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  1. Louis Garneray

    Stacking of hostility missions

    One of us tried and it didn't work even with the first mission disappearing he couldn't get in the 2nd.
  2. Louis Garneray

    Stacking of hostility missions

    We have NA timers. And if we see a port that interest us without a timer we will take it. Timers are here to help defend your ports. We use timers to defend the ports we care about. And it works. The main point here is to try to see if the devs can take care of that issue which is: multiple hostility missions are stacking on top of each other which makes it impossible for the defense to join all of the hostility missions.
  3. Louis Garneray

    Stacking of hostility missions

    First of all I don't know why you get involved in that discussion, I don't think you were in the multiple attempts yesterdays. Second, I'm not complaining about the lack of PVP we had some good pvp yesterday.... But we could have had more Countering the hostility is a valid strategy, especially when we have multiple nations attacking us in the same evening. If we can avoid having a PB we will. If you don't understand that... There is not much I can do for you. Please try to have an intelligent conversation with valid arguments.
  4. Louis Garneray

    Stacking of hostility missions

    Whatever is the reason for to it happen it should be fixed. Maybe there should be more than a few spots for hostility missions. Or when hostility missions are taken make the spot displaced of a km. Luckily we were able to catch their fleet when it came out.
  5. For now the main landmarks we have are hills and ports (but those ones all look the same if in the same nation). But if the map shows the topography that will be an improvement from what we have now.
  6. Can't wait to see that. Having particular landmarks showing on the map will be greatly appreciated. That's what I used when I was a young sailor and we were approaching the coast, it was also used to re-calibrate the estimated position of the ship (before the satellite navigation took over).
  7. Louis Garneray

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    3 indiamen not properly escorted that's a good target. They would have been stupid to not attack you.
  8. How many of us are in the K of hours?
  9. that would be louis d'or (no capital). Here is a French wiki link about all the French money at the time: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_(monnaie) Pistole is only the French name of the Spanish gold coin: Doblón which was also called doublon in French. It seems intriguing to introduce those new things out of the blue while we were mainly expecting a new UI... and since as you told us you only have 2 developers... Are those going to replace the pvp marks?
  10. Louis Garneray

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    bizarre le post dont j'avais mis le lien a disparu...
  11. Louis Garneray

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    C'etait annoncé la:
  12. Nice patch! I just did the sinking a ship tutorial mission. I have one thing to say, to keep with the actual theme... if all the missions of one page are done I suggest to make the tab title with a green check mark as well so we can see easily what has been done. For a second or two I was wondering what I had to do as all the mission of the first tab were done... Until I realize there were 2 other tabs.