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  1. Please un-cripple the LGV!

    The cargo capacity should be brought back up, this new version of the game is very anti trader anyway, all the traders are slower, teleport totally useless now so twice the sailing, extra guns for some ships but no extra crew to man them, fleet ships now much harder to get unless you devote all your perks to them. And to top it off the economy is hopeless. There seems to be a plethora of stupid and short sighted changes.
  2. AI massivly underselling players

    Most goods that you produce cost more to produce than you can sell them for. The economy is pretty much broken and yet to buy anything the cost is astronomical. I can produce a 24 lber cannon, it sells for 51 gold, but to buy the same its 5192 gold. Production costs are more than 51 gold. Oak costs 73 gold per log to produce, yet almost all oak is at a price below this unless you are actually buying it from the shop.
  3. Yeah I pretty much said that when I said I was forced to move against my wishes leaving behind European friends. As a ship builder, producer and trader the changes seem fairly stupid. Shipping produce before was very boring and long winded. Now with the removal of the teleport to capital it is doubly so. Instead of one multi hour sail with a teleport at the end to return I now have to sail both ways since the tow will take me to the nearest port. Why on earth magnify the grind?? Every action you take seems to be anti trader anti shipbuilder. You say you want to promote PvP (this should be a choice anyway and its stupid to make this the only way to advance) but by making ships so expensive you will inhibit peoples desire to participate. Every loss entails having to replenish cannons, ships and crew which on rates will be an astronomical amount of cash. Its a lot for even a cutter for a newbie as guns alone runs to in excess of 20K for anything other than freebie ship with 4lb guns. Couple that with an economy where it is difficult to make money and I think the present system is a recipe for disaster.
  4. With the restricted hours for the port battles and the Conquest and PVP marks system I am having trouble working up the enthusiasm to come back. The changes to the trading and crafting system are unimpressive too. Experience may change that, but I also seem to have to change servers because of the silly implementation of the restricted hours, colour me unimpressed.
  5. I have always played in PVP1 and am from Australia. My guild there had a few European players and many from the Oceania region. As I understand it we are now faced with zero possibility of conquest marks due to the timed lockout or having to move to the Global server where we have no clan. The whole concept of the conquest marks seems destined to be divisive and benefit a small part of the population while robbing most of any chance to participate. My impression is that this is a poorly thought out option.
  6. Mega Patch 10.0

    What Destraex and myself want to know, is if we redeem on the EU server do we lose our redeemable experience on the Global server as we have redeemables in both places. Or can we redeem in both locations? We played on EU but the port battle lockouts which I don't fully understand are making the EU server look like a no go.
  7. Regional "Trims"

    Pirates can run down any merchant and run away from any warship at the moment. They seem the favoured children of the developers with better perks and bonus. At least fitting your merchant with pirate perks allows you to run from any national The pirate refit/perk definitely needs addressing, Pirates didn't have good ships historically and for some bizarre reason in game have the best ships speed wise.
  8. Disable dumping cargo while getting tagged

    I would rarely have a sail as short as 20 mins, I move cargo from Flatts which is 6 days sailing to the closest free port, from the coast of Africa. In fact if 20 minute sails were the norm I would be happy but they most certainly are far far from reality. Couple that with having only 100 or so people online players to escort are non existent.
  9. Disable dumping cargo while getting tagged

    I certainly think of them as jerks and I certainly don't like being attacked while in a trader. I think you are deluding yourself if you think traders are thinking what a great guy for attacking me. I am interested in how other than the delivery system, expensive and very limited due to the base limitations and generally requiring long sails anyway you would expect trade goods to be transported?
  10. Disable dumping cargo while getting tagged

    Picking on traders doesn't really qualify as PvP, its a bit like beating up on helpless children as anyone halfway competent can beat a trader if they can catch them. While I would certainly destroy cargo rather than let it fall into the hands of an attacker and have no qualms about it, I have almost always been attacked while empty (in fact every time but once), which is simply a waste of my time, not enjoyable and ultimately a waste of time of the jerk attacking me. Trading is onerous enough with long voyages as it is, and there are a lot of players who seem to specialise in hunting traders because unlike a warship they are relatively safe pickings involving little risk.
  11. The whole concept of building away from the capital with regional bonuses was ill conceived at best. As a ship builder and producer I find that all of my time is now taken up transporting resources even with the use of free towns which blows the cost up considerably. The increase in sailing speed has made that situation somewhat better but since the clan warehouse is located by default in the capital it is either useless or you run the risk of losing your ship components in transit to the regional area. My solution will be to simply relocate entirely to the region and abandon inputting into the clan warehouse. I don't think this is a good thing for clans, its a waster of the clan warehouse and gimps what was a good system. Most of the changes seem to be born of a desire to advantage pirates and gankers vs traders as do other changes such as the elimination of the prepared defender perk. I sometimes think the developers work for the pirates. Overall the regional bonuses have simply spread an already thin population thinner, actually made it somewhat safer for merchant ships (though I am sure that wasn't the intention) and still further reduced PVP due to the time sink of trading. At the very least warehouses should be able to be located at regional capitals. The last time Port Royal/Kingston looked like a real port was before the nerfing of the fishing fleets, another silly rule change. I do like the fort implementation and hopefully that wont vanish like many other good features.
  12. Hotfix 4 for Patch 9.96

    The most debilitating issue in the game at the moment is the resources locations/distances and it seems it wont be addressed. Resources are concentrated in the hands of a few nations and the distances that need to be covered at least from a British view point are far to long. Not only has this made crafting unpleasant, I am basically solo most of the time and unable to co operate with my clan members. Some will no doubt suggest buying resources, I am not interested in doing so, I've never been rich as I largely craft at cost or gratis and have been in the main self sufficient with lots of aid from guild members. So much so that I have retired from trading/crafting and the game in general as a result of them. For me personally I have done multiple trips to Flatts (16 days at sea) sometimes up to 3 nights real time to do one trip. These are boring and generally I don't see a soul British of foreigner. My last trip I decided to take a short cut (while empty and would have saved a day or two sailing time) and was tagged by a Swedish Santa Cecile (this was before they nerfed its speed) and while I almost sank it, it convinced me of the dangers of the short cut. On my return trip I was playing another game for the 16 days at sea and on my 3rd night got distracted (forgot to turn right at Albuquerque) and sailed into Dane land where I was promptly set on by 4 Dane players with attendant lackies for a total of 8 ships. The main tagger took his time to get a perfect position and I was somewhat disorientated as I had been head out of the game for most of the time. This gave me ample time to destroy labour notes, 1200+ Bermuda cedar, 120 fine Bermuda cedar, tobacco, silver coins etc as I could see no escape. To further exacerbate my position I was downloading DCS 2.0 and had a ping of 1200+. Anyone who tells you that ping does not affect combat simply hasn't experienced the lag in shooting this brings about. Once in combat I still got some licks in, but wasn't doing as well as I would have liked given that my two escorting frigates are pretty stupid and the lag made good timing essential. So I surrendered. Lost life off of both frigates and my gold Indiaman and was hugely out of pocket in both time and gold. I have been doing similar length trips to silver mines in the far south and to Sunbury where my live oak plantation is in the hands of the Perfidious Danes. But the time cost to try and trade over these distances with the attendant risks and degradation of clan life and socialisation has solidified me in the decision to retire, albeit temporarily in the hope that some time in the future the crafting/trading equation will not be such an unsatisfying time sink. So myself and my 3 crafting alts bid you all adieu for the time being.
  13. Question about Delivery Orders..

    That was calculated using the cheapest available muskets by the trader tool. The only unknown factor was the unit, I've assumed it was a unit of 1 in which case the loss is huge. If the units was 5, 10 or 20 you might make a profit but not a huge amount. That was the price quoted though I didn't check the price in port, just the price on the trading tool. Ill have another look tonight though.
  14. Question about Delivery Orders..

    I am looking at delivery orders most of which are prohibitively expensive for new players btw but cant see how you make money out of them from the few I looked at. For instance, deliver 22 Sevila muskets to KPR, item cheapest cost $171,000 per musket, total cost $3,762,000. Reward approx $600,000. So I do this mission and I am over 3 million in a hole. Am i missing something?
  15. Silver. Seriously?

    You know I did this and the amount of silver for sale was 0. Most of it taken by contracts I imagine. Last I looked in KPR there was enough silver for four large ships. Enough gold for no ship that requires gold, just two units.