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  1. Could one time seed every one with the mats for the main mods to build one and only one. That would be more a far way to do it, cause if they seed the capitals than only those on after reset will grab them first.
  2. That and or do mulit resources spawn one time all over the place. Gives folks reason to check out other Ports they haven't been to or never traveled to cause you never know what goodies you might find int hem.
  3. Contact List

    Didn't notice that, but we where talking in another post that a list like this would be good for PvE and even EU to have. I always wonder how many clans/make up the PvE server.
  4. Please make it its own steam entry

    Yah we have a few of your local's in clan that wanted to try it but since it's near the end of the month and they are close or over there limit they are down piped on speed and such. Ya'll really need to get with the times or something...lol As a note when i been there I had some of the worse internet in hotels compared to some actual third world countries I have also traveled to and worked in.
  5. Contact List

    Back on PvP2 I got them to pin these type of post easly and unpin the out dated ones. So it's not an issue. Is it me or has some of the mods (none staff) kinda disappeared lately? Hell speaking of that has any one seen any mods on GLOBAL any more? We prob needs some new ones if they are going to run off to EU every time it gets slow. Uh this is GLOBAL NEWS not EU newas sectiong, but good format on info to post.
  6. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Just remember there is no alliance system to force you into these alliance. If you don't care for the care bear alliance than don't follow it. Attack who ever you want, take what ever port you want. Fight the clans that are doing these things and the other side do the same. This was something in the past those in US and GB couldn't do, now since it's more clan base you can attack those other nations clans since they can't force you into an alliance
  7. [PvP GLOBAL] George Town is about to explode…!!!

    We talked about doing this some time. Show up and join both sides of the fight. Help that side kill each other and than kill the remaining Brits and US in the battle....than do like the Irish and Scotts did in Braveheart and meet in the middle and get drunk.
  8. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    HOLLY CRAP YOU NOW KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN BLACK.....lol I swear some of my clan members are ADD or something if there isn't players or SOL to fight they are like...."OH look shineys." and of doing other things. Though with that i got asked a lot yesterday, "Are we going to let the Danes take Bimini? My answer was, "Well would you prefer a nation we get along with or DD and the US next to us?" Ya'll are more than welcome to take it. Would be nice to see more Danes in those waters and part of the action. That is an easy port to flip, the problem is getting folks over there and to the port battle once you do.
  9. Cart Tar don't protect your mast and also doesn't make you a better player. Last SOL port battle I was in I took a L'Ocean with my Vict after the port battle. Funny thing exact same builds and what he didn't know "I WAS OUT OF REPAIRS." If he just engaged me instead of trying to run he would of had me beat, but no I strip his sails down enough I could get next to him and boarded him. No marines no board mods just prep and beat him. So yah Tar doesn't make you a better player if you still suck at the game. I do feel some items really need more than one place to get them or more drops of them in those ports. That are just limit those contracts to only 10 at a time so others can get contracts filled too. While I'm on GLOBAL, that one port still makes a killing compared to any other port on the map. There really should be more than one MAJOR income port and thought they where going to move all those to the middle not the outskirts of the map.
  10. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    yah considering it's still in closed beta. Maybe a mod should move this. I mean we can offer up the key to friends and other players, but lets keep the info in the right place for now.
  11. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Danes need some more US prime time players. Hell just about every nation except ya'll and Brtis need SEA/AU players. Every one needs EU players. I'll be honest with folks when the wipe came pirates didn't get any clans from EU like we expected. The numbers we did get was a few returning players and a few new players and two of those clans went Spain. We prob have less numbers than we had in the past. This is why I really wish the devs would do a cenus of the nations and log ins to shut folks up that keep thinking we are the largest nation. Right now my guess is this it the break down of the sever. GB - Stronger all around. Only nation that has fielded full in both time zones and more than one teams at once. If carebears showed up. US - Was number one but recent lost of some clans and GB gaining them dropped down. Same problem above with carebears. They have the numbers, just getting them out of the ports to fight. Pirate/Danes have pretty much always been third and close in numbers. One has a very strong RvR clan the other has a very strong SEA/AUS presence. Spain/French/Dutch - once more to about the same handful dozen or two players. Now how good they are on RvR that is a different story. I'm pretty sure the top three (well 4) are going to be the main ones, but we can be gentalmen about it and during off times and smaller nations maybe bring in a lower number in arranged fights. Your main defence attacks you bring every thing, but the arranged fights we can set up say 12 vs 12 if one side can't fill a full 25. Since those ports aren't important and prob will trade hands a lot.
  12. the single player and his ship

    They are not that expensive. Idiots just charge way to much for them is all. Get some one in your clan to make them or hell make them your self and if you supply your own iron and coal you will make profit off them. It's the same with repairs,every thing you need is in capital regions, find out how much it actualy cost and sale them for a decent price and they will sale like hot cake. The problem is the idiots that buy them and than repost them higher priced or go sale them some where else, but either way you still made money off them.
  13. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Yah it was laggy as hell and that was me comparing my US ping to some one in Germany in a fight and we both had same issues. Maybe they will fix those by next weekend when they open it again. I know we will prob loose some guys to it, but they are the guys that never really show up expect just for the SOL fights. They are going to be upset when they find out they actually have to grind out ships to get to those big ships in that game too. If you want to update pirates it's pretty much the same as always. The unwritten allaince with Danes (think most clans on both sides agree with it). The OW PvP with all nations other wise. While we might be attacking US right now we aren't actually at war with them. Next week it might be Brits who know so just put OW PvP for all other nations. For most I think this is a great patch but I fear many got burned out or just wants something more to bring them back. I don't see us being big in RvR this time around other than defense and a few fun arranged fights. Though that all depends on the other clans in our nation and how well they get numbers up. Maybe it's time to let some one else step in to the spot light for the pirates. Now OW PvP that a different story...lol When we where runing around the 200-300 mark I think we where doing really good and it was staying pretty solid at those numbers most of the day. I hearing a lot of complaints on the EU side of folks that prob should be over on the GLOBAL server so maybe we will get some increase of players that aren't happy over there, we can only wish.
  14. Please make it its own steam entry

    Testbed should be set up this way to. It's a pain in a butt to flip back and forth even how small the game is, but some folks (like you poor Aus) have restrictions on your data use for a month and such.
  15. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    The thing is you stated several times MARS will not be involved in that first fight. I didn't talk to you after your attack on Spains port cause I wanted to see if ya'll keep your word. The thing is if you found out some guys showed up you could of simply dropped a line and stated, "Hay sorry they where told but showed up any way." I mean it was only two guys and one was a former NPG player, but still it's not a good start on trust of things. We are not jumping on the band wagon of crushing US/MARS as you can see we haven't attacked ya'll. We have a plan and going to stick to it. Remember last patch how we where pretty much the last to get into RvR? Well we do things in a organized planned out manor for a reason. If you rush things this stuff that happen this week is exactly what you get in return. Oh we plan to take a US port for sure, something along the coast line for hunting grounds, but with that we plan to do the same around the Brits, but they have neutral AI ports still open. You didn't leave anything open for any one to trade or use for such so we will make something. Set it for use for all and defend it if needed. I'm actually glad we have a US clan that wants to talk even if it's just to arrange better play. In the past certain clans that made all the commands of action for US wouldn't talk. I give @Blackjack McGee credits for that and the other clans in GB and other nations for doing that. We need to do something diffrent than what has happend in the past. Hell any one notice EU is already complaining RvR Is dead? Well it doesn't help when you have a small window to do it and not to mention it's only been what 2 weeks? We want to keep the server alive and populated we need to give folks things to do. So lets do that folks. Danes maybe could take St Louis and they fight over Les Cayes that way. I think Les Cayes is a good spot cause of the location isn't a boring port battle set up. That is why I mention PaP and Leogane are good ones too. Not to mention even though it says 1st rates we can actually make agreements to show up in other ships or for the hell of it try a mix fleet for once. I would love to see a 3-2nd rate battle that leaves the 1st rates out of it. Are come in with all 5th rates and have a fun brawl that is more like a big boys shallow water fight of a bunch of fast agile ships ducking it out in one circle and no one actually cares about if they win the port or not, but more the bragging rights or winning the fight. The only problem is what I brought up about Leogane, it's 4th rate so more easy to flip with your first rates, 1st rate port battle ports take more to flip for such. At least your not calling them Piss Cunts like that store clerk guy. We still need to get the Spain's over in that area and maybe if there is any french still alive that want to get involved. Maybe small clans can fight the small nations over that area too. Have you tried Legends yet? I put the code in discords if you want to. Don't get your hopes up to much......