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  1. In the words of Don Trump Jr: "I love it!" --- This looks great as a plan. There are many good ideas here. I hope that you manage to bring them all to fruition. I especially like the focus on bringing more content regardless that it is PvE-content. I think @Christendom will approve of that too.
  2. Anolytic

    Alert to Teamspeak users

    I think that this can be considered sort of a public service announcement: If I'm not mistaken, a fair number of Naval Action players are having, or starting to have, trouble connecting to their favourite Teamspeaks right about now. I can assure you if you are experiencing this, you are not alone. In the last couple of days Teamspeak has updated their official client to version 3.2.0 and most recently, today, 3.2.1. And when you start your client you get a prompt suggesting that you download and install the new client version. This new client does not support connecting to Teamspeak servers that are older than 3.1.x. If you try to do so, you will get a message saying: There is simply no way around this. A quick look around has revealed to me that many Teamspeak servers used by Naval Action groups, apart from those rented from professional hosts, appear not to have been updated to version 3.1.x or newer yet. My own two servers (the Russian TS and the old Danish TS) are included in this tally. Having been away from Naval Action for about half a year (can't believe it's been this long!), I have not done maintenance on my servers in that period after 3.1.0 was released. Hence I will be updating my own servers to 3.3.0 tonight, as soon as I am able (if you're a user of these Teamspeaks, expect some downtime). I advice all other players that host Teamspeaks for Naval Action to update their servers to the newest version asap. If you are a player that use a server which has not been updated past 3.1.0, contact your server's owner/host and ask them to update to the newest version asap. To those who haven't yet done so on auto-pilot, it may be advisable to wait a few more days or weeks before following the prompt to update your Teamspeak client to 3.2.0 or 3.2.1. /end of public service announcement
  3. Anolytic

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    For a thread about cancelling all alliances there are a lot of speculations about possible new alliances. And for a topic only about clans that have been Russian for a while, there is a lot of talk of nation switching. If you guys want to discuss the move of HAVOC/NAVOC, then by all means, do so in the topic where they announce their move. This topic has nothing to do with them. I can assure everybody that their news was as much a surprise to us, as this news was a surprise to them. As late as yesterday, shortly before I posted this, a representative of HAVOC whose name shall not be announced, came on one of the Russian Teamspeaks and upon spotting @North there sounded the alarm to his teammates that "OMG! NorthViking is here!", only that in his haste he forgot to switch to his own Teamspeak before yelling the news. Personally I must admit that I am a little dismayed that I won't be able to return to the game with the sole purpose to shoot at @dark lord rediii, but we are not the kind to refuse to work with former enemies. If he still intends to come over, now that he knows that the real Dark Lords are back, he is welcome to it. If he is willing to work with us, we'll make a fine triumvirate. For all those calling out doomsday scenarios, I can only assuage you by pointing out that at least for REDS' part, we are neither looking for a coalition nor map domination. We intend to go back to the basics that REDS was founded on, before the devs decision to tie Victory Marks payout to map domination forced us to embark on our imperialist path. REDS is looking to get back into PvP, and perhaps some RvR. We are looking for good fights first and foremost, and we won't let such a thing as "friendship" prevent us from searching where those may best be found. Hence we are glad that the Russian nation is bound by no commitments to other nations. In a clean fight you can shoot cannonball at each other and still be friends. REDS welcomes all former members back, should they choose to rejoin our ranks. And we are also welcoming to prospective members who want to experience the finer things in life. There is always a chance.
  4. REDS is resurrected from its slumber, starting on a small scale with PvP encounters, working with the other Russian clans and gradually moving into RvR as and if we see fit to do so. REDS has a reformed leadership structure. And clan organisation - it turns out communism doesn't work (who'd have thought?), so we will be trying oligarchy next... As always, our Teamspeak is open to all Russian clans wishing to join us. For now the URL is: rus.rdnn.eu
  5. All relevant parties have been formally notified that Russia has withdrawn from all existing diplomatic treaties with immediate effect. By agreement of the clans BETEP, BF and RUS, the diplomatic status of Russia has been reset. The purpose is to revoke entanglements that limit the free exercise of PvP by Russian clans and players. The clan REDS has acted as intermediary in this matter. Hence on this auspicious day, August 12th, REDS announces its resurrection. Yesterday there was a solar eclipse. Let it be known that it was an omen. Russia is here. Meddling somewhere near you. See you soon.
  6. Anolytic

    Royal Danish Norwegian Map

    Looks like @helgur has stopped maintaining the old RDNN-site, seeing as he isn't playing anymore.
  7. Anolytic

    How france got involved in the american revolutionary war

    You know we have a meme thread?
  8. Anolytic

    Epic Cinematic Work

    Cool videos! ...not sure how the CGI of million dollar TV- and movie-productions should work as a "guide" to those hobbyists and amateurs making Naval Action videos though. Or how these details should be copied into NA unless all the players were to get free supercomputers to run them.
  9. Anolytic

    Possible Game Manipulation

    It is understandable that the impulse is to be suspicious of this. But as the issue seems to about ships' relative position to each other in OW, I can offer my testimony as to how it is a naturally occurring phenomenon due to delays in the communication between multiple clients and the server, and not require any packets manipulation or other hypothetical manipulation. Sailing with two or more alts you can observe this phenomenon very clearly with your own eyes. I can run two clients simultaneously either on 2 computers or on just one computer using sandbox. While attempting to sail side by side, at speed it will occur at various times that one ship is five ship-lengths in front of the other, while at the same time the other client may show the complete reverse order, or show them side by side. This is enough of a positional inaccuracy that on your screen you might appear in the middle of the tag circle, while on the other player's screen you might appear well outside it, and the server, being the only true representation, might have you at a relative position that is closer to the representation of either of your clients, or right in the middle, depending on a lot of factors.
  10. What it sounds like is you took a risk and sailed high value goods because it was right before maintenance. Someone caught you and even though maintenance was just minutes away, they managed to sink your AI fleets before time ran out. To my mind that is the system working perfectly, and a good job to the player who caught you.
  11. Video of the Sombrero Island PB: