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  1. Then, if you haven't seen it already, here you go:
  2. Funny that you ask. Does fighting RUBLI count?
  3. Proposition by the French Council - Southern Alliance

    No, don't worry. There is no personal crusade. Britain is not shrinking. Your territories are expanding faster than you are loosing them. You don't need to worry. You still have the most ports and more ports than you can possibly need. You have so many useless ports nobody can afford to or bother to take them away from you. Russia only take ports with a purpose. Strategical or economical. Our purpose is never to take ports simply to take them away from Britain.
  4. No. Due to one of our ships being in bad condition when the battle over message came we realized that brits could force us out of the PB by trying to kill it, while they themselves could sit in the PB for 15 minutes so that we would not be able to get into the port. Therefore we escaped immediately and sailed north-east, with the whole screening fleet and PB fleet chasing after us.
  5. A little late, but a video of the Battle that we had with the British Fleet after we had captured George Town a week ago: We were all low on repairs from repairing after the PB, and the first victory that we lost very early was a fleet ship brought along with no repairs and no upgrades on it, so couldn't be saved.
  6. Remind me, when did you change from brits to HRE?
  7. Lenin God Of PvP

    Google Translate isn't good enough for me to completely comprehend what this is about. But as far as I can see there is nothing tribunal worthy here. Read the name of the player in the title. Now read the name again. And just to rub it in, if I'm not mistaken, while Lenin was fighting off 8 gankers in the screening battle, he was also fighting inside the PB at the same time. Here are some rare footage of Lenin when he is pursuing one of his other hobbies, the piano:
  8. Battle of Las Tortugas REDS vs RUBLI RUBLI warned us that we would be their next target, so we decided to strike first.
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    Battle of Las Tortugas Russia (REDS) vs RUBLI Apart from trading in my L'Ocean for a Teak/Sabicu Victory that I don't know what to do with, no losses on our side. Somehow we even got a kill after the Battle Over message. After partially overshooting the wind for the position to engage the enemy line we had to rapidly amend our tactic. The plan was also for our offensive screening fleet to force the pirates into joining from the docks. However they somehow tagged themselves into battle against an allied force just as the port battle had started, and pirates were able to sail into position on clear seas. I guess that I'll pass my new Victory to someone. As it was built in Sweden I must already be at least its third captain.
  10. With the upcoming #servermerge the players on Global are presented with a great choice: What flag will you hoist? What nation will you fight for? You may be getting a raw deal with being merged into a server where all the territory is already settled by us in the EU crowd. Where lines are already drawn, alliances signed and territories divided. However, unlike EU-players who are stuck where we are with what we have, you will get all your stuff in a handbasket and can choose exactly where you want to go and bring it all with you in a single click. In light of that, I ask for a moment of your attention. If you are looking for a fight, a momentous challenge, and a good community to fight alongside, you should join the Russian Empire. Our greatest selling point, is the one word that it says right when you choose nation: «impossible». The strategy of Russia on the EU server so far has not been to «win the map», or to hold ports for their own sake, but to find fights and challenges wherever they may present themselves on the map. We are a small nation and a small fleet, but we are growing. The most notable active Russian clans on the EU server are RUS, USSR, BETEP (pronounced VETER btw) and REDS. Of whom REDS is the largest clan, English-speaking and international, and have been here from day 1 together with RUS. Language barriers can be overcome. We are the proof. In REDS we have players from all over the world. For us, our clan-chat is our nation-chat. The Russian Nation on the EU server was formed by groups of players that came together after most of us have been bitter enemies for the entire history of this game up until now. In the great cauldron that is the Russian Empire we now fight side by side. Many of us may disagree with each other vehemently on the forum still, and may have differing views on game mechanics and indeed also on the server merge, but that is inconsequential as long as we are on the same comms and shooting at the same targets. In REDS we have an ever growing group of EU-players that can put up a fight during European primetimes. But we also have already a good number of North American players among our founding members and still recruiting. Our clan has been international and global since its conception. With the server merge we are searching for allies in all timezones, and hoping to appeal to players from the Global server to join us, that we can expand our number of players in all timezones so that we can have a solid and persistent active population around the clock. If you want more information about the Russian Empire on the Caribbean server, you are welcome to visit the Nation Teamspeak run by REDS and yours truly. The address is ts3server://rus.rdnn.eu or Everyone joining the Russian Empire on the Caribbean server is welcomed to use this Teamspeak. By order of Kontr-Admiral Putin, sign up today! This message has been approved by @Christendom
  11. Lost all my crew ...

    In the past I've encountered a bug that it is possible when capturing a small ship, to move more crew from your own ship to the captured one than what the captured ship can hold. The excess crew then disappears into the ether. It looks like you have encountered the same. You should be careful with the slider when moving crew from a bigger to a smaller ship. The slider represents 100% of your original crew, but if you move 400 crew onto a mercury, the mercury still cannot hold that much crew and roughly 300 crew will simply vanish. I once, way back several months ago, captured a trader lynx with my surprise. I wanted to move 20 crew onto it to fill the crew on the lynx. I moved the slider from left all the way to the right, assuming that it represented the maximum crew that I could move. I then clicked out of the crew management only to realize that my lynx now had 20 crew and my surprise had 1 crew. Fortunately for me and my mistake the battle was already over so it didn't have any consequences. I reported it back then, so I figured it would have been changed by now.
  12. another crash to login bug!

    If you find @Ink rude then I can't help you. Other than say you must have given him really good reason. Remember it is a game in Alpha. Crashes and bugs are to be expected. It says so right there on the steam page when you buy the game. Maybe you should indeed play something else for a while and come back after release. The alpha game testing experience is not for everybody, and that's okay.