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  1. Cheat suspected

    This is basic and most of us know it: When your health is at 100% you bounce more shots. The the more thickness you have, the more balls will bounce/not penetrate. As you take damage the "wood" becomes weaker and you start to take more damage/more balls penetrate. I belive (a lot if discussions here with others btw) that if you stack hp and thickness mods, you get more HP you can lose before your armour (thickness) is weakened. This makes sense imo. So as long as they repair early and keep their health on a broadside over the magic threshold of 85% (+/- !?), they keep bouncing shots most shots. I have encountered some players in very slow 1. rates, that are hard to penetrate even with double charge fired close at perfect parallell. I belive they use cartagena refit, navy hull refit and floating battery. When these tank ships are combined with repair and reload skills they are hard to kill. If they also have poods (Edinrough cannons) and determent defender, then your in for a world of hurt xD But this is all in theory..
  2. Make Naval Action more realistic

    I quoted the stuff I personally liked, but some of the other stuff I left out, is devastating for the game imo..
  3. Hey! I would like to be able to make resource buildings in nation ports with out having to make an outpost there. Then I could just sail there in a trading ship, craft the resources from the building and then sail it back to the port where I do my crafting. Because we can not store stuff in ports where we do not have outpost I would only craft what I could fit in my ship. If I crafted to much I would sell it in the shop. This would free up the need for dedicated crafting outposts and we would sail more in OW As it is now I dedicate 1 outpost (2 in ruff times) for resource crafting. I make 3-5 buildings and farm 1 that resource until I have enough. Then I move over to the next resource. Only use 3 indiamans and I don't bother sailing to collect my resources until I can fill all 3 to the brim. I have always struggled with balancing ports I need to have for PvP (free ports and I want them all!!), RvR (1-3 ports we need to be ready at for defending against hostility or gather for attack), clan warehouse (1 port), crafting(1-5) and then a port for trading and 1 free so I can open a outpost where ever I end up and TP back home. 8 ports have never been near to cover this..
  4. I support the OP. I belive the safe zones where implemented to aid new players and players who don't want to do PvP. Therefor it would be logical if the devs just keep nailing shut all possibilities that can lead to unwanted PvP for those players who sail in their safe zones. They could also make it impossible for enemy nation player to attack anything in those safe zones. That way the enemy nation players can not drag players into battle by attacking AI fleets of the same nation. I belive PvP players will adapt and move over to hunting around free ports. And thos would be great, PvP players hunting other players that are keen on PvP. But as long as enemy capitals gives easy PvP kills, there will be players there hunting.
  5. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    The Devs are our NA gods: And as true gods we can't expect them to see stuff from the player perspective, until they notice that they are losing followers. Right now I belive the OW PvP'ers is the player base who are feeling the wrath of the gods the most. I belive the PvE, traders and RvR players are getting their fair share of content for now. But there is a balance here and a healthy nation requires a player bases that covers all the different play styles to survive over time. From a game-historical point of view, our honorable NA gods have a tendency to implement new world changing ideas. Our beloved gods also commits to their new ideas in a godly fashion. So it does not seam that they want to hear players arguments, but insted focus on defending their new miracle against all form of attacks.. So I struggle a bit with my faith in dark times when the NA gods implement some extreme version of what could have been decent idea. Like the safe zones, capitals/unconquerable ports and new hard core nations with we have now. From my humble point of view it would have been a more useful if it had been implemented these factors differently for all nations ingame. That way we would get several different difficulty levels, represented by nation flags. The easiest nation could have many and large safe zones and the hardest nation no safe zones and no capitals. And the rest of the nations some where in between these to. Safe zones could get smaler and they could have less unconquerable ports. The difficulty levels could be set depending on nations historical presence in the Caribbean.. This option would imo be more useful to observe what difficulty levels was sustainable over time. I fear that the way we have it now, the hardcore nations are to hard and will struggle to survive. And at the same time the nations with safe sones are to boring. That we don't get to test the areas in between kinda bugs me..
  6. Impact Tagging

    I like this idea a lot. So you tag in OW the counter is counting down and if you actually manage to get close enough to your target it just instant starts the battle. But I doubt the devs would even try to test it at this point.. : / This is not intended to derail the original idea but I always preferred the two circles system. 1 big circle for dragging the ships around us in OW and then a much smaller one for the tag it self. With this system defensive tags where less effective and tag in general became better speeding up the time needed for chasing inside the battle. And I never understood why the tag timers are 15 seconds, this is to long. Should be like someone mentioned here, different for ship types/classes. For example 4 for shallows, 8 for frigates and 12 seconds for big ships.
  7. Exploiting teleport on OW

    I have not read all post in here, but would still like to share my thoughts. I agree that the TP in OW is probably used in a way not intentionally intended by the devs, but calling it an exploit is just not correct imo. The TP "abuse" do not give some players an OP edge over others. It is not game braking imo because it is mostly used to save time saling in OW. On rare occasions it also increases the chance of player content. It adds a surprise tactic into the game when a fleet appears at an unexpected location, but it can be easily predicted. I think: The TP is mostly used to save time sailing to a port, get to a port before you log off and to some extent also assure you arrive where you intended to sail. Some small islands in the middle of the ocean are very hard to "hit". I even use the TP to get safely into free ports, that often have a lot of enemy players sitting outside spotting for players to gank. If I did not have this option, I would sail in with a basic cutter, open an outpost and then tow my warship in. So it is not "stealing" content from the gankers in any way, it just saves me a tow. Some players don't need to use it as often as others, because their nation has a lot of ports in the same area that are very close to each other. Other nations have ports far away from each other, making the TP much more efficient. If the TP was not an option we might not have bothered acquiring these distant ports in the first place. So this helps populate parts of the map that would normally not be used. r a We just save time sailing and some times it actually increases the chance of to the real game content like when they tow to a port to get into a port battle or /action. time when doing long sails and it helps us find islands in the middle of the sea. For example you can tow in to the secret island. Many also use it to get the PvP content they prefere. Like when a enemy screening feet and/or the PB fleet tows in to a enemy port, they go past the majority of the screening fleet. Denying the screeners content, and increasing the chance of getting their pb fleet into the PB and not stuck in a screening battle far far away form the port. I once joined a tow like this to intercept a enemy retreating pb fleet, with great result. That was a very good battle, even if I did not make it out alive.. The point I would like to make is that forcing the users to do as intended, is not a solution when the users are doing something that is more effective. It would just hide the underlying problem, not solve it. I'm not saying leave it as it is for ever, but for now it is not destroying the game. It's actually helping the small player base we have saving time and getting content. Of course I'm playing for Russia so I'm biased, but the please do not put on you tunnel vision googles just because of that.
  8. Battle Group BR counter

    If the we could see the ship of each player, their br and then a sum of all the BR it would be perfect. And also hide the battle group/normal group when we are in battle.
  9. A way to exit ship in port

    I always have to jump to another port and then back again, or get a basic cutter and jumo into that just to trade a ship. Very irritating, so please fix it.
  10. I have gotten used to the current UI, but this looks good. Is the compass shown in that picture how it will look? I'm being picky now, but it could use a older look imho
  11. Turn inertia - discuss

    If the inertia what gives to slow turning response and then makes the ship continue to turn after the rudder and sails are back in neutral turning position, I like it a lot! On almost all the ships I have tested so far it has been decent except for on the Constitution. I only tested the Connie one time and it was the same day as the patch was released. It "feelt" way to unresponsive. I even tried to turn sails in advance of turning the rudder turn, just to see if I could get a faster turn response, but it was still sluggish. It might be realistic for the Constitution for all I know, but I have not sailed the Connie since.. I have only tested the usual line ships and the Suprise. Not the Ingermandland or the Wappen von Hamburg.
  12. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    1MM is not the same as 1M. I know the swedish are rich, but this the must be the highest bounty ever! Is the Swedish crown helping you finance this bounty?
  13. Wind changes Please slow down the how fast the wind turns to 1/3 of the current speed. Suggestion: I would personally like to test random wind change. The way it works now is to predictable. So for example we could get from 0 to 3 wind changes during a 1,5 hour long battle. When the wind changes should be random, what direction it changes to should be random and in which direction it turns should also be random. Should make chasing players down/ or upwind interesting when the wind could all of a sudden do a 180 turn General turnrates (using rudder or yards or both) Buff St Pavel turn rate. I think it should match the Bellona's stats (it has no chasers so it needs something and it has a long water line, so the Bellona should be able to out turn it in battle) Speed curves and ship difference Would like to separate the Bucentaure and St Pavel more. St Pavel should be faster and have a better overall sailing curve than the Bucentaure. If they are to similar I'm forced to chose the Bucentaure 10 out of 10 times because of the better broadside weight. Feel free to propose buffs or debuffs if necessary Please nerf the Wasa's. Reduce it's speed curve overall and increase it's BR so it is closer to the 3. rate, rather than the other 4. rate's.
  14. Scaling PVP rewards

    Something like this is seriously needed. I'm not convinced that we need bonus for facing tougher odds, but to get max PvP mark payout the battle should be a equal BR fight. This could be based on total team BR. So if two players (500BR )are fighting and sink another enemy player (250 BR). They their combined PvP mark payout should be half, compared to what the payout would have been in a equal BR battle. And this could be made so that in very unfair battles the max PvP mark payout possible could be 1 mark, or even less just to deny serial gankers PvP marks!
  15. Thickness

    I would say just nerf nerf nerf, don't remove anything. 7% and 5%, could be 5% and 3%, but the main issue is the wood it self imo. Could be fun to give thickness upgrades a penalty, like reduced crew! Would make it instant less attractive, at least to stack!