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  1. Coraline Vodka

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Christendoms last words before taking my Wasa to the PB
  2. Coraline Vodka

    Mission changes

    You don't like joining the pve server?
  3. Coraline Vodka

    DLC ships

    Same with the help of alts and clan members
  4. Coraline Vodka

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Link please? And yeah nearrly wrote them both off but just managed to hang on by the structure Edit found it
  5. Coraline Vodka

    Gallant Points

    500 lh only cost 15 combat marks (10labor contracts for 150 cm). If you want more labor go sink some stuff get marks or an alt account (or 5 lol) the
  6. Coraline Vodka

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    If two non pirates start a battle, pirates can join either side
  7. Coraline Vodka

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Wrong see the screen shot we had xxxxx join the USA side to help them but time ran out
  8. Coraline Vodka

    The Unbreakable Bowsprit

  9. Coraline Vodka


    achievement unlocked TRIPLE POST
  10. Coraline Vodka


    yes to all of this BUT there should be a SAFE way to rank up and get gold. only the most basic ship building resources in the safe area. all good MMOs have pve content and pvp content. just gotta get the carrot on the stick to draw captains into more dangerous but profitable waters.
  11. Coraline Vodka

    Cut PB Timer cost

    Sell pvp marks ?
  12. Coraline Vodka

    Grief Fleets

    And 1 perm mod drops off the ship but great idea
  13. We are actually of the opinion that this gameshould be clan based with nation's as a back drop. Maybe someday
  14. Coraline Vodka

    Hercules ship feedback

    Te Wo best all around