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  1. tonyxyx

    limitation of wood classes in the construction of boats.

    Y E S
  2. tonyxyx

    LV NA needs you

    Yea we need somebody who TARNS the tables here.
  3. Don't think Reverse has nothing to do with it.Sniping masts is part of the game,it requires skill,it requires practice. It is way more efficient than chaining and players,noobs or not,should practice and learn it.There will always be players better than others like you can see in any other game\sport ecc...
  4. It's a good change,in the last few days i experienced fights where people would just use chain till the end no matter what happens, i mean to the point where i was side by side with 'em but they were still goin chain even hitting the hull.I ve tried to tell em that was not going to work and yet chaining was the asnwer,guess what?they sank.To me Admin is making these players a favour forcing them to learn the game.
  5. tonyxyx

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    10 pvp marks on Fumadrago,5 more if he goes unicorn before sink.
  6. tonyxyx

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Demolition derby ... i mean port battle for La Desiderade
  7. tonyxyx

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Port battle of Barranquilla from my point of view
  8. Mast hack priceless.
  9. tonyxyx

    Swedish call to arms

    it is better to keep quiet and give the impression of being stupid than to open your mouth and remove any doubts. Italian proverb.
  10. tonyxyx

    Quick idea on balancing

    Look mate The problem it's not me not having the wasa or marks to replace it(I have multiple wasa and marks to replace it btw) The problem IS that people don't want it to be nerfed just because at the moment it's a super ship and even mediocre players can feel they're good at the game just spraying in the masts with its big cannons and watching em fall.Not to mention speed,turn rate etc etc.... The ship clearly needs some tweaking and only an incapable would not admitt it.
  11. tonyxyx

    Quick idea on balancing

    Ye keep repeating that to yourself
  12. Merry [X]Mas and happy holidays!!!!!!!! Buon Natale e buon anno nuovo!!!
  13. tonyxyx

    Swedish Nation

    I do not complain and it was civilized.The uncivilized version would have been: Do you brain-dead monkey even understand what your post is about?A group of friends should disband coz you dumbass think that's the right thing to do?etc etc... But I'm civilized and not gonna talk to you that way.