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  1. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    Especially funny declaration since Swedes have ai reïnforcements in pretty much most of their territory.
  2. Free port of Viques

    That only happened in the later stages. They bought the monopoly off the state and used it to great succes (and suffering) for a long time.
  3. Free port of Viques

  4. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    But we have always known that Sweden is easy mode and Denmark-Norge is hard-core!
  5. Free port of Viques

  6. Swedes have a decent amount of ports within 10minutes sail of the capitol. With this iteration of ports and taxes they have a really easy and too well protectet (by reinforcements) zone where their merchants can sail without much threat. No wonder why those ports do well. Sweden is NOT very hard difficulty in this setup.
  7. It's all about user numbers. The Swedes have a lot of players. It has nothing to do with quality, just quantity. So this way one could even guesstimate user numbers/percentages per nation based on income and ports. So this is pro large numbers of users in a nation. Like I said, Swerg.
  8. Combination of #ports vs #players using the ports. Sweden has only a few "useless" ports in their direct territories. While having quite a sizeable userbase. #swerg
  9. Clan mails bugged

  10. Sweden declares war on France

    Especially when reinforcement zones practically touch. But what I am trying to say is that war will come soon enough. Let all build up a bit before declaring full on war. You want worthy opponents or your victories will be empty.
  11. Sweden declares war on France

    And before those 2 months? And the conditions when you took the port 2 months ago? Don't get me started. I'm not surprised. They don't have a fleet ready. Having ships =/= having a fleet. And then to fight against a numercally advantaged and more experienced opponent would destroy the fragile "rebooted" french nation. So you going after a weak france AGAIN to curbstomp them AGAIN and secure your south border by wrecking a playerbase = sign of weakness to me.
  12. Sweden declares war on France

    Wow, Sweden wants to curbstomp a nation again within 1 week of reset? Wow, just wow. And then they are insulted that that nation doesn't want to fight at this time? Well, duh.
  13. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Did they really lose?
  14. Work in progress: Working title.

    Age of Dreadnaughts would sound nice....