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  1. Hercules will still be superior in for example the Nassau patrol area.. But on the other hand if the Hercules was excluded from that event, what good is it? Can a Hercules match a Suprise with out poods?
  2. Tiedemann

    Trade in Sea Bottles

    We should have the ability to use all our fleets hold in OW and move cargo between them, it just logical. Then you can finally escort your own traders in a propper warship..! This would be a a serious game changer imo. Moving stuff between holds could have 15 sec cool down, and scuttling a fleet ship could demand you to sit still for 5 minutes before execution.
  3. Tiedemann

    Combat News & Player Names - sligthly Change

    Moderators should be responsible for reporting offensive nicks imo.
  4. Tiedemann

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    It's not fake information, but most likely outdated information from when we got leaks from ramming. So if you got 15 leaks at your bow from ramming another ship, it makes sense to slow down right? But I'm not sure if it was actually a in game mechanic that based water intake on amount of leaks/location etc. I kinda doubt it, but desperate times called for desperate measures
  5. Tiedemann

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    First of all GG and thank you Banished Privateer for documenting this with a print screen. We all know with out a print screen it did not happen! Secondly and probably not shocking, I like the current battle mechanics -> A LOT! I'm not going to tell you guys what you did wrong, because I will most likely have to fight you guys again. If the OP read all the advises some very nice members posted here, you will learn/improve a lot for the next time We have issues with very low player numbers and I feel like most of the time I'm either getting ganked or I'm part of a gank. I consider ganking rubbish content and extremely boring.. I prefere equal or underdog fights, because winning is actually rewording then! I find it reassuring that 1 player can survive a massive gank like this. Because then I don't have to fear sailing out into OW all by my lonesome, at least not all the time
  6. Tiedemann

    green on green by spanish

    A spanish armada was chasing HansTheHawk when he attacked an french AI fleet to get away from us. Two spanish players joins the GB side of the battle by mistake. UnknownUser was one of those. When UnknownUser friendly damaged HansTheHawk he was told immediately and explicitly not to do friendly damage because of tribunal, warning and possibility for demotion. He said he was not aware of this rule, he stopped, said he was sorry in battle chat, waited and left the battle. After that we all sailed away. No one was sunk here. The player that did the friendly damage was not aware of the rules. We informed him and he stopped and said sorry. We even left the area so HansThe Hawk could sail back to port in his 1. rate. Why is this in the tribunal? Do you want the cost of repairing your ship reimbursed? I would also like to add that HansTheHawk was saved 2 times by Graf Bernadotte, so he is basicly his guardian angel..
  7. Tiedemann

    L'Ocean thickness Meta

    Just reduce the thickness and hit points of the L'Ocean to balance it towards the Santissima. As it is now the highest BR ship should be the L'Ocean for sure.
  8. Tiedemann

    Spain Land Jump

    Why you little!
  9. Tiedemann

    Spain Land Jump

    We roll the ships hull on wood logs over land. Learned it from the vikings.. But seriously it's a symptom, sailing around in OW is a painfully boring time sink! We do it to to be able to craft ships and/or make gold, not because it is fun. So any form of shortcut I come across I will use to not waist time. What we need is auto skipper. I have several hundred crew, why can't one of them sail my ship to a designated port!?
  10. I miss sailing the Pavel. Its popularity has had some ups and downs in this game, but now its almost useless and needs a buff. The Bellona has more speed and better turn rate and chasers, while the Bucentaure has more firepower and around the same speed. So imo the St. Pavel is missing "magic mojo" to make it a viable option. It used to be fast, powerfull and have very good turnrate. I miss sailing it and I miss seeing other players sailing it as well. It is a seriusly good looking ship! Here I read that the Saint Pavel had 18 pd on the 3. deck: https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21416 I'm not sure how historical correct the info is, but if we could get the 6 pd cannons on the 3. deck replaced with 18 pd it would become much more powerfull. Add a speed buff or turn rate buff and the Pavel is back! I think..
  11. Tiedemann

    Event Zone RoE

    When I started to play NA we had 2000+ players and the gank was REAL back then as well, but this is ancient NA history. The point is do not fool your self! If the basic mechanics are not properly balanced with 250 players, it will not get better with 2500! We need a mechanic to prevent hugely uneven fights like 1vs7. But at the same time for normal players like my self to have a chance at sinking redii or Liq we must allow at least 1 vs 2
  12. Tiedemann

    Event Zone RoE

    No no no no! The battle must stay open, seriusly! The fact that the battle stays open for 30 minutes increases the chanse for other players to find and join a fight. If all battles instant close (3 min) like normal ROE this patrol is just like the old PvP event (that died out), except for players can safely farm AI fleets and get paid PvP marks for it.
  13. Tiedemann

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    I look at this issue from another point of view : If it cost money to own something you don't use or need, why would you keep it? In my mind the solution is to make all ports profitable to own. Only when you chose to use defence timer or/and open for all nations, should it become costly to own a port.
  14. Tiedemann

    Event Zone RoE

    Hahahah, very diplomatic answer.. I would have just said yes! 4vs1 is a gank.
  15. I totally support increasing the BR, but not easy to pick a side in the 110 vs 120 BR discussion. 110 BR would make it possible to place 22 Hercules into a 2500 BR PB. 120 BR will only make it possible to bring 20.. So imagine one team bringing 25 normal shallow water ships into a battle where the other team have 22 Hercules. Who do you think will win? I'm convinced team Hercules will have a easy win, so I'm all for 120BR and I would even claim that 130BR is a bot to much eiter. The Hercules has 1000+ hp, 5+ thickness, 50+ crew, more cannons and it can even fit poods ffs! 😨