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  1. Putapénico..... Lo has clavado
  2. Jorge

    LV NA needs you

    Perfectly. Still, it would be good if he came back, he and many others ...
  3. Jorge

    Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    I don't think so
  4. Jorge

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I'm telling you what happened, is your trouble if you believe or not.
  5. Jorge

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Ahhhh, I know what happened, you were in another purple Santísima and didn't want to lose it like the last time .... As for the Santi you engage into battle ... He was going AFK, since our mission was to protect our comrades who were going to get out of the battle ... It's very funny that you talk about kiting and shoot chain, because when you do it, it's a hello kittying tactic, but if others do it, it's crap, go and give lessons to others ...
  6. Jorge

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Simply because most of the boats were damaged and had no repairs after several battles in a row. But if you really wanted to battle, why did not you wait in Cayo Romano while we repair? You went around very fast ... You really did not want a battle, you wanted to take advantage of our damaged boats, like scavengers that you are ...
  7. Jorge

    Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    Do you need a loan?
  8. Hidalgo, menos mal que el Batteltech ya está cerca....
  9. Clearco, te digo aquí lo que te he dicho en persona. En un juego de este tipo, es lógico y normal que el tío que se pasa 25 horas al día jugando sea mejor y tenga más cosas que el que puede jugar 3 horas cada 2 días. El problema del juego, y en eso tenéis razón todos, es la falta de contenido, que hace que estemos hasta los cojones de hacer siempre lo mismo. También es cierto que los devs solo hacen caso a los palmeros chupapollas. Así que solo queda seguir aguantando o mandarlos a la mierda y jugar a plantar nabos y recoger mierda de conejo...
  10. Jorge

    Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    Lol, If you look at that picture again, you'll see that we shoot quite well ... Against you.
  11. Bueno, tu con tus tradeos ganas pasta, paga por la protección.... Yo quitaría todas las zonas de refuerzo excepto el área de la capital.
  12. Jorge

    Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    We miss you...
  13. Jorge


    Best of luck with your new business EXILE
  14. Jorge

    EXILE moving to Denmark

    @Batman come to Spain, don't worry for money