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  1. Video of the Sombrero Island PB:
  2. Anolytic

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Sombrero Island PB Russian Commanders: Anolytic & Christendom
  3. Battle of Sombrero Island:
  4. Anolytic

    Upcoming Patch

    So then we can remove the safezones? Because PvE-players can be safe anywhere by sailing capped NPC-ships which will make it pointless to attack them or jump their battles. Sailing NPC-capped ships will be like a PVE-flag.
  5. Anolytic

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Look at the post that I linked. That is Cayman Brac, not Somerset. It's the same type of action, so it was included in the same tribunal.
  6. Anolytic

    Caribbean Invasion News

  7. Anolytic

    Big Ivan

    DEEP is a one-man clan and Big Ivan is low-ranked yet has enough money to bid on Cartagena Tar. It's definitely an alt. I noticed suspicious combat reports with that account yesterday as well.
  8. Didn't you guys loot? I came out of that battle with more repairs than I went in with.