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  1. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    St George's Town Lineship Port Battle - 5 US Defenders vs 25 Pirates Attackers with a fleet out side screening. Not much of a fight but give the few guys that showed did tag circles and fight. We saw over half a dozen first rates pulled out early in the day and tons of other ships. It's time they loose there safe place to grind fleets and bring there 1st rates back to US coast lines. This is a PvP server and the game is called Naval Action. You want a safe place you can go to PvE server or the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Death of a server.

    We have told US to go play in the GULF if they want a safe zone away from us, but they refuse to fight the brits after what they did to them when the clans left. It's like that puppy some one beats all the time but it keeps coming back to it's master lovingly no matter how many times it gets kicked. PEACE BETWEEN LARGE NATIONS DON'T WORK. Players get bored and the game gets stagemented and folks stop logging in cause nothing is happening. Than again that has always been US and GB way to beat us. They just stop showing up until we get bored and take a break from the game. Which we normally do cause of a big patch not really cause of boredom.
  3. RvR Port Blockade [and hostility notes]

    We need something cause we are finding like 2-3 fleets in these Lineship regions and it's not enough to flip a port decently. We shouldn't be keeping the lead ship alive and recycling fleets cause we can't find any to kill. You don't see any big fleets any more other than at the Regions capitals for some resason. Though if we can gain agro by sitting in front of the regional capital while waiting to kill fleets or PvP than that would be nice. Just make it a real slow tick up on the regional agro.
  4. The problem with this is it can be abused. I know of a few cases where it involved harassment of a player that the player changed there in game name and even nation to avoid other players. Not to mention if they are getting caught that easy they aren't very good spies in the first place. It's the ones you never find out about and still haven't that are the true spies and the ones you should worry about. I get my info from players and don't need alts. You be surprised how loose lips can get when you get folks upset with there nations and such. That and how many times have you accused a new player of being an alt simply cause they are a new player? Hell when I switched from PvP1 to PvP2 I was getting accused of being an alt/spy cause no one seen me before but I was ranked up from my play on the EU server. That over a year ago and we see folks do it all the time. Hell we do it in Pirates too where we accuse folks prob wrongfully of being an alt or spy. I think there are prob fair less spy's than folks think. If they worried more about getting along with each other, organization of there nation and team work they prob get a lot further than accusing every one of being an alt. Remember, "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS." Oh and the guys that change there alts all the time are prob more /TROLLS/ than actual alts/spies most the time.
  5. Death of a server.

    Yep for me it's Sunday nights as that is when I get to spend time with my folks and have dinner and such. Though I still can make it on later when I get home, but that is the one night I will not make any promises to be on as it's my family day with the elderly ones. And when a game involved RvR that is going to effect every one else game. If some one doesn't want to loose ports they can play on the "SAFE ZONE" of the PvE servers. It's not a total lost to loose all your regions. Pirates have been down to one or two and even one ported. Something that has never happen to US on PvP2 with them getting down to 11 ports once. Every other nation has been down to one port but them. Though they are the biggest cry babies when they do loose a port, even though they still have more ports than most other nations have in game. First thing we found out with this patch is that you can do ever thing crafting wise out of your capital regions. I get all my gold/silver from stone/iron/coal production. I do trade runs to get my woods for ship crafting. It's not like it's the end of the world. I craft ships that I can afford to use and replace. Pirates are not as big as folks think, but they are a very powerful RvR/PvP force cause that is what we do. If you want to get better at that part of the game you need to fight and get out and PvP and RvR. Hell I'll be the first to admit I suck at this game compared to some guys out there, but I'm still above average and I don't run....I fight if I can. When you get so use to that all you do is run you will never win a fight. If you watch the Combat news there are a lot of Pirates that get killed through out the day around US capital. Some times more than US players. So they have folks going out and fighting. Though is it enough? Maybe....maybe not. Though one sure way to get more players into that is to go out and fight. If they are the only ones that do it sooner or later they will get burned out or go for the team that fights. Just about ever PvPer we had switched to pirates say's they did it for many reason, but the main one was cause no one wanted to fight. They just wanted to sit around do PvE missions and trade like this was a PvE only server. They only wanted to fight when it was a sure win, but as soon as the fights get real they locked up there 1st rates and hide in ports. That exactly why they loose regions and players. Not to mention just how toxic they get in National Chat. By what I hear it's not changed since I was a US player over a year ago and it's the same players still in those nations that are toxic that haven't left the game that continue to be toxic to new players and run them off. I bet you all hell broke out after West End Port battle and US nation chat got very toxic with the blame game.
  6. Death of a server.

    And did you read this one? Using a battle is not an exploit as you could of all ways just joined and fought us, but ya'll didn't. That is why that player got in trouble who ever he was cause he did something wrong. Not the whole nation you seem to want to accuse of doing wrong doings cause you can't get out of your port and fight to protect you ports. Let me ask you something? What is ya'll plan for tomorrow? I'm going to take one big wild guess......NOT FIGHT. One never wins a fight by not fighting. It just doesn't work that way. I'm going to take a wild guess ya'll didn't expect us to show at West End with 25+ yesterday. Just like ya'll didn't expect us to show with 25+ when you attacked Savanna and we defended it even though it was a mid day port battle (though on a weekend). We where pretty sure you expected all our 1st rates to be tied up down south with the Brits. Funny thing is we expected that. Though easy solution was to build more than one for every clan members. We don't do operations and leave other fronts undefended.
  7. Death of a server.

    You tagged me and said /YOU/ which I will take as accusation I did something wrong. You need to watch how you say things than if that isn't what you mean. The port was not lost because of an exploit. The port was lost cause US left the PB before a shot was fired and gave it up without a fight. No amount of screen was going to stop that and we didn't get all 25 players into the battle. We fought several battles out side before the port battle even started. I ended up in another fight by myself cause for some reason when I clicked on the port I couldn't enter the Port Battle and was tagged by some Brits. Than there was several fights out side after the port battle. So stop trying to say you lost the port cause of something that happen out side. You lost it cause you did not fight for it inside the port battle even though ya'll had both numbers 25 over our 16/18? Which is at least 8 more than us cause we had guys (me included) in fights out side. The screen shot I posted which your included in shows that your screening fleet was garbage. Two first rates almost cleared all the ships on there own. What you think 24 of them would of done in the current game mechanics. It would not have stopped us from getting into the port battle unless you grieffed us and keep us tagged into the fight. The few times I have hunted in the CT area wasn't any newbies. Last I checked any one over rank 5 and most of them where RA's is not a noob that we hunted. I do not chase after new players and sink them. Have the been sunk? Yes and many of them jumped into the fire and fought us more than the old school vet players have ever tried to. We give them props for taht and respect them. At west in out side the Lt Jg in a Privateer in the first fight I was in when I got tagged and didn't make it into the Port Battle cause it got full (was suppose to be part of the North group to cut that circle off). I made the call to let him live even though we have been hitting his mast with our chasers and could soon snap it and run him down. The guy fought hard just as the two others from DD did. He came to a fight and that is what he got, but there was no reason to kill him off so I let him escape. So don't give me that FOB for Noobs getting ganked. Come to Mort and see how many of our traders and noobs get kills by FRENCH, BRITS, US players and hell one Spanish player. I wouldn't be surprised if we lost a few to the DUTCH too. We get way more of that happening around Mort than CT ever see's.
  8. Death of a server.

    When I posted the March tally's of PvP2 servers a lot of folks said those must be alts cause there is no way that many folks logged in. What they don't understand even if the servers says 200 or 20000 at one time that is at that current time and doesn't count the folks that only pop in and out and are casual players that play only an hour or two a day. I took breaks where I only popped in to do my econ and than logged off while we waited on patch updates. Not every one has tons of hours and we don't expect every one to be hard core players. The casual players are the back bone of the game. That doesn't mean we should count them out of PvP or RvR numbers. Any one can show up and help fill a slot in a port battle if you need it and they want to help. Back in POTBS some of our best PvP players started out as traders that got into the RvR and than the PvP and loved it. Same with some of our clan members started out on PvE to learn the game. Than we have a few that only pop on for port battles as they can't stand the open world grind stuff. This game has a lot of options for players. Folks just need to get them interested in helping out the other aspect of them. Would really love an updated tally like the March one for the servers right now. Folks prob will be surprised that a lot more players log in than they think through out the day. Really can you stop beating the dead horse. Show me exactly where my name is any where other than comments on that threads? I'm not in the screen shot or any where else, so if you want to accuse me of exploiting you better have some proof. REPORTED AGAIN. Oh during that fight I was over here as yes some of us got screened and separated from the rest. I never even made it into the port battle as we had 25 players but what only 18 made it in there and ya'll gave up without a shot fired. So blame your nation as to why you lost that port battle not us. Just like I'm all ready hearing your nation is telling ya'll not to show up to Bermuda too. You don't win any fights by hiding and not defending. That is why your nation is failing, not cause of us. If anything we are making folks stronger with all the PvP that has been happening out side your capital since we took that port.
  9. Death of a server.

    Back on PvP2 when we did operation Camel Toe we had three regions. Mort, Kidds and Castries. We got tired of being picked on by US that brought us down to those regions cause we where lacking in numbers. We got a lot of old players back with he concept of the operation. We took two regions on each side of CT and they still had 22 other regions and they cried they where done with, one ported, it's over, they are leaving the game. These are the same folks doing the same complaining when they loose a region. When we took Savanna on GLOBAL they had 10 regions, but they gave 5 of those up to the Brits shortly after that but they complain we are the ones one ported us. We only took Savanna cause they attacked two of our ports and had port battles they lost and than they tried to do a dual port battle by flipping two ports at once. So we striked where it hurts hardest a region next to the capitatl. We did the same with the brits and they still doing just fine and have 22 something regions still even though we have taken a lot of ports from the Brits. Up till today we have not touched a single port of US, but since they decided to flip a port into the port battle it's wrong for us to strike back? I mean it's only Bermuda. Which we hear is where they keep all there 1st rates and do missions grind in safety. The problem is if it's the Pirates we are zerging or one porting them even if they have 20 something ports. If it's any other nation it's ok. Hell we told the US they can go into the Gulf and we won't bother them if they want a safe zone. We have no plan to go into the GoM at all.
  10. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    West End Shallow Water Port Battle - 25 Pirates vs 25 US I didn't make it in so was part of the fighting out side. I'm sure it turned it into a big old brawling fight or something in side. I know two fights I was in out side we killed all (4 ships total) out of the 5 letting a low level privateer J Lt go. "Run Little Guy Run." Good fight over all and I hope the PARF guys had fun. We got an message yesterday they flipped the port to let them see a port battle and have fun. Would of been nice if it was better planned if they wanted to do that. It looks like they had a large turnout so maybe they will be a good big clan to face in the future. For sure they need to get leveled up and more experience. And no we didn't have screeners. The guys that fought the screeners are the ones that didn't make it into the port battle so they wanted to have fun. We even took a Frigate after the port battle. Bringing 5th rates to screen a shallow water port battle doesn't' exactly work to much when your attacking. Keep up the fight.
  11. Victory Marks

    Back when we had the PvP event if you killed some one one the edge of it you could put agro on more than one area. So yah some areas over lap. I know some of the Bahama areas do the same thing if you kill some one in certain areas you can put agro on two regions if it's owned by the same nation.
  12. Combat News

    And why exactly do you need to know the ships and all the detail? All you need to know is that certain area is currently a hot spot.
  13. Make the clan warehouse more like an exchange

    We been saying this for a long time. We all ready have a battle log that is also tracsk what you buy too. SO shouldn't be to hard. If you have folks shady like that, than maybe you should of picked better officers in the first place. Though a log system lets you know who's dipping into the honey pot and not giving back at least. Dry docks for ships or means to make ships into NOTES for later use would be nice too so you can build a bunch and stock them up until later and than give out to players of your clan that might need them.
  14. Before I thought about it I would say yes the defender should get 1 point for a win/defense but the other day when some one defended the GB port that France didn't go into I thought. That is a cheesy way to get 1 point by getting a friendly nation flipping your ports and just not showing to port battle. I think the devs did it for that exact reason where folks would attack each other ports but not show up to flip points. Though I do think Port Battles should have some type of reward now that it's not Conquest marks. We should go back to getting the paint chest or something for wins of a port battle no matter if it's an attack or defense win. Right now the RvR guys do all the hard work and if they win the map than the rest of the nation that sat on there butts gets rewarded for that hard work. That are maybe the top RvR guys get an extra Victory points or something for that nation that fought and won battles. With the conversions of CM to VM they really don't mean much to win the map for the week cause I can make 175 CM in a night of grinding AI fleets or some good PvP.
  15. Frigate Pandora

    Prob going to be the best info you will get on it for some time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Pandora_(1779) With the stats listed she will be just a bit between the Niagara and Cerberus.