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  1. Where shall I go to?

    Join GB. Simple as that really. We have tea and cucumber sandwiches cut into little triangles and everything..
  2. Oh come on Liq your so op I think you should have all stern & bow guns removed... I think historical accuracy was the answer to this question. But I must admit it would make certain ships a more viable option increasing diversity
  3. Duel Rooms, Again...

    Hey @HachiRoku want a duel this evening?? You can tell me how to get better if/when i lose...
  4. Duel Rooms, Again...

    i want duel rooms back....Not naval action legends in any form Sorry..
  5. It's been a month so here we go again. Oh and there is no need to fill application form simply speak or sail with a SLRN captain and request a SLRN pennant.. SLRN still looking to increase our home fleet with new, established and veteran players. So if solo join SLRN. Fed up with the annoying guy in your existing clan join SLRN, tired of being ganked then join SLRN, we offer open world PvP patrols.Join SLRN Port battle participation.Join SLRN KPR defence patrols.Join SLRN Fun Laughs & PvP marks Join SLRN Help with Ships & crafting. Join SLRN. We like our captains to at least listen on Ts during battles to help with commands. Please contact capt spitfire in game or on here for any questions/ info.... Will try to put screenshots or videos of recent battles here shortly ( i always forget to screenshot but will try from now on) Am in game after 8pm server time most days.
  6. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Sorry I did forget the help Of EDR.. My apoligies o7
  7. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Lol. Not wasting my time arguing about how mighty the rise of Russia is when you just admitted to having 8 experienced players from RUS and RDNN how many from ex royal? At least 3 to 5 including your 8 you admit to that is a PB Fleet then your next statement is about how you've also had to nurture newbs. More Russian BS. Like I said you along with others including some from within our nation has set back GB maybe we will rise again maybe there will only be a Russian players left doing rvr. Who cares. Not me anymore if I ever did.
  8. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Erm this smells like BS. Most of ex royal are RVR players.RDNN ex RVR players. Yea GB does suck at PBs because we lost are player base to boredom or other nations . GB and Spain had a fairly stalemate kind of war both winning PBs at times this was GB trying to rebuild a PB rvr Fleet then the Russian zero jumped into spains war and well GB was fighting Spain USA and Russians well congrats because by doing so you condemned the GB rvr Fleetc to give up and dispersed into other games or giving up rvr was this your intention or did you think our player base would enjoy such BS. Most went to other nations, gave up rvr or like me simply went screw it who cares can have fun elsewhere rather then listen to Russians beating there chests one minute about how they defeat GB and yet next quote saying how GB are so crap. Contradiction after Contradiction. Just remember the only place to go from first place is down probably not from the low morale down trodden nation that is GB but I shall watch from the sidelines with interest.. And @Graf Bernadotte I guarantee Russians haven't had to spend 10 mins of every PB telling new players repeatedly how to enter the PB correctly before and during PB like we had to . LOL ( & they still got it wrong)
  9. @admin so upgrades & books will not drop from pve anymore???
  10. Using Russians as a example is bad as they currently have a very experienced RVR fleet which attracts more RVR focused players because who wants to join a nation that has 2-5 experienced rvr captains and the rest of Fleet created from whoever turns up sometimes in wrong ships not on ts etc. Etc.basically spending in game time herding cats.... actually think Russia has admirals from RDNN, RUS ex Dane rvr fleet.... ROYAL ex brit RVR Fleet..... VCO ex USA RVR Fleet. Leaving not a lot of RVR admirals left except those that refuse to leave there original nation. Like me... Thank you @Christoph for a honest write up of how you needed Vic marks to rebuild. I believe the snowball effect will happen resulting in crying by the have nots, gloating by the haves & then 200 population as the cryers leave and the Victor's get bored or rofl the map.
  11. OK so I am feeling salty today so 1st sorry admin.. The problem with RVR as I see it & for others I'm sure is different is. Time,effort, risk involved in RVR or port battle event does not equal rewards......so rewards for port battles are as followed and problems with rewards. Pvp marks- more easily obtained from ganking gankers or being a gankers at other nations capital area or open world. Ports- no reward costs more to own then you can profit from owning them. Except afew ports.own to many your screwed as need to grind pve all day to pay for them. Victory marks- currently used to obtain ships that are mostly obsolete 1st rates are barely in game except to grind PB hostility missions rarely used in PB events or to grind cash fast. Only other ship currently using Vic marks that is used by community is heavy rattle but if 1 RVR Fleet can't obtain h-rattle and other does why even defend port? And here lies the problem if the rewards from Port battles/RVR make the strongest nation stronger then this makes beating the best harder and harder, snowball effect weather it be upgrades, op meta ships or pvp marks as pvp marks buy some op upgrades/books. But if the rewards are not some how worthwhile then why bother with RVR... So the question is to both the community and devs what should or could the rewards be from RVR port battles to make it a worthwhile experience for individuals/clans be without making winning nations OP. Answers on a postcard or below...
  12. Edited original post. The fact is the goal as you put it is not that rewarding for the time and effort required and pvp marks are easier to obtain sat at kpr waiting on crap gankers or out ganking the gankers remember this is a pvp server not a time sink server. see what I did there... Plus I'm keeping my pvp marks to obtain OP books like 6% speed increase..
  13. 25 players that want to RVR including grinding the PBs. Every night 4-6 hours for what 1 or 2 weeks to win a victory mark not realistic only nation that has the commitment to bother is the Russians and there not doing it for victory marks. Doesn't include grinding cash for ports that don't make profit, grinding mats & upgrades for losses in fights.. Edit... And the motivation should in part be pvp marks/ pvp in general but I know I can get those fighting at kpr without any of the hassle of setting up RVR ports, repairs to PB area, ships to be in place etc. And you need reserves not just 25 for a campaign like you describe because of real life commitments, counter attacks etc....... @admin be realistic
  14. Sick to death of wasa everywhere I look hope this "temporary" which has been to long already gets nerfed or lost sooner then later.. or just delete all wasa give back upgrades as redeem then nerf hell out of it And make it craft able like the rest of the ships.. Or just do what you want it's your game and as I'm clearly a sucker for punishment I will carry on playing and make do. Lol P.s. I may be a little salty today
  15. Anyway I think we've seen RVR for a large majority of players has become stagnant/boring... I've seen many comments in nation & global chat about players can't be bothered with RVR anymore for various reasons I guess & I doubt this change will promote RVR when what do you really need victory marks for when 1st rates are nearly obsolete in game, the other ships requiring Vic marks are also obsolete apart from heavy rattle which is the go to ship for shallow PBS meaning if nation can't obtain ship to defend port effectively why bother to defend at all..