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  1. Barbancourt (rownd)

    special request

    I approve of this message. Permanent capital Santo Tome de Guayana. Put a little life into this corner of the map. Oh, and bring in the portuguese ship (Princesa?), pretty please. 🤩
  2. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Questions to developers

    That's because it's the only part of the game that's been developed.
  3. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    I hope this is a fleet tournament. I do not like 1v1 at all
  4. Barbancourt (rownd)

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    I'm sure some people would enjoy getting the extra distinction for successfully sneaking a rated ship back to their capital as a prize. We could perhaps even have Combat News make an announcement when it happens.
  5. Barbancourt (rownd)

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    Most of us don't have much opportunity to participate in port battles, and in my experience more than 90% of port battles are not contested ("empty") anyway. I just want to roll out in some frigates and have an honorable battle with some other frigates. Sure battles are uneven, but within reason that isn't a problem and doesn't make it a "gank". 7 frigates fighting 5 frigates is uneven, and competitive. I've lost battles where we outnumbered by the enemy something like 7 to 2. A "gank" is not just an uneven fight - a "gank" is an execution, with a foregone conclusion, where the target has no competitive chance. A "gank" is not fun. A battle is fun.
  6. Well, I was wondering what the hey was going on....
  7. Barbancourt (rownd)

    The Latest Escapomatrix

    Well, nevertheless players need some kind of handy-dandy quick reference as guidance in a pinch, even if the occasional atrociously modded statpadder throws it off. You don't have a hope against those guys anyway. There are still lots of ships out there with minimal sail modding. (e.g. all of mine) Most of us only have the vaguest idea what sailing profiles might be, and next to zero practical experience with a lot of the ships.
  8. Barbancourt (rownd)

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    So you're saying there's no server for those of us who want fun competetive battles? I have no interest in either side of a "gank", because they aren't fun for either side.
  9. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Create national councils for regulating the 'big picture' of each nation's stance

    I imagine that a lot of the players that would have been interested in the arena format Legends during the early Sea Trials period probably left the game after it became the time-intensive Open World. There just wasn't much momentum for a second unrelated Naval Action among people already invested in the Open World game.
  10. Barbancourt (rownd)


    Don't assume what I'm like. Actually, I'm one of the rare wierdos that has used the gimped 5th rates, just because I have contrarian moments and I don't do solo PVP. Essex only works in a group, so I've only bought a couple as throw-aways when they're dirt cheap in the ship shop. I have a few Belles only because I was in France on Global and generally used only french ships. However, I wouldn't put resources into crafting these handicapped ships when similar ships fully equipped with chasers are available. It doesn't make sense to waste dock space on them versus a more versatile fully outfitted ship. If they were fixed I could consider using them. Well, keep in mind that you always have the "choice" to not mount the available chasers if this kind of "variety" of lacking basic features that excites you. I'm not being snarky - you can really do that if you like.
  11. Barbancourt (rownd)


    I'm not sure how you define "working" here. If these ships don't get chasers then people will continue not using them, which would seem to demonstrate that they aren't "working" or "balanced".
  12. Barbancourt (rownd)


    OP compared to what? The ships aren't supposed to be equal, and they will always have different BR accordingly. Sailing profile, manouverability, woods, mods - there are so many other variables. It would be nice to see a more variety out there on the seas, but not many people want to build and sail something without chasers when they could have them on another ship.
  13. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    You mean they killed actual cute playful arctic foxes to make these Arctic Fox Pelts? 😥
  14. Barbancourt (rownd)


    If one sloopy ship has them, they should all get them. (Brigs and frigates should all have standard bow and stern guns as well.)
  15. Barbancourt (rownd)

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I'd like to see the useless fake trade goods disappear, and instead have players (traders) transport things between players that have actual value and utility such as necessary crafting resources and crafted goods. You also require that controlled ports receive a weekly supply of food, fuel, money, building supplies, etc to maintain port control and health. A real economy, which I'm sure has been discussed many times over the years. Maybe you could also hire needed AI trader ships/fleets and escort them yourself rather than "fleeting" trade ships with your warship. Unfortunately it seems very late in the development process to force a fundamental economy change.