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  1. Anne Wildcat

    1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    I'd like to 1v1 but not in a tournament as I'm rather inexperienced, have no fancy upgrades, and at most 3 slots unlocked on ships.
  2. I have to say, I'm a casual player, playing only weekends. I love to PVP, even though I lose a lot, and I get money to buy ships from trading. I have yet to get captured trading and I never trade inside the green zone. There are plenty of less risk trade spots outside of the green zone.
  3. Anne Wildcat

    RvR Suggestions

    Maybe just having enemy players in the area around a port can slowly raise hostility?
  4. Anne Wildcat

    2018 Duel room thread!

    Duel room/small & large battles with no loss and no gain. Bring some more content to OW. (I'd love exploration missions & collections). Proper PVP patrols (including defensive patrols in green zones). If possible bring more fleets to OW and get rid of missions. If you want to hit AI on the sea, then find them (with more AI the fleet you want to attack shouldn't be hard to find).
  5. Anne Wildcat

    Reinforcments zone protects everyone....

    Battles open forever --> Super Gank. Just look at the patrols with battles open 30 min. BR restrictions were added bc people would only join the winning side. With open world time scaling vs battle time difference and unlimited tps, forever open battles don't work. Battle instances are the bane. I'm looking for NA2, if NA gets finished, with no battle instances, fights are on the open sea. One can dream.
  6. Anne Wildcat

    Reinforcements update

    I would just like to see players having to protect their own nation's capital instead of AI. Only let low ranks have AI reinforcements as they are new and need the crutch. Create defensive PVP patrol missions. Keep the green zone battles open still for coast guards to enter the battles. Create more PVE content to get players numbers up. Think about content for those who only have 20 minutes to play. Bring in exploration missions as was proposed waaay long ago. Although personally I'd also like to revert repairs back to how they were long ago so maybe my ideas are bad :/
  7. Anne Wildcat

    Open world hunting

    lol Fox, my clan moved on from NA to Life is Feudal MMO although I still play NA. You wouldn't last 2 days before quitting Life is Feudal. NA is not quick & easy PVP. I can find quick PVP in the patrol areas but never go there in anything but store bought ships which I need to do trading to keep up the cost of loss. Just like life is Feudal is not a quick & easy PVP survival mmo. If I want quick & easy PVP in a survival game, I turn to RUST. NA is just not the game for you, it seems.
  8. Anne Wildcat

    Reinforcements update

    But what about those that role play as privateers/trader hunters? Their play style has been killed. I haven't seen @Pagan Pete in ages. With a better UI and more content, the population should raise so traders can find escorts. Add to that coast guard missions to help those under attack.
  9. Anne Wildcat

    Reinforcements update

    I would like your opinion on my suggestion.
  10. Anne Wildcat

    My suggestions regarding green zones

    I know there are many posts but I just wanted to throw in my suggestion. Let me know what you think. Is it exploitable? (as I don't think my suggestions through that much) Just a few suggestions regarding safe zones: for those that want to hop on and casually PVE, make limited (say 2/day) missions that can be taken right from port where there is no chance of enemies joining. Then if they want to PVE more, they can take regular missions. Add PVP coast guard missions like the patrol missions, where you get points for sinking enemies around your capital. Then, my suggestion would be AI reinforcements for only lower rank players. Still keep open battle in green zones but higher rank players need help from coast guards in missions and attacks on OW.
  11. Anne Wildcat

    Incentives to leave greenzones

    Maybe for those that just want to get on, play for an hour or so, and do some casual PVE my suggestion is make daily PVE missions that they can take right from port where no one can enter it. Limit it to 2 missions per day. If you want to PVE more than that, then you can take missions on the OW where there is a possibility of enemies joining. Then let safe zones be for lower ranks only. Just a suggestion. With a better UI and more content, there will hopefully be more population so traders can find escorts if needed.
  12. Anne Wildcat

    Reinforcements update

    I agree with this. Although the game needs a bigger population for more to get trader escorts. Fix the UI, add more content, then maybe green zones will not be needed as much. Add coast guard defense PVP missions, along with other types of missions. Sorry for being off topic.
  13. Anne Wildcat

    Lobby / Queueing System

    Try the PVP missions. They stay open. I wish the PVP missions shared the same mechanics as open world attacks outside the event zone.
  14. Anne Wildcat

    Lobby / Queueing System

    Maybe bring back the small and large battles with no loss and also no reward?