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  1. "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    But sometimes angry children will poison your dog or set your car on fire.
  3. Perspective of a new player

    I never range shots. It puts up a cloud of smoke that obscures your target so you're basically providing a smoke screen for them, and then by the time the shot has registered both the enemy ship or your ship have already moved so the information is old news and it may be too late to fire the broadside at all.
  4. Remove names from OS

    That would be cool.
  5. Normal people* are at work in the afternoon and have mates giving them the evil eye all evening. 4AM is about the easiest time to play.
  6. LOL, only for people who don't have day jobs. 4AM is ideal for me.
  7. Problem with combat missions 7th rate

    My recollection is that combat missions are a trap. You'll pop into one of those soon in your cutter and find yourself facing something like two brigs and a privateer. Just find a place in the open world where lynxes spawn.
  8. So you want to hunt player traders...

    It takes more resources to acquire indiaman and more crew capability (rank) to sail them. They are also a magnet for attack. If you're already rich and levelled, there isn't much incentive to slog through trading anymore. I always avoided the really heavy commodities and concentrated on the shortest safest routes that made decent profit. Over the summer the loop of Saint Joseph to Fort Royal to Roseau/Rosaly and back with Lancashire Iron and Suffolk/Cheshire Cheese was really easy money. And, well, the LGV is French and one of the most beautiful ships in the game. Gotta have 'em!
  9. So you want to hunt player traders...

    The LGV permits are useless - permits aren't required to build an LGV anymore. I do keep the permits in case they change the formula to require permits again - who knows. As far as the AI LGV go, most of them I've capped are fir. Some may be oak or something else, but you can always just sell those and go cap another since there are a lot of them in the Open World now and the AI don't have enough "intelligence" to avoid sitting dead in irons or try to evade attack.
  10. So you want to hunt player traders...

    LGV are the most common AI trade ships I see in the game now, so they have become an easy choice for higher level captains. Sometimes 3 of them are within sight of a port, ready to be capped. I was so excited when I got my first LGV permits and could build them, and it seems like it was that same week they did away with the permits and made LGVs capturable. ARGH! I still have those permits sitting in my warehouse.
  11. So you want to hunt player traders...

    Anyone who's going to attack you will only do so when they already know they're going to win. Why throw away a warship in addition to slowing down your trading fleet so that it's easier to catch, and reducing your cargo capacity on top of that? Indiamans....LOL, I had made my fortune and retired from trading before I could ever build or crew a fleet of those. It was t-brigs 90% of the time, with a little LGV at the end. I've never had an Indiaman.
  12. The rewards are really only the fun of being involved in a group effort.
  13. So you want to hunt player traders...

    9 times out of 10 those 1000 teak logs are going to get there without incident. It makes no sense to waste a players' time "escorting" that, and it makes no sense wasting a fleet slot on a warship "escort" that's just going to sink if attacked anyway when you could use that fleet slot for another trade ship to increase your profit per hour instead.
  14. So you want to hunt player traders...

    LOL, you're volunteering to "escort" my t-lynx fleet across the map for a couple of hours? Remember to bring a good book to read on the way.
  15. So you want to hunt player traders...

    You're always going solo. Almost nobody has time to waste "escorting" traders when they could be using that precious time for something more lucrative and interesting.