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  1. RSC Bahamas Race

    Sounds fun. When will this be?
  2. Want to buy / Want to sell

    Jodgi was mistaken. It is allowed.
  3. Perspective of a new player

    They are working on an in game tutorial, I believe.
  4. It's so boring here I started to play Albion

    Was just browsing the Internet and I noticed Albion made the list of disappointing MMOs . https://www.mmorpg.com/columns/the-mmos-that-had-it-worst-in-2017-1000012365
  5. Add Prussian/Russian/Polish Ports to PvE Server

    Or maybe have an admirality at Shroud Cay. Isn't that where they start if it's a new player?
  6. Remove random ships from ports

    Yes to buy contracts. But I also like AI ships in the shop. It keeps costs down (ie is that 2 mil ship worth it if you get a similar, but not as good, ship for 500k etc) and for a casual player, losing a ship and not being able to replace it means their game time is over.
  7. Nice! Merry Christmas to you too!
  8. Combat feedback topic

    Agree Jeheil, I suggest a 2x damage multiplier option to choose when entering queue, to fight against others who have also chosen that, for those that want a quick fight. NA Legends battles, imo, should not be long.
  9. I thought you guys were already kicked out of Prussia?
  10. Thanks for making me laugh out loud But I agree, if you want completely safe trade, do so on the PVE server.
  11. Recent updates

    As to all nations having capitals, some players like having no safe zone and the possibility to be reduced to nothing. If you want to have a safe zone and a capital, choose a nation that has one.
  12. PVP servers merge

    I didn't get my non-redeemed aggies from Global either but I still have 2 on EU to redeem. You can have them if you want, pm me.
  13. PVP servers merge

    Did the redeemables we had on Global transfer over? I should have more forged papers but it's no big deal as I do not plan to use them.
  14. Protection for new players and traders in the game

    Not saying you are wrong, but do you know the game was built on the 'just fight'. Missions were added later.