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  1. Cimbi

    Is it hardcore game or casual?

    What kind of game should NA be?Hardcore, realistic?fantasy, XP-grind, RPG bull....?
  2. Cimbi

    why bringing ship capture back?

    You missed the point.I didn't say you don't need your brain if you are sitting in a 3/5 ship.I said it's give you an advantage.This advantage can be very small like 2% speed buff or can be huge like marines in boarding.So if every crafted ship is 3/5 and I don't have to spend 100+ hours unlock this slots probably I will be using crafted ship but If crafted ship just give me 3 permanent slots I won't buy them because it's not worth it.
  3. Cimbi

    why bringing ship capture back?

    You are comparing extrem situation.You should comper same players with same numbers and in this situation, a 3/5 ship is much better than a ship without slots.(I don't do any pve mission, I don't care rare upgrades and I'm not wasting my real life with this kind of shi..., boring, idi.., fake content like ship knowledge. )That's why if they remove ship knowledge I will prefer crafted ship if they won't remove it I will prefer captured ship.
  4. Cimbi

    why bringing ship capture back?

    Remove ship knowledge and problem solved.If you can use 5 slots on player build ship and zero slots on captured ship.Well, thats a huge difference.
  5. Cimbi

    The Frustrations of a Future College Student

    or they have far more fun if they can afford ships.This mega-patch was a mega-crap.Except for 1 durability, traders have to carry their stuff, rest of the features is fake or unthinking content.
  6. Cimbi

    Increase Open World Speed, Time Compression

    Why don't just decrease the map size by 50%?It's a win-win option.
  7. Cimbi

    Repair timers need attention

    Well, Devs should decide what kind of game they want to make?They would like to make a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox or they try to make a fantasy, RPG sailing game. I think they are advertising their game realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox so I would expect 1 hull and 1 rig repair maximum and zero crew repair.Off course If they changed their minds and develop an XP grind, hello kitty fantasy RPGs.Well, in this case, I think the current system is perfect.
  8. Why don't just remove it.Seriously, why is so good this feature?Please, someone, explain to me.
  9. There is no system that does not benefit a larger team.Look at your system, your 25 people are waiting for a PB my 25 as well but I have got 50 screeners without job.What will I do?Split up them by three group and they will flip your 3 ports.So If you win a port battle It's not a problem for me because I will surely occupy 2 port on next day.You can't do anything, you can't stop me because of no screening fleet.Also, you will eliminate a lot of battle from the game and I think this game need more PVP not less. What we have now it's not perfect, better for a larger nation but at least you have a chance stop an enemy fleet.In your system is zero chance.The main problem is we haven't got enough players to fill up nations. I agree 8 team looks like too much.They should try with 4 nation (Spain, Brittain, Netherlands, France) plus pirates but they should re-design pirates.Also, 4 nations give a good opportunity to make content like "Nation ship trees".Sometimes less is more.
  10. If the screening fleet succeeds or partially succed that's mean enemy's screening fleet failed. If attacker's screening fleet doing a proper job your main fleet abel to join in PB.Also, you can have a good fight between screeners or screeners and a few first rate.This way more people are involved in one PB.I think it's a good flavor in the game.
  11. It's a very bad idea.If you delete screening that means less PVP, less opportunity to capture lineships.Also, you will loose the ability to decrease enemies number in a PB.Screening fleet doesnt messing up PBs.They are the first line of defense.
  12. Cimbi

    Ship knowledge grinding for higher rate ships

    Well, this kind of content was good 15 years ago but I expect more from a game designer in 2017.Sorry, it's nothing else just massive grind, absolutely pointless. If I want to unlock a reno for solo-play, a Connie for group play, Agamemnon for 4rt PB and a first rate for 1st rate PB I just guess but if it takes 500+ mission.It's mean 100+ hours pointless grind.Sorry, I can not and I do not wish to do it.At least I would expect a different path to unlock this slots.I don't mind its gold or combat mark just don't force me to do missions.Off course best option for me if they remove this feature.Also, they're throwing out (real)skill based PVP on the window. I think put together a good pvp team is starting in the shipyard but I lost ability to design my ship because I can not finish it without upgrades.So my ship quality will be decided by time and sooner or later I have to decide I can or can not handel this huge disadvantage. I know OP post was higher level ship but this feature is destroying my gameplay (and I don't think I'm alone) an evrey level.
  13. Cimbi

    What is the point?

    Making an already bad game mechanic to worst.Great idea!
  14. Cimbi

    Ship knowledge grind

    Sorry, you didn't master anything you just spend a lot of hours with grind.That's it.Mastering ship skill was a real skill before its turn to world of shipcraft and I can give you a very good example later if you wish.Anyway if I have to choose between hundreds of PvE mission vs 1 million gold per slot I'm glad to choose 1 million gold/slot options.Off course best options is removing.Before you start ohhh they want free everything.... we didn't get free materials, gold, labor hours, upgrades, blueprints, shipyards and time to collect those staffs.So thank you very much indeed but I love to see this feature in the bin.
  15. If y don't have an outpost in a town that means you haven got a ship there so why do you want to teleport there?Maybe I misunderstand you.