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  1. Will grape/canister also be limited? It would be really good to see that happen too, i'd even call for round shot to have a high limit as well, say 60-80 shots per gun but as a few people have said, repairs do need to see a change to respond to this too.
  2. Fluffy Fishy

    Questions for the Historians

    As far as I can tell it dates back to the Roman era and was widely used as a symbol to want to arrange a ceasefire or surrender by the middle ages in Christian Europe at least. The idea seems to have a pretty consistent use throughout history since and then spreading around the world over time. As far as I can tell it seems fairly mixed whether it was a proper white flag or just a rag on a stick though, I guess most of the time it was just what was available. So It's not just a modern/movie thing.
  3. Fluffy Fishy

    Questions for the Historians

    Something I'm curious about since the use of the white jack by the French navy prior to the fall of the monarchy in 1789 (and also during the Bourbon restoration between 1814-1830), how was it that French ships surrendered in actions? Did they strike the white flag up the signal line or anything, if they did what happened if a de-masting situation meant that the rigging didn't support raising any flags? I would greatly appreciate any information on the subject because I can't say its something that seems to be discussed as far as I have seen. Thank you in advance if anyone can help on this subject
  4. Fluffy Fishy

    Unequal battles

    I'd much prefer to have some form of coded flags and custom name plates on the ships similar to the pictures below, it would add some nice flavour but also mean you can get to know ships while players can remain fairly anonymous to their enemies. These are features that would be great to improve personalisation and have been called for over a long time period now, it would also be nice to see properly customisable figureheads but i'd probably prefer the artists to be working on more meaningful changes (another long sought after suggestion). So for example you can have a little string of say 3-5 flags to identify yourselves within a fleet. The other option being able to change the lettering here to something else, say renaming the ship Lord Nelson to pick some random generic name, obviously with some banned wording and a little censorship.
  5. Fluffy Fishy

    Unequal battles

    If we are doing this can we at least have they ability to fly some flags on the masts and the ability to name your ship uniquely to compensate for it? We need to be able to identify something if you can't simply click on people to find out information.
  6. Fluffy Fishy

    Unequal battles

    It's probably a bit too much and overly compex but making areas a little more unique with local currents and weather conditions that mean a defending player potentially has a sort of home waters knowledge advantage like happened historically at countless battles would make things really cool at least in local areas. Beyond the arduous task of creating a more unique local geography where attackers aren't as aware of things like depth and currents I would be happy to see a reward system that benefits the disadvantaged party, even when the disadvantage party loses
  7. Another pretty good video by Military History Visualised, while its not quite as high end as some of the others the channel has published its still a nice little introduction to the thoughts behind the possible invasion of Britain by Napoleon even if the conclusion is pretty easy to assume. Enjoy
  8. @admin I may be looking too much into this picture, as my assumption is just that its a placeholder or being used as some sort of clan flag but is there any reason why the Venetian peace flag is used over the Lion of St Mark holding a sword, which would make a lot more sense in the game. While there are quite a few variants the item being held by the Lion is quite significant, the book symbolises openness, learning and humanism. Where as the sword symbolises themes such as superiority, power and sacrifice, the example below also contains the book shut under the left paw which has symbolism in itself but there are about 8 different common variations so I will save people of the bore of the details.
  9. Fluffy Fishy

    Naval Action Meme collection

    This is a short documentary taken from the distant future in a post NA world, when they one day sadly close down the PVP server.
  10. Fluffy Fishy

    Le Reqin (Xebec) New Tease Picture

    I would be pretty surprised if they haven't given it the ability to sail into shallows Le Requin has the draft of a hamster (about 2.5m)
  11. The Naval action facebook page just posted this image of what is most likely the 24 gun Xebec Le Requin. Here it is for those non facebook users It looks like we will soon be able to sail one of the most popular ships amongst pirates, at least in the Mediterranean sea. Hopefully she will come along with some interesting new styles and a bit of differentiation to some of the more standard square rigged ships we mostly have. I personally can't wait to have a good go with her, I will be watching her progress into release with keen eyes. Here original shipyard post is found here:
  12. Fluffy Fishy

    How to Bring Up the Anchor on a SoL Video

    I recently posted a video from you tube looking at how to steer a ship of the line and the mechanics involved with doing so, now there is a second video looking at how to work the anchor. I never really thought about how difficult it was to deal with an anchor until this video showed me, its so easy to think of how casual drawing in the anchor can be in a modern vessel with an electric anchor system. Enjoy
  13. Fluffy Fishy

    Predicting Statistics for Proposed Ships

    Something I have had on my mind the past week or so is looking more deeply at the figures used to give stats to each ship in the game in the hope of adding value to ship proposals allowing for a rough idea of what we might get added to the game. We have quite a lot of information having been collected now by some incredible dedication from players like Jodgi and Olav Deng. What I would like to achieve here is a better understanding of the statistics in question using the main resources we now have available to try and give any serious proposals, for example the kinds of ships that are going to the selection polls. The main resources as far as I have come across are Jodgi's speed society charts, Olav Deng's wiki and the spreadsheet made up from the values given to the ships in game who I am unsure of the author. Feeding these together with player's actual experiences of ship handling and naval architecture you could probably pull together some pretty accurate predictions of potential ships stats. The main limitations that I can see is for things like hull shape, which isn't easily modelled through mathematics, the other issue I see is discrepancies though actual information on ships, for example displacement tons and burden, or alternatively where ships often get recorded to having different styles of measurements of gun deck length vs total length. So taking rough measurements from these data provided you could slowly fill in gaps for similar sized ships, then extrapolate from there, although another hiccup would be the data used in game doesn't quite reflect historical observations. In an ideal world it would be incredible to see someone very clever designing a little formula to give rough estimates into proposed ships but either way it would be incredible to be able to predict rough statistics for any ships, even if you aren't looking to put them in the game, just for fun purposes or to see how it compares to historical data like admiralty reports. If anyone has any more ideas they can expand on this, or even if they have attempted to do this before I would really love to hear from them, it could be an incredible tool for bringing more information to ship selection polls, but also general interest. The more information we can create the better. Thank you as ever for reading, please share any thoughts you might have on the subject.
  14. Fluffy Fishy

    How To Steer a Ship of the Line (Video)

    This video popped up on my youtube subscriber list, looking at how ships of the line, specifically in this case HMS Victory actually steer, whilst giving quite a nice little visual aid and talking it through in a little detail of the mechanisms at work. while its not the most in depth video its a really nice little introduction to mechanics at play and how ships actually turned port or starboard without mashing the A or S buttons and invariably typing aaaaaaaaaaaaa into nation or battle chat. Enjoy
  15. Fluffy Fishy

    Constitution buff proposal

    I noticed the whole waterline length thing too, but I guess it just shows the compromises between gameplay and history, where the devs only follow rough historical values. Weight seems vaguely associated with displacement, at least as far as I can tell as it seems the numbers most closely associated with the values given in that column. Going back to waterline length there are a lot of errors when comparing to historical values, the one that screams out to me loudest is actually Bucentaure which is somehow almost as long as what I understand as the ship's longest points of measurement, between the cabin on the stern and the full prow (not including sprit), being just over 59m, while her waterline length is a staggering 48m. Turn rate seems a somewhat artificial value based on what I imagine is W/L and weight, whilst I believe yard power is the square area of sail in comparison to another value, maybe draft? Again I'm not sure what specifically. Square vs Jibs is easy enough to understand, as is Acceleration vs Deceleration. If you know more about the values and their meanings please do elaborate, I've been trying to make sense of the table since it first appeared.