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  1. I like all of the added changes (a lot), except the new victory marks system.. Wft happend there? The only nation that will get these marks is the one that is currently winning.. What the hell is going on here? The losing sides in RvR also need these marks to be competitive. If nations can not build or rebuild their fleets, the fighting ends! Unless you just tweaked the Bucentaure/Victory so they are seriously OP, this is an "evil circle" that will limit PvP eventually. So if your nation does good, all the active players in that nation will receive a flat rate of Victory marks for all active players. So even Cadets and random players that contributed nothing to their nations RvR effort will get these marks. That is not fair and it will just force alt accounts to join the winning nation.. The way I see it the conquest marks was at least a some what fair. The players who did the work got paid, the care bears did not. Now you get paid for being in the winning nation, so this is promoting Zerg nations even more than before. Why was there no tweaking of the conquest marks system!? I do not mean to be disrespectful, but why do you not ask the players if they consider something like this worth testing? I know the devs play the game, but do you actively participate in RvR? IMO this Victory mark idea should have been shot down during the brainstorming. The new mark system will not work if we want healthy nations and reward the actual players who do the work related to RvR. From my point of view it is much worse than the old Conquest mark system! Regarding the other changes, great work! ^^
  2. [modules] ShipUpgrade book modifiers [Patch 10.3]

    I did not see the Grog Ration skill book listed.. Grog attack bonus: 0.03 Grog moral bonus: 2 Grog accuracy penalty: -0.03
  3. That is insulting towards another forum member and he might even interpreted it as an attack on him personally. Why do you have to be so rude? In most of the reply's I post regarding your comments/post, I always have to keep things simple and short. And there is a reason very good reason for why I have to do that! Severe lack of self awareness is never a good quality. Shame on you LV, shame on you!
  4. How often do we get stuck in OW? I don't mind having the tow feature as a safety and I think the OP is a good suggestion, but as long as we can tow with cargo it can and will be abused.
  5. Rum and repairs

    It was necessary because of alt exploits. They got xp and gold just for doing damage to each other. Now they must sink their alts ships to get something. That is very expensive so it will limit/remove their profit at least. I have to admit I do not like the new repair system. I actually prefere the old one to what we have now. Then it was possible to kill your enemy reasonable fast. And knowing when to use your repairs and to get the max out of them was a skill in it's own. Now it is seriously difficult to kill each other and I have no understanding for the reduced cool down on repairs. The deciding factor is who has the most repair and fastest ship, it is not based on skill! Speed mods can be sort of skill based because you need to have grinded the slots. But I still think that planing ahead and bringing a lot of repairs is OP! xD
  6. Oh I can actually remember that slightly, but I have zero recollection of it being even close to a fair fight. Do you remind the BR ratio? I have a feeling your memory is very selective when it comes to details like that.. ^^ I'm not saying SORRY sucks because you don't! But when you keep bringing up ganks victory's and represent them as huge achievements you are undermining your self. I know for a fact that SORRY has some very good players that don't avoid fair fights, but I have a feeling you can count those players on one hand. And in a clan of 160 players, that says a lot. This was not meant as a troll post, my nick is listed in that picture so I felt I had the right to comment it. o7
  7. Rum and repairs

    The crew repair is a bit broken/need tweaking. We should not be able to "re-crew" during a boarding. So when we get borded the crew regeneration should stop and it should not be possible to "repair crew" while in boarding. And the regeneration ratio needs some nerfing. Cut it in half imo.
  8. Agamemnom

    This is a game, and games need to have some sort of balance to be worth playing. We have ships from early and late in the Age of sails period, for this to work this game has it own rating system. Then the ships specs a probably adjusted some what to be balanced to fit into the NA rating system. This for me makes perfect sense. So I'm struggling to understand your issue with it..
  9. Eliminate Port Battle Requirements

    I do not agree with the OP. What we need is new shallows that limit the 3. - 1. rates to enter the area/region around 4. rate ports. It makes perfect sense because it is realistic. The hulls on 3. - 1. rates would run to deep so they can not enter the area. I do not see any reason to change the line up or implement BR limitations. In 1. rate pbs we have 3 ships to chose from. They all have pros and cons. It should be as balanced for the 4. rate and 6. rates as well. Then we can pick what ship to use according to our own play style and we would get more variety. If I end up having to sail a f...ing Snow when my mates are sailing Ships of the Line, just because you guys fancy watching more mixed fleets fighting ingame. I will come back here and rage until I get banned!
  10. That is why most of us like PBs. In PBs you can see what clans/nations are capable of when fighting on equal terms.
  11. Thank you for sharing Lord Vicius, that picture is that is the ganking battle I was referring to earlier in the thread. I know SORRY takes great pride in those "victorys".. And do not forget, SORRY has a bigger RvR fleet than most nations. So you guys are a worthy challenge!
  12. Minimum bid increase

    I agree that the contract is a bit annoying. We should have some sort of overflow, so not all go of the goods are picked up/sold to contracts. Like the shop was 1/3 of the new arrived stuff to fill contracts, while 2/3 is placed in the shop. This would reward traders that are actively sailing around in OW and looking for stuff.
  13. Conquest Marks

    I have a totally different view on this, I think it works perfectly, but it depends on the RvR clans to be willing to share their marks. Because RvR players and clans who do the work now get more conquest marks than they can use. So it is their responsibility to share it with the other RvR players in our respectable nations, that don't get access to the PB it self. Because if we don't share, why should they bother to assist with RvR? In D-N we pay the grinders and screeners who help us regularly with giving them permits and access crafters with SOL BPs. So for now in D-N Ship of the Line are reserved for players who contribute to RvR in one way or another. This is limiting the amount of players sailing around alone in huge Ship of the Line. I personally like that. So the easiest way for a random player to get a SOL in D-N is to join a RvR clan. Then he/she have to put in some work related to RvR and then they get a SOL. If a random/casual/carebear player or clan wanted to get a big ship on his/their own, all they need to do is gather some players then grind/flipp a region. If they are not enough players they should reach out to a RvR clan and ask for help. If they flipp a enemy region they have the hostility points to enter it right away. Most of them have access to the Constitution BP and if they are willing to do this, then I'm sure we are willing to help them get Agamemnons in sted. The point here is that it is far from impossible, but it requires some effort from the players them self and the RvR clans that have access to the conquest marks. Eventually the conquest marks will become more available, at least for those who can be bothered to do something RvR related. We don't deny random players to enter PBs in D-N, if the have defensive/offensive hostility points they can enter right away. It is a always a click fest at defensive PBs in D-N. But for this system to work we need aggressors in RvR. So we have to continue to attack and defend in pbs. That way the players who get the marks are active. In the beginning we had scarce access to some resources needed for crafting. This made RvR very tempting and even necessary for some nations. But then "we" cried so hard that the devs "fixed" it. So now there is no real need to fight each other. If you guys now cry for this change also, THERE IS NO POINT IN DOING RvR! Right now I think the risk involved in attacking a port has put a cool down on RvR. So this needs some attention imo.
  14. 1. The Port battle group for 25 group members with special ROE. 2. Increase PvP reward - PvP should be rewarded 5x as much in XP, Gold, and combat marks, anything less and it is not worth it. But 10x as much makes decent players into seal clubbing gankers. And please consider adding a higher (much higher) loot drop chance for upgrades and skill books when looting player ships. Right now players who do not like PvE is forced to do it just to get upgrades and skill books. So I think that would be nice change. Personally I don't mind doing some PvE, so on this topic I'm not bias 3. Fix the ship speed meta. There are a lot of different suggestions out there for this, but right now it is to easy to get a fast ship. Most of the veteran players have ships that are are capped at 15 kn with repairs in the hull. So the hunts and chases between 15 kn ships are stand still in OW hunts/chases. The player that are chasing can't gain on the enemy, but the enemy is not gaining distance either. The enemy can run in the perfect wind direction for ever.. Either until we stop chasing, or he/she can enter a port. This is not fun and we are basically just escorting enemy players out of our home waters. Would have been better to not have the speed cap, then at least it is not so likely the speed on the player running and the player chasing are equal. And then we can avoid these still chases..
  15. Too many Cap Francais AI fleets

    I disagree with OP. We often have to sit and wait for a while and all fleets are low BR. Where are the 1000 BR+ AI fleets. Takes for ever doing all the small fleets. Not that it maters, but I still have not seen a single pirate trader sailing around anywhere in OW. But I have not been to Saint- Nicolas area, so if it is just as many pirate AI over there, then it might be good. This region is seriously tedious to grind because of the huge neutral zone around La Tortue..