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  1. Sir Texas Sir

    Resources slots bigger than 10000

    And also about doing clan control of the trade. I agree I think it's going to be very interesting when a wipe happens. Just a resource wipe I think would have folks fighting a lot more.
  2. Sir Texas Sir

    Battlesail fighting

    You do know that after release they will still make changes to like perks, pirate mechanics and game mechanics will change over and over. They have the basic game here all ready once UI and locilization are done we are basically beta and ready for release.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Resources slots bigger than 10000

    Your not the only one that is why wo and LO I haven’t had an issue with. So much cedar too lol
  4. Sir Texas Sir

    Resources slots bigger than 10000

    4 out of 5 of my chars are RA the last one is Commodore that I have ranked up purely on RvR and PvP. All 5 are level 50 crafters. So yah folks will want to do both, but some folks just hate crafting so they shouldn't have to, but also there are some folks in this game that want to jsut trade and craft and they should be allowed to and that would help support the game. I used my chars as an example that I'm one of those guys I want all my options to be fully open. I can switch any one of them around to craft if I need to as I also buy all the BP's and unlock all ships on them too along with Mod BP's and such so they can do what ever I want them to. That is an optoin that we have in this open world sandbox game. Any solo player can do the same too. and I'm far from a casual as I have over 9K hours in this game (1K of that is prob AFK falling asleep at the keyboard). I spent a lot of time in this game when I wasn't working most of all last year.
  5. Sir Texas Sir

    Resources slots bigger than 10000

    I play my 5 chars more like a mini clan and I view that when I test things. 4 of those 5 are in the US and only one is a crafter and the other hauls stuff while two are pure combat. The last my Spanish I hardly ever log in and I don't use him to get resources. So with that I see how small clans can struggle if they don't get organized and that is why I make certain suggestion when I do about game play. A solo player should not have to get alts to play the game, but they also shouldn't expect every thing in a day or two or even a weeks time. I remember my first ship I had crafted for me was a Suprise. It took me a good part of a month to gather up every thing and hand it to Speedfreak to get him to craft it as I just made Master Com (I also waited until I made rank to crew it). I loved that ship, had it well until I switched over to pirates when I gave it to a lower level clan mate to grind out in. That how it should be, but for folks saying econ is dead and there is no player econ apparently play in nations that don't help each other out. As crappy as RvR/PvP players as US is many of them are very good at the trade/crafting game (casual players that enjoy that). I don't even have to use my alts to get certiain things I just post up and some one fills the contract for me in Marsh Habrour. I always put it up close to what I would pay EU trader to give them a goo profit for there time and I still kick out a lot of shallow ships to keep the players in ships in the shallows. We even now have a trade channel in discord to tell folks when you post contracts in certain ports so we can help each other. The econ can be done, but the problem is the players most nations have. It's the clans that work together that seem to get and understand the game, it's the solo's and die hards that don't understand crafting that keeps thinking it's dead or broken. DOes it need working, oh hell yah it needs a lot of working and hopefully this econ patch will help out a lot and allow them to do more with that once they have time to work on it. This is a sandbox so there should be no classes, but we do have ranks and options for folks that want to be pure combat/crafter or a mix of both, perks need to be redone and split between your crafting and combat ranks. One of the problems we have is we don't give the crafters/traders tools to do there thing. They need a bit of safe zones, they need the support of the PvP players that just want to hunt them not understanding they are all gone, they get no ships crafted. There should be more perks to player crafted ships over notes. Notes should never be anything other than blue ships with a perk only crafted ships should have the chance for purple or gold ships and only in ships crafted out side of safe zones too.
  6. Sir Texas Sir

    Perk slot change

    Are maybe turn your flag sideways and you suddenly become Dutch trader and can hide like that?
  7. Sir Texas Sir

    Perk slot change

    Perks will be reworked in the future after all the main stuff is done. I always thought your econ perks should be tied to your Crafting Rank and your Combat Perks should be tied to your Combat Rank. Never understood why we had to share those 5 slots between the two. So some one can be a Combat char and never craft and have 5 combat perks or some one can do nothing but craft and trade and have 5 crafting perks, but only 1-2 combat persk (they should go back to 1 every two levels). Than you should have the master/top end players that have maxed out both and they have both 5 combat perks and 5 crafting perks. I also feel some of the combat perks should be auto learned when you level up. Like every one should have Double Shot and Charge and maybe Fleet 1 as they level up.
  8. Sir Texas Sir

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    That a really good question we wonder back on GLOBAL (well more when it was PvP2) cause we went 6-9 months without ever seing a green name other than the rare time Ink would log on when the servers where having issues. Than suddenly two mods was on there a lot (won't mention names) but all they seem there to do was farm nobs around capitals and as soon as the game changed they stop showing up on our server until they merged. Honestlly every nation should have one or two active mods that can help with any issues in those nations. SHould be something the Devs team looks into when the game goes live.
  9. Sir Texas Sir

    All items were removed from the Clan Warehouse

    This could be the case they changed names and than clean house and ran out of town so to speak. Really wish there was more control over the powers and levels of powers you have with officers. Maybe some day we will have more clan control of what officers can do and diffrent levels than what we have now.
  10. Sir Texas Sir

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    Also command need a better explanation. I think why so many button push and have no clue is cause there is no info on the command and what they do and how effective they are against certain things.
  11. I actually found out something like Fir/wo or fir/teak works better cause you don’t want to sink or burn up to fast either. wish fleeet AI had a few more commands too. Not that I use them much other tha. On trade run but some times best escape is not the path the AI takes or maybe I want it to try to rage board some one lol
  12. Sir Texas Sir

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    Tax's off anything sold or done in the port should go back to the clan that owns it. Like production cost, repairs done in port and such. That would make the insane tax you pay (pretty much 50%) on the port of any profits you make when you include the port maintance fee.
  13. Sir Texas Sir

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Well they never said this year right lol
  14. Sir Texas Sir

    New Boarding patch

    There should be anouther type of shock in game when you take so much damage that most of not alll your side armor is gone. If a ship losses all armor in one broad side and eats into structure they should be taking on water big time and trying to save there ship not pulling away and instant heal while some one takes its place. even if they aren’t leaking the shock should make it so they can’t turn away and could be left in place to take anouther broadside from said bigger ship.
  15. Sir Texas Sir

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    So we are almost to Friday of the second last week of the month. So any one want to take bets if this patch drops before the end of next week? @admin how it’s going should we be getting all excited and ready for it or should we not call all hands just yet and let folks do other things? #whenswptemberends PS: where are the paints?