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  1. [Caribbean server] Join Russia, Join the Empire!

    Russia has ports near all the hotspots, not just haïti...
  2. Reminds me most of the singer from the 5th Element. Crazy good movie, that.
  3. I'm changing nations. This is horrible.
  4. Regarding port battles

    I actually agree with you. Hell froze over a bit.
  5. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    This post actually calmes my nerves significantly.
  6. Regarding port battles

    There is a difference between impossible and fair play. Capturable capital, sure. But easily cappable by mechanic? Never.
  7. Regarding port battles

    Tell that to Russia, Prussia and Poland? No carebear zones for them. Just hard work. And don't start about "you knew when you chose the nations" bs. When we signed up for those nations there wasn't such a insta-pb with forced guard duty on the horizon.
  8. Regarding port battles

    Option 1 will bleed players as they will get burned out on camping their ports to defend. They can't do anything else or they will lose ports. They will get bored and worn out at the same time and leave. This option will FAIL. It already provided a lot of player attrition with flags and defense timers. It will give attrition again. Wars will be waged against communities, where the bigger one can rotate players to extend their energy, while smaller communities will get wrecked. Bad idea.
  9. Regarding port battles

    Agreed. And hide in those missions so they can rush from missions into the port. So you combine uncounterable aggro raising with hiding against AI to evade interceptions.
  10. Regarding port battles

    Number 1 favours large nations too much. Do 5 missions simultaneously, exit at same time, activate pb, enter pb, done. Defense won't have a chance in this case. I don't think this will be the intention behind the mechanic.
  11. All hail Christendom, Last in his Bed!