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  1. Coraline Vodka

    The Newbro Problem

    Then let's continue to watch population drop. Ui will drop we will get a bump up in population they will realize it's the same old shiz and leave. This game has the possibility to be casual AND hardcore but doesn't look like we will get that
  2. Coraline Vodka

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    FOR SCIENCE! and i guess they found out
  3. Would make using an alt so nice
  4. Coraline Vodka

    More hot keys and depowering options.

    Yeah would be nice to have 10% increments in the open world cause the 20% jumps are to much to match speeds sometimes
  5. Ok then let's raise the weight of repairs
  6. Coraline Vodka

    USS Constitution Refit?

    Gotta wait for the kick starter
  7. Coraline Vodka


    You do know there is a forum dedicated to recruiting? http://forum.game-labs.net/forum/90-caribbean-server-guild-recruitment/
  8. Coraline Vodka

    Patch notes at login screen

    This and it's of you click anywhere south on the screen switched to pve and I'm like woah population super low and my rank is gone? Oh hello kitty pve server
  9. Coraline Vodka

    Spotting From Land (Realism Suggestion)

    Oh you mean like raids and town bombardment?
  10. Coraline Vodka

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Y'all need to get better at counting there were def not 100 screened Maybe 50 and of those alot of trash boats
  11. Coraline Vodka

    The state of your ship

    Then to replicate that have the f1-4 disable hide the guns loaded counter
  12. Coraline Vodka

    The state of your ship

    WeLL you would be able to see the guns run out so knowing if they are loaded is easy. Ofc ingame models cannons don't move so we have the guns loaded info when looking at them
  13. Coraline Vodka

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Port battle was empty why did you no show?
  14. Coraline Vodka

    Marines gray to gold.

    We tried officer lives before and no one liked it. It encourage d running away and if all is lost just surrender