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  1. Anolytic

    Royal Danish Norwegian Map

    Looks like @helgur has stopped maintaining the old RDNN-site, seeing as he isn't playing anymore.
  2. Anolytic

    How france got involved in the american revolutionary war

    You know we have a meme thread?
  3. Anolytic

    Epic Cinematic Work

    Cool videos! ...not sure how the CGI of million dollar TV- and movie-productions should work as a "guide" to those hobbyists and amateurs making Naval Action videos though. Or how these details should be copied into NA unless all the players were to get free supercomputers to run them.
  4. Anolytic

    Possible Game Manipulation

    It is understandable that the impulse is to be suspicious of this. But as the issue seems to about ships' relative position to each other in OW, I can offer my testimony as to how it is a naturally occurring phenomenon due to delays in the communication between multiple clients and the server, and not require any packets manipulation or other hypothetical manipulation. Sailing with two or more alts you can observe this phenomenon very clearly with your own eyes. I can run two clients simultaneously either on 2 computers or on just one computer using sandbox. While attempting to sail side by side, at speed it will occur at various times that one ship is five ship-lengths in front of the other, while at the same time the other client may show the complete reverse order, or show them side by side. This is enough of a positional inaccuracy that on your screen you might appear in the middle of the tag circle, while on the other player's screen you might appear well outside it, and the server, being the only true representation, might have you at a relative position that is closer to the representation of either of your clients, or right in the middle, depending on a lot of factors.
  5. What it sounds like is you took a risk and sailed high value goods because it was right before maintenance. Someone caught you and even though maintenance was just minutes away, they managed to sink your AI fleets before time ran out. To my mind that is the system working perfectly, and a good job to the player who caught you.
  6. Video of the Sombrero Island PB:
  7. Anolytic

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Sombrero Island PB Russian Commanders: Anolytic & Christendom
  8. Battle of Sombrero Island:
  9. Anolytic

    Upcoming Patch

    So then we can remove the safezones? Because PvE-players can be safe anywhere by sailing capped NPC-ships which will make it pointless to attack them or jump their battles. Sailing NPC-capped ships will be like a PVE-flag.