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  1. RSC Bahamas Race

    It will be like a pod race, some will race and some will be tusken raiders trying to gank the racers
  2. Everything used in Battle Should be Limited

    while the idea makes sense, its already annoying enough to have 3 seperate consumables to equip a ship.
  3. Whats the crow's nest for?

    I know a guy idr his name who sailed his ship by voice. Would be pretty fun but my Gf's eyes would probably roll out of her head seeing and hearing me talk to the ship.
  4. Timers

    Loose lips sink ships, or in this case don't get a chance. Timer changes after reset are fine. More than enough timers and ports to attack.
  5. Today's port timers situation

    Everyone deserves their beauty sleep instead of being forced to DEFEND a port. When it comes to offense, stay up late or wake up early. Back in my day we did just that to pull flags.
  6. These things need a hotfix

  7. Why did players leave?

    Stuff like this lol
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    I've already used mine
  9. Official statement accusing john snow lets go We joined the battle started and proceeded to take chase. During the chase jon snow lets go rammed into my ship with enough force to break his bow sprit, after the first ram he turned around and came back attempting to block more ships. 2:29 into the video you can see the ram by john snow. @Ink
  10. intentionally bad sailing is. @Ink and @admin will handle this with a slap on the wrist im sure. we mostly just want them to clarify.
  11. "is even against Steam EULA (limiting others from gameplay)." another point of view and some more people "losing control of their shit" and "tacking" conviently into rus ships jon snow lets go and dron441 are also accused this didnt happen back when owning ports mattered less.
  12. "you can't join battle" timer apply to port battles.

    there are plenty of ports and nations to choose from. there is no excuse, a small group can go literally anywhere and start a pb. if you want lobby based PBs wait for legends to introduce it.
  13. Hiding in battle has been a problem at port battles for awhile. you leave the fake battle setup by alts or what not and use the invisibility to cruise up to the pb and join it even though a "you can't join battles" timer is running.
  14. On PVE server, NPC ships and fleets should, by option, be able to ATTACK YOU

    actually thinking about it i would like a switch like smugler, turn on and ai agro you. would be easier to hunt ow ships if they went at you lol pve and pvp server
  15. Little things you'd like to see

    Hold cntrl key to free your mouse