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  1. Anolytic

    Royal Danish Norwegian Map

    Looks like @helgur has stopped maintaining the old RDNN-site, seeing as he isn't playing anymore.
  2. Anolytic

    How france got involved in the american revolutionary war

    You know we have a meme thread?
  3. Anolytic

    Epic Cinematic Work

    Cool videos! ...not sure how the CGI of million dollar TV- and movie-productions should work as a "guide" to those hobbyists and amateurs making Naval Action videos though. Or how these details should be copied into NA unless all the players were to get free supercomputers to run them.
  4. Anolytic

    Possible Game Manipulation

    It is understandable that the impulse is to be suspicious of this. But as the issue seems to about ships' relative position to each other in OW, I can offer my testimony as to how it is a naturally occurring phenomenon due to delays in the communication between multiple clients and the server, and not require any packets manipulation or other hypothetical manipulation. Sailing with two or more alts you can observe this phenomenon very clearly with your own eyes. I can run two clients simultaneously either on 2 computers or on just one computer using sandbox. While attempting to sail side by side, at speed it will occur at various times that one ship is five ship-lengths in front of the other, while at the same time the other client may show the complete reverse order, or show them side by side. This is enough of a positional inaccuracy that on your screen you might appear in the middle of the tag circle, while on the other player's screen you might appear well outside it, and the server, being the only true representation, might have you at a relative position that is closer to the representation of either of your clients, or right in the middle, depending on a lot of factors.
  5. What it sounds like is you took a risk and sailed high value goods because it was right before maintenance. Someone caught you and even though maintenance was just minutes away, they managed to sink your AI fleets before time ran out. To my mind that is the system working perfectly, and a good job to the player who caught you.
  6. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] Russian Empire PvPEU For the Great and Glorious Mother Russia! The Red Banner Fleet [REDS] has been chartered by our beloved Tsar Alexander the Blessed to pursue conquest in the Caribbean. Captains taking up arms in our Company are offered steady pay and commission aboard some of the many freshly build vessels already fitted and prepared for the Caribbean Campaign. To join us you must hoist the St. Andrew’s Cross, you must have Teamspeak, and you should understand English. Find us on our Teamspeak, rus.rdnn.eu, for an interview with one of our Officers. Server: PvPEU Nation: Russian Empire Teamspeak: rus.rdnn.eu REDS is the merger of clans PLANB, CHAOS/KINGS & RDNN/LEGO. For our freedom and yours! The Russians are coming!
  7. Video of the Sombrero Island PB:
  8. Anolytic

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Sombrero Island PB Russian Commanders: Anolytic & Christendom
  9. Battle of Sombrero Island:
  10. Anolytic

    Upcoming Patch

    So then we can remove the safezones? Because PvE-players can be safe anywhere by sailing capped NPC-ships which will make it pointless to attack them or jump their battles. Sailing NPC-capped ships will be like a PVE-flag.
  11. Anolytic

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Look at the post that I linked. That is Cayman Brac, not Somerset. It's the same type of action, so it was included in the same tribunal.
  12. Anolytic

    Caribbean Invasion News

  13. Anolytic

    Big Ivan

    DEEP is a one-man clan and Big Ivan is low-ranked yet has enough money to bid on Cartagena Tar. It's definitely an alt. I noticed suspicious combat reports with that account yesterday as well.
  14. Didn't you guys loot? I came out of that battle with more repairs than I went in with.
  15. Anolytic

    Mise en garde Russe

    @DesMoinesDid we not help France? When we were still Danes, France begged us for help and to go to war with Sweden who was hurting the French community so bad according to your diplomats. We answered your call, and when we made war with Sweden, France got some much needed relief from the pressure as Sweden focused all their efforts towards Danes. When Russia was only 2 weeks old and still building a nation and a force, France and Dutch came to us and begged us to help them fight back against the oppressive Swedes. Even though we were not ready, Russia agreed to help and tried to help you fight back against Sweden. We took the brunt of the damage, and even though France dragged us into it, we got no help ever from France in return. Then France backstabbed Russia twice in Apalachicola and Cayman Brac, but Russia forgave France and offered continued friendship and help. Now France attack 3 Russian ports unprovoked and yet you name us the aggressors? And then here you inform us you that French diplomats have been lying to us, telling us for weeks that WO is a rogue clan, but now you tell us that WO is not rogue. Are French incapable of being true to their word Are you really going to continue on this path of lying, backstabbing thievery in the night? Are you really going to join up with the cheaters in Sweden, who oppressed France for so long, against the only nation that really helped you against them? @DesMoines N'avons-nous pas aidé la France? Quand nous étions encore Danois, la France nous suppliait de nous aider et d'aller faire la guerre à la Suède qui faisait si mal à la communauté française selon vos diplomates. Nous avons répondu à votre appel, et lorsque nous avons fait la guerre à la Suède, la France a obtenu un soulagement si nécessaire de la pression alors que la Suède concentrait tous ses efforts sur les Danois. Quand la Russie n'avait que deux semaines et qu'elle construisait encore une nation et une force, la France et les Hollandais sont venus nous voir et nous ont suppliés de les aider à se battre contre les Suédois oppressifs. Même si nous n'étions pas prêts, la Russie a accepté d'aider et a essayé de vous aider à riposter contre la Suède. Nous avons subi le plus gros des dégâts, et même si la France nous y a entraînés, nous n'avons reçu aucune aide de la France en retour. Puis la France a critiqué deux fois la Russie à Apalachicola et Cayman Brac, mais la Russie a pardonné à la France et a offert une amitié et une aide continues. Maintenant la France attaque 3 ports russes sans provocation et pourtant vous nous appelez les agresseurs? Et là, vous nous informez que des diplomates français nous ont menti, nous disant pendant des semaines que WO est un clan voyou, mais maintenant vous nous dites que WO n'est pas un voyou. Les Français sont-ils incapables d'être fidèles à leur parole? Vas-tu vraiment continuer sur cette voie du mensonge, poignarder le vol dans la nuit? Allez-vous vraiment rejoindre les tricheurs de Suède, qui ont si longtemps opprimé la France, contre la seule nation qui vous a vraiment aidé?
  16. That Wasa is unbalanced has nothing to do with REDS. We did not make it unbalanced. As long as it is, we have to use it same as others.