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  1. I also have some serious issues with this game right now and the only reason I'm still playing is because I hope change is coming soon. This was inspired by @Crayon and his thread "Final Suggestion". I started writing this as a reply to his post, but then this wall of text appeared so I decided to make a suggestion of my own. Issue 1: Sailing is to time consuming I love the OW part of this game, but when ship TP was totally removed sailing time increased to much. We should have gotten to keep the after maintenance tow of empty ships between national ports. That is a hard one to exploit and it provides us with a reason to RvR (take a region near a PvP hotspot = you players get content). Issue 2: The cost of it all and the grind to cover it The cost of ships is to expensive, but I like the permits. It limits the use of over-sized ships in OW. Some will say that it takes to much materials to craft the ships when we consider that they only have 1 durability, but that is only because we compare it with how it was pre wipe. The main issues as I see it is in the cost of crafting the resources together with the insane amounts we need of Fir, Oak, iron, and hemp it to make the materials. Then add that is is a extreme grind to make gold at the moment and the fun is lost. Because we all need ships, cannons, crew, hull repair, rig repair and rum. Collecting half of the resources I need to be able to craft this is extremely expensive, I think I need around 500.000 gold to empty out fir log, oak log and iron ore building once, those are level 1! And you need huge amounts of iron ore, fir log and oak log. I lose ships with repairs and cannons on them, all the time! This is forcing me to spend way to much time grinding and trading. I used to like grinding because it was something relaxing I could do on my own or with my clan mates, and it would give me the gold I needed to buy the shit I wanted for PvP. Back then I crafted my own ships to, it was easy in the good old days. I even used to enjoy trading once in a while to mix thing up a bit.. Now there is no option, I have to grind until I'm sick of it and then go out and trade. I do not want to be forced to do this. The game is no longer fun.. It is broken! Issue 3: It is not easy to compete with free stuff Yes we got back the option to capture AI ships up to 5. rate and that is great, but this was necessary because the cost of crafting ships and cannons was not properly balanced in the first place. And we no longer have enough players to have healthy price competition in the marked. But now all the crafters who make and sell ships (7. - 5. rates) in the nation marked while they try to rank up their crafting level has to compete with captured ships. That is free ships that include cannons and loot opportunity.. It is not easy to compete with that! Issue 4: PvP is a unrewarding gold and time sink, unless you are a ganking-son-of-a-bau-itch The repair meta is making it very hard to kill good opponents when they have the skill books and upgrades to buff repair. And if they have more players than you do, I would say it is almost impossible. The days of losing 25 ships in PBs are over, just not possible unless they all decide on committing suicide. Because the hull, sail and rum repairs are so OP! And we can use them unlimited amounts of times with a cool down, and bring way to much repairs with us. So after most of my PvP battles I get 0 gold and 0 xp. Either I just lost a ship or the hello kittytard I was fighting understood what was about to happen and escaped. Only time I get a reward from PvP is when I'm with other players and we have the BR advantage. This is forcing us to gank, often single players that are new to the game. This is a part of the game that is destroying the player base.. And if the only way I can be rewarded for PvP is if we gank players, then I don't want to do OW PvP anymore. I understand that the devs wanted to make the PvP system less exploitable for players who are farming their alt accounts. The problem is that now the OW PvP part of the game is unbearable for some of us. So it is basicly killing of the new and old players at the same time.. I do not have a solution for this, but by starting to correct some of the issues over here would seriously help imo. Ideas to help with these issues: To be honest regarding repair I preferred the old 1 repair for hull and 1 for sail system, with no magic comeback for crew. Balancing the system we have now is not easy, but if I had to try I would increase the weight of hull and rigg repair to 2 weight per repair and rum to 0.5 weight. That way we can not bring so much and it is a more a tactical choice what we bring and how much. Then I would nerf the stock repair percentage it self by half or increase the cool down to 20 minutes. Or preferably a little bit of both, so 15 min cool down and reduce the health repair to 2/3 of what is is now. I would like to have the material needed for the normal PvP and newbie ships and cannons reduced. 7. rate and up to 5. rates. This is needed for crafters to be able to compete better with the option to capture ships, to lower the cost of ships for use by new players and to help reduce the cost/risk in PvP. Reduce the cost of crafting resources to 25% of what it is now or increase the gold we get from PvE, a lot (a a balance is needed). A balance I would like to see is 1 hour PvE grinding (in the Indefatigable, 2 fleet missions) should be enough to get you all the resources for a Frigate with cannons, repairs and rum. If you make that in to 1,5 hour PvE grind you should have enough gold for resources to buy what ever wood combo you want Trinco with long cannons, 100 rigg repairs, 100 hull repairs and 250 rum. I'm guessing the cost for all of this just in resources is around 300.000 gold. So this would add up to 5. rate fleet missions should pay out 100.000 gold net (after repair and crew). Some of you will say that this is to much and to easy, and we would get a inflation for sure. But IMO it is time to go to the other extreme again, because what we have now is not working. I also think that grinding PvE should be close to as rewarding as trading is. That way the player can chose what he wants to do, and not be forced to trade/afk sail around the map.
  2. Final Suggestions

    Wait! You guys are getting your own game, Naval Action Legends:
  3. I very much liked this idea. Then it would be safe-ish around the edge of the map where our home waters would be and that is needed for new players. And the closer you got towards the center of the map, the more risk/reward you would get. This would send traders there instantly and it could also help pinpoint good PvP hunting grounds, instead of the seal clubbing we have going on now. But for this to work it needs players in war ships sailing out towards the center of the map. If they do not, then we would still be forced to hunt around the enemy capitals for PvP. And if they are to safe, PvP would just die.. So to ensure it would work large enemy AI fleets must stop sailing around in capital home waters. After you reach a certain rank it should no longer be possible to get missions in home waters. So when you reach Flag Captain for example, missions would start to spawn in enemy territories towards the center of the map. Then we might get players to sail out side of their comfort zone at least. I like the idea, but I do not like that Sverige and Danmark-Norge are excluded. Our new players need a safe zone just as much as all the other nations. We are normally less players in Sverige and Danmark-Norge, compared to the other nations. So we have a smaller defensive fleet to protect our home waters. Our nations normally get a lot less new recruits than the other nations (this argument is based on a gut feeling), so I would say our precious few newbies need it even more! After each map reset Sverige and Danmark-Norge has to go out and take the same ports from the British, Spanish and Dutch as we have always done. It is not fun fighting those empty pbs in the beginning just to get "our home waters" back after a map reset. On the other side the Spanish and British have way to much territory to defend, so why can't the devs take a step away form the historically correct ideology, and accept that this is a game. Let it be based/inspired by real life history. Give the danish and swedish larger unconquerable core-territories so our new and casual players also get some breathing room. In my humble (maybe not) opinion the Danish should at least get the Virgin Islands region and the Swedish should at least get the Bovenwinds region.
  4. Shallows

    Yes I also want more shallow water ports, but if they are splitting up the regions into single pbs we will get that . There need to be 3 levels of shallows. Shallow water ships (6.-7. rate), frigates (5. - 4. rate) and Ships of the Line (3. rate - 1. rate). That way a 1. rate fleet can not screen out side a 4. rate pb, like we can now. They could even split up into more levels of shallows to make 3. rate and 2. rate ships more useful in RvR, but I do not believe this is needed because I do use 3. rates and 2. rates for grinding gold and hostility.
  5. Pirate Ships - Pirate Mechanics, Notoriety (PvP) Leaderboard

    I have seen similar suggestions before and the content in this post is based on what I liked in those. IMO - For this to even be considered it must help differentiate between pirates and nation players. So only pirate players should be able to sail pirate ships, and only nation players should be able to play nation ships. If a pirate captures a nation ship, he can use it as AI fleet ship but he can not sail it him self until he converts it. Vice versa if a nation player captures a pirate ship. Converting should be expensive and require crafting. The changes to the ship stats for pirate version must be balanced with buffs and nerfs, but speed should not be affected. That will just ruin game play.
  6. Grinding some ports is beyond stupid

    Improvement over what we have now at least, so I like it.
  7. I totally agree with the OP, but I also feel for the players that want to hunt because getting good PvP is to difficult/impossible in this huge world. And the only way you can get some sort of PvP is to sail over to an enemy capital. When this is a guaranteed suicide for players that are not experienced in running away and/or have a super fast ship, then the OW PvP dies. The way we are whining to force the devs to keep going back and fourth between favoring the attackers (gankers) and favoring the defenders (Revenge fleets) is not efficient. We need to find some middle ground here. Suggestion: I like the idea of having some simple demands that needs to be for filled to enable the invisibility and super speed (I&SS) after leaving the battle. If attackers BR is Equal or Lower than the defenders BR, they should get the I&SS for running away after the battle. Promotes fair fights. If the attackers BR is higher than the defenders BR, then they should not get the I&SS when leaving that battle. Punish gankers. For defenders my fist though was that they should always get the I&SS after successfully escaping a battle, but then I remember all the battles where we have attacked an enemy with greater BR, and when we get into battle they are still just trying to escape..! But I still think defenders should just get I&SS no mater what when successfully leaving a battle. It might be that a player is trying to log off and that is difficult enough already if you are being chased.. The BR check for this should happen after 3 min/ the battle closes, and there should also be a check for players on both sides in battle. No point what so ever in giving us I&SS after leaving AI battles, that is only a doorway for exploiting.
  8. Enhanced RvR

    I'm totally against all form of RvR that has PvE somehow involved in the process. I'm just so sick of grinding AI fleets..
  9. When I first read this post I agreed with the problem, but did not see how most of the suggested stuff would help or add meaningful content to the game. Now it is making a lot more sense, so I'm starting to look forward to this now I have some concerns about going back to the old system with single ports, flags and defensive timers. The main issues back then was the shotgun tactics that where used by the larger nations to grab ports and avoid real combat. We also struggled with the defence timers, because they where often/mostly set at times the defender knew the enemy where unable to attack. Just to avoid a real fight..
  10. Bring back Duels

    And please fix it so we can dual in close to equal BR ships also. I would very much like to test a Victory against the Bucentaure.
  11. I do not care in what form it is re-implemented. I just want it back because I miss having access to dual for testing and practice..
  12. When was the game really good?

    I can remember it when we had 2000+ players online during prime EU time. We had to wait in queue up to 30 minutes to get in, but I can not agree that the game was better back then. It was just a brand new game for most of us. So we all had so much stuff to explore, but after the "new game hype" was over the player numbers dropped. It was to little content and to much work involved to get some basic fun out of the game. I still think we have the major issues now.. There is just not enough content to keep it interesting for a large player base. And there is way to much grind involved to get gold. And we all need gold for resources for ships, cannons and repairs. And when you lose a ship it hurts, too much! I was hoping for RAIDS to bring some more easy instant action back into the game. And that might satisfy the players who miss the old flag system. But I've got a feeling the development of raids "have been put on a shelf".
  13. Map view: Resource Distribution

    I miss it to
  14. It's Time to Merge the Servers!!

    We have tried this before and last time it killed of the legendary 2500+ player base. So stop fooling your self. GAME HISTORY (from the D-N perspective): Back when we where fighting over single ports instead of regions, we had Lord Protector and defence timers we could set our self. The British nation set most of their ports defensive timers at Aussie/US prime time. They did this "to ensure the Aussies and US time zone players game content". Then they gave 1 or some times even 2 ports EU prime time defense timers. so they knew where to expect attacks during the EU prime time. The British was the largest nation by a huge margin back then so the zerg screening was real! So this was starving the RvR players in other nations from game content. It forced EU time zone players to attack the British during aussie/US prime. Do you think the US/Aussie players showed up to defend the British ports!?! No, empty PB in the middle of the night all over the map.. Then during the EU prime time the British would use shot gun attack to take back ports. Attacking 3-5 ports. If we defended somewhere, they entered with 1 or 2 ships to spot, then they split up the rest of their fleet covering and winning all the undefended pbs. That way the could take back more ports during the day, than they lost during the night. This as a winning strategy no doubt, but at the cost of the healthy player base.. Because they where just denying the rest of us content. Then the regional pbs where implemented to help remedy the situation. Of course by then the US nation (you guys mostly) had understood what kind of damage their skeleton crew could achieve. So in the end the US nation held the entire EU player base hostage by harassing the server with the night flips. Killing off even more of the EU player base. We warned you guys that if you continued the night flip you would force a server split. We told you that we do not need your player base at all to survive. We knew the global would not work with the Asians and the US night/day flipping each other into oblivion. You guys made this happen all on you own, now deal with it on you own! If you somehow mange to cry so hard that they merge the servers I have no doubt you guys will repeat history at first chance. You guys just want to win by any grifing means necessary. Some times it is useful to have players like that but you guys don't know when to stop. You are self destructive, toxic and ignorant. It is not a charming combination of properties. So if you wonder why we do not want to play with you guys, after reading this you can consider your self educated @Christendom, @Aventador, @Wraith. Now go "bite the bullet".
  15. It's Time to Merge the Servers!!

    To OP: Seriously no! You guys got exactly what you whined, cried, lobbied, raged, griefed and almost killed off a server population for. You now you have your own dedicated Global server with PBs 24/7. Please just stay there! And leave the EU population on the EU server be in peace. What ever changes devs will bring for us to test, I'm sure in their infinite wisdom they will see it fit to test them on a server with an open and a locked PB capture window.