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  1. Anolytic

    Open World Trading Between Nations

    Atm trading in OW isn't working even within the same nation. For several days it has been broken. Every time we try to trade repairs with each other the trade freezes completely after you accept the trade.
  2. Anolytic

    Flags Flags Flags

    I want to say that we really should be able to see the dlc-flags of anyone carrying it, friend or foe. It's going to be mightily confusing to begin with, having friends and enemies both carrying a range of flags and not all the same like now. It's going to lead to a few stray broadsides I imagine. It's not going to be the first time I accidentally sank a friend with some well placed leaks though. And we will get used to it. Moreover, recognising flags and knowing what they meant was a vital part of the Age of Sail experience. A good captain should quickly come to recognise what ensigns belong to what nation. And if they don't there's still the red colour of someone's name in the upper right corner to know you're targeting a foe.
  3. Anolytic

    Flags Flags Flags

    You can only see flags of your nation in whatever menu where you choose what flag to carry, or you can only see flags (variety) of your own nation, period? I mean, if I'm in a battle with Russians against Prussians: Will I be able to see any dlc-flags carried by players on the Prussian side? Or only the dlc-flags carried by Russians in the battle? Also: What if we join a battle that's ongoing between two other nations? Will we retain our DLC-flags in those battles, or will we carry the standard flag of whatever nation's side we join?
  4. Anolytic

    Gank after PB or not?

    Nevermind escaping after a PB whether you win or loose. When(/if) we get a higher population again screening is going to completely kill off RvR for all but the 2 or 3 largest population nations. For all others RvR is going to be futile and pure suicide. Imagine going for a 2600 BR port and there's 50 screeners outside. They can divide into groups of 3 1st rates each, which can tag any PB fleet composition and spread out in multiple layers all around the port.
  5. Anolytic

    Server crash

    The Caribbean server just crashed.
  6. Anolytic

    HMS Victory

    Tbh, Victory is perfect as she is. She handles like a frigate and outsails any ship that can give her a pounding. Also, what leaks? Correctly fitted and properly handled she'll never sink to leaks. The bellona handles leaks much worse than the Victory.
  7. (just like we did when we helped Danes against you. Also, you joined Swedish side even when they had more numbers)
  8. Don't play the victim when you hit first. I don't mind the fight, but let's be clear who started it.
  9. We were just looking for a fight, just like HAVOC at Bani x2, Coquibacoa, etc. Don't try to pretend you didn't choose sides long ago. Brits and Swedes want to ally? I never expected any less. We were still having a discussion about who we were going to hunt around Fajardo when I got your message asking us to back off. So naturally you made our choice easy.
  10. Battle against Britain outside Vieques.
  11. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] Russian Empire PvPEU For the Great and Glorious Mother Russia! The Red Banner Fleet [REDS] has been chartered by our beloved Tsar Alexander the Blessed to pursue conquest in the Caribbean. Captains taking up arms in our Company are offered steady pay and commission aboard some of the many freshly build vessels already fitted and prepared for the Caribbean Campaign. To join us you must hoist the St. Andrew’s Cross, you must have Teamspeak, and you should understand English. Find us on our Teamspeak, rus.rdnn.eu, for an interview with one of our Officers. Server: PvPEU Nation: Russian Empire Teamspeak: rus.rdnn.eu REDS is the merger of clans PLANB, CHAOS/KINGS & RDNN/LEGO. For our freedom and yours! The Russians are coming!
  12. Anolytic

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    I don't think you can draw a clear and unambiguous line for what chat violations rise to a level that they require the attentions of the tribunal. Speech is too abstract for that. Previously all chat related tribunals were immediately closed without fault, with reference to the rule about in-game reporting only. Some months ago admin created precedence, and clearly stated, that the most serious of chat abuses (i.e. death threats/threats of violence/doxxing/antisemitism/racism) should be brought to the tribunal for faster resolution. I'm not sure Gregory's topic should have been closed, but @Henry d'Esterre Darby made a general statement reminding about the in-game reporting function (though it was already noted in the OP), and he also stated that he referred the case up the chain of command. I'm not sure that more can be expected. Devs can look at it and reopen the topic to reply.
  13. Anolytic

    Repair Balancing

    You appear to be contradicting yourself here. Unless you mean to say that you both like the way it is and also want to see it changed. But then the constructed dichotomy seems misplaced. I like the idea of being limited to 3 repairs (or perhaps even less) per battle. However several consecutive repairs without cooldown in-between would be a terrible idea in my opinion. Then you might as well go back to the old system of 1 repair of each type per battle and just buff that repair by 200%. "Instantly" restoring to full health heavily damaged ships is both unrealistic and not a gameplay improvement. Also, those small mistakes that you talk of can turn a battle one way or another, those mistakes are exactly what PvP is all about. The mistakes you make should be severely penalised by the game. There is no do-over in PvP.
  14. I was late for the main event at Cartagena on Sunday, but I managed to get into some scrapes nevertheless: First battle: Second battle: Third battle (sinking the last survivor): A small highlight, sinking 2 Victory in 2 minutes with a total of 68 leaks: The Victory can be a lethal weapon if you know how to use it, or a deadly trap if you don't. Video of both battles: Second and most exciting battle starts at 28:15:
  15. Anolytic

    The brave Dutchmen of Cartagena

    Take comfort that most of those British ships never saw their homeport again:
  16. Anolytic

    Beware of Leaks!

    Leaky leaky:
  17. Anolytic

    October 12, 1492

  18. Anolytic

    Ship teleported in battle?

    I had this happen to me this morning. I tagged an enemy solo 1st rate from S-SW of him (I was just outside of the small inner circle in the tag circle). Which should have put his join circle on land. In battle I spawned behind his stern, which in OW would be east of him. Since he was backing towards me I promptly boarded him, but just after the initial countdown and as we were about to launch our first boarding moves, his ship was teleported 100 meters away from me, to my NE. I got the boarding interrupted message, and in the meantime another 1st rate had joined from the west. So not only was my perfect tag messed up, putting the circle in a position easy for the enemy to join more ships and outnumber me instead of on land, but then my boarding (with marines and prep against no marines and no prep) was interrupted and I was stuck facing 2 full health, full crew 1st rates and with nowhere to go.
  19. Anolytic

    NPC Fleets Dependencies

    I don't know all the different routes, but I know that one of the 25 Victory fleets that goes from the Swedish capital visits Pasaje or Fajardo on its route. My guess is that most fleets serve only one (or maybe two) either capital or regional capital, and then some number of smaller ports in addition.
  20. Anolytic

    Reduce the crew numbers on the indiaman

    The other day my indiaman with a compliment of 100 crew was boarded and sunk before my game even loaded into battle. Any reduction in crew would make Indiamen - with guns or without them - completely and utterly defenceless, even more so than they already are. On the other hand, maybe more players would start sailing traders with warships in fleet for protection.
  21. Anolytic

    NPC Fleets Dependencies

    They follow scripted routes. So they are tied to specific ports that they go between. Highest BR fleets are mostly found around national capitals. Fleets spawn at maintenance and then they keep going along their route. If they are sunk they will respawn somewhere along their route, if they are attacked, but the lead ship is not sunk, then they will respawn after battle in the same position as where they were attacked.
  22. Anolytic

    Getting a new player into the game

    First of all. Don't knock the mortar brig. If he has talent for it, he could make a living selling his services. it's not a great ship for OW PvP, but on the other hand it's a very cheap ship, and I've seen it used to great effect as long as it has plenty of support. Secondly, I wouldn't tell anyone that they should start on the PvE-server, unless they themselves know that they want a soft start or they know of themselves that they are decidedly PvE-players. I commend him for wanting to start on the PvP-server. Better to take the good with the bad from the start, than get shocked by the transformation later on. And better to try the PvP-server and find it doesn't suit him, then switch, than start off on the PvE-server and get used to the lull there which will cause the transfer to be all the more overwhelming.
  23. Anolytic

    Open World Trading

    Happened to me also yesterday, trying to trade repairs from one ship to another. I think it's bugged.
  24. Anolytic

    RVR - Incremental conquest and large scale fleet battles

    "There's an alt for that." All this would do is help sell even more alts I think.