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  1. Ability to interrupt broadside

    More likely, AI is firing not fully loaded broadsides.
  2. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Imaginary counsel meetings or real ones?
  3. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    I might have been late for this party, but you have never intended to join one: you just sell the tickets.
  4. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Disrespecting your opponent is as a big mistake as underestimating your opponent.
  5. on BR limit. I'd love to see a bit more historical fleet composition, but gameplay considerations are as important imo. Current BR limit system gives a bit too much freedom and hence room for odd/funny/ridiculous situations in PBs. A bit more structure and constrains are required imho. Smth like this perhaps, - low BR PBs, access only for 6-7 rate (and mortar brig?) - medium BR PB 5th to 3rd allowed (plus mortar brig) - high BR PB, 3rd to 1st rate allowed. Naturally, BR limit should not allow x25 ships with maximum BR. Should smth between x15 and x20 of the highest BR ship of the rate group. Sort of back to old PB system but with BR limit and different ship rate requirement. In this way, we'll still see diversity of ships joining PB, but there will not be a big mismatch in ship rate.
  6. Looks like a very good patch. I am particularity happy to see the boost to heavy frigates and the good old aggie. Howver, I feel that Essex is left behind: It's turning rate advantage as compared to other heavy frigates has just been minimized. So, please consider a gentle boost to speed (0.25 kn or a bit more would be nice). Furthermore, Essex is a decent beam reach sailor, certainly as compared to trinco and other heavy frigates. I wonder if this characteristics can further be improved. These two changes will help to differentiate Essex and should give a good reason to bring Essex back to OW. The members of the Essex fun club eagerly await your decision.
  7. The French master-plan was clearly aimed at sinking Pietje's Buc. Well done! The Swedish nation is in shock and despair.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    The messier the merrier. No alliance should last more than one night. That's the key to having better chance for OW PvP.
  9. Caribbean Invasion News

    Alliance?! lol ... more like "one night stand". Btw, the Danes and Pirates fighting the Russian Empire fleet were mostly Russian clans. Go figure
  10. Nerf the Wasa (Poll)

    I do not problems with Wasa stats as such, but ... (1) ship w/o any sign weakness is too easily accessible in any build and (2) Wasa made with light woods (fir/bernuda) is particularly ""offensive" as far as role in OW PvP is concerned. The first issue will be solves soon enough I guess: devs will make wasa and a few other OP ships as premium/rare ships. As for the second issue, I'd say fir and bermuda logs should be available for building ships up to 5th rates. In this way the frigates will have better time to keep their place in OW.
  11. The two options do not exclude each other. So, voted both. However, the new BR-limit system should have a comprehensive structure, which would integrate both options and also takes into account the total nr of ships that can enter the battle. For instance, line ship ports could have a slider that would allow 3 choices: (1) 25xBR of the highest rated 1st rate (max 25 ships) (2) 25xBR of the highest rates 2nd rate (max 25 ships) (3) 25x of the highest rated 3rd rate (max 25 ships) In this way 3 reference points are created, with options (2) and (3) allowing mixed fleets. Importantly, line ship PBs better be limited to 1st to 4th rates (+mortar brig of course). I am not sure lower rate ships should be allowed, to minimize the trolling options, but this is just my opinion. By analogy, the "4th rate" ports would allow (at least) 2 options: (1) 25xBR of the highest rated 4th rate (max 25 ships) (2) 25xBR of the highest rated 5th rate (max 25 ships) with 3rd, 4th, and 5th rate ships allowed. Don't care much about the shallow ports :), but two BR levels could be created in similar way. Again, the whole point in above example is provide a comprehensive structure to BR-limit feature, but still allow enough diversity. Finally, players posting in this thread mention lobby PB as unavoidable or perhaps next logical step. As long as the attacking clan can control the composition of the PB fleet, there is no need for setting PB up in lobby. IMHO lobby PB makes sense only if there is a proper PvP-oriented hostility mechanics in place, which is not the case.
  12. Port Battles with limited BR

    Why do you think frigates would engage large ships from minute one? They would form reserve / special group to counter the enemy frigates, hunt the enemy mortar brigs, supporting bigger ships, chaise and finish damaged enemy ships etc.
  13. Port Battles with limited BR

    which is good imho. it would be sad to have too PB-centric conquest. With importance of screening more players will be involved in OW fun.
  14. Foreign clan alliances

    If nations are still in game, this makes little sense and could create quite a bit of confusion. This is nation alliances in disguise, with all the disadvantages of it. This could be part of pirate mechanics though. Strongly limit the pirates options for conquest (or remove it completely), but allow pirates to ally with clans of other nations, so they can have access to PB fun and influence the conquest.
  15. Owning NA before NAL release

    I do not mind paying for NAL at all, cause I will likely enjoy NAL and I want to support this studio. However, I would appreciate if as an NA player and long-term supporter, I could get a handsome XP package and perhaps a couple of ships, so I can start sailing 5th rates from the start instead of grinding on cutters again. This would likely encourage other NA players to try NAL sooner rather than later.