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  1. Mise en garde Russe

    I don't think you have any moral high ground Christendom, I won't reference anything as I don't really care for old rumors of cheats. As of myself, I don't have any alt. I don't have time for that kind of shit personally. We have tried the US coast but got screened out by your guys. But we still had a lot of fun with the Americans. Unlike other clans when we attacked Ays we didn't directly teleport there we sailed up there. No cheating or funny business. We are all playing a game called Naval Action. Nothing more nothing else. Most of French night crew is just looking for some action and see what can be done to get some victory marks since the EU French don't seem to be inclined to get any port (for now). If there is a port with US timer we will eventually attack it whatever the nationality of it. Don't think it's all about you when it's mainly about ourself trying to find fun and foes. As for sailing with KoC and his band, well I like to discover by myself how worth people are. I don't go by everybody idea and follow it like a sheep. I don't know all the WO guys and I'm not their nanny either. But when I'm with them and playing we are having a fine time. I don't have any grudge against anybody. I don't really care for the drama of the forum or the game. All I want is to play... so I play.
  2. Mise en garde Russe

    Choose between Vichy and de Gaulle? are you serious guys that's no RP here. Sad since Babay and his Russian EU crew were involved in the hostility vs La Navasse...
  3. Today's port timers situation

    Another pointless discussion without hard facts.
  4. Ports segregations due to time zone players

    I don't see what could stop Spain from recruiting players from other timezone? Even if you were to recruit only Spanish speaking players there is almost a continent full of them. As a player coming from global to France we have only attacked ports that had no timer (not our fault if clan stopped playing) or port that had timer in our timezone. So if we are talking about port segregation as of now the majority of ports have European timers that's very restrictive to other timezone players.
  5. A letter to the King - Latest Episode (Hiatus)

    So when do we see The Letter to the King on the glorious Caribbean server?
  6. Guide du jeu

    il vaut mieux avoir des canons longs en chasse et proue afin d'avoir une meilleure portée et précision.
  7. Guide du jeu

    Quels perks (discipline) as tu sinon? ces 5 la sont assez populaires, et si tu veux capturer des bateaux il te faudra en echanger un avec fleet control 1 Double Charge Double Shot Prepared Rigging Specialist Expert Carpenter Je serais toi j’enlèverais planking des connaissances et le remplacerait par winged-out ballast et mettrais French rigs dans les modules pour remplacer gataca.... Sinon en pvp ta constitution va etre fragile des mats.
  8. had to restart from scratch

    If you haven't played since (was it May 2017 the last ship and resources wipe?) there won't be much to redeem I guess.
  9. [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    I was wondering why in the World Spain declared us Hostile.. And then I went up in the list and understood.
  10. Retour vers le passé, réintroduction des Victory marks

    Allez on va faire la grève et tous s’arrêter de jouer... Nan je déconne.
  11. As admin said some time ago after the merge... There is no more EU Server. Now, it's Caribbean server. So you can adapt to it or maybe think about doing something else with your life. Also, I'm kind of glad that it's 10:35 PM because you'll go to bed soon and we won't have to read your nonsense. Good night.
  12. I think also that what is now creating some fluidity in the actual alliances of the server is that the players coming from Global don't feel obligated to follow the national policies.
  13. To Many Messages in Chat. ( Chat unusable )

    I had it once while in battle. I couldn't use any chat but once I exited the battle it went back to normal. That can be annoying when playing with someone who is not on TS or discord.
  14. By the way does anybody knows what was in today patch?
  15. Masts made of glass?

    Most of the OW fleet actions start with shots fired from afar (mostly top sections of masts). And when we get to structure speed doesn't mater much anymore as it happens at close range and we already know what will happen. We even get to weird stuff... A mortar was used to demast ships in OW battle. Kudos to the Mortar Captain for his accuracy.
  16. Conquest. Missing 3 points ports.

    If the reason to stop playing is because there is no more 25vs25 SOL battles that's weird. We can still have 1st rate ship battles easier to organize (since there is less people required) that are very enjoyable.
  17. Limiting VM and 1sts differently

    I think the VM should be given to nations who take ports during the week not those with the most port owned.
  18. Limiting VM and 1sts differently

    If it's a question of money any clan can own a port. Just need to trade some or do some pve missions with your clan mate and it's done. What's the hardest is to take it when it's own by an active clan/nation.
  19. You're still there? What do you know about Global and its failure? You weren't there I guess.

    Some French are present in RVR and trying their best at this rat race. If more French were active in PB we would have Victory Marks by now.
  21. Naval action legends Singleplayer?

    There is a server called PVE.. I'm sure you can play alone there.
  22. Guys I think we know by now that Sun-non-democratically- elected-flat-earther is just a troll... Stop feeding the troll "Thou gleeking rough-hewn pumpion!"
  23. Sunleader sounds like a troll to me... Why is he talking about cheating when the game allow all of us to play at any time we want (as long as it's not during the down time...)? If you have a timer at YOUR time to defend a port and your nation is unable to defend it, it's your problem, not the problem of those who attacked you. If you can't take it back because of the hours (and we all have a life), you ask for help from the players of your nation who are playing at that new time. IF they can take this port back. it's then great for your nation. And in the end... a port is just a port. A nation can live without them. That's what the French Nation did for some time on the Global server.
  24. Technical problems and bugs

    Since we are in the same clan, I also tried to see if it was doing the same thing with me yesterday, I even logoff and then came back it was the same. L'Horizon ballistique wasn't recognized.
  25. [PVP EU] battle results

    It was a good fight. We didn't know what to expect and we were glad to have opposition.