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  1. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    Good question, if I'm paying real money for them they should be auto add to the limit I currently have. Say they add 3 more dock spaces and I have 17 right now (not maxed out) than I should have 20 after buying it and still can pay for the last three slots if I want. Same goes for the outpost too. They should not affect the cost of your current level of either of those and be a seperate total of the number you have.
  2. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    I think that is a bit hight, half what the game cost for two ships. I would do something like 5 dollars each or 10 for the pair. Make the other DLC's about 5's each too. I would pay that for a slight DLC of the game, but I won't pay 20 bucks each. That makes it more where more folks will be able to afford them and it's not just the elites. Than again of my 5 accounts I only paid full price for the first one, all the other 4 I paid around 20 bucks while on steam sales. So even 20 would put it around what I paid for the game on sale.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    Maybe look into having it where you can only have one at a time too. I was in a fight the other night we sunk one, the player just popped right back out in another that he bought the note from some one else. We had to take him on pretty much 6 vs 2 to take him down. Second fight he showed up it was 9 vs 6 and we all got sunk, we did take out one Herc (not his) in the fight in the shallow patrol zones. The problem we also found out in the fight was the Xebec while not as tuff gun wise and such, could zip away to repair and than zip right back into the fight. So it was easier for us to focus on one of the Hercs instead, but it cost us all 9 ships to get that one sink. So make sure they can only own one ship at a time, before you can redeem anouther or you will have folks with fleets of them. Lets test the balance, but I still think they are best to keep out of PB's and made KIngs of OW shallow fights. The Hercules also needs 5th rate status to put limits on stat caps like the Xebec has. I think it's fine in shallow, just needs to be majorly limited in BR for PB's or just keep out. Make it 5th rate like the other ship and give them a BR around the Cerberus level. Make it cost you two ship slots to bring one in a PB if they are keep in the PB's. Well when it gets sunk I assume or when the game goes live.
  4. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    Lets test these and see how it works, but I think making them both 5th rates shallow ships (this will effect there shipkowledge perks too) and making them not able to enter port battles, but just OW Kings will be a good way to balance them. That or they really need BR's around the Cerberus level so that if you want to bring them they cost you two ship slots over one ship. This would balance them a bit more with the current ships.
  5. Sir Texas Sir

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    ON the LVG Refit I wasn't getting 5 per swivel I was lucky to get maybe 1-5 kills a broad side with them. Think the most I ever got was 10. With the Xebec I get 1-4 crew per shot up the stern. WHich would maybe be cause of less armor thickness so they pen more and maybe hit more crew, but I'm not getting 5 per shots on average.
  6. Sir Texas Sir

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Yah you went against a big 5th rate, now something like a light frigate you shouldn't have much problems with. Got to keep to the stern of those ships and work them down. As for the 32's I have yet to test them on this ship, but remember the Niagara and the Hurc (this ship should be a shallow 5th rate too) can have 32's. It's nothing new, in fact a group of us with a Naigara with 32's took down Two Hurcs the other day, one was with a H Rattler and other in the PvP Zone ended up being a big nasty brawl we lost lal our ships (8 total) but the other team was two hers, two xebecs and rest H Rattlers (think it was 9 vs 6 total). We had more promblems fighting the Xebecs than the Hercs, yes they hurt, but once you get againts them or focus they acutally went down fast. The xebecs on the other hand would just turn up wind. I was the only Prince, but was heavy built and couldn't match them in speed, maybe if I was light, but than they would destroy me in a brawl. From my testing of ships I just got done getting 4 slots on a Cedar/Teak build, with Copper, Navy Hull and Pirate Rig. This ship seems way fun and great for a solo trade ship hunter, but I can get 15+ in most sail profiles with it. It's 14.5+ in docks. I think the pirate refit needs to be dropped from us with ships with this sail profile set up. Maybe come out with a mod that is in the middle that can be used by this ship. Maybe like Pirate Frigate/Privateer gives you a boost to boarding prep or moral to make up for not being able to use the Sail refits like PIrate, Spanish and such. the 2pbr chaser need something, more crew kill, maybe give them the effects of grape, but keep the pen and short range. That way they are very effective and deadly up close. This is a problem with the LVG Refit is they really don't do much anything. One or two kills in crew a broad side is doing nothing. I been getting about 1-4 crew kills though shooting through the stern armor, never get anything like that shooting at the side armor with the LVG. Maybe it's cause of the thickness diffrence of the armors effectiveness goes down? So far I been killing only AI shallow ships with this build. I had no problem taking out most of the light frigates and LGV's with the Teak/Wo build with 9's. I'll be trying later with 32's. Got a feeling that will have to be on a teak/wo or tuffer build cause you will have to be up close unless your fighting other shallow water ships.
  7. Not really those are things you get from drops and rewards, to be fair we should have to re-find those things just like any one else. Even though I have all the rare books on my main I wouldn't think it would be fair to a new player that I can have OP gunnery and boarding mods they can't get straight out the door. Recipes for ships you can buy in the admiralty store for every thing other than 1st rates (those will need Victory marks). Now what I can see them doing and some other games have done, is do a pre-release wipe, lets say when we official go to BETA stage of the game and tweeking out the last moment things. Do this a month before official release. Than let all those with pre-sales keep anything they gain that month. So we get a bit of a head start or any one that buys before release. I do think when they go to beta stage the Pandora should no longer be offer to new accounts as it should be the Tester special ships just like the Yacht is the Pre-Steam special ship. And I agree premium content that is paid for before release should be there ready upon release day.
  8. not really if they have folks on friendly clan list others can keep defending the port. We did that with RAM until they screwed up the drop the port so some other clan could pick it up. They really need an option for dead clans or small clans that don't want ports any more to hand them off to another nation clan.
  9. Any update info on the patch? @admin posted in the last patch one he will give an update by end of week and well we haven't seen an update and the week is officially over. Would be nice to get some more details as many folks have stopped playing waiting for it to drop. The rest of us will like to be properly prepared for when ever it does drop.
  10. Sir Texas Sir

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Yah that is why I stated do a cap limit. Only 4th rates and below, only 3rd rates and below or something that could be more historical about the draft of the ships that could get into that ports habours/regions or something. Just mainly so it's not the same meta over and over of the biggest ships you can find. I would love to see a 15 vs 15 battle that was only 4th rates or 3rd rates. That would be more of an easy way to control the mix of the fleet. Also would love if some ports that had islands and such around had a cap circle that was truely in shallow while the others might be deep water, so you have to bring small ships or a mixture to control circles and such. One way they can do this is split the port battles into three groups. Shallow water, normal and Deep water. Deep water are any thing goes from 1st rates to 6th. Normal is restricted to say 3rd/4th rates to 6th rates. Than of course shallows would restricted to shallow water ships only.
  11. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    They can take all the time in the world to do the patch if they want, but they said they will give us an update to know what to be ready for at the end of the week. Being silent and doing nothing to let us know when and what to expect does more damage than rushing things. So we should all just roll over let the ports drop and go play something else until the patch drop some time next summer? That pretty much what your saying, you know a patch that was hinted to come back a few months ago but keeps getting pushed back and pushed back as they add more and more things.
  12. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    @admin just want to remind you it's the end of the week.....Unless ya'll are working over the weekend?
  13. You do know they will wipe every thing except xp/rank/crafting Shipknowedge upon release of the game. We will all be back in BasicCutters and Pandora's or any other Premium ship we might have at that time only. I honestly can't wait for it as it would be nice for every one to stat at the same level since we have had a merge since the last wipe.
  14. And you forgot ship knowledge as they added that to the list of things we will get upon release. It doesn't take long to get things back, but I would actually love a dang port wipe to clean house of all those clans owning ports that aren't active but have so much money in bank they can keep paying for them and well some ports that was taking cause of bad mechanics or dead clans dropping ports.
  15. Not sure I can stand to grind through the ships again though but wealth wise wipe away. That something I can easily make up from a basic cutter level and some time.