situation. Same goes the other way around. Guy in small ship (e.g. @The Red Duke/Hethwill in a privateer) br 40, attacks an LGV br 110. This gives Hethwill a potential (110:40)x100= 275% for possible pvp rewards! Relatively simple solution to a relativly complex problem. PVP rewards will force down large groups of attackers leading to less ganking. Because face it: Outnumbering an enemy BR wise is NOT a show of skill. This way it would be high risk, high gain, no risk, no gain.
  6. Player Distribution

  7. Last tournament there also was a rule against running from a fight for more than 5 minutes, but we couldn't find it/forgot about it.
  8. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    I think I will be able to do the counter merge/night flip hate thing with Chris quite adequately
  9. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    I can remember on the previous tournament there was a rule that if an enemy actively disengaged and ran all the time they got disqualified if they didn't heed the warning from the refs. Trying to find the post atm...