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  1. Hostility Missions as PvE

    Don't want the game to be a chore. I hit the fleets appropriate to the boat I'm interested in sailing, trade the goods that are available to trade, and alas NA clans always whither away to a few stubborn stragglers pretty fast.
  2. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    It sure isn't, however at least you have some chance to plan for it. The idea that a port is going to be defended with an hour or two of notice is just lunacy.
  3. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    My thoughts is that people have lives outside of the small amount of time they spend in the game and are going to quit in droves if their ports are getting flipped while they're at work or out to dinner or visiting the park or whatever.
  4. Hostility Missions as PvE

    If I pop some random AI ships for an hour or two that's around 100k-300k, depending on what kind of ship I'm doing. Some days I'm only in the game to harvest buildings and "AFK" haul materials between ports, spending money instead of making it. I've never had a trade route that can "net a few million", but trading hasn't been necessary since AI fleet rewards were buffed. Delivery missions that give 500k for hauling a few iron fittings to Cartagena are gone. (fine with me) 600k per port per day really adds up, and people don't play every day. How many ports you need depends on how many you need near your CW and shipyards to harvest your shipbuilding materials.
  5. Hostility Missions as PvE

    Can't afford it. Not even remotely. Everyone has quit the game again.
  6. Hostility Missions as PvE

    Come to think of it, if the server is ever full it could swing the other way and take multiple fleets just to generate hostility.
  7. Hostility Missions as PvE

    The game needs more population to make it work properly. A hostility fleet is almost always going to be much stronger and better organized than whatever rag-tag random fleet can be randomly scraped together by the handful of opposing players who might be logged in at any given time, and most of those players would already be in the middle of doing something else, somewhere else. Port timers are impossibly expensive now. They are a thing of the past.
  8. Hostility Missions as PvE

    Once in a blue moon that might happen.
  9. Nights are too dark

    Ahhh...so that sets the stage for the next game - Viking Action
  10. A way to include new players in rvr..

    OW fights are usually getting curbstomped by much larger/stronger groups, so there isn't much learning opportunity in people treating your boat like a soccer ball. You usually need some newbies to get full PB "team" anyway, and it's a much more organized environment.
  11. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    That stuff doesn't sound interesting at all. Give me fleets fighting over something that somehow matters.
  12. The dying RVR

    If anybody shows up. I've been in about 25 port battles, and only 2 of them were battles.
  13. Bottle drop rate

    the drop rate seems to be somewhere near zero, but it takes about a week of sailing back and forth across the entire map to gather enough data to determine that
  14. The arena based game may have had more of a chance if it was released closer to the Sea Trials period. I would have been interested in it then, since I was very confused by the Open World when it launched. By now the only people left are players that are used to the Open World game. The "fleet practice" is now an alternative, too.
  15. A way to include new players in rvr..

    You mean the serial workflips? I really don't think anybody would care that much.