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  1. Fluffy Fishy

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    @Sir Texas Sir and @Banished Privateer Sorry if i misunderstood the point you were making I read it as a jab to against the PVE community which is something I see far too often around here, aplogies for the mistake. Thanks for both clearing it up.
  2. Fluffy Fishy

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    I don't know anyone who was particularly upset on the PVE server by the more restrictive change, people just adjusted to the new mechanics and explored other ships while they built up resources to get SoLs. I saw far more frustration from the PVP playerbase concerned about death spirals and having strong enough ships for port battles anyway. Please have a bit more respect, we all want a good game here, Insulting the PVE players doesn't achieve anything and especially when its not even true, scapegoating the more casual playerbase and making them feel unwanted only hurts the game in the long run, especially when the accusations aren't justified. Please can we stop this now, its been a continuous damaging aspect pushing people away for years.
  3. Fluffy Fishy

    Le Requin Crew + Mods

    Nooone of the mods in this game has ever been ditched since the wipe, they keep coming, more and more. Its almost like the mods as they are inherently unbalance the game by changing the playing field in some cases by 30% making worthwhile balance near impossible. 😮
  4. Fluffy Fishy

    remove sniping

    If you actually want realism demasting happened from a cocktail of damage, not from just the mast itself but also the internal supports and rigging. Its pretty impossible to demast a ship simply by hitting the mast proper because the tension from the rigging will keep it up, on the contrary its most often the tension from an uneven force on the rigging that causes most masts to come down which exacerbate damage to the trunk of the mast itself. A mast is actually a very strong structure even though its most often made from a sappy wood like fir or pine, its cylindrical shape makes it very difficult to apply meaningful force and therefore damage due to the way impact forces work, similarly to how circular towers on castles are much stronger than square ones. The game should just make it more difficult to demast without rigging and a bit of structure damage rather than removing sniping. It would be silly to remove ranging shots because no captain would want to fire an entire broadside blind.
  5. Fluffy Fishy

    Fleet action as PvE Rear Admiral?

    You can solo/duo pretty much any PVE mission fleet with a l'Ocean, especially if you set your ship up right with right wood types and thickness and dps bonuses. I've seen oceans with almost 100 thickness and the reload cap, you can basically kill anything with that, especially if you have edinorogs. If you are concerned about doing Fleet action do a few with a friend or two, its helpful when you are getting used to sailing the slug that is Ocean. Just don't make the mistake of taking the largest guns into combat you possibly can, stick to 24/32lbs When it comes to actual fleet battles there isn't much useful AI ships really help with, they seem to flap about and not really achieve much in my experience, the extra slots only really become useful for trading, while you are better using the more combat themed perks. Hope this helps
  6. Fluffy Fishy

    Ship Model View

    Something I would really like to see as a low priority suggestion for the game is the ability to have a complete viewer for the ship models in game. We are lucky here to have the best ship models available of any naval game I have come across, it seems a shame not to emphasise the art involved a bit more and giving players the ability to properly look at the full shape of the ships we have without the clunkiness of using free cam with water in the way. I would really like to see a sketchfab type system where you can properly move the camera around the ships to fully enjoy what the art designers have provided for us, for the sake of simplicity it would be good to see it as a feature of ports, but I understand that developing this idea would suck away resources from the game itself. Take these examples from Sketchfab, how great would it be to see this kind of feature available in the game with the fully textured beautiful models we have. https://sketchfab.com/models/ca7d542c808e42fc931e60b731d3a96e https://sketchfab.com/models/e29f5923f97b484eb965ace28f19ece9 https://sketchfab.com/models/1aafe7df3f21434fba578e44880a1231 https://sketchfab.com/models/ff599e254a59404cb01f3ce81f689cc1 https://sketchfab.com/models/97c5c859b5d944cc8fa31cd21f95a1b9 Freecam in comparison is very limited to shots like these, which while you do get to explore the ships very nicely it would be great to go further and have a more optimised system for properly examining ships, especially one that you could potentially toggle water on or off. Here are some shots I managed to achieve of Requin (please don't judge me, I'm just using it to quickly get from a-b). Note the way the water gets in the way of the hull form shots, something I would personally like to see avoided when examining the workmanship in what goes into the NA models, while the free cam is also quite clunky to use, and those of us who aren't so well practised in it you can rarely get the screenshots you want, especially shots where the sails are deployed, because using freecam on the move is beyond my skill and patience, even into the wind where things are much slower. It would also be great to add some proper lighting to this system so you can adjust sun and light effects to get the ship view you really want, rather than having to rely on the OW weather. To achieve this idea you could probably refit the mechanics from NA Legends, where the ship is sitting in the dock screen, you could call it something like Architects view, Surveyor's view or Dry Dock Examination, it would add a lot of enjoyment to myself, and I imagine the portion of the game's audience who are very into the ships themselves, here for the artwork more than the gameplay too. Its probably also worth noting that the Museum mode in Assassins Creed Origins was a massive success, with it being used by various people to view the world of ancient Egypt in a really nice electronic form, something that could also be of great value to certain groups of people with a high degree of interest in ships and naval history, maybe even bringing in some new revenue from a new audience, allowing for more money to be reinvested in the game itself. Thank you for reading What are your thoughts?
  7. Fluffy Fishy

    Le Req is changing the game!

    its not chinese its actually a mediterranean sailing ship They were quite frequently built and sailed around the Caribbean too, there are even a few of them that were built by the US and other American navies. They are good ships for privateering and anti pirate activity in rocky coastlines, their manoeuvrability giving them great access to jagged coastlines that are difficult to patrol and control in square riggers. The Requin is quite easy to solve, she just needs to be made more fragile, she is weirdly thick hulled for a ship of her type, she should be a lot more vulnerable as should her crew. That being said in a lot of people's minds the DLC ships relative disposable nature have been a blessing for PVP, letting more people fight with much less to lose. Hopefully the upcoming streamlining to crafting and changes will make more ships more accessible in the near future, allowing for more time to be spent in PVP/PVE depending on your preference. Also if you just murder the foremast, like any other triangular rigged ship they are pretty much useless, they aren't particularly difficult to shoot off either, its something that should be pretty achievable with relatively heavy guns like an Endymion has.
  8. Something that has bothered me for quite some time, although stupidly I have never really pointed it out is the exit from KPR, The way you exit the port in larger ships often means unless you change your course you end up completely stuck in shallows, curiously the water looks deep blue as if you could sail over it with ease. It would be really beneficial if the depth was redrawn slightly, alternatively the line you exit the town on needs to be positioned a little bit to the west of where you exit currently. It makes no sense gameplay wise that you need to adjust your bearing almost instantly after setting sail where the exit is clearly ahead of you. To make matters even more bizarre the shallows appear in what appears to be the almost centre of the channel as you leave town. I guess thats why the area in real life is called hunts bay (insert rude joke here). Here are some pictures to show the current predicament, I have just sailed straight forwards from where I exited the port in my Indiaman, not even the largest of ships going. Please dredge or adjust the exit angle, thank you for reading.
  9. Fluffy Fishy

    The best naval warfare games, an article by wargamer.

    There is a distinct lack of age of sail going on there, I would far prefer to play Empire/Napoleon total war's naval gameplay than a few of those listed on the article, something that seems very biased to world wars, If only there was a good MMO age of sail game out there that I could sink a few thousand hours into with beautifully modelled historic sailing ships.
  10. Fluffy Fishy

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Crafting ships should simply be easier, the loss of NPC production and the time sink of gathering resources in the current state of the game just requires too much of a commitment for a lot of people. The best times in the game were the times where ships were fairly disposable and could be replaced without too much of an issue. Restricting the supply of ships or making certain materials only available in specific ports only damages the game and its PVP either through upping the risk to the point people dont bother to play or by creating a culture of alts, both sadly leave us with a worse game. More ship availability for more players is the answer, the reletively disposable nature of the Herc and Requin have been so refreshing, its just a shame they are ships that are given stats that have thrown the balance right off.
  11. Fluffy Fishy

    Naval Action Meme collection

  12. Fluffy Fishy

    'Flag DLC'? Ok. GOOD. Also 'Paint DLC' release plz.

    When people joke about pink ships and show victory's colours but the lighting doesn't show that the actual historic colour at Trafalgar was black and salmon pink, nelson was quite the dandy. So yes you should get that pink surprise
  13. Fluffy Fishy

    Flags Flags Flags

    Here is a collection of drawings of common Venetian flags housed at the Venetian naval history museum. And Here are a couple of bonus flags from other sources: As a fun bonus fact for those who are still reading this: Venice was also the only nation to frequently use velvet in their flags because they had ridiculous amount of money, although velvet flags were mainly in use over the 16th and 17th century they were still employed as part of parades and for prestige value, with the majority of naval jacks being made no different from any other flag of the period, unless they were the flags for the Bucentaur.
  14. Fluffy Fishy

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    what about the asian system of yyyy/mm/dd? Its what they use for archives and most filing systems too
  15. Fluffy Fishy

    Flags Flags Flags

    The Venetian flag has many different aspects, all encompassing various stances and things that the lion is holding, the main 3 are the cross, the book and the sword, whilst its also quite common to see the Lion of St Mark holding a city too. The battle flag of Venice holds the sword, but when fighting pirates there is often the sword and the crucifix, while traders tend to use the book and the sword, meaning they can fight but they come to learn and trade. There is also significance to how the book is held, if the book is open the flag means its open to influence and discussion, where as if the book is closed and the lion is standing on it the flag means Venice is showing authority. The 6 tails to the flag are also significant, they represent the 6 original districts of Venice, Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Marco, San Polo and Santa Croce. There are a lot of combinations of many little betweens the different but the main 3 are: I will try and find some more useful pictures when I have a bit more time, but I hope you are doing the artwork yourselves as best you can, creating your own artistic resources the majority of the Venetian flags online look a bit derpy, If you aren't please use the two above rather than that weird cgi style one it looks weird and out of place, especially in an age of sail game. Also please if you are going to model it let the tails flap properly, they look incredible. Some Other Examples: Here is a nice link showing some more flags of the republic: http://www.bandieredeipopoli.com/veneto.htm