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  1. Anne Wildcat

    OP Ships

  2. Anne Wildcat

    Opening a small window tor PvP on PvE server > enticement

    Maybe PVP flags (like POTBS) on the PVE server? You enable it like the smuggler flag and if flagged you can be attacked by any player.
  3. Anne Wildcat

    Pimp my Crown and Anchor

    Lol, my theory was land appeared on the distant horizon if you were out to sea. On the original topic, I kind of like the gambling game. Something to do now and then on a longer trip. But I’d also like to see Pray brought back.
  4. Anne Wildcat

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    I just wish they would fix the mini game of whoever clicks at the last second is the winner. With my ping and internet lag even against AI I need to attack at the three second mark to make sure it registers. So there is no way I’m going to try boarding combat against another player.
  5. Anne Wildcat

    Where's my HUD?

    Aiming and the selectors are only in combat. The game use battle instances so once you find an enemy, click attack, and the battle instance starts, you can load cannons, aim, and shoot. These things are not available on the open world.
  6. Anne Wildcat

    non combat Instances

    Good ideas, I’ve also advocated for non combat missions like blockade runs in unarmed traders.
  7. I like the idea of having to have to sail around with your gold if you want to buy something, and losing it if you sink, but also being able to keep money in a warehouse for safety.
  8. Anne Wildcat

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    I think some suggested before making different docking requirements based on rate. For example, 4th rate and below, 1 slot, 3 rate 2, 2nd rate 3, 1st rate 4, or something similar.
  9. Anne Wildcat

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    I kind of like the idea of admiralty giving you 1 first rate a month. That way both casual players and hard core players can both sail them. Not everyone has the mega millions that those who play 15+ hours a week do.
  10. Bring NPC repair sales, at higher costs than crafting, to all ports.
  11. Anne Wildcat

    1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    I'd like to 1v1 but not in a tournament as I'm rather inexperienced, have no fancy upgrades, and at most 3 slots unlocked on ships.
  12. I have to say, I'm a casual player, playing only weekends. I love to PVP, even though I lose a lot, and I get money to buy ships from trading. I have yet to get captured trading and I never trade inside the green zone. There are plenty of less risk trade spots outside of the green zone.
  13. Anne Wildcat

    RvR Suggestions

    Maybe just having enemy players in the area around a port can slowly raise hostility?
  14. Anne Wildcat

    2018 Duel room thread!

    Duel room/small & large battles with no loss and no gain. Bring some more content to OW. (I'd love exploration missions & collections). Proper PVP patrols (including defensive patrols in green zones). If possible bring more fleets to OW and get rid of missions. If you want to hit AI on the sea, then find them (with more AI the fleet you want to attack shouldn't be hard to find).
  15. Anne Wildcat

    Reinforcments zone protects everyone....

    Battles open forever --> Super Gank. Just look at the patrols with battles open 30 min. BR restrictions were added bc people would only join the winning side. With open world time scaling vs battle time difference and unlimited tps, forever open battles don't work. Battle instances are the bane. I'm looking for NA2, if NA gets finished, with no battle instances, fights are on the open sea. One can dream.