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  1. Servercrash

    FFS went & crafted decided to do another mission & server kicked me again which will probably result in the loss of another ship.. Guess I wont bother playing for rest of tonight then
  2. Servercrash

    So server crashed with my Agamemnon with carta caulking etc was in a mission Probably lost to davey jones's locker I will be hoping for some compensation please... Sent a f11 now logged back in & i did unfortunately lose my agamemnon in mission if this a server issue & im due a replacemant ship I thank you in advance ..
  3. How am i suppose to play legends when i have to spend all my time grinding slots in open world naval action...oh i know during my afk sails.. Lol
  4. I don't feel arts in PBs is that problematic right now due to low population numbers and RVR in general being very quiet across the map. Making half the map non capturable creates dead zones only people there will be odd traders (except ones with resources we want as they will be middle map). And people looking for safe missions meaning hunters won't look there unless they wanna gank some care bear pvers on a pvp server...so generally I don't like it I get the idea of a bigger buffer zone around capitals and that's about it tbh..
  5. Seems like a massive waste to have that many ports not involved in rvr means less strategy and more hello kitty in the centre of the map. Surely a capital just needs a buffer zone say 3-4 ports either side of capitals. Also rare resources being moved to the hello kitty part of the map just means less traders due to risk vs reward being screwed up to ridiculous risk and again solo players being alot less able to source said resources due to lack of escorts and once the new players die in there traders 2 or 3 times trying to get said resource they dont want to join a clan so they leave as well..
  6. Personally I don't like this new direction, it seems like making everyone in a war company you are just making temporary pirates who plunder a town and hold it to ransom through taxation. Also players who are considered or consider themselves great at pvp are likely to form a elite war company so they are not let down etc by average players causing great unbalance in the force. With the average vs the best who is likely to win especially if the best already have access to the better things in game .. there are actually numerous other reasons most of which have been covered by other members..
  7. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    Good luck guys may i hear of your acts of cruelty but never suffer them..
  8. Server issue is the reason i was disconnected and my ship is aprox 45 min sail away from where it would have been if it wasnt for server crash, resulting in a much higher chance of being caught and losing 2 ships with full holds.. Hopefully i will make good with escape.. Ive got even more grinding to do. Lol..
  9. Now i normally try and do some sneaky trading in the mornings then bug out to a safer area and log out there go to work & complete trip in evening, now due to this morning crash my trader brigs have been left in a rather precarious situation meaning ive got to try and getaway with much higher population and risk of being caught. So what happens regards compensation of ships if i do get caught trying to make my great escape at some point this evening as it would not have happened if i had been able to make my boring escape like most mornings.. Hopefully all this is pointless and will be able to make escape without too much hassle...
  10. Total War against Great Britain

    Close to trolling again @monk33y.. I for one dont want the spantards to leave game or switch nations. As for VLTRA im sure there TOTAL war idea/ post was possibly dare i say abit rash & im sure brits would be willing to come to a arrangement however i cant help but think of all the times spain in general has told us one thing and done another. I also like the fact its a SORRY player saying we have questionable iq when im sure SORRY are/ where allies of VLTRA and from what ive seen by allies you actually meant silent not help at all partners. Maybe you should research term allies... Love you @monk33y (still waiting for you at bluefields) xx
  11. Teleport to Port Battle

    Well this was a pretty obvious exploit that most had thought of..
  12. Ship Knowledge

    Still gonna have to grind missions to get the RNG OP upgrades you want cause well you can't buy the specialised items to craft them due to contracts etc. So no matter your left grinding pve so you can be more OP then your enemy...
  13. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    I've personally pretty much quit PvP, probably no great loss to the game but tbh I'm fed up with ganking and counter ganging I don't really want to be part of it and it seems to be all some people do day in and day out.. How many gank fleets have now moved to freetowns near to Belize because kpr is dead. Lots and lots they have no real intention on raising hostility just ganking whatever they find. So what's the solution to that problem other then revenge fleets?? It's bad for the game in general but this appears to be the community we have left now, mechanics that make it easy and unfortunately you get rewarded for the behavior.
  14. I understand the want for the teleport to freetowns to return it was a quicker and easier way to get pvp and attack enemies across the map. So if your massively pvp orientated you would want them to return obviously. However I don't agree with it from a traders point of view it makes harvesting resources from enemy ports to easy circumvent the need for WAR which plays a important role in a WAR game. If you really want that pvp like you claim you've got to put the hard work in also known as afk sail or planning ahead or you stage only out of that outpost for X amount of time hell I've been stuck in gulf of Mexico for 2 days in real life due to no teleport from freetowns but if I'd had the ability i would of been part of revenge fleets and all sorts because 2 clicks of a button and I'm both sides of the map within 20 mins.