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  1. PvP desperately needs fixing

    A lot of the French have gotten hooked on other games prior to the patch and haven't been on as much. I think WO got hooked on ARK and most NA Purge [myself included ] have gotten hooked on Conan Exiles. Personally, I still have to sail back to the French area bc I ran out of rig repairs and no one filled my buy order. And had gone broke prior to the patch so could not afford the sell order where I was. Once I get there, get more repairs, and get money I plan to come back towards the map center.
  2. Character Name Change

    Yes please, maybe add a buy option for a name change. Would love to change my Global characters name back to Anne Wildcat.
  3. +1 on bring books to shops for sale by NPCs. I liked how you used to once in a while find a nice blue book for sale by NPCs. I think I got my blue marines that way.
  4. +1 Would like my regular rattler and tiny gunboat.
  5. Why did players leave?

    Blueprints used to be not know but dropped, from crafting, like you suggest. People hated it. Personally, I did not mind it.
  6. OW Travel Speed

    NA is a niche game. I'm 42 with a job, a house, and learning a second career. I enjoy the slow pace of NA when I have time to play. I do not want to see it become a DOTA on sea.
  7. OW Travel Speed

    I've pretty much sailed the whole map and would definitely not want to be able to sail it in one session. Take it in small steps. Use freeports as stopping points.
  8. OW Travel Speed

    The issue with spawn points, although I could be wrong, is the same with teleports without cooldown. People will continue to hop from here to there actually reducing the amount of ow traffic, to find fights. Can't find a fight here, hop there, can't find a fight there hop back and log off.
  9. OW Travel Speed

    I think the game's biggest drawback is battle instances. If there was a way to actually battle on the open world it would be perfect.
  10. OW Travel Speed

    Again, with more to do, more population, you should be able to set up a national outpost on the border, sail into your enemy territory next door and find a fight. If the Devs get more PVE content there should be a population boost and so less tome needed to find a fight. You should not need to sail deep in enemy territory unless sailing is something you don't mind.
  11. OW Travel Speed

    If you don't like travel, why are you traveling so far? With more things to do, more population, the enemy should come to you. Or are you friends with your neighbors? if you just want combat, wait for Legends.
  12. OW Travel Speed

    I'm guessing you are doing missions in SOLs. Personally I have not sailed SOLs much, the biggest ship I prefer is the Surprise. Often I'll sail 6th rates when looking for traders to hit. Sailing upwind can be a pain. The longest sailing I do is to set up a new outpost, which does take time, but after that I do hunting and usually will go the direction the wind is and follow it around. I think the game just needs a population boost. I do do trade runs but usually with a fleet of two traders Lynx or 1 traders brig. As a person who enjoys exploring, the sailing times never was much of a bother and I never AFK sail, always watch my back. Personally I would hate to see the ow speeds sped up. Although currents are a good idea, but at some point you will be against the current. POTBS had currents and even though the map was smaller (fewer ports), ow was faster, and you couldn't be hit everywhere on the ow unless flagged so AFK sailing was possible, sailing against wind was a pain there too. I've been hunting traders in a mercury (although haven't been on this past weekend as my friends have gotten into Conan Exiles). And going downwind I need to lower my sails as the ships goes fast I might miss something. As said before, the game needs more pop. More things to do would be help this.
  13. The Pirate Nation?

    I know players who play pirate that feel pirates should not have the ability to craft ships or have structures and should only live off captured ships. I'd just like to see no RvR for pirates, let them live out of free towns, and have the hidden islands, Kidds etc, as their pirate coves that cannot be captured. Personally, I am for pirate on pirate battles. Before the wipe, I played pirate on EU all the way back to pre release (after ow but before Steam release). One clan I was in was on the pirate KOS list by other clans because some in our clan attacked pirate traders. It was exciting having to watch your back wherever you go. Unfortunately this mech gets exploited. Some play pirate for role play purposes. I just like pirates for the freedom.
  14. End of the server

    Maybe those of us that like ow PVP should, after the next patch, group up and split up between two nations? (Maybe GB and Pirates, Pirates and Spanish, or France and DN)? I know WO and even some Purge went to EU. I was thinking of playing my EU pirate more (but really don't want to start over again with no gold or resources) just so I can fight against my Global French buddies.