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  1. We should tax only one side (usually sales taxes only affect selling goods) or shift taxes completely to the production of goods.
  2. Is anything being done to stop players blocking resource contracts?

    This is a very severe "feature" to the economy. Again, a good example how fixed prices (at least for NPC production) do not work. =)
  3. There has to be further incentives for port capture other than trade hubs. If the system stays as it is, the map wil turn grey (neutral) again. Players have to grind missions to finance ports noboby needs. Easy solution: make production buildings increase in costs, the more buildings are in a town. That way you have an incentive to produce in different ports (= cheaper).
  4. Remove ship rating limitations on MISSIONS

    I would love to see mission cap vanish. Back in the days we could teach new players how combat works by taking low-level missions, so they could learn. This is not possible anymore. Sad. Also, why are fleet missions always the sam size, no matter how many players join? I would love to see a dynamic BR increase, the more players start a mission. Furthermore, compared to the gold and xp gained from sinking ships, the rewards from the missions are ridiculously small. They could increase with the distance between mission and port, indicating that missions further away from ports are more dangerous.
  5. Suggestion to change port maintenance fee

    Selling player-made ressources to NPCs is a bad idea in an economy that already lacks LH to supply enough ships, cannons and repairs.
  6. Wait for the ressources which are left in NPC ports to drain, prices for ressources will be back at euro trader prices in two weeks. Mark my works, we will see who is right then. We are out of hull repairs in Sweden, btw. ^^
  7. We do not care about profits. Money is plentifull now. You guys go from one extreme to another. I want to supply my nation with good cannons, that is my goal. But I cannot, because the economy - at least the open market outside clan business - is ruined once more.
  8. Awesome! Can you do this for cannons also pls?
  9. I cannot make more cannons if nobody is selling iron and coal and my labour hours are all used. Congratulations, you have created a player-driven economy that does not generate enough supply of the simplest goods. If it were not from mission drops of cannons, we would all play a naval action game not being able to shoot each other.
  10. Is this your way of saying "we do not care about traders in our game"? It pretty much sounds like it. You have many very well experienced players here (either from real life or from playing a lot of economy games) and they all tell you the current system is bad design. We have arguments. We proof you patch after patch that we can rig your system, making millions of gold by exploiting your weak design elements. Then we tell you how to solve it. You do nothing. Instead you say "you do not have to trade if you dont like it". Wow. The thing is that soon there wont me much player-build first rates with long cannons anymore if we solely rely on the player-driven economy. Look at the capital ports, there are, five days after the patch, no more long cannons to buy. You cannot build a working econony with fixed prices, with fixed labour supply (LH hard cap) and with fixed goods supply (cannot build more than 5 production buildings, even if I wanted to pay lot for a 6th, 7th, etc).
  11. The NPC economy can work the same way whether it is a single player game or a MMO with 1000 players. You just have to adjust the margins, reckognising that not only 1 trade is active, but many are. Right now, YOUR GAME is making players happy as it is way too easy to make money with the type of trading bombs described above.
  12. This is how the Naval Action economy should work. Exactly this. It is a great design: it is easy to grasp, yet challanging to master.
  13. That is the problem. NPCs have fixed prices until the stockpile limit. This is such an unrealistic and poor design of the economy, I cant even express it. We had flexible prices in Spring 2016, it worked a lot better.
  14. Stockpile limits are a very unrealistic design element. At least how they are implemented right now (very high price until limit, then price of 1g). You could do stockpile limits, but with less drastic price changes. I tell you how we made money before patch 11.0 ... we waited for a port to have reduced its stockpile limit for iron ingots. Prices were about 50-100% above production costs. Then we took dozens of Indiamans and floated the port until after the next maintainance the port again reduced its price to 1g. This is a very poorly designed economy.
  15. This is how it used to be in spring 2016. The economy worked quite well back then after the EU traders where introduced.