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  1. It would be enough to be able to just set staysails OR square sails.
  2. What about non-perk control area is 100m and can be increased by perk to 250-500m ???
  3. Prepared perk first engagement problem

    Same problems.
  4. Port production of rare woods, module ressources and trading goods could be dynamic. Every maintainance, the port checks wether it has a stock of the ressources it produces. If there is es stock, production and price will go down (both by about 10%) until the next server maintainance. If there is no stock, production and price will increase (both by about 10%) until the next server maintainance. If there are unfullfilled by contracts, production and price will increase (both by about 20%) until the next server maintainance.
  5. UI and tutorial should be indeed top priorities to allow a constant stream of new players. What about other new player obstacles like boring missions, zero rewards from draw combats, low trader loot, complicated yet flawed economy?
  6. Let's try out, change some parts and see whether this is true after three weeks.
  7. Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    The current system is realistic, I think. Maybe the problem is not the number of repairs, but how much they repair when it is possible to stack repair mods and skill books. So start reducing the bonuses first maybe. The problem with escape is rather super accurate stern chasers who can shoot down the sails of the hunters faster than the hunters can shoot down the sails of the escapees. Make stern chasers only use carronades and this problem is solved. No need to tackle repairs for that. If escapees want to burn repairs before they are inveitably hunted down, it is fair game. Edit: If you want to limit repairs, just increase the cooldown!?
  8. Does this mean more loot from NPC traders? This would be good (very good way to make money for newbie players and to practice fighting as well).
  9. Limit Chainshot

    All special ammunition should be limited, yes. But if we limit ball, it only takes the fun away and even more fights will end up in boarding parties. I think the new repair system (multiple repairs, and also chosing which type of repairs to use) is good, but stacking repair mods and endless rig repairs also reduce the fun / slow fights down / prolong fights. So yes, limit both chains and repairs, but to a sensible extent.
  10. Everything on that list is going in the right direction. =) Cant wait to try it out.
  11. Remove safety zones

    Reduce reinforcement BR. Problem solved.
  12. Yes and yes! And why should clan not also be allowed to increase the battle rating limit? =)
  13. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    Total overkill. 2 Essexes would be okay.
  14. Combat rewards for Port Battles

    Assist XP for non-sunk, but (heavily) damaged ships. =) Assist XP for boarded ships. =) Assist XP for mast shock and crew damage. =)
  15. We should tax only one side (usually sales taxes only affect selling goods) or shift taxes completely to the production of goods.