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  1. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    On man the turn rate on the Aggy now blows big time. Ok you buff all the turn rates of all the 4th rates before than you nurfed the Aggy to even worse turn rate than it's every had? I was just doing a quick test of a Teak Teak one with Opt Rudder and it seem to turn like hell even using manual sailing to assist and this is some one that has a little hint at the game. Hate to see some noob try to work this thing with the state the other hips are it felt like was in a 1st rate how slugish it turned. I'll play with it some later, but that was the first thing I noted was how bad it turns now, never had good turning in the frst place compared to the other 4th rates, but if this is going to be the new Aggy you need to give it back some of it's old armor/hps stats it had before it got nerfed when it first came out. I love the aggy and been trying to keep with it even with the Wasa introduced using the excuse I have all 5 slots open, but now I feel like what the point of using any of the 4th rates other than the Wasa? Don't got speed, don't have turn rate, your way under guned, you have less crew, less HP.
  2. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    It was like this before the patch with most ships you depower the last tow notch and let it push you in and than power up to push you out of the turn. Ok now that I'm off my mini vacation from the game I need to go play with the Aggy some and see what's up with it.
  3. Farm with friends - marks confiscation

    and my biggest issue with folks that want name and shaming is 9 times out of 10 it's prob some one doing something bad, it's that 1 time it wasn't and folks will witch hunt that player that did no wrong. Report it and let the devs take care of it folks.
  4. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    I would guess they where trying to buy time and tie us up in this one. As that is the only thing I can think of why they just sat in the circle. They came in late too, 6 mins was all ready passed so we had all ready gotten to all the circles and started to cap them. I get coming in late for tactics, but you can't do your whole team being late. I noticed the coming in late has been happening a lot so not sure they just can't get the group ready and on the go, which we had issues with too so understand how much a pain that is specially with the new BR rules, but you got to be ready, grouped and on the way before it starts. Cart on the other hand they put a hurt to us with those Mortar Brigs, but I think they held back a bit to much on there forces or they could of done a lot more damage early one. Once we got them dedicated into that channel it was on. I'm so not bring L'ocean any more as I keep spending half the battle in wind or trying not to sink....lol That is defiantly a Victory type of port battle. It was good to pop back in last night and get into some fights. New job starting up I won't be around prime time much so glad some of the guys been stepping up to the plate and calling these battles. Good job over all and same for the US/GB/French for bring fights, but would nice if they would actually fight each other once in a while. For the 100th time US and GB needs the practice and it's better for them to get it on equal skilled players than loosing all the time to the more elite players. Helps moral to win once in a blue moon.
  5. One server, 24hr + eu time locks (ports listed)

    But over 50% of the sales are US sales, you need to look at the sales not the current players. It needs to be at a place where the best over all ping for all players SEA, NA, EU and else where. As for doing mix ports I would prefer it a clan based thing simply cause why would one clan want to be locked into playing in his region or time zones only on the server. This will continue to split the player base. If the port battle timers are set in stone it needs to be a good mix of all the time zones for the ports. Again I'll repeat over 50% of the sales was in North America alone, there is a problem of retaining those players and I won't go into that on this post, but if that is the majority of your sales than you should have the port windows set with the three main time zones of your player base to not be bias to any one player zone. 1/3 of the ports in US Time zone, 1/3 in EU time zones and 1/3 in SEA. Hell I would actually do it 4 ways and make a 1/4 of the ports with open windows for any one to attack at any time. Remember folks a lot of the EU players are only on there for numbers, they can care less about RvR they just want to play with folks on the OW with actually numbers. Hell it's why I started there until the server was way to full you couldn't move an inch without getting jumped by half a dozen folks (back when they split the EU server) or it took for ever to log in cause of the QUE. If the server gets back to that many players than you do a split again, but right now there is honestly no reason to have three servers. Though we will leave PvE out of this cause that is a whole other can of warms for a few players to be happy. Simple;e than your faction only controls EU port times and those that can play in multi time zones can control those. If you couldn't defend your port in your own time zones it's not going to mater, your going ot loose that port any way no matter if it's to a nation/clan that can have multi time zones or not. The other thing is make pirates Privateers, take us out of the RvR part of the game, but give us option to work for other nations. Say's Victor and his guys need some one in US time zone to protect some of there water higher out a pirate clan to show up and defend the port battles and waters. While we work for your nation we get to use your ports for econ and such. Other wise we only have to work out of free towns/pirate havens. This will allow one Faction to help file in the numbers of the 7 nations (well 10 with the new ones added).
  6. But on the flip side of that if the old elite way isn't working and hasn't been working, than it's time to make changes and try something new. That is what has killed US on global for so long, being the largest nation they never had any power in game cause of there poor leadership and the fact they keep listening to the same person over and over and it goes for GB too. If those folks didn't make it work the last year and half than it's not going to work. That is why there super care bear alliance of the two largest nations still didn't work against a much smaller Pirate force. Folks think we are big, but we aren't, we just had the most dedicated hard working PvP/RvR players. Most of them left GB/US cause they got sick of "the old elites" that refused to change there ways. So not changing also hurts a nation even more than some one new trying to make changes. It would be different if the old way worked, than why fix it, but if it's not working than you need to make changes.
  7. And we are not as organized as folks think. The funny thing is when folks come over from other nations they find out two things about BLACK: Our numbers aren't what they think and we actually fight and argue a lot for as organized we seem in battle...lol We really are about 15-20 guys (20-25 at prime but more like 5-10 right now) that have been beating them. I don't lie when I say that over and over. Yes we might use alts and multi box a port battle so when your getting beat by 15-20 guys in a port battle with 15-25 ships some of those ships are played by the same guy. I remember pre-wipe we had actuall done a lot of port battles at the same time sending alts to fight the other one. Where it looked like it was 50 of us. This takes a lot of organization, communication and just flat out skill to do. It also the fastest way to burn out. Our Port battles are mainly tight group that balls up (the pirate ball) and than we turn it into a brawl and it works against very unorganized groups that we tend to face in other nations. The other thing is letting the past go. We all know me and @Christendom have had our past issues in the global chat and forums, but VCO came to me and asked over a week before they went pirates what they think. I told them there might be a few issues with some players but they are welcome. Just be warned you will prob get shot at least once in battle by accident out of old habits. I tell every one that comes pirate this cause it's true you see a name your so use to shooting and you just fire forgetting they are on your team. And this is how we had SOL's before any one else before after the wipe and we had full Port battle fleets ready to go. When we got the Heavy Rattler I was the only one that crafted one and had 2-3 slots on it when Lionshaft flipped West End. By the next day we had 25+ built (more like 30-40) and most of our guys had 2-4 slots unlocked from grinding. I had all 5 slots and didn't even make it into the port battle. My first SOL was a 3rd rate (2nd one built on server) even though rummors was I had the first Bucc (started that rumor on global chat to mess with folks), I did have the 2 or 3rd Victory on server though as my 1st Rate. We have so much stocked up in clan that we where able to pump out one day 12 First rates after a port battle to get every one into there 2nd and than 3rd First rates so we could fight in more than one fronts. This way a small force can be in multi places fast. We all ways did this you pick as a clan 2-3 regions every one had to have ports in and ships ready and you keep with that. This is very important thing folks forget. We have won so many battles cause we took one person down and watch the other team run in all directions. Back when they did regional wipes and started the alliance system between clan members we took 17 First Rates off US when they where trying to grab Spain empty ports that first week. Most of those we tagged and half the team left to run off to the empty port battle. Leaving behind the slow 1st rates for our frigates and low end SOL's (mainly Bucc's board fit) to take out and capture. They would prefer to run to an empty port battle than to protect there own and most prized ships. That mentality is what has killed GB and US on GLOBAL/PvP2 since day one when I came over from EU many many moons ago and why I left US and became pirates with half my clan UNKN. Before the wipe MARS was very much known as a carebear PvE only clan that hardly show up for anything other than certain win port battles. One thing some of the members started to do after they where loosing so much was actually come talk to me. I have had simple short convo's with members of other nations letting them know what they did wrong and what they can do to help. My number one advice to them was, "STOP CAREBEAR ALLIANCE AND FIGHT THE BRITS." Not that we want them to kill each other and be out of hair, but instead if your not skilled enough to take on the ELITE of the Server than what you need to do is fight folks of your skill set and learn from those fights without having such as bad end results (like us wiping out there complete PB fleet almost every time). As @JobaSet said above you have to go out and fight, your going to sink a lot, but you have to go out and fight and learn. You don't get better by sitting on your arse in port or killing AI. I'll be bluntly honest I suck at solo PvP, it's me working with other players that helps me do well. That is why I almost always refuse to dual folks 1 vs 1....lol While I want to make it clear I'm not BLACK clan leader as we have our core leaders and we have our officers. I have not lead a port battle until after the wipe but i been in many of them. cause our core leaders are all gone playing other games. We got burned out and bored. hell I'm doing the same right now I haven't really been in game for 2-3 weeks now. The key is what has been said by many here. Every port battles i tend to say the same thing before we start. DON'T SINK DON'T SHOOT YOUR TEAM MATES REMEMBER THE CIRCLES DON'T MEAN CRAP IF YOUR SINKING SHIPS, BUT THE POINTS DO. Just ask US when we took Wilmington from them when they had 960 pts and had us out number 25 vs 19 (was 16 at start). Sinking ships is very important as that turned around real fast in that battle as does many other times we been in fights. The biggest mistake I see on other teams is not focus firing and not protecting your weak ships. You got to focus fire and you got to switch out and protect your fellow battle buddies.
  8. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    I'll have to check this out later, but what worries me is the turning through wind part. It all ready had bad performs in that area.
  9. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    It's all fun and games until your fat stubby mechanic fingers hit the wrong keys....lol
  10. Surrender in PvP

    Yah I actually had a few guys just surrender at the start of a fight and couldn't get any awards. I think if you scuttle the ship you should get CM maybe not PvP Marks. You only get the PvP Marks if you do damage to them. Though I do think there should be a delay at the start of the battle before you can even use the Surrender option. Simply make it you can't surrender for 5 mins, plenty of time to get a tag and do damage that first 5 mins to a ship. Any surrender after that you get to scuttle the ship and get full marks for it. I really never have an issue with a guy that does it later in a fight, it's the guys that do it before a shot is fired. Than you find out why cause they are in a crappy store bought ship and since you didn't do any damage to it you get nothing. Unless you take it back to port and sale it or something.
  11. PVP marks

    You don't trade for the marks, you trade for the goods. You want that nifty PvP gear you put a buy order up and maybe one of the PvPer's will fill it. I swear some of you folks have never played an MMO before. Go to any Auction House and look up the Legendary or Elite gears and see what they go for. Some folks only run those missions to get those gears to sale them to folks willing to pay but not do the hard work. A carebear or scrubs is going to have a hard time fighting some one with a clue any way. That carebear wants the good gear he's going have to take all that lovely money he gets for grinding PvE and pay for it. That or one of them rare drops you only get from PvE grinding trade for Elite PvP gear. What part of this ya'll can't figure otu. I mean hell I'm sitting on millions and the only thing holding me back is certain gear drops are only PvE so I have to pay for the, out my arse when I'm a PvPer/RvR and tired of the grind, but I go out and do what I need to pay for the items I want. Simple done just make some money and buy the items or GO OUT AND PVP OR PVE AND GET THE MODS YOURSELF. Sorry we don't need any more lazy mods out there. Not every one is going to get the best gear sitting in there safe zones. They want it they have to either go out and do PvP or grind the crap out of there PvE to get something good to trade or pay the high price.
  12. PVP marks

    Just like any other game, it's elite gear, you want elite gear your going to have to do the elite content or trade out your arse for it. Oh and there are a lot of new dros. I got Hammocks LIght three time just now in a battle. Those are perm mods not skill books that 15% extra crew with no hit to moral. Stack that with he normal 20% hammocks ship knowledge and my Naigara now has over 200 Crew.....think about that folks it's still PvE content though.
  13. PVP marks

    BRING BACK PAINTS......lol They should put paint chest in the PvP rewards area. HOw much you bet the PvEers will pay out the arse for some paints? Would make great trade deals. I'll give you this paint you want really bad if you make me this or that ship or get me this mod you found PvEing. Give us something to trade back with them cause right until PvP marks there wasn't anything we could trade as ll the fcontent was locked behind PvE. Now that it's not folks are crying. Prob mainly the PvEr's since it took a while to get this in place a lot of us PvPer's now been grinding missions instead of trading to unlock things and we aren't poor, but we still don't ahve anything other than gold to trade the hard core grinders. Now we have things of worth to do that. You want that OP mod, than trade for it.
  14. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    Exactly the problem I was seeing on our server was never the Pirate outlaw battles as you can position join them, they are open the whole time and any one can join. WIth these other battles it's very exploitable. My solution is make zones. You have your safe zone that is around capitals. Are set up like our normal battles, but you get reinforcements and they close after a set timer. Normal green on green rules. You have your normal zones. These are any National owned waters that isn't a capital safe zone. They have the normal circle and than they have the big circle that you have the option to join (remember when we had two circles). The window to join/option remains 2.5 mins but this are positional join only if your out side the normal pull circles. This will allow you to join from any direction and you don't have to turn around an. Normal green on green rules. Than you have your PvP hotzones. These are certain areas of the map that are unsafe for traders and nothing but PvP is expected in these zones. It's Pirate Free For ALL BATTLES in these zones. There are only two ways to have this zone. One any port in AGRO for a port battle turns into a PvP ZONE until the Port Battle happens. This is a war zone after all. Make it a small bubble that only covers that port and have it shown red on the map all ports in this contested zone. Any battles started are positional join and you can fight any one in the battle except your own nation. The other way is Clans can actually set there ports to be hotzones. Green on green rules will only apply to your own nation. Last we have the TRUE PVP ZONES. These are perm zones on the map (kinda like the old PvP Events). The ports are neutral around them or free towns so no one can capture them. They have a perm red zone around them. Any combat in this zone will be the free for all mechanics. Any thing goes in these areas La Mona, La Navasse, Tumbabo, La Tortugas ports that are a bit from other ports but in the middle of areas. Prob some other better picks out there. Pretty much all the free towns are these zones, but we can rename these ports to Outlaw Havens. There is no Green on Green in these ares anything can go.
  15. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    If your going around with four trade ships and not escorts and your getting ganked every couple of days it's your own fault and yes we have had a few guys complain about it every couple of days. They are the same guys with only one or two slots open and still think they can make more money trading than just running a few missions and opening up those slots. They also cry when they can't get there ships to do the same as us that have open up our slots. You want a 15 knt ship your going have to open more than one or two slots.