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  1. Why are there deep water ports with less BR than shallows

    @Wraith but we seen small clans try that only to get screened out by some third party buddy that wiped the fleet out on the way. I also think there should be designated small clan ports. That you can't own those ports if you have 10 or more ports all ready. That leaves ports for the small clans and nations to fight over and not worry about some big nation or mega clan wiping them out. Cause I thought the whole reason for the lower BR was to give those small clans and nations a chances, which they still don't get in OW. I don't want lobby rooms, but by doing some ports (and we are talking about none important ports) set a side for small clans. That are make the port owner cap 25 so one clan can't own half the server. They have to pick which ports are important to them after all. I think the port maintenance is helping more with this as they have to keep some ports open, but other than for VM's why would I want a useless port?
  2. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    But that is you, some folks might think that is the funnest thing in the world. We had a guy back a long time ago that would go pick up bottles for us and go get them. This was back when they spawned all over the map when you open them. He loved just watching his ship sail in the OW while he did other things. Folks enjoy many things of the game. I like crafting, kinda think trading is boring myself, but I also like a good brawl too. @Slim Jimmerson your poll is missing another options. I would say Pirates get the least love, they need there own mechanics.
  3. Why are there deep water ports with less BR than shallows

    This is flawed though cause that same fleet can be screened out of the PB every time by a much larger fleet over and over so the limit doesn't really help them it actually can hurt them. Before folks say they should get friends and screeners, if they had those numbers they wouldn't be hitting small BR ports in the first place. Though I don't want it to go to lobbies either so stick to what we got. Though would be nice ot have a few more deep water big BR ports. Seems a lot of the ports are in the mid rang. Than again when was the last time most of us gather 25+ players of a port batte. I think only a few nations can do so.
  4. Capturable 4th-1st rates?

    actually RL you wouldn't be able to keep a SOL. It would be sent back to the Admirality, refitted and than given to some one else as a new commissioned ship in the Navy. Smaller frigates would some times be assigned to the officer that brought it back with the Prize crew as his first ship. So with that the only ones that could capture and keep SOL's would be the pirates;)
  5. Capturable 4th-1st rates?

    We also brought up the abuse of easy cheap fireships that no one cares about cause they captured it from AI. Yah that post got shot down very fast with multi reason why it was bad to bring back capture of permited ships and SOL.
  6. Rude Behavour

    Right click on name "report" is what your suppose to do when folks do stuff in chat, but in your case i would use the "Ignore" option if this bothers you that much.
  7. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    I wouldn't do a BR limit. Maybe make it a group limit of 6 guys and no ships above certain class. I think keeping them to 3rd rates and below would be good. To easy for oen clan to role in all SOL and just destroy anything that moves.
  8. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Thanks first screen of the PB I seen as I was at work. Ya'll for sure went heavy with both groups I hear. Our problem among many is no one wanted to bring 1st rates other than our guys. We called for 2 1st rates for that group and no one wanted to bring them. JD was suppose to be in a 5th rate for circle control. We got a long road a head of us with these guys so will prob be seing a lot more battles with other nations in the future even if they end up in lost they become great means for these guys to learn. It was a really great show out number wise on the US side, just way to much lack of experience though.
  9. HMS Vanguard (1835)

    She had double decks of 32's like most of the US ships of the line did too. Would actually be nice to have a double deck 32's SOL in game maybe something that fell into the 2nd rate rang as that would prob be to heavy for 3rd rate. LIke a Minni 1st rate that is more classed like a 2nd rate.
  10. Cheat suspected

    This is why it always cracked me up on GLOBAL when folks said pirates used hacks. One of the hacks we apparently was using was lag switches. I'm like do you even know what that is and how it works? Maybe if we where playing on a private hosted server at my home or lan party but not a game with server side info only. Some folks will try to make up every excuse than what really happend. Like that guy internet prob was dropping cause he said he rerouted himself through a VNP so we couldn't DEDOSS him....lol Maybe your internet suck cause your going through several other routes to get to the game than most folks. My ironwood ship they couldn't pen was just a LO/WO Stiffness Hull Strength Aggy or Vict. They would fire at me when I had my hull angel and the reason I could pen them most the time was cause I waited for a good shot or used double charge to get the extra pen. I'm pretty sure we had them believing the PRAY button was how we actived our pirate hacks too.
  11. Improve Uncontested Port Battles

    ops yah forgot about the 10 min thing. I think the 30 min timer is more there in case a fleet is late or gets tag but makes it out. Cause lets be honest if a real fleet gets held up by a screening fleet and than destroys it, they are going to continue to a port and take it, not give up cause they are 30 mins late to the show. Though what I wouldn't mind see is if the attackers mess up or can't show up cause of numbers they can push a button and give up the battle by no show up front so the other team doesn't have to show up and wait for them. We have flipped a port in a bad time before just off PvP and had no interest to show up for the PB, but the defenders still had to make sure we didn't lie to them and pop in late. Wasted a bunch of time for the other players when we could of just said we aren't showing the port will go back into cool down for next flip/port battle.
  12. Ease double click/busy work from ship building

    We can't even get a clan log so don't hold your breath. That is way more important than being able to craft from clan warehouse.
  13. Improve Uncontested Port Battles

    That was the mistake of the attacking clan not knowing how to do port battles. They didn't add the right clans so most of them where all locked out from being able to join the port battle. That why we keep telling them to do some shallows. I think they learned a leason which would of been even bigger if they had made it into the port. If you cap all circles it only takes 20 mins to cap out an uncontested port battle.
  14. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    Next some one is going to actually tell him he has to leave his port to fight battles....lol
  15. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    You keep wanting to do things about RvR you want to know the first step of how you do RvR? ATTACK PORTS. When was the last time Brits really attacked a port that wasn't neutral or Polish? But if your really into RvR than I guess I'll see you at the port battle later this eve?
  16. Bottle drop rate

    I gotten two bottles in the last week, one was even while going to pick up a wreck. Does feel like it's drops less, but than I wasn't getting many dropped other wise. With the current loot I expect them to drop a lot less. Oh the three wrecks I picked up this week I got some pretty good mods that I needed for upgrades or clan mates needed so I'm not complaining.
  17. A way to include new players in rvr..

    New players should be learning the game to be honest not jumping into RvR with no clue how to get out of irons or anything else. Not saying they can't learn, but I think OW fights is better for that than PB's specially with the majority of them being low BR so your very limited on how many can get in and you normally going to want your "A TEAM" not you newbs. Actually it shouldn't. I spend my first 3-6 months learning the game and avoiding clans and RvR when I popped on. It wasn't unitl I made Master Com and a old friend talked me into joining his clan that I tried RvR. Even than it was mainly the shallow water PB's not the big ship ones. Some folks want nothing to do with RvR and it shouldn't be forced upon them if that is what they want in the game.
  18. Make Naval Action more realistic

    I always love it when folks we never seen in game or post come up with big changes to make the game how they want it to be, not knowing a lot of that stuff has all ready been tested and didn't work. This is not a simulator, you have to make it enjoyable for players. Again it's not a simulator and this game is no where as arcadie as some of the other options out there for Age of Sailing games. Find one that isn't like some cross of Disney show or so out of date I could play it prob on my phone? I bet you can't name any.
  19. Hard Cap for upgrades

    Remember when you do your count to add in wood types too. A lot of folks forget this and wonder why they can't hit the cap or worse they put a bunch of mods on that put them way over the caps. Woods effect not only HP, Thickness, and speed, but also effects the turning.
  20. Exactly his point, it failed so why are we trying to make the OW like that too? I have no issues with the zones myself, but I think it was stupid to bump up the rewards to some insane numbers before any ROE/BR limits was put into place cause all it did was encourage more ganks and uneven fights that you have no hope to escape cause no one can leave the fight.
  21. You don't have to go to every event every day, take the other days where it's not close to you to do other things like OW PvP, PvE, Trade, Pick your nose, pretend you have a life....you know like other things. Are you can bring your own when the patrol zone isn't there and stock up? A lot of ports have them but they burn through really fast, though I do think they should bump up the port drop of them for those ports either way. The issue though with that is folks will just buy them and then repost them for higher price so your better off stocking up and keeping your own supply on hand.
  22. More Hull Repairs Used in OW

    Repair in battle, or do like Vodka said bring more.
  23. More Hull Repairs Used in OW

    no it shouldn't you want cheap repairs pull in ports. Repairs at sea should cost you.
  24. As long as we can get them in game too through other means like PvP chest rewards. While I'm back to working, but it's peanuts compared to what I use to make so can't just blow money on stupid things like coke and hookers or paints for ships.
  25. As a teaser ya'll should like accidently drop a paint chest in every ones redeemables...or should of did that the day before this patch....lol It's boring only having the white Bellona and the Endy paint. Though I do like the Endy paint it's very nice but i don't use that ship yet (grinding slots out on it).