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  1. Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    I know but by the time I figured out what had happened and me throwing my hand at keyboard and mashing some buttons he had regained speed...
  2. Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    I so nearly boarded someone last night while desperately sinking but as I was pulling his ship my boarding prep dropped due to all crew going to survival it was almost a amazing moment..lol but yea determined defender in its current form is pretty crap nth either 10-15 % crew or as original post if you have superior crew even by 1..
  3. So I was at home but to busy to actively play naval action so I left a lgv fishing 160 days at sea 1 bottle and that was after I put lgv away and went to move some gear in a trader brig lol yea it's defo a bit excessive to wait so long between bottles...imo
  4. Well after losing several ships recently due to 6th rates just chain chain til bigger friends catch me i kinda welcome a limit to chain as long as repairs are adjusted accordingly.( yes i tried slowing to board etc but guess need to get gud and practice mast sniping
  5. PvP Leaderboard

    I am by no means the best at PvP I have good and bad days tbh. I have lost ships with awesome upgrades to average players and I've also beaten good players in ships with shit upgrades. It's NOT modules that make the difference it's how YOU and the ENEMY perform in that battle. When you die (yes its inevitable at some point or another) blaming upgrades is the easiest excuse but really you should be analysing what went wrong and what mistakes got you killed then what to do to avoid that situation or to counter it. If you continue to blame upgrades YOU will never learn and never improve. I blamed modules for a long time now I don't have the FEAR I just go out and try to learn and if when you analyse the battle and you can see &think there was nothing I could have done better then maybe just maybe it was the modules. Or a better player
  6. PvP marks should they be scaled

    Nelson didn't need PvP marks but did make a fortune in prize money from captured ships like many captains of the day..
  7. Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    Is there enough room where your hibernating for me to join you. I fear we are nearly extinct infact i hear there may only be 5 experienced GB rvr captains left....
  8. PvP marks should they be scaled

    So are PvP marks rewards ok as they are?? Or do you think that the greater the risk the greater the rewards.. So for example I kill a 2nd rate in my 5th rate reward 16 PvP marks. Yet if I sink same 2nd rate in a 1st rate 16 PvP marks. I think that the guy in the 5th rate deserves a higher reward then the guy in the 1st rate. (Discuss) Also may encourage more solo or smaller open world patrols.
  9. Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    I must admit as a GB rvr player I am not happy with the loss of active players from our fleet and suspect rvr will not be a priority for GB for some time as a result... I play to win not take part I put a lot of time and effort in like a lot of others to ensure my port battle ships with best possible upgrades and woods possible it is NOT fun when half the fleet turn up in any old crap ship and think it's fun to get sunk in 10 minutes resulting in defeat and death of my and others best ships. If you think turning up and getting beaten to death is fun you should try WINNING it's much MUCH better... And when I do get defeated I literally think about and try to analyse what went wrong and what I should have done for 2 days that isn't fun....but necessary to get good.......
  10. EXILE moving to Denmark

    In the UK 20 euro is if your lucky 2 packs of 20 fags. . . . .Maybe I will wait a month or so then make my decision to stay or go to new lands.... TBH I want to learn more and actively hunt in open world pvp more am not sure other then solo that will be easy in GB nation anymore..
  11. EXILE moving to Denmark

    Well that's a bit shit news for GB, not that unexpected though tbh. Well had some good fights with you guys now to have good fights against you... Good luck and good hunting...o7
  12. Does API contain repairs?

    Yep I've noticed variations in repair amounts on two trincomalee's even though there both teak teak. One has fast in built for example and uses more rig reps then other.
  13. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    I didn't think I would enjoy no name and ship removal but its not too bad however i would like some way of identifying what ships are in fleet because currently i have to id player ship then work out BR of that ship then work out what fits to fill BR it's a pain in the ass and often you don't have time... Simple solution break down the BR for us and list it in ATTACK box so for example ...enemy player 5th rate xxx BR 5th rate in fleet xxx BR.
  14. Player name display

    I would also like some way to identify ships in fleet because when you see enemy player in 5th rate with 2 5th rates in fleet you can only telescope & identify 1 ship out of 3 making the decision to tag difficult it could be 2 traders in fleet or 2 surprises and no way of telling unless you try to do maths on BR rating might be easy for vets but not for casuals or newer players
  15. Ships crafting

    So what happens to the 5/5 ships that have been crafted in the meantime???????????? @Ink