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  1. This could be yet another way to find out if some one is board fit other than seeing them reload very slowly and well them having crew stacked....which I think is funny cause of the moral hit I beat a crew stack wasa with my Aggy that only had barricads. He started with a nice moral hit that allowed me to get the upper hand even though 100 more crew and marines. Crew builds aren't always good if you don't knwo what your doing in boarding too lol It's a trade off, you can go very close and protect your ship from broad sides or you can keep your distance and not loose crew. It's how balance systems work where there are pro and cons for things. Not to mention if it has a very limited rang say 50-100m It's not really that close when your in most battles unless your stuck to the stern like glue.
  2. pvp perks and knowledge

    As Rediii said it can give you a few more out of your speed in a ship or allow you to carry more repairs and not be as effective by cargo. I got one char that runs it all the time cause he's in fast taggers. He can also side line as a cargo runnner when needed lol Yah I been debating dropping it on most set ups other than the guy that runs light ships all the time that need every bit of sail help as he can get.
  3. Controlling Fires

    I remember back in the color mods days I chased some one a whole battle with a blue fireship fitting on and keep my sails and armor pretty healthy but they wouldn't stay close to me cause they figure I was going to blow....it was funny but I sunk him in the end after demasting him. As for the ship knowledge maybe add a limit crew you can take on the ship to min crew allowed. Why would you bring full crew if your planing to blow up? This will also make it harder to control the fire when it starts if your manning guns and other things as you are under crewing you ship.
  4. I wish we could craft the dange LGV refit cause I could use a 5 slot one to make up for the 3 slot ship knowledge cause opening the note is to much RNG. Other than when they had the ops crafting bug I have yet to get any gold ships. I gotten a purple trader brig and two of the P Frigate redeemabels I open where purple 4/5 ships with perks. Than again RNG gods have always hated me so I don't expect anything when I craft a ship.
  5. Remove Ensign Flags

    Like every game in the past that allowed it. They either have to be approved by admins/moderators or they get auto approved and if some one reports them they get inspected and or removed. We never had a problem with penis on flags on POTBS and you can send in for custom flags or sails. Many games have clan logo's/flags and it works just fine. Hell even let us do it on client side and not have to reinstall ever time. If all clan members can add a mod so they can see the flags of the nation as the clan flag instead that would be great. It would let you know who on your team/fight is clan mates without looking at the player names above the ships.
  6. But was it ever tested on a more larger scale. I think I remember ya'll mentioning it in the past when this type of topic was brought up. I think it would be a good thing for all ships to have a little crew damage on all parties if they are within say 50m. Though have it dependent on crew size and cap that you can only kill a small percentage over time. If you loose `1-10 crew every minute you stay in that range with some one it will start to add up, but the easy way to solve that is to back off a bit so your no longer in musket range. Make the 1-10 crew bas off the ships size. Most ships carried 20% marines on them. So you base that off 50-1000 crew we are talking about 20-200 muskets. The low end of that only does 1 crew per a set time while the high end can do 10 crew. I would test it starting with every 30 seconds your in range than tweek it up or down from that. Every 15 secs might be to often but every min might be not enough. The point is it made getting close to another ship risky for your crew as that was normally only when you where getting ready to board a ship. Small ship wants to side scrap a big ship they risk loosing 1-10 crews every 30 secs. I turn off most my ambient in game sounds, so making extra sounds is just added stuff to the game. I want to be able to hear the voice comes and whistles being blown lol As I stated above and others are pointing out if it seem like to many where getting killed tone it down until we find that sweet spot. Crew defence mods like Barricades, wood types, ship knowledge and such should effect how much crew you loose too for close in musket range. all ships had marines on board back than, but this could give folks reason to have certian mods over than just for board fit. I personnely thing the baording cannons is useless mod from the few times i tested it I really didn't see any improvements, but it was also against AI with all the dang board green board mods.
  7. Remove Ensign Flags

    I would just be happy with clan flags in battle/game right now.
  8. I been in a sitution in real life where the hired security team filled a small fast boat with holes killing it's engine so it can't get beside and board the ship to slow it down for it's buddies in the bigger slow fishing boat. It's not a pratice that is new. Marines been doing it for years stopping small boarding/raiding parties with simple musket fire. There is nothing wrong with having a zerg of small ships, the problem is when they side scrap you and you can't do anything about it. POTBS stopped this by having a zone around all ships that if you enter you took crew damage from the other ship simulating musket fire. We could have something like that. This would effect all ships big or small. On POTBS we use to use Van Horn Snows all the time to zerg big ships, most the time we lost almost half our numbers but they where fun fights and we just make another and jump right back out there. Oh and new hotfix/patch notes?
  9. Why are there deep water ports with less BR than shallows

    @Wraith but we seen small clans try that only to get screened out by some third party buddy that wiped the fleet out on the way. I also think there should be designated small clan ports. That you can't own those ports if you have 10 or more ports all ready. That leaves ports for the small clans and nations to fight over and not worry about some big nation or mega clan wiping them out. Cause I thought the whole reason for the lower BR was to give those small clans and nations a chances, which they still don't get in OW. I don't want lobby rooms, but by doing some ports (and we are talking about none important ports) set a side for small clans. That are make the port owner cap 25 so one clan can't own half the server. They have to pick which ports are important to them after all. I think the port maintenance is helping more with this as they have to keep some ports open, but other than for VM's why would I want a useless port?
  10. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    But that is you, some folks might think that is the funnest thing in the world. We had a guy back a long time ago that would go pick up bottles for us and go get them. This was back when they spawned all over the map when you open them. He loved just watching his ship sail in the OW while he did other things. Folks enjoy many things of the game. I like crafting, kinda think trading is boring myself, but I also like a good brawl too. @Slim Jimmerson your poll is missing another options. I would say Pirates get the least love, they need there own mechanics.
  11. Why are there deep water ports with less BR than shallows

    This is flawed though cause that same fleet can be screened out of the PB every time by a much larger fleet over and over so the limit doesn't really help them it actually can hurt them. Before folks say they should get friends and screeners, if they had those numbers they wouldn't be hitting small BR ports in the first place. Though I don't want it to go to lobbies either so stick to what we got. Though would be nice ot have a few more deep water big BR ports. Seems a lot of the ports are in the mid rang. Than again when was the last time most of us gather 25+ players of a port batte. I think only a few nations can do so.
  12. Capturable 4th-1st rates?

    actually RL you wouldn't be able to keep a SOL. It would be sent back to the Admirality, refitted and than given to some one else as a new commissioned ship in the Navy. Smaller frigates would some times be assigned to the officer that brought it back with the Prize crew as his first ship. So with that the only ones that could capture and keep SOL's would be the pirates;)
  13. Capturable 4th-1st rates?

    We also brought up the abuse of easy cheap fireships that no one cares about cause they captured it from AI. Yah that post got shot down very fast with multi reason why it was bad to bring back capture of permited ships and SOL.
  14. Rude Behavour

    Right click on name "report" is what your suppose to do when folks do stuff in chat, but in your case i would use the "Ignore" option if this bothers you that much.
  15. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    I wouldn't do a BR limit. Maybe make it a group limit of 6 guys and no ships above certain class. I think keeping them to 3rd rates and below would be good. To easy for oen clan to role in all SOL and just destroy anything that moves.