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  1. Fragen zum Spiel

    "In meinem Clan darf jeder Spieler frei meine Meinung vertreten!"
  2. Little things you'd like to see

    For navigational purpose I'd love to see a bearing compass in my spyglass in OW.
  3. Resource spawning.. woods etc

    Would be interesting to know whether the increasing prices for i.e. teak and white oak are due to supply not meeting demand or due to too much gold in the game leading to people hoarding ressources. I suspect the latter to be the case.
  4. Weight of Deadmen's Chest nearly doubles once opened

    doesn't work doesn't work in hindsight: of course not, but how was I supposed to have guessed this chest gets heavier once opened?
  5. So, I looted a deadmen's chest of wrecked fleet. It was my first one ever. Weight was 1 500, so it fitted nicely into my LGV. Had smuggler flag, went to next available port to open the chest. Found a Consti note which was nice but almost doubled the weight of the chest. I had not thought about this possibility. Now I'm forced to destroy the note to able to leave the port, I suppose. To avoid future disappointments kindly make a warning before opening the chest that the weight might increase considerably. Thanks
  6. heavy bottles

    Same problem here: just tantalizing.
  7. steam is not responding again

    thx for quick response!
  8. steam is not responding again

    same here: Error: login credentials request failed
  9. Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    I'd like to see the chances for better ships increasing with the number of ships the crafteer does. That way experienced crafter would build better ships with a higher probability.
  10. Missing Wasa after tutorial

    After not finishing the endurance challenge in the tutorial my Wasa was gone from the Docks. Probably filthy thieves who stole the beauty while I was at Sea. Any chance to hunt them down aka get compensation? Thx for reading Suppenkelle
  11. Hotfix for patch 14.

    Light ships Hammocks are stackable again!! T H A N K S !!!
  12. Little things you'd like to see

    I'd like to see a non linear slider in crafting windows. Like being set to 1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000 etc. for every craftable item. This way you could do big numbers with few clicks as well as a precise number of items. Crafting 79 pieces would then be 5 clicks (50,20,5,2,2), crafting 1358 pieces would be 7 clicks (1000, 200, 100, 50, 5, 2, 1), and so on.
  13. Shouldn't the percentages of squares and jibs add up to 100%? Or are there other kinds of sails not mentioned in the table? just asking...
  14. THX!! That could well be it, yeah, I'm happy now. ... just adapt the turn rates for all vessels, once you are done with the small ones.
  15. Why do you scream? I wasn't complaining, I answered to Lord B, who seemed to experience a slow Lynx. riddle solved now, he had two Indias in fleet