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  1. Suppenkelle

    Caribbean Invasion News

    all ports are currently fuelled by the bug which allows you to load your ship in excess by ow-Trade with a buddy.
  2. Suppenkelle

    reinforcement Zone vs. capturable ports

    well, he stated both. Mine was a quote from admin. He wrote: "Reinforcement zones ports [...] ability [...] reduced [...]" (read patch notes for reference) Philipsburg is within reinforcement zone. So, ... reduced? admin, however, wrote in the same sentence: "capturable ports ability [...] greatly increased." Philipsburg is capturable. So, ... increased? While I'm feeling the same as you, there actually is a lot of confusion within the Swedish nation, whether to move out of Philipsburg or not.
  3. In his notes to the update on 21st June @admin stated that: "Reinforcement zones ports and capitals (uncapturable ports including free towns) ability to build better vessels reduced, capturable ports ability to build better ships greatly increased" At least in case of Sweden (don't know about the other nations) this seems to be a bit misleading as Sweden has a capturable port within th reinforcement zone: Philipsburg. So, the simple question is: Is Philipsburg counted as a "Reinforcement zone port" or as a capturable port as it is clearly both? Thanks for answers.
  4. Suppenkelle

    Labour Hours Shortage

    You can use several ways to speed up your crafting: - as mentioned already use perks for labour (royal shipbuilder etc.) - set up your shipyard in a port with 40% LH reduction (most helpful) - if you’re not crafting for yourself only, charge your customers with combat marks to replace your labour hours. It helps a lot to be a member of a clan on this behalf. You can exchange the combat marks for labour hours in the admiralty store.The price for the ships can be lowered accordingly. This way you have practically unlimited access to labour hours. - setting up a building in a port with the possibility to convert labour hours to labour contracts is not really helpful as it does not increase the overall amount of labour hours available.
  5. Suppenkelle

    Managing the Ship Inventory

    2. Yes, no problem. But you might have to walk back home. 3. Yes, exactly 4. Don't know whether this helps, but you don't need the basic cutter. You can put your ship on sale in the port where you don't have an outpost. Then you are without ship and can buy the desired vessel. NOW: instead of climbing aboard you immediately send the new ship to fleet. If you happen to have the perk, that is. After having done that you can rebuy your own ship from the port.
  6. Suppenkelle

    Managing the Ship Inventory

    I suppose, this is not completely true either. AFAIK if you have 17 slots and 17 ships you are still free to move and teleport. You can't craft one then, unless you are sitting aboard of another. So, this way you can have 18 ships, but you can't teleport anymore, because you can't leave the ship. You can even have more if you put them in fleet. But of course you can't teleport then either.
  7. Suppenkelle

    Combat tutorial feedback

    Saw the best time for final exam was 3 minutes 30 seconds. XDoubt...
  8. Suppenkelle

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    I kind of liked the possibility to stow repairs way down in the hold. that is gone now. All items in hold are automatically listed and i have to scroll down to the items I want to look at because repairs are first in the list. Always. No matter how deep they aburied in the bilge. Would like that feature back.
  9. Suppenkelle

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    If by #4 your picture #4 is meant and if I see the image properly, there is a reason for the ship to turn to starboard in the picture, even if the wind would come directly from behind. The center of effort of the sails is well to port frome the centerline of the hull. So, propulsion and resistance aren't balanced and lead to a turn to starbboard. Same as pushing your shopping cart with the left hand only.
  10. First time I rue opting for Latin instead of French at school! Great work!
  11. Suppenkelle

    Combat tutorial feedback

    Was doing the final exam (as Kpt Flugente in game). I was running away for repairs when suddenly the second Cerb turned away and run. Could not get it in time. Funny thing... did F11.
  12. as currencies normally are convertible, will these be as well? Will Labour hours still be convertible from (Silver coins)?
  13. Suppenkelle

    Increase how far we can zoom out

  14. Suppenkelle

    Ship Crafting Resource Calculator and Price Estimate

    Looks beautiful!! Much more than my sheets, actually. I think for the Ocean the amount of oak logs actually needed is lower. You're calculating 1056 whereas the receipt in game just asks for 605. For the Santi and the few other ships I checked the numbers matched, but not for the Ocean (T/WO build). You might want to look into it again. Good work! I guess the 100 CM for the Ocean are for the permit on PVE Server as you guys either don't have victory marks or you can buy them for 100 CM? The number of CM does not scale up when you intend to build more than 1 1st rate.
  15. Suppenkelle

    F11 Coordinates removal

    The protractor is fine to set a course from an ascertained point like a harbour or a landmark. But sometimes one likes to sail, let's say, from George Town to Campeche or from Island Harbour to Harbour Island out of sight of land and as far away from ports and local traffic as possible. Historically, it was possible then, it would be grat if it were possible within the game, too. For that you have to change course in certain points at sea without the help of a landmark. Right now there seems to be no other way of position finding other than F11 (which is somewhat magical) or some kind of crude cross bearing with the help of the trader tool (some kind of magic as well). I had the hope that the clock would be some means of navigation but, well..., it doesn't seem so. I suppose, we could do with some kind of dead reckoning. A logging tool which gets started when the captain requests it that logs courses and distances with sufficient inaccuracy to be historically adequate. Could be part of the map. Some thing like: "Captain, from our starting point we sailed 115k to NW, turned due W then for another 110k. Since 45k we're heading due N now, Sir!" Or simply a table stating courses and distances from the start. This, of course, could as well be in nautical miles or any other measure. Headings could be given sufficiently inaccurate as well. I'm very well aware that this is no top priority item