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  1. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Sorry, it has been ages sinds I sailed one with combat in mind. I take it your ships are all with just 1 or 2 slots unlocked, as you hate pve so much? Lucky opponents for you
  2. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    basic cutter without cannons is best
  3. The King addresses his people

    I miss this one in this thread...
  4. Server Merge Poll

    too large timechunk, daytime flips galore. Also this would isolate nations, not being really able to fight other nations with holdings outside their timezones.
  5. I have actual video footage of lv playing NA.
  6. Server Merge Poll

    Call me pessimistic, but I think the US crew will congeal again in nations that work together. See US and GB on Global. And EU western alliance of way back. history proves so far it will happen.
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    He's painting us to be the bad guys I suspect.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

  9. Server Merge Poll

    And almost 3 to 1 against no restrictions.
  10. Server Merge Poll

    I'm just worried that the thing we have that kinda works (PVP EU) will be wreck by some new idea that will wreck the gameplay we have there now.
  11. Server Merge Poll

    One server with global timers doesn't work either. I think there is no solution ready for the current problems that hasn't already been dismissed in some way or another.
  12. Server Merge Poll

    Just no to unrestricted. Just saying...