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  1. Sir Texas Sir

    World Cup (annual event)

    Don't you mean start in like 1722? I mean the game does take place in that time not ours? I can see giving out a participation reward where every one gets one item for joining (a paint of course) POTBS every one that did the races got a flag/sail pattern to use at start of the race so we all knew who was involved in it. Than you got to keep it to show you where involved in that event. Something like that. Than have the winners get something else special. If it's a ship something maybe like a speical paint for a ship that no one else has but it's a common ship or every one that wins gets a special GUNBOAT (there is an api entry for a fireshipgunboat paint). Stuff like this that isn't to OP.
  2. Sir Texas Sir

    Battle Coms simplified

    "The tactical result of an engagement forms the base for new strategic decisions because victory or defeat in a battle changes the situation to such a degree that no human acumen is able to see beyond the first battle. In this sense one should understand Napoleon's saying: "I have never had a plan of operations." Therefore no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force." Helmuth von Moltke - Chief of Staff of Prussian General Staff He's pretty much the one that started the saying that many use where, "No battle plan last past the first shot fired." That is why I never make big battle plans just basic set up according to where the other team might enter. US Nation has a Deaf player in it and well there are just some players that refuse to use team speak. In those few cases we just type added orders into the game, other wise pretty much every one is in TS. We have a Coastal Gaurd area for a reason in our TS. I"m sure it's like this with just about every nation, but a few simple commands in game would be nice. Nothing fancy just so folks can respond without filling up TS with voice commands. I'm low tone deaf in one ear and about 50% hear lost. I do battle coms at times (did take a big break mainly cause burned out) but if there is a lot of clutter in TS a I can't hear what folks might say. It would be nice if some one just has to say, "Affirmative" in game and I can see that isntead of having half a dozen folks say it in TS. Are if folks see "Target z4ys" instead of me saying it or a battle group leader saying it. Though even than most folks newish to big battles are so lost and don't use the mini map. There been times I asked some one, "Hay can you focus on that guy to your right he's almost dead and alone." They will be, "WHAT GUY?" When it's the only red dot (or blue for color blind mode) on the Mini map right next to them. Plan as day it's an enemy ship on the mini map they are coming up to. Most us experience players use the M map a lot in battle to see how things go, but a lot of players can't even use the mini map cause they get so tunnel vision in fights.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Battle Coms simplified

    There have been some great old battles posted in the past with very organized and displined fleets. I think for my own clan the lines went out when the old flag system left cause we used it to circle as the circle of doom cloased in. Other wise smashing into to none PvPers with a "Pirate Ball." Tends to work better cause it all goes to chaos when you smash into each other in big fleets lo. Sadly the only time we see these any more is shall battles cause to many ports have way to low of a BR. Half the ports on the US coast is around 2500-5K mark. Would be nice to actually use a nations/clans numbers in PB more than just one port or two. They really need to look at some of the BR's I think that is another reason a lot of folks won't attack ports. They are limited to ELITE small 6-10 man groups where a mistake can quickly throw a fight and not be able to bring in numbers where you can make up for a few weak players. As for the topic though wouldn't be bad to have a few quick response commands in game, but that means coding and we won't see anything like that added until after release prob.
  4. Sir Texas Sir

    Bonus accumulation how it works

    It's 30% it got bumped up when HP and Armor did.
  5. Yah that is all old news, oh they updated the dirty copy again just now. Things getting moving. So was it a normal down time message for the game today? Maybe we see it the first of the week than.
  6. Yah that is when they normally do it, but they have tricked us a few times doing it on other days. Steam got another dirty copy update 2 hours ago. So they getting something ready this week, prob my best bet is going to be next week too.
  7. So we keep hearing hopefully by the end of May. Any one want to take bets if we get it by this weekend or next? This would be a good weekend to do it as it's a big holidays for the Americans that many folks might take the time off to jump on, but most likely I"m expecting next week some time. Oh Steam got a dirty patch update the last two days, that is normally a sign we are getting closer.
  8. Sir Texas Sir

    What is this?

    Turn volume off cause some one has a windy day, but this is what it's used for.
  9. Sir Texas Sir

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    But this isn't a PvP only server. We have two servers folks..... Caribbean which is a PvP/PvE server. PvE Only (which has zero PvP). Folks keep trying to think this is a PvP only server and it is not. I'll honestly admit what keeps me around is my breaks I take to play other games. If I haven't been taking them I would of gave up on this game a long time ago. I'll still pop in do my econ, check with my guys in clan and than go play the other games for the eve. I make the weekends my NA time cause it's when I got most time off. Been playing this game for over 2 years and it's not ever release so why should I spend all my time into this game?
  10. Sir Texas Sir

    Hercules, the destroyer of balance between shallow ships.

    Doen'st matter cause PB's are locked to BR not ship type. Shallow waters are locked to 50-80 BR and Deep water is locked to 80+ BR. So if we made the Herc a 100 BR ship it can not get into shallow water port battles even though it's a shallow water ships. Keeping it to King of OW shallows. Armor means nothing if your under 250m brawling. Every shallow water gun pens at that range unless you are angled,, hell even I bounced a 18 lb before in a Fir Fir Prince. We have sunk Hercs already in both PB's and OW engagements. The OW we used Niagara's and H Rats. You have to pair up on them and DPS them down before they can get three broad sides on you (if your tanked too). Once you get the armor down they go fast. It's all about focus fire on them and they go down. The problem is they are fast and they can most of the time leave tanked out ships behind cause of this. My Teak/WO has 3900 (with planking) HP's and still does 13 Knts. So the problem is not the the armor. I had no problems ripping one apart with 18 lbs Carros and 30% reload he couldn't out DPS me as so he had to pull away and run. Once we figured out how to take them down we haven't had an issue with them. You can't have your fast guys go brawling with them cause they dont' have the HP,s so they need to shoot sails, slow them down and than let the tougher ships take them down. Now this is when you catch them solo out and about. The issue is when they are equal number or more than the other team that doesn't have them. They will destroy most shallow ships cause of this cause they have so much HP and the strong Broad side. SO just make them 100 BR, they can't get into shallow water PB's and the problem is solved for now.
  11. Sir Texas Sir

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    Where is my epic boss I can kill and get these mods? The Epic events still suck cause you have to first split 9 chest between 6 players and than you only get one epic chest. I'm fine with the splititing of the 9 chest, but if you finish that misisons every one should be getting there own Epic Chest not 6 guys haveing to split the loot of one chest and even than it's not a for sure thing. I did several epics with the clan where I passed on things cause there was nothign I could use. We gotten only one rare ship (a rattler) so far and the rest been just mods we can normally get from grinding OW with one book of cargo distrobution. It really wasn't very epic for doing PvE. Again cause you have to share it instead of getting your own rewards and you ahve to trust every oen to share the chest and be honest about what they get in them when they open them. It's a crappy system. RNG blows for some of us too. I constantly get basic mods when I see other folks get rare mods all the time. It's got to a point I stopped hitting OW ships any more or looting ships cause it's not worth it any more. Hell I get better loot from the rare bottle I get once in a while....again PvE content and not PvP. very little stuff is in the shop for PvP and you don't get any drops or loot for RvR Port battles (they should bring back the chest again) we only get PvP marks that it for PvP content so why shouldn't we have more things we can buy for our hard work?
  12. Sir Texas Sir

    Hercules, the destroyer of balance between shallow ships.

    Shallow water port battles are locked to 80 BR and below. The ship had 100 BR before it was released which would make it still an OW king and allow you to bring it into deep water pot battles, but not shallow waters. Having used it can say it's defently way to OP to be allowed in shallow water PB's. Have you even fought in it? Thickness is not the problem. The problem is that you have 500 more HP and more than base HR can have. The guns can take out most shallow in two broad sides with good hits. Yes they can be sunk and we have sunk them pair/or trippling up ships on them. The biggest issue is the speed. You can keep 13+ Speed with Teak/WO and still have almost 1K more HP than a HR. The things don't need to be in shallow port battles. Thickness is not the problem every thing at that level pens each other at 250 or closer unless your angle like crazy....the HP and speed is the issues more than anything.
  13. Sir Texas Sir

    Ships of Old

    LOL that was what I was thinking, "OH CRAP NOT ANOTHER SHAKY CAMERA VIDEO." So sick of that style of movies. It didn't bother me so much the style he was going for with that video, it was just the shacking and fact you can hear it on the mic the hole time.....maybe use one of those selfy sticks so he doesn't shack so much and make noise the mic pics up? Though it's a start and videos can be good for new players I kinda agree more visuals even if it's just more in game videos of showing things like pitch and roll and other things.
  14. Sir Texas Sir

    Adding a depower feature

    Yah double tap should bring you back to 100% or all the way down to 0%. Other wise each time you tap it would be nice to move percentage of your sails like your main. That way along with your hards and other things you can slowly adjust your speed to match other folks. Another thing that would love is an auto speed set for OW, not an auto pilote to follow some one, but sets auto speed to match the lead player in a group. That way the group leader can set his speed and the rest of the group can push the button and match his speed. Of course the limit's would always be you can only go so fast as your ship allowed so the slowest guy will still be the slowest but if say the lead sets to battle sails it's than every one else can match his speed and follow as it's not faster than the slowest guy in the group.