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  1. 4th rate Rebalance

    Ingermanland is an old out dated ship that is why it's with the 4th rates. Though I do think all the old 4th rates need some of there old stats back to make them more on par with newer ships. I been saying this since test bed and maybe tweek the acceleration for the ship so it takes it longer to get to it's top speed than 4th rates and maybe a little tweek
  2. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    I use to love that ship when I was leveling up my second char. I kinda skip past it with my first though and went straight into the Trinc from the Surpise. I twas a tuff little bugger in fights against much bigger ships, but it kinda go forgotten and left behind as more and more ships came out. Though I have to admit they make great fleet ships when grinding AI or protecting your Traders (though I prefer to be the combat ship for that). Some one posted a pic with a dead zone in front of the bow, I would be all for doing that with bow chasers and giving more ships them if they take out the super accuracy of the stern chasers. That means you have to actually be a little off from the ship your chasing to tag and not exactly on it's arse.
  3. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    You know what a Pirate is right? Just a Privateer without a job.
  4. Share Your first day at see in the open world (Words only)

    Not really sure what all happen on my first day, but my first week was pretty much me going out in a basic cutter trying to do the missions and getting sunk about 22 times before I won a mission (they where hard back than). Some one told me to do small battles as you don't loose your ships and you get XP so I started to do that. Than I got my first PvP kill of this player named BLOOD, guy had no life he was always in small battles, but man did I sink him. THAN SOME A-HOLE HAD TO KILL MY GLORY AND TELL ME HE WAS A NPC.......>>GRRRRRRRRRRR<<
  5. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    A reputation system would make a great way to change nations in game. You go pirate, than gain reputation by freelancing as a Privateer for the new nation. Once you get high enough reputation than you become pat of that nation. There always needs to be an in game way to get any thing that some player can pay real money for. Until they find out that they can't get any marks unless they actually RvR and fight....."I forged my own forged papers to give to others and they never knew they only had fake forged papers of forged papers......"
  6. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    1. The super accuracy on Stern chasers should of been gone along time ago. Wasn't the only reason they did that was to give trade ships a chance? With it ships like Wasa and Suprise can actually slow down several ships and escape that might miss it with the normal accuracy of bows. 2. Tag should be like the FFA battles it's positional join and when you tag your where you tag at not way off in the distance. I seen so many good tags mest up cause of the distance is way to far when you should be right on them and be able to get a broad side off on them at start of battle. Than they take off and shread your sails with there super accurate stern guns as you miss all over the place with normal bow guns. They should have two tag/pull cirlces. The BR one and than an out side bigger one (remember when they had the 2.5 min join circle) that allows you to join instantly when the tag is done or not join at all. You will be at a distance but still it's an option in cause you plan to go do other things or tag other players. The defensive tags and than having to stop and turn to get to your join circle is just BS as it messes up most tags the majority of the fights. Save the join cirlces for the safe zones around capitals only, every where else should be positional join with the two circles. 3. I been saying this for every that press gange/surgeon type skill (pretty much after battle you get a percentage of your crew back) and area control should be default skills that mayeb you get while you level up. Every other level you get a few skills auto. Just like I think Crafting perks should be tied to crafting levels/ranks not your combat rnaks. Split these things up and make them more about leveling up.
  7. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    You know those 4 guns I never put on mine unless I'm runing all 6lbrs for a tagger...yah those guns would be slipped over into a bow/stern position real fast. Maybe they could code it so that you have the option to put them on the sides or in the chasers position but not both. Though ships like the Essex should have chaser any way. If I remember right the reason it didn't was for balance at that time as it had a pretty heavy broad side compared to other ships in game at that time.
  8. Android game war of colony using UGCW footage

    You can report them on FB too, I seen them pulled fast just off that.
  9. Introducing PVP separated ranks. Why not?

    We do need a reputation system in game though. Though I don't think it should be tied to any rewardsi n battle other than maybe a boost to XP/Credits gained for sinking that player in another faction cause of there reputation. Say your a lowly British player and you catch me on a bad day. I'm French but got a high rep of sinking nothing but British players. You actually win the fight you get a 10-20% boost to the xp/credits rewards on top of the normal Player kill over AI boost cause of my reputation of killing so many ships of the British nation. Reputation system can replace Smuggler Flag too. You get a high enough reputation with a certain nation trade faction you don't need to smuggle into the port, but on the flip side if you have bad enough reputation evne the smuggler flag won't let you into a port that isn't of your own nation or freetown. So same example I only sink British Trade ships my French char has a very bad British Trade reputation I can't use any British ports for trade at all. While you as the British player have never sunk a French trader, in fact sank many players with high bad British French trade rep so your reputation with French traders is that you help them by Privateering the bad guys....so you have a good reputation and can go into french ports with a trade ship and no smuggler flag at all to do trade with them. The French Navy might still hate you, but the Traders don't. POTBS kinda had a system like this with there reputation system.
  10. Didn't get victory mark

    And make sure to actually log out of the game, nut just let the game boot you and relog with the game client still open. I know that has stopped it from showing in the past.
  11. The warning system is for first timers that do something small. These aren't first timers. These are players that know exactly what they where doing. Also there is more than one Sea Trail/Forum rules being broken by these actions. Not only are they doing Green on Green they are effecting the out come of a Port Battle by doing this. Which is another rule with actually a much stricter punishment in the past when folks used alts to tag/block folks out of port battles or fill them. Those normally got 2 weeks bans or more. So if I went to bring the old Para-Lega out of me I can prob go over the rules and list every thing they violated, but I'll leave that for @Ink to do. And with that and I shouldn't even be making this post, can we start to hand out warning for folks that troll/fill Tribunals with BS crap over and over. It seems we see a lot of the same folks that either don't play the game or not involve putting in there two cents. They keep doing it over and over. Maybe a few warnings will bring Tribunals back to what they where meant to be.
  12. Also today wasn't a patch, as there was nothing downloaded. The long down time was cause of something esle.
  13. They don't have to tell you every little tweek and change. The last hotfix was just some tweeks to the wind direction changes in battle according to admin. When it's something major or important they update the first page of most patch post.
  14. Swap AI reinforcements for battles that do not close to the defender

    I still don't see how allowing every one to attack them would change this? They all ready can be attacked by every one expcept there own nation. Which if they are smuggling they prob aren't in there own waters so why would it matter if you add one more nation that can attack you. Smuggling in most nations was very illegal, that is why in game your treated as a pirate when your tagged with the flag.
  15. I do think a warning would be good for the game, you know why there is warning labels on every thing? Cause some idiot still tried to do it even though common since would tell you not to, than they tried to sue the company after doing it. So we get warning labels. In just about every game I been on if you leave/retreat and leave you army/men behind they take heavy lost and or destroyed so why wouldn't it be diffrent in this game? I agree with you, but I think @rediii is right it prob should have some warning message when you try to escape and your fleet are still engaged. Honestly we do this to folks that have AI, we try to keep them in if they are escaping so they will loose the ships and crew. It use to be a pain back when they had 5 dura, but eventionally you will get them to run out of crew and dura's before they got to a port or you capture them, but than again this was back when they had that stupid coward perk some one could pop out right next to you even as you move to board their totally demasted and low crew ship.