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  1. I never had an issue with AI not shooting me. The problem is when the. Instant pull you while half full of water and taking for ever to sink cause they got every freaking mod to boot and marines and still reload like half there crew wasn’t in survival.
  2. Boarding pull was 3.6 before. 8 is way to high. I got epic event 1st rates slower than that. If AI follows same rules it’s instant board same with any players in fights with tanked out 1st rates.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    Really have you ever sails a mortar brig? Fir/fir it will get run down by a 1st rate. Hell even had one run me down going up wind. It can’t keep up with other ships in a fleet unless they are all tanked out lo/wo 1st rates.
  4. Sir Texas Sir

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    We thought of this but is pretty much dead in any fight. I might drag one out the next time we do screening. Just wish there was a bigger ship option.
  5. Sir Texas Sir

    Flags Flags Flags

    I’m not the only one to bug them for updates lol
  6. Can you replace the models so we can use our old Connie ship knowledge on the new modes. Than as suggested make the old one a heavy frigate general 4th rate that maybe be bought with CM and crafted?
  7. Sir Texas Sir

    Cosmetic DLC! Take our money!

    Naming ships has been shot down as it can be abused to much. Flags should be here with the UI patch with in game and dlc means to get them. Paints while can be in game now they plan to do it more like ship knowledge. Once you learn/buy it you can use that paint on any ship you own of that type. The problem is they have to do a ship wipe to do that.
  8. We are testing her right. Ow it has been mention by devs the fate of either ships.
  9. #soon When ever they get done with UI done which they said by the end of this month. Than we have localization and any final things they want to and/or more likely the end of the year.
  10. Sir Texas Sir

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Caribbean is a PvP/PvE server as you have both elements there. This is why some of us been pushing for more PvE only safe zones that folks can stay in if they don't want to deal with PvP part of the game or even the extreme making a good chunk of the map. I would prefer to see us all on one server and the Devs resources going to making a better game for us all. I have nothing against a PvE only server, but I jsut think at this time while in a development stage it's a waist of money and resources until release and they can work on more content for ya'll. I also understand with the fake safe zones it's not even logical for some one that only wants PvE in the game to come over to a server they will just constantly get ganked by a bunch of pricks with no life and don't understand you need those PvE and casuals to make the game populated with players. Devs have said in the past they won't do anything for the PvE only server until after release, that is why ya'll get the half arse cast aways of things we get.
  11. I think they have just a few guys working on the UI cause of menus issues, but other things can be worked on by other guys in the team. I mean not every one is a programmer or 3D model artist after all. A lot of the balance stuff is just tweeking numbers is all. Honestly perks like the Double Ball/Charge should be auto learned along with the first fleet perk as we level up. I know they been talking about doing a perk revamp cause of the crafting persk (which should be tied to crafting rank not combat rank) and such are out dated system. I could see us getting both charges and having the limit along with grape limit like the Chain (though I think we need more grape than what we get for chain). My biggest issue with the chain limit is that folks will repair spam the sails until every one runs out of chain and than just out run you cause you can't get the sails down faster than they can get yours using the super laser sighted rear guns. That accruacy bonus was made to give trade ships an edge, it needs to be removed for all ships now since the game is not the same. Give stern guns the same accuracy as bow guns have. Keep the ammo to persk with unlimted ball and have it refresh every battle. I also think repairs need a hard limit per battle. No more than 3-5 repairs no matter how many you have on your ship. This is kinda done with Rum with the longer timer, maybe we could test a longer repair timer on the Hull and Sails (I still think they should only work in battle sails or lower speed).
  12. Sir Texas Sir

    Overloaded shipwrecks

    The ship is random part of the wrecks that has nothing to do with the size. What I would like is if we could only load what we want from them. There been time I ran out from opening a bottle at Marsh Harbor and while it was in deep water get to it to find it's over 2K and I have to go back to port, get an Indianman from way up north. Telport it to Cabo (can't do that any more) and than sail over to the shallows to pick it up. When the only reason it's over 2K is cause of the trade good in the hull. Which I could live without when I only want the other goods instead. The goods in the shipwreck should go off what port you open the battle in. If I open a bottle in the shallows it should not weigh more than what a Trader Brig can pick up. If I open it in deep water port I would limit it to LGV more than the Indianman. Since I never see the wreck as a trade ship I would actually limit it to what ever the biggest war ship cargo space is.
  13. Sir Texas Sir

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Are you on the PvE server? Might be why cause they really haven't done nothing for the PvE only server. That won't happen until after release and even than it's always going to get the scraps off the PvP/PvE Main server. There was never a promise of PvE only servers just the Devs being nice to make a few small group of folks happy. Though there is suppose to be missions and more PvE like content with this big patch we are waiting on. We are in a game that is getting developed, yes some things where not the best chooses made in game direction, but hay that is what we are here for. To test things to see what should be best to get in and keep in game for the final release. Though I do have to say I think Fine Woods was a pretty horrible mistake though....lol
  14. Sir Texas Sir

    It's time for Justice

    Hay now I got to keep like my 4th most poster on the forums some how, that and #Christianforintrepido can be ran too along the #WHENSEPTEMBERENDS and #WHYNOPAINTS. Oh and I can promise every one this, I am not @Admiral Horation Homblower hmmm any one notice like three comes up when you @Admiral Horatio Hornblower, testing to see if this is three accounts.... @Admiral Horatio Homblower
  15. Sir Texas Sir

    It's time for Justice

    Will we finally see the Great @Admiral Horatio Homblower lead these battles?