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  1. Tiedemann

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    Maybe reducing what we get now to a half and then bringing the ships back to port would gain us 3 times as much! I'm never going to settle with "enough", but what would prevent me from using a feature like this is the fact that it would require a perk slot/point.. # make fleet ship 1 perk standard ROE for all players!
  2. Tiedemann

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    Oh, I like it a lot! Maybe there could be a way the admiralty could resell the ships it receives, so it brings content to the players in the nation also? I'm all about recycling and saving the planet these days.. But this would also benefit the nation. The ship with upgrades could pop up for sale in the capital at an affordable price, by the admiralty. For it not to be exploited it could have a 7 days delay from admiralty receives the ship, until it is ready to be resold in the capital, and when contract is put up for sale could also be random. Might be to complicated though
  3. I still think the LE Requin should get weaker masts so it can be countered more easily, now they are just to hard to kill. They are like the cockroaches! I would also still like to see the BR of the Le Requin BR buffed to 5. rate level, to keep it out of shallow pbs and to make it more expensive to bring into deep water pbs. Because it gives the team that brings it a rather huge advantage for very little BR. The 250 base crew also makes it the best boarding vessel in it's current class, by far! So just focusing on the boarding vs other ships in the 6. rate class it is pay to win imo I bought it because it is "pay to safely escape" and I need that for safe transportation of skill-books.. 😄
  4. I'm just comparing your suggestion to the removed diplomatic feature. If you where not playing back then you might not be aware how it worked. When two nations formed an alliance (based on player votes from both nations) these two nations could no longer attack each other ports or even each others players in OW. I don't think it was possible to join OW battle against each other in OW and you could not attack each others AI fleets. The allied nations could join on the same side in port battles also, so for the duration of the alliance pact (7 or 14 days) the two nations where basically in the same nation. Just using different flags.. The "rouge" players/clans cried their eyes out because they could not sabotage the alliances, forced on them by the majority opinion/voting! Result was that the rouge guys had to adapt, switch nation or quit the game.. In the end these massive alliances (I think the limit was 3 or 4 nations per alliance and we where less nations back then) ended up limiting who we could attack so much it got very boring for everyone. I think this feature could be brought back if it was limited a bit more. So a nation can only have 1 ally, no more! And then some logic to limit the 2 largest nations on the server to form one massive zerg alliance (because this will happen if it is possible!). Here I'm disagreeing with you: A in game feature that allows players to sentence/punish other players can and will be exploited. So I advice you to drop that part of the idea because I think it's a deal breaker for most who read it.
  5. Tiedemann

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    French did the exact same thing to REDS when I was Russian with Penzcola. Night french took it during the night, and then the daytime french declare that they do not control the night players, but if we would try to attack a french port they will defend it. After that I assumed the french now are not the same french we once appreciated to have as an ally.
  6. Tiedemann

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    1. part is opposite of what is correct. And the last part is correct but is made very difficult when french daytime "will defend all french ports". Nobody wants to fight french, but they make it impossible to avoid and they are not willing to declare that they are the aggressor here.
  7. Tiedemann

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    What about knowledge slots on ships, will we keep them? I don't care about rank that much now because the XP you need to get 5 slots on L'Ocean is alone enough(or almost enough) to take you from lowest to highest rank. I have grinded all my favorite ships now, so losing the slots on those would hurt the most xD
  8. I'm just guessing your not a fan of the OP suggestion. And I know moderators are allowed to have personal opinions, even though for me it's a bit confusing when you have the staff label over your nick.. But I still think just maybe (I'm not looking to get a warning here form Powdercake or you) that those posts are borderline what you moderators normally have to hide/delete when threads are cleaned up after being derailed with off topic and troll post.. So should you guys not strive to lead by example, or is that just not how we do things around here..?
  9. The points you make in 1. and 2., make the 3. point unnecessary. I also think you made the deciding/voting/democratic element way to complicated. Just give all nation players with a certain rank limit a vote, would be a lot easier. If you want to limit it more, then only let the lord protectors of the nation vote! Both of those options would make the 4. point unnecessary. I like the suggestion, but as someone should have pointed out already we had an in game diplomacy feature in the past. But there was not enough limitations on the alliances so the entire server got locked in 2 large blob alliances, team red and team blue. It was difficult to get out of those alliances and in the end the feature was just removed because it limited PvP way to much. This old feature could be reused with some tweaking. If it only allows nations to have vote for 1 allied nation, and denies the 2 largest nations to ally, then we can avoid the blob alliances that limited PvP and we can avoid a Zerg alliance.
  10. Tiedemann

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    Reinforcements needs buff. Give it epic event AI with +100BR over the enemy player/s. Or just bring back the 1. rates, they could at least protect players.. A different approach/ideology for "The safe Zone": I think it would be better if the reinforcement zone was a real safe zone! So enemy players in a nations safe zone should not have the option to attack anything! Only the safe zone nation players should have to option to attack enemy players if they feel like it. Missions should instant close and the safe zone should be large enough for the PvE'ers to do all their missions within it. Content within the safe zone should be limited to mission PvE only. AI fleets should no longer sail into enemy nations safe zones and offering them self on a silver plate like they do now! AI fleets should only sail between their own ports and "patrol" their nations waters. It should be impossible to get sealed bottles within the safe zone! If they want easier xp, gold and loot from AI fleet farming and sealed bottles they should be forced out of the safe zone.
  11. Tiedemann

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    Let's start with the fact that I'm not a Spanish diplomat (Jorge and JAGs are the spanish diplomats) <--- @Graf Bernadotte Consider starting your post with this statement mate The daytime french have said many times that they do not control the night time french. So this is standard excuse they use when the night time french do shit moves against the French nations allies. But when the daytime french are screening and defending the ports the night time french took, no crazy french logic can defend that. They are supporting the night time french against their ally and that is a war declaration.
  12. Tiedemann

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Last fight I had in the patrol I was alone vs 4 Russians.. Was a entertaining fight, but I know what to expect when sailing out there alone.. I'm guessing a lot here: The Russian bear are now looking for a RvR nation to fight during their prime time. Only nations that are actively seeking RvR is the Spanish and up to now the Dutch. Swedish are more than capable, but you kinda have to poke them because they don't need more ports. As far as I know Polish, D-N and Prussia "are not actively seeking RvR". I don't belive any EU players wants to fight the nighttime french and pirates.. So I totally get that Russia dropped the alliance with Spain
  13. Tiedemann

    Longer Day/night cycles!

    I agree that it switches to fast for us to strategically use the darkness. If we got the ability to turn of all the lights on our ship we could for example sneak up on a target or port with cover of the night! Would be so awesome!!! But I need a new screen before this is implemented, because I'm basically blind in this game when its is dark... The only thing I can see are those lights at the rear of my ship 😂
  14. Tiedemann

    Forts still shoot green on green

    I get that your own forts do FF when you get in their line of fire towards and enemy vessel. Forts want PvP marks bad, and are not scared of by warnings and tribunals.. For me FF from the forts opens some possibility when hunting a player that is running towards a fort for safety. So I personally do not mind this at all, but down the road the fort should recognize FF and at least try to avoid it. If I as spanish join the a pirate side of a fight in front of a pirate fort, then the pirate fort should consider me an pirate player and not try to kill me. The fact that forts intentionally aim for ships carrying their own nations flag in a battle makes no sense! It is a bug that the forts know our real nationality and consider us enemy, when we join on the Forts nation side of a battle. I have seen a lot of players join fights like this to close to their teams forts, and then they get sunk by their own teams fort. It is just awful! Experienced players are aware of this issue, so this bug only slaps the newer players in the face.