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  1. West Indian Trading Company

    It's posted in European server recruitment so gonna guess it's pvp euro..
  2. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    So can we all agree that all countries worldwide must go to GB timezone and to hell with logic. Or if one country argues enough we all go to that timezone. I will write 2 letters one to the prime minister warning of time change and if i must one to my boss to tell him I'm starting work a hour earlier so can finish a hour earlier... and now all is good with the world... I'm bored so trolling now commences dedicated to troll 1 or @monk33y
  3. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    I've tagged devs. And put in my suggestions of how to improve things for all players I see none of that from Spain just them crying that they currently have a advantage over baits for example and don't want to be amicable and resolve issue
  4. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    NOT TRUE...fake news...... you can't hunt enemy Fleet if nobody online can't counter grind hostility... Still waiting for a explanation of how flipping a port after 2300 equals a 1700 PB and objections to idea that if a port is ground up after 2300 port battle should be at 2200 on x day not 1700...
  5. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    Thanks grundgemunkey clearly too many long words or complicated idea for @victor
  6. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    Wow People in Spain have jobs that's a lie. Fair fights have never been popular. Empty or partly filled port battles are what make this game great. Spain see no hypocrisy. Spain suffer from the same affliction as Mr trump I am right and nothing else matters...it's all great. Haha anyone who can't see that setting up port battles on a empty server late at night for a 1700 port battle timer is just bs is so blind sighted ....it's a CRAP mechanic make it so they can't be set after X hours or @admin that if set late at night they are set for the latest slot not the first slot available on the 2 days, after all those players want to stay up late to set the battle they should fight it late as possible surely this makes sense....... Ready, steady, Go Spain...
  7. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    I agree that 1700 is not a good time as most people finish work after this and then most have family commitments until 1800 or later. My sleep pattern is more flexible then my working hours but people have moaned about tea time flips as much as night flips for as long as night flips but hey nobody cares and also we have to be careful that we dont end up with a 2 hour window for PB's. I guess with timezones being a thing there will always be unhappy people but maybe @admin can hold a poll on what times players want or what 5 hour window has the most players online (but obviously some players only log on for the pb window). I will always miss some pb's due to real life etc, i can deal with that it just mens playing smart and planning so you dont lose things that matter............. just think that being able to generate a pb at 3am equals a 5pm port battle is a BS mechanic...
  8. So does that mean we go back to ships bought from shop fire ship fitting all frigates targets players hard earnt 1st rates you won't win the port but you've trolled the enemy and let's be honest if enemy has full 25 and you have 10 players your probably going to lose so why not troll your enemy ( happened before and leads to people crying on forum)
  9. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    I don't know I've been away six weeks due to having my 2nd son and the entire nation crumbles... I didn't know I mattered so much.... Lol oooooh the drama........ Been playing for 2 years in brits and nothing ever changes ..
  10. Chat problem?

    Capt spitfire is my in game name. Ithe normally happens after I send around 5 messages in chat then after that it doesn't allow any messages until I log off and on then be fine for next 5 or so messages
  11. Chat problem?

    So my pc mobo died and since reinstall of game after X amount of messages/time if I try to write in any chat I receive a "too many messages" in red pop up and my text isn't displayed... Any Ideas people???
  12. Servercrash

    FFS went & crafted decided to do another mission & server kicked me again which will probably result in the loss of another ship.. Guess I wont bother playing for rest of tonight then
  13. Servercrash

    So server crashed with my Agamemnon with carta caulking etc was in a mission Probably lost to davey jones's locker I will be hoping for some compensation please... Sent a f11 now logged back in & i did unfortunately lose my agamemnon in mission if this a server issue & im due a replacemant ship I thank you in advance ..
  14. How am i suppose to play legends when i have to spend all my time grinding slots in open world naval action...oh i know during my afk sails.. Lol
  15. I don't feel arts in PBs is that problematic right now due to low population numbers and RVR in general being very quiet across the map. Making half the map non capturable creates dead zones only people there will be odd traders (except ones with resources we want as they will be middle map). And people looking for safe missions meaning hunters won't look there unless they wanna gank some care bear pvers on a pvp server...so generally I don't like it I get the idea of a bigger buffer zone around capitals and that's about it tbh..