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  1. Spitfire83

    Increase time before hostility can be gained again

    Who here wants less content!? Seriously it is ridiculous!  Its not that we want less content I have helped defend little Cayman twice and not received any victory marks just the fun of a win.. I'm kinda ok with it as I have Vm in stock not all players are as fortunate though... Also as said it takes some time to organise a invasion force also who wants to defend same port every couple of days eventually people get Fed up or find other things to do like real life.. Also fairly certain GB is only nation having same port flipped every few days..So might have something to do with why it is GB raising the concern..
  2. Spitfire83

    Devs, you must see this video.

    NO NO NO that shit burns my eyes
  3. Naval action- gank or be ganked.....everyones so bored they see 1 ship launch mass fleet after it.. Fun times...
  4. Spitfire83

    Chain shot feedback

    For me chain is to strong at close quarters and drop off from damage is to high at longer ranges.. and 2 shots per cannon is not enough.. it makes solo hunting extremely difficult & encourages gank squads.( I think damage at close needs to drop by a small-medium percent and at distance just needs a tweak up by a small amount..So it does at least something to enable you to catch your enemy) Wasa with 6 bow chasers at close to medium range can do more sail damage then a 5th rate can repair... It's true that this does encourage fighting but harms the hit and run tactics used by pair or solo hunters. Imo
  5. Spitfire83

    PvP rewards for boarding

    @admin are towers killing there own nations ships working correctly??? Ok not killing but damaging enough during boarding to be awarded the kill and marks attached to it...
  6. Spitfire83

    PvP rewards for boarding

    I boarded the ship and sunk it ultimately the kill should be awarded to me not a tower that's so dumb it shoots it's own ship to get to me. That I risk my ship under a enemy tower to board and kill the ENEMY rather then sail away and let both survive basically if I hadn't boarded player would have escaped battle or i would have been sunk or demasted by the fort. I can't be the only one that thinks it's dumb..
  7. Spitfire83

    PvP rewards for boarding

    More importantly.... Why if i attack say a french ship under a french fort because fort shoots me and french ship after i board and scuttle french ship tower gets the kill and i get a assist & 2 pvp marks thanks..... I was far too hungover yesterday when this happened yet again..please fix...
  8. Spitfire83

    GBs KPR fix

    GB rvr fleet is sleeping or dead nobody is willing to check which incase it smells bad in there... Also sail for x amount of hours find 1 or 2 enemy or wait at KPR chatting crap til enemy turn up kill them it keeps our ships mileage down so better resale value...
  9. Spitfire83

    GBs KPR fix

    We like our enemies close.... tbh nobody in GB really gives 2 shits about ports, enemies or organisation we are now the vulture nation picking away at what meat we can find...
  10. Spitfire83

    Repairs and chain shot

    Urgh fought a wasa in my trinc i sunk and i can confirm 6 bow chasers against my sails meant bye bye sails even when repairing sails his chasers removed more sail then i could repair. Personally although been in game along time mostly on rvr so been trying to get gud and i was doing ok at solo pvp but since the chain change its been get 1 kill or spotted then get dead i escaped these revenge fleets before now with tag circle being smaller limited chain etc etc i feel like its a waste of time going hunting and losing millions of golds worth of upgrades.. .which basically means less pvp more pve or afk sailing to get more gold to buy shit to pvp.. So basically i need to sound my horn & gather a gank fleet and share 9 or 11 pvp marks with 10 people TBH its not fun or rewarding... Hachi sorry if this isnt serious enough and i know im trash before you say it...
  11. Spitfire83

    Open world repair system

    Open world repair system seems very punishing quite often you escape battle needing repairs so you use open world and use all repairs in hull often twice as many as battle instance leaving none left in hull and a requirement to avoid fights and re supply at base. Would a system where repair in open world takes much much longer but is less resource draining ? Or is instant repair but heavy resource drain better? I cant decide tbh..
  12. Spitfire83

    Technical problems and bugs

    I have noticed that when trying to board any ship bow or stern onto enemy G will display but not work until very very close or you turn your side to them more...
  13. Spitfire83

    Chain shot feedback

    Ive not been out in ow much this wknd but i know i have left a couple of battles due to not seeing a viable way to attack and kill my enemy with the limited chain staying in battle would have simply been a waste of my and there time. Due to repairs in hold vs amount of chain. As someone who tries to solo pvp as in raid enemy waters and then escape when the enemy has a revenge fleet or a defence fleet i find the chain limit makes this harder not better just harder/more annoying.. I even left a battle with like 6 traders with a player in bellona as protection because i wouldn't have enough chain to select targets and pick them off one by one due to repairs etc...(also im not that good infact im trash)
  14. Spitfire83

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Ive also suffered from disconnects recently my ping goes from 30 to anywhere over 3000 and then disconnects me to log in sometimes having to restart game to even see the shards load correctly...
  15. This whole new currency thing doesn't seem very clear as to what is what and why maybe it's just me being to simple but is it really needed right now? Maybe some examples would be nice to see so 1 million gold becomes X.. 10 PvP marks becomes X... Etc. Etc.