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  1. No probably not people who are adverse to risk will always be that way because a loss is a loss and people don't like to lose I hate it but I get over it and do it again and again despite expensive mistakes etc.. But does it harm the game to test it. Not really so let's roll with it and save are moaning for the next worthwhile mistake like 8 knot boarding 🤣
  2. Yeah the ship itself is pretty worthless in comparison to losing a good in built bonus like very fast on a 5th and the modules are normally worth 5x the price of materials for crafting the ship...But if it makes people more comfortable with loss and they sail/fight more it can't be a bad thing...
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    Naval Action Meme collection

  4. Spitfire83

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Finding muskets with several rounds loaded and never fired in battle is apparently very common I saw in a documentary where they had found many cases of finding muskets with 1-10 rounds stuffed down the barrel but never fired.( I think they was trying to prove most people didnt/don't want to kill other humans even in a battle where it really matters) I think they even went into accounts from soldiers in modern war who said they shot at figures etc but most of the time soldiers shoot to keep enemy head down etc but very few shoot with intention of actually killing..snipers being the biggest exception to the rule obviously....
  5. Can I be the green one to match my smoking habits... Thanks dude..
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    Nooooooo... I enjoy having polite conversation in battles against my enemy . I also like it when they get salty as it gives me a excuse to pursue and kill this person more often. I don't think I've ever reported anyone it's called freedom of speech and I don't Give a crap what they say it's only words.. But yea if your that way inclined just report them..
  7. Spitfire83

    PvP or Prey?

    I would class myself as both i sail on open world ALOT sometimes solo sometimes in a small group looking for fights and out of necessity i will tag anything traders or 1st rates i just dont care. ive been the trader in a impossible fight against 3 or 4 ships and died ive fought 2nd rates solo and won in a 5th rate. Pvp marks are needed for good upgrades etc so i will do what is required to get them. I had a really fun 1v1 other day both in trincs if every fight could be like that fantastic but the reality is thats not going to happen if i kill a trader i expect to pop into open world to a revenge fleet so maybe 5v1 maybe more, both elements are part of the game. Got to take the rough with the smooth..
  8. Spitfire83

    385 crew La Requin

    Yea @admin if you cant stack mods then it will create a new meta so strongest book carp combat reps in survival. Art of ship in speed slot etc etc meaning less variation in mods/ships. One meta always replaces another
  9. Spitfire83

    Increase time before hostility can be gained again

    Who here wants less content!? Seriously it is ridiculous!  Its not that we want less content I have helped defend little Cayman twice and not received any victory marks just the fun of a win.. I'm kinda ok with it as I have Vm in stock not all players are as fortunate though... Also as said it takes some time to organise a invasion force also who wants to defend same port every couple of days eventually people get Fed up or find other things to do like real life.. Also fairly certain GB is only nation having same port flipped every few days..So might have something to do with why it is GB raising the concern..
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    Devs, you must see this video.

    NO NO NO that shit burns my eyes
  11. Naval action- gank or be ganked.....everyones so bored they see 1 ship launch mass fleet after it.. Fun times...
  12. Spitfire83

    Chain shot feedback

    For me chain is to strong at close quarters and drop off from damage is to high at longer ranges.. and 2 shots per cannon is not enough.. it makes solo hunting extremely difficult & encourages gank squads.( I think damage at close needs to drop by a small-medium percent and at distance just needs a tweak up by a small amount..So it does at least something to enable you to catch your enemy) Wasa with 6 bow chasers at close to medium range can do more sail damage then a 5th rate can repair... It's true that this does encourage fighting but harms the hit and run tactics used by pair or solo hunters. Imo
  13. Spitfire83

    PvP rewards for boarding

    @admin are towers killing there own nations ships working correctly??? Ok not killing but damaging enough during boarding to be awarded the kill and marks attached to it...
  14. Spitfire83

    PvP rewards for boarding

    I boarded the ship and sunk it ultimately the kill should be awarded to me not a tower that's so dumb it shoots it's own ship to get to me. That I risk my ship under a enemy tower to board and kill the ENEMY rather then sail away and let both survive basically if I hadn't boarded player would have escaped battle or i would have been sunk or demasted by the fort. I can't be the only one that thinks it's dumb..
  15. Spitfire83

    PvP rewards for boarding

    More importantly.... Why if i attack say a french ship under a french fort because fort shoots me and french ship after i board and scuttle french ship tower gets the kill and i get a assist & 2 pvp marks thanks..... I was far too hungover yesterday when this happened yet again..please fix...