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  1. Grundal

    Crafting gold ships

    I sail what I got. Store bought basic. Purple, gold who cares. A gold one is special. Keep it special.
  2. Good work devs, researchers and artists! i haven't played in a bit but the itch is coming back.
  3. Grundal

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    Just an update on status of stuff is all I want to know. If it will be dropped end of June. I want to plan my vacay. That's all.
  4. Grundal

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    Bang. Bang. Love the map.
  5. Grundal

    Treasure Hunt/Exploration Mission

    Good idea. For true exploration it would be great to have a fog of war map and only shows areas once you have explored them or purchased / obtained a map of an area. The play area would have to be random as well.
  6. Grundal

    Problems of NA

    redii has hit it on the head. These should be done for release in my opinion.
  7. the tutorial should be separate from challenge and advancement missions. Wraith is correct.
  8. Grundal

    Regional crafting overhauled

    great suggestion! should be implemented.
  9. Grundal

    Teleport to "available for all" ports

    Great idea. "available for all" should be just that. and if the status changes from the owner clan there should be a notification period. 48 hours.
  10. Grundal

    Unequal battles

    p i t - speaks the truth.
  11. all looks good devs. cant wait to test and play more.
  12. Grundal

    British challenge to WO, the dodger clan

    Port battles should be epic. Many battles different time zones and each battle has different war score.
  13. Grundal

    Odd Crutches that Reduce OW Traffic

    Fishing is the main way I make money. I wish the Eurotraders would keep out of the lucrative Caribbean fish market
  14. Grundal

    Notice Board at ports