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  1. Sir Texas Sir

    Increase time before hostility can be gained again

    What I never understood was why is a successful defense you only get a 48 (or is it 24?) hours cool down while a successful attack and capture it's something like 72 hour cool down? 2 vs 3 days shouldn't both have the same cool down? In fact a successful defense should really have a longer cool down as they all ready just buckled down and defended that port so they are ready for any other attacks.
  2. Sir Texas Sir

    Mission changes

    That why the r ward should only be paints or flags. Than again it might be good for a few ports to trade hands. Maybe some one won’t want to t are it back or it gets flipped before they can.
  3. Sir Texas Sir

    Mission changes

    Lets be honest a few anthills have had way to long of peaceful friendship. No one is saying all out war but would be nice if folks actually fought over important regions. No one is saying that nation has to take the ports, plus’s it’s more clan base now than nation. And if those are the only ports that nation owns? Well shouldn’t have picked a hard mode nation.
  4. They got me......add the points up for any of them that have some. It was cheese the La Reqeins (one of them) ram my bow sprite and than tried to force me into boarding. I should of checked who it was I would of done a good old board with Targo for old times sack, but really Rats your bring Trincs to screen out a shallow water port battle? It's bad enough we have these DLC ships problems....what cheese, but I took it like a good sport and had fun. Prince was the MVP and he got a copper plating off me which I told him to loot my ship cause i might of had a light hammocks on it too. Until next time, now I have more dock space thanks guys and I have a purple Niagara that needs to be built, but I'll hold it off using it until the ships are balance.
  5. Sir Texas Sir

    Mission changes

    Soon is a very generic word, that could be tomorrow, next week, a month from now but soon it should be. We been hearing soon for over a month now. Is there any better ETA for the next big patch we can look forward towards? Oh and the rest great news as we need more content to keep players around other than the Hard Core RvR guys. Maybe look into achievements too for doing certain task.
  6. Sir Texas Sir

    Flags Flags Flags

    ETA of this next patch?
  7. Wasa should have a BP option to craft maybe. Not it sits at a spot that folks really do t want to spend PVP marks for a ship that you can just craft a bellona to do the same thing. Maybe give it a CM price too? The only folks I see use it are folks that farm the crap out of capitals and are prob drowning in PvP marks
  8. Sir Texas Sir

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    It really needs to be a 5th rate like the herc to be honest and that would fix a lot of the issues not counting pirate refit issues. The 4-5th rate mods and a ship knowledge will tone it’s stats down a bit from folks super stacking things like crew.
  9. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    OH I agree I prefer our system with actual PvE safe pockets instead. I'm just pointing out that it had the opposite extreme and worked as the game was more gear about PvE game play as most MMO's are mainly about the PvE side of it over the PvP. Never said you where a seal clubber, but my point is that most these guys that are seal clubbing us that as the excuse why they can't find PvP. Well the problem isn't they can't find it they want the easy route. Half the time you see them sitting side by side with other guys seal clubbing and not fighting each other.
  10. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    And many deep water port battles limits are way to low. Limit to 5-7 players or 10 when you got 30-50 folks out side screening. Many of the ports need BR bump up to let more players in. One of the biggest complaints I get with PB's, "Why are they always the ones to go, I did hostlitlity too." While in Shallow you can get every one and than some. I honestly think Shall BR is fine other than adjusting the max one to sit's 25 ships of 80 BR and nothing else.
  11. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Pretty much they summed it up above, I agree there should be around the three easy nations a big safe zone bubble to let players that just want to level up ships, ranks and kill AI do so in safety of not being jumped by other players. If folks want PvP they can go attack other PvP clans/ports. I said this over and over when was the last time Cart, Estro's, Little Habrour, Nassua or any other major ports attacked. I bet you get a little hostitlity on any of those ports you get tons of PvP. Peopel should be able to level up (skills not just rank) in safety if they wish to. Yes this should be a low reward and slow means to do so, but they should still have the option. You want PvP than attack some clan/nation in open waters to get it. POTBS we use to keep certain zones in constant hostility so we would have a red zone (PvP zones). We couldn't farm the map or new zones cause the map was other wise PvE only and that game was very active until they went F2P route and did retarded things to it. Those Red Zones where the only place you could PvP so you knew where to find others. No guessing or wondering around the whole map looking or camping newbie capital zones.
  12. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I really think a lot of the hard core PvP/RvR guys don't understand about new players cause they tend to avoid them. As a US player I deal with new players daily and the retention rate is sad how many don't stick around and most the time it's not that the game is to hard, it's cause they get tired of being farmed by old vets. Than you have a few that kick ass and actually do better than some of the so called elite vets out there and they only been in game a few weeks.
  13. Sir Texas Sir

    My reasons why this Game will never Succeed....

    What nation are you in by chance?
  14. Sir Texas Sir

    My reasons why this Game will never Succeed....

    It still blows folks minds when I hand them a first rate like it’s candy. We have at all times a dozen Oceans and Bellonas on stand by ready. I even started to jot some of those with cannons to quickly hand out. I was once told when I joined BLACK back on global. The clan is as weak as the weakest player that shows up to fight. So if the guy next to me is in a crap store boaght ship it’s my fault for not getting him into something better. I still think this way with how I have ran UISK in Russia and now CSA in US. Part of what makes that happen is you have to as a clan pool all your resources together and work as a t am to make it happen.
  15. Sir Texas Sir

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Pretty much my view the faster this patch gets dropped the sooner they can move on to other issues. Though some feed back would be nice from @admin or @Ink would help too. That or just give us all a paint heat every week it’s delayed and I’ll shut up until it drops.