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  1. Now look at this

    I think I will put some extra speedy LGV's up for sale...
  2. Naval Action Meme collection

  3. To battleship specialists

    I can really recommend Ruger, hw discusses the Brit-German armsrace from 1890-1918 in great detail.
  4. To battleship specialists

    I have most of those as well!
  5. To battleship specialists

    Yes! Personal interest of mine for over 25 years!
  6. merge servers (PLEASE)

    We already contacted them before the server spilt. Their latencies made it impossible to play on the PVP1 server. It would be the same on the EU located server.
  7. merge servers (PLEASE)

    I only lose sleep if there aren't any others that can fill the slot. And practice has thought that there aren't/weren't.
  8. merge servers (PLEASE)

    If that person was there, no problem at all. But lessons learned is that people in other TZ's tend to bunch together. So having a server with the same tz's saves us from that problem.
  9. merge servers (PLEASE)

    it doesn't work that way. There won't be people from other continents. PVP global proves that tz balance is almost impossible. I'd like to see an equal playing field at least in timezones fighting. Fighting bigger pops in numbers AND timezones.
  10. merge servers (PLEASE)

    Don't merge. I like sleeping.
  11. Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    I think a merge after this nightbattle free period would cause a lot of people to quit.
  12. Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    Summer workers/vacation temps. Lots of buisnesses run on skeleton crews, stores having adjusted closing times, public transportation runs on adjusted schedules (less busses etc), construction is mostly closed down. The only buisness that stays open and runs well is hotels/restaurants/bars etc. The rest almost grinds to a halt. Hell, my local docters office has adjusted visiting hours, as half of the docters are on vacation, while the ones staying behind wait for their tiurn later in summer. Europeans go away during vacations, that is definitly a cultural difference. It is seen as a right of every employee, thank you socialist democrats :). Hell, they even get paid WHILE being on vacation. It's called vacation days, and everybody gets an allotment per year, usuable as they see fit. Most use them during the summer months for a nice 2-3 week trip. And yes, winter is a season better suited for naval action.
  13. Liquicity for president!
  14. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    What, by joining them?