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  1. Casmund

    I quit

    I dunno u need a blend of everything balanced otherwise your missing the point of a open world age of sail game....people have been waiting like 7 years or more for this game... so sucks to see people arguing so much. pvp has its place, trade and commerce have their place. Crafting has its place. missions/open sea pve has its place. if you take any of these away then it is like doing a poor job at the game and cutting chunks away and not making it a complete masterpiece. Maybe open sea small group/single ship pve engagements would solve part of the OP's issue? not sure how plentiful they are nowadays.
  2. Great point APC... you got me thinking and you know... I really didn't have much issue with the developers announcement at all... It was only after I read posts and saw the badmouthing of what I considered me and my friends to be grouped in with that I got riled up enough to crawl out of the shadows and make posts... so I think you hit the nail on the head.
  3. Hehe you know whats ironic.... is Crafters are probably more likely to be aggressive IRL than the other way around... I can't count the number of times I have thought to myself... lets see how tough you are when I track your IP and come break your legs punk...=).
  4. I get the feeling that theres a big misconception going on... crafters don't really mind pvp... they just don't like dirtbags and jerks who abuse the system.. and it seems like people are generalizing that into all PvP or something... Again its this general labelling of people being 100 percent pve or pvp wich creates conflict. I've been waiting like 7 years for this game along with many vetrans of Potbs.. and hope it can be the best of both worlds. I don't recall seeing anyone really rallying for anything in the previous discussion.. so placing blame is a pretty lame thing to do .
  5. On the subject of gankers......here is the breakdown when we talk PvP I think we are taking open ocean in terminology and excluding the organized port battles and such wich you will find most PvE (preferred) players don't mind and participate in. But we all know darn well that there are punks that go out onto the open ocean with malicious intent to wreck peoples day,,,and I believe get off psychologically on it(I suppose its better they do it here than in RL). These are not sportsmanlike people who would be say a group of buddies gone out to hunt troublemakers but the deviants of our game. So that's me with my interpretation of what I think a lot of us consider to be the definition for that term.
  6. 1. Anyways the label thing was people seem to be grouping people into you are a 100 percent pvper or pve person wich isn't the case in most instances. 2. Hagen v Marti was the one suggesting that people would be abusing Alt accounts so my phrasing was in reference to that reply. I don't have a problem with alts. I know I won't abuse it but of course I have a sense of ethics and tend to just PvE and craft and do organized PvP (port battles etc)... and according to others some of the the more freelance PvP minded among us do not. 3 I also like some of witch's ideas.
  7. A friend and I had a discussion last night about ways they could please everyone... Having to choose a PvE setting at port maybe allowing you to have hirelings in fleet like we had but it will disable you from being able to initiate combat against another player.. and being set to PvP will do the opposite. This could possibly work... and you have to consider there are actual PvE players who only have a single account.. not the criminal element of the PvP side that choose to have a second account for disreputable purposes. Again It feels odd using labels because I bet most people are part PvE minded and part PvP not all or nothing. Cheers
  8. This could work well if we don't up with an ocean full of scumbags gone wild ganking everyone without consequence if they can do it in such a way that people don't feel forced into anything because by human nature if its your choice u like it but if anything else u resent and get angry..
  9. Casmund

    Patch 9.6 - Minor fixes

    Not liking the fleet changes , I think we should have the option to use them if we like ,even tho sometimes they can be less effective than a friend in group. I also agree with the other comment about possibly making it one way on PvE and another on PvP