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  1. Eliminate small ship griefing

  2. Change to BR attack limits

    I tried to tag an indianman in my Mercury, wasn't able to. Also would be nice if trade ships could counter tag.
  3. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    Yeah, I agree. It reminds me of Harry Potter and the start of Order of the Phoenix "5 against 1, very brave". I don't know much about the Wasa but I would think a LGV would be able to escape. If you are sailing a trade ship sail with company, or if sailing alone, keep your eyes open, keep aware, know your best point of escape, or sail a smaller ship. Its very unlikely to get ganked and not get away in a traders Lynx. Never sail with full cargo as that slows you down.
  4. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    Being a little mean there Otto but it did make me laugh out loud.
  5. Eliminate small ship griefing

    I like my Mercury
  6. CPU runs hot while playing Naval Action

    I noticed my CPU running fast when on ow but how do you tell temp?
  7. Advanced Economy

    The more complex you make crafting, the more it's going to spur alt accounts. Most dedicated crafters in POTBS had 10+ accounts. NA already has an issue with alts, please don't fuel the need for more. I'm all for more crafting lines, maybe craftable trade goods, but don't make crafting any one thing more conplex or require more stages.
  8. Advanced Economy

    I really really really just don't want complex crafting like (recent) POTBS where with three accounts, that's 30 structures if you pay for it, which I did, it still takes 4 days to build a frigate. I got burnt out on POTBS crafting.
  9. Naval Action Meme collection

  10. Smuggler flag

    I don't know. I know people before wipe that used LGV + marines as raid ship. Maybe the new refit has just made it more popular? Edit: I believe @CaptVonGunn used to sail around on the LGV, wait to be attacked, play stupid and then get boarded and win or it was someone else in Sorry at the time I was a member that did that.
  11. Smuggler flag

    So is there a new problem Riggie? Any trade ship can enter a port with smuggler for a long time now.
  12. Smuggler flag

    Redii, a noob wouldn't stand a chance against a vet in any ship. They need to learn like everyone here has. But I agree with point two, once spotted, they shouldn't be able to enter, it is not realistic. Although I'm not sure how to go about changing mechanics for that. I go in enemy ports all the time in a traders Lynx and have been spotted so I shouldn't be entering either. If you see an enemy in LGV nearby, call out in your nation chat, we have tps (something also not realistic), use them.
  13. Smuggler flag

    The LGV is weaker than other ships of the same class, and I believe it has fewer crew as well. The nice part about it is that you can use it to enter enemy ports. Haven't used one since they require notes but I'm all for keeping LGV as is. If you don't like people using them as raid ships and being able to enter ports, patrol your nation's ports.
  14. Smuggler flag

    Some people will find whatever way they can to cheat the system (using alts to hide from battle, etc), happens in many games. But why not remove smuggler flag but allow all trade ships (even indianmans & LGVs) enter any port (allowing that size ship)? I really hope Devs don't just remove smuggler & trade missions to halt exploits.
  15. EU OW PvPers by Nation

    Seems like pirates are the majority.