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  1. Barbancourt (rownd)

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    I only got one problem to comment on. There needs to be BIG fun battles for this to succeed. I bought this game after watching the sea trials battles on youtube, so that is primarily what I was looking for. The unfortunate vehicle of "port battles" is what we ended up with to set up big battles, and it fails for various reasons such as player numbers, metas, time zones, RvR manouvering, etc. After the Great Wipe I played for 9 months and in going to what must be more than 24 port battles, only TWO of those were fully contested port battles. Night flips would be counterd by work flips, and the hostility system was broken. Everybody trying to set up an easy win. Almost every port battle was empty, a complete mismatch, or a tiny handful of players. One of my port battles was a one-vs-one stalemate! It will help that people can now do the tutorial to get to a frigate much faster, but there have to be fleet battles. The fleet practice thing was an interesting idea, though I didn't try it at the time. I don't mind the open world part for what it is, but without fleet battles there's ultimately no point.
  2. Barbancourt (rownd)

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    I think pretty much anyone will gladly cruise out looking for a battle if they actually have a posse to roll with, and a vibrant battle to look forward to.
  3. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Patch 23: Updated Tutorial, Special ship and new UI teaser.

    Are you sure you mean the Endurance battle and not the Final Exam? In my Endurance battle the second ship's masts went down like a pair of toothpicks after just 2-3 rakes.
  4. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Finished everything except the demasting exam on the first pass. I can't hit the masts enough with single shots, but I found that 2-3 broadside rakes brought both of them down every time. (The mast hitbox should be way smaller.) Maybe a tutorial on executing effective rakes? Things I think I remember... AI ships shoot their guns at bizarre angles. Please at least nerf them to normal firing angles during the n00b tutorial! Is the bowsprit indestructable during the tutorials? I tried to shear off the AI ship's bowsprit a few times in the tutorial and couldn't. The tutorial should explain clearly how your line of sight to the wreck has to line up exactly right to get the X key prompt to loot. When I was new I didn't know that for a month or more. The boarding tutorial should explain more exactly the conditions for the getting the G key prompt for boarding. The boarding tutorial should explain how to manage preparation points and use things like counter-attack and disengage. Use of rum during boarding should be explained. It should really reveal the flow chart to explain what actions/responses are effective and what aren't. There's a opportunity here to prevent lots of the usual confusion and frustration over how boarding works. Final exam almost got me, but I was able to kite the second ship down from full health, when my own ship was down to less than 30% after dispatching the first enemy. N00bs might need some prompting on how to kite and survive. I wonder if a damage counter per broadside for both player and AI might help them gauge how effectively they're shooting relative to the AI at different distances?
  5. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Naval Lobby Event

    Most of the players that might have been interested in the "Legends" style setup right after the Sea Trials period were long gone by the time "Legends" arrived after a couple years of everything being Open World.
  6. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Exams - How to pass - tips and tricks

    The angle depends on the thickness of your armor vs the penetration (type, size, and range) of their guns. You can just look at whether their balls are bouncing off you or not. (look for the splashes)
  7. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Please remove the 3 cancellations of combat mission

    LOL, and I'm guessing that as soon as you see one sailing in open waters you gank them mercilessly so they don't leave port again for a while. ;D
  8. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Alts in enemy nation

    then the alts can also green-on-green. clans of alts will form to disrupt nations, and kill them from the inside
  9. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Solo hunting is dead

    Sounds like you want to make things fun for a "raider", none of which sounds interesting for anybody else involved. (Chasing traders is pretty boring too, so I'm kind of puzzled why people even do it) People sailing trade fleets to get some basic stuff and cash to make warships don't want to waste their time sailing for an hour or two just to end up getting wacked, and nobody wants to waste hours of their time chasing "raiders" who are just going to run and hide from warships. Most people want fun interesting warship battles, not hours of hide and seek and gank.
  10. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Clan Warehouse

    Due to pathetic alt abuse there are probably a number of clans with spys/saboteurs high in the ranks.
  11. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    It doesn't matter "who" any of us are, and your assessment of my "PVP prowess" has absolutely nothing to do with what I post here. I've had about 6 or 7 character names in the game, and when there were 3 servers I had 3 characters at the same time.
  12. Barbancourt (rownd)


    Nobody's "afraid" of losing pixels. There just isn't much game incentive to pvp.
  13. Mmmm, 5th and 6th Rates?
  14. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Hostility Missions as PvE

    Don't want the game to be a chore. I hit the fleets appropriate to the boat I'm interested in sailing, trade the goods that are available to trade, and alas NA clans always whither away to a few stubborn stragglers pretty fast.
  15. Barbancourt (rownd)

    the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    It sure isn't, however at least you have some chance to plan for it. The idea that a port is going to be defended with an hour or two of notice is just lunacy.