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  1. Sweden declares war on France

    I am on both servers (but mainly on Global) and I have to say one thing: I am always amazed by people reactions when France is involved in the conversation. Not long ago (before the patch) on Global France decided to concentrate on PvP and not do any RvR and everybody was talking about how we didn't want to fight we were cowards, and we had lost the war, etc... And every time someone will reach what I came to call now the French variation of Godwin's law... Every time there is a conversation about a war involving France someone will talk about white flags and surrender... which is stupid and only show historical ignorance of the one commenting there with the flag reference. Anyway each nation is free to do what they want. Fight for port or not. We all know anyway even without any additional port a nation can survive.
  2. What's next for Naval Action?

    If you need any volunteer to review translations.... I'm available for French.
  3. Bring back Paint

    I think most of us won't mind if it's a cosmetic that we have to pay for.
  4. You need to have cheap carronades and long guns at FR
  5. And we were well equiped... Bucentaure ships with Oceans. I was in one of the Bucentaure (and on the frontline) and in one of the fights I lost 400 crew due to the constant butt sniping of the aggys.
  6. Sélection de navires 2017

    j'ai vote pour le numéro 22: le Téméraire
  7. Request for Global Ceasefire

    well if every body is doing like you: Global server will remain a ghost town. In the end it doesn't really matter what the patch bring us (beside new ships) what matters the most is to have enough players to have meaningful PvP and RvR.
  8. Just started playing after a day of waiting at work For trading I guess it's better to buy from neutral or free towns?
  9. Server merge

    We are forced in making a choice between 2 evils... Which is not that great... PVPEU is not good because of the short window for PB PVPGlobal is not good because of day/night flip...
  10. Royal Bank of Scotland

    That's a Royal BS
  11. The length of battle should be proportionate to the size of the of fleet.
  12. The Nightflip

    Well... It's an online game... not a bank (at least not on the player side) for what I know the game works for most of the day and night. So why restrict one part of the gameplay and have the rest open? I used to play on PVP1 when it was more about the community than anything else. Some of us back during the Night/day flip problem on pvp1 were proposing solutions. Some of them where good. But unfortunately the only way out you found was to separate the players. European vs the rest of the world. Which is still not a good option... It only antagonize one part of the player base with the other. I went to Global and as French (and we were not the only ones I guess) we showed that PB, RvR and ports were not that important for a nation to survive. There is certainly no geo blocking in place for the server choice, but there is definitely a time blocking on what we can do between some hours on the EU server. With the system now in place we do know that when the hype of the new patch wears off having the population split in two servers is not viable.
  13. It was nice to be able to do that on the testserver. I guess it will be only for some ships? Otherwise we won't need shipbuilders anymore
  14. the original post has been corrected since my comment That's what I call very reactive team
  15. Nice patch!!! By the way the ship is called l'Hermione and not le Hermione. The "H" is silent in French therefore we need to use a "l' " otherwise it doesn't sound good. It's like for L'Océan (l' or le means the).