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  1. In the old UI we got the click "Ok" message box after crafting something and after trading with another player for example. I'm sure there are more of these unnecessarily not informative message boxes and they should get removed if possible to streamline the UI experience. If they are there to force us to wait for server response then at the very least change them to show useful info. With new UI we don't craft materials anymore except for provisions. So it will be less of an issue. But now I have to go and find the ship I just crafted in the docks to check if it got a bonus. Would be nice to get a ship crafting report in sted showing build, slots and if it got a bonus. I totally get the need for warnings even multiple times because I often try to delete a ship, gold chest or my character etc. Would be nice if the warning we get when deleting an outpost could include the stuff we have in the outpost, like ships and the content of the warehouse. For setting sail with out cannons, rigg repairs, hull repairs or rum I would like to see 1 gathered "Sail report" warning for all those so I just need to click confirm once. Each report element should get its own line in the report, with a healthy distance between them and with a red X at the end of the line if something is missing. That way when we get used to it we can just see it for a splitt second an get all the information we need with out having to actually read it.
  2. Det skader vell ingen at jeg nevner det en gang til, gjør det vell?
  3. I struggle to trade with others because I can not move my goods into the trading window. I can not find a way to see the build on the ships in the shop in port. A some names has changed for upgrades and book, and I'm not super happy about all. "Grog rations" has been replaced with "Drinking" for example. To many separate windows imo, so it is difficult to get an overview. Also in port the logogs could be a hell of a lot bigger. I get why they are small in OW, but in port I'm there to use the stuff and those tiny logos are hard to see/distinguish for an old man.. Over all I like the the new port and UI
  4. Tiedemann

    Patrol Zone RoE

    I assumed it was just to make everything more accessible for testers, I still think we will have a dedicated coin type for PvP.
  5. Tiedemann

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    I like the idea of bording at higher speed than 3 kn because I think it is realistic, but with the current bording mechanics it is just broken.. It should be harder to get in position to board another ship, pulling another ship should take much longer and the player getting pulled should not lose sailing ability and be forced to put sails down. Personally I always considered the bording mini game to be a place holder feature, but if we where not able to see what the opponent has chosen and switch in the last milliseconds then that would make a huge positive difference imo.
  6. Tiedemann

    Perk slot change

    I would like a lot of perks to be standard ROE, like fleet 1 and prepared. Any room for that in this op?
  7. Tiedemann

    The problem of leaving battle

    You mean if you can sail over to the port in the battle instance, then we could just jump directly into port?
  8. Tiedemann

    port reset

    Less nation to gather the players we have and then make RvR rewarding/worth while.
  9. Tiedemann

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Accident ffs! Stop slandering my good name! I'm Norwegian, we all know Norwegians are epic by default and never do anything wrong.
  10. Tiedemann

    Character rating for inside a nation

    So I'm now registering that we all fear a rating system. And this is because we strongly believe that this games player base has more bad apples in it than the world normally has. Because a lot of working applications/websites actually depend on rating systems. And all you need to do often to rate something is register an email so it basically is anonymous.. So then what if we remove the possibility to give a bad rating then..? So characters would only have a "neutral" or "good" rating, then nobody would have a "bad" rating.. You "naysayers" happy now?
  11. Tiedemann

    Character rating for inside a nation

    For me personally you could slap "BAD" or "Known spy" tag on me and it would not affect me.. Being bad is cool But I'm already in a clan and play with others I know, so I do get where your going with this. For a brand new player it could be very isolating to get this negative rating early in the game experience. But if this is main argument for not considering this, then just make the rating good or nothing. So negative ratings would just remove the good ratings, but when you get to 0 -> 0-1 = 0.
  12. Tiedemann

    Pop up islands

    We have the sunken fleet event that give dead mans chest with stuff in it, we have epic events that give gold and silver chests with stuff in it and we have the sealed bottles ship wreak that guarantees to give us rare resources. I would like to see random drop of small amounts of resources and materials in all ports all over the map, that would drop every hour. So all ports can drop everything in small amounts in addition to the locked standard drop we have now. Then players can get more pleasant surprises when checking out the shops in ports and the real traders are rewarded for exploring distant ports and sailing around in the OW by finding small amounts of all the good stuff. Sorry for this but "pop up islands" wtf!? 🤣
  13. This is Ebay inspired for sure, but was triggered by one of anolytic's posts: We should be able to rate fellow nation players in our own nation with bad or good ratings. For example some text like "suspicious character" and to counter it by marking them as "Known patriot" or something like this. I personally like thing simple so I would just go with Good/Bad. This rating could get summed up and be visual by clicking the "i" on the player in OW or searching up the players nick and checking out the info. So for example when I as a spanish nation player see that I'm followed by another spanish player in a basic cutter through OW, I can click on this players info tab and see if he has been marked with negative, good or no rating. If there is no rating then this also works as an warning. I'm paranoid when sailing alone in OW. So if I spot another nation player tailing me I check the created date on that character by searching it up in game. I treat them all as new players, but I do raise my guard up and keep a better eye with what's on the horizon when I see that the character is recently created. Side track: Another thing that would be funny would be to see how many times a character has got his chat post reported. Just as an indication if he/her is an asshole or not
  14. Tiedemann

    naval blockade for ostility mission

    TIME: I did not notice that so thanks, but still that is just a save of the time needed to sail back. 90 min + 90 min + the sail there is still to much time imo. So what I'm trying achieve is to limit it to 1 battle instance = 90 min. So then setting a PB should be an event taking on average 120 minutes and that should be acceptable for most. NO DEFENDER: In case the defenders do not join this battle instance at all it should also be over and done after a set amount of time. So attackers are not forced to sit there for 90 minutes doing nothing. To give defenders a chance to rally they need at least 30 minutes, but they should be able to send in a scout ship. So if nothing has joined on the defenders side within 30 minutes there should be a mechanic speeding up the winning process for attackers. KITING: There is one big circle just like the patrol one, but in this case it does not shrink. And both teams get points generated by having BR in this battle circle every 60 minutes. So if the winners are the team with most points based on their BR in the battle and what they sink, what is preventing the defenders from joining in light ships that match the BR of the attackers and just kite around and try their best not to sink? Attackers will start this battle, and there for have BR in the battle first. So generating hostility based on BR every minute or 15 minute might give the attackers the upper hand and now they can kite, so that would not work either. To prevent kiting you need something, and I see nothing in the OP to prevent this. The PB 3 circles solution is not good enough imo, defenders can kite. Why they did not make just 2 circles or 1 circle I will never understand. In a patrol zone battle this is resolved by the shrinking circle. I do not like the shrinking circle because if I'm in a heavy ship I have to stay far far away from the circle edge and this prevents me from chasing enemy's in faster ships in the beginning. But you can just stay in the center and wait until the circle is tiny so at least it could work if the enemy did not have the possibility to leave. So I would suggest to have 1 small capture circle in this new battle instance. And it should not be larger than the circles in the PB. Then you have to be in that to gain hostility points, highest BR get points. Equal BR nobody get points. And sinking or losing a ship should affect the points just like you suggested in the OP. This would at least give a decisive battle result each time. And that is imo the most fun. If we can not achieve this then I personally don't see the point.