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  1. Thickness

    The problem is not with 1on1. These types of combats are decided by stern raking (frigate vs SoL) or by demasting (frigate vs frigate). The problem is fleet engagements, especially port battles, where thickness >>> all. Penetration of all guns, but epecially of low caliber guns should be much higher in close distances. I would say at least 18 pounders should penetrate SoL huls on 50 meter or less.
  2. Hiding in battles to join PB discussion

    Not a problem at all with this. Problem is constant tagging after a port battle fleet would escape the screening.
  3. Hiding in battles to join PB discussion

    But what about real screening then? You come to port, get screened, win or escape the screening battle and then CANNOT JOIN the PB? Sounds weird.
  4. Leeway warning! Important!

    What you need to do also is to introduce an ANKER to prevent further offshoring in leeway coasts.
  5. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Yeah but to hold a course I have to stir against the wind, right?
  6. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Will this just results in the need to sail more upwind? Then everything will slow down ...
  7. Regarding port battles

    1 hour timer for PB after last successful hostility mission (similar to flag used to be) PLEASE! if less, potentially attackers are still in (other) hostility missions and defendes have no time to gather people!
  8. Regarding port battles

    A further option would be to show the location of enemy hostility missions on the map. This way the defenders can intercept hostility fleets before they go to the port battle. This would enable screening for the defenders (which is no possible in case of an immidiate port battle, where the attacker fleet can sail from the last hostility mission to the port battle unnoticed). (We all know that the defenders have a disadvantage joining the hostility mission itself due to 10 AI blocking slots).
  9. Regarding port battles

    What about Option 1a: Hostility is only gained during the defence timer - Port battle is in 1 hour. This would be enough time to prepare a defence (same time than it was with flags).
  10. Battle chat disappears too quickly and cannot be traced. So often I do not read chat immediately, and cannot react to tactical orders. -> Chat should have a "log".
  11. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    Assist XP similar to NAL would be great, too.
  12. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    Or you could introduce 2-3 more 5th rate mission ranks, similar to 6th rate missions!?
  13. Naval Action Legends Matchmaking

    Worth a try.
  14. Devs fix the demasting

    You sir, need to calm the hello kitty down. If you leave the game because you lost 1 Pavel, you have a bigger problem than mast hits.