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  1. Can't tag on OW

    We know you need IA's...
  2. Can't tag on OW

    @Batman we love you ...
  3. Can't tag on OW

  4. Can't tag on OW

  5. Can't tag on OW

    Hostility orders bugged too
  6. Mise en garde Russe

    Then if Russians night clans attack french ports is the same like WO/BLANC??
  7. Mise en garde Russe

    L'Espagne ne veut pas se battre contre la France, j'espère que c'est clair.
  8. Mise en garde Russe

    Je ne sais pas si les Russes ont aidé la France, ce que nous faisons c'est que les Espagnols l'ont fait et plusieurs fois en plus ... La mémoire de certains est très courte et les mensonges des autres vont loin. PD. Sorry Google translator
  9. Mise en garde Russe

  10. Caribbean Invasion News

    I know that my English is bad but, I said that you are allies? If your reading comprehension also fails it is normal that you continue to lick the boots of the Swedes and ask the rest for help desperate ... Greetings and remember to take the pill for hypertension.
  11. Caribbean Invasion News

    Spantards?? Could you do it better...
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    Your arguments are: The Russians and the Spaniards are evil, the devil himself. On the other hand, we Swedes are the guardian angels of the disadvantaged ... We all remember your role as world police, untouchable on your pedestal, attacking anyone, wherever and whenever you felt like it. Disappointing.
  13. Caribbean Invasion News

    Mr. Batman, perhaps you should use your diplomatic skills in your own faction to convince the large number of British players to get involved in the RvR. So you would not need to lick Swedish boots or ask for desperate help from French and Danish ...
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    I was in Harbour Island looking your ships helping brits. DNP and more Danish clans attacked Corrientes a few days ago.... Not only BF
  15. Caribbean Invasion News

    I'm sure they have many more RvR players than Spain and Russia. And if you add pirates, French and Danish numbers are overwhelming. I am also sure that despite the numbers, we will fight even if we lose all the ports. o7
  16. Caribbean Invasion News

    Swedes + British + Danish+ French + pirates vs Russia + Spain... Seems balanced That big storm did not stop more than 10 Swedes from going to Harbor Island to help the British ...
  17. Should I join?

    ........ VLTRA recruits non-Spanish speaking captains, interested contact me here or in game. PD. We must take advantage of the discontent that is seen here ...
  18. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Estoy seguro de que algún español aportó algo para que tu existas.
  19. Caribbean Invasion News

    Who are you??
  20. What is invalid is your premise, if in more than 200 years it has only happened on very few occasions. No, of course not. But neither does the one that uses a frigate have to have an advantage simply by using that type of boat. I guess balancing the game is paramount. Obviously, no one expects band to band with a surprise to sink a victory. And as for the captain, you're right but here are talking about some of the best players I've seen in the game and I do not think they need to make it easier to sink less experienced players even if they use more powerful boats.
  21. To all those who ask the nerf to the thickness of the masts and the hull of the line ships it is seen that they want to sink or capture more powerful ships with the much cheaper frigates. While it can already be done, considering that any type of frigate far exceeds the maneuverability of a line ship, what do you expect? What do these big ships stop using? It is true that NA is not a pure simulator, but what can not be is an arcade. In real life not a single frigate would come close to fighting a ship of line because of a single broadside would send it to the bottom. Everything that has been said in this thread can be improved, but please do it with a head. Edited: If you nerf SoLs, you must nerf frigates too.