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  1. How to get access on Naval Action Legends

    You should go to their dedicated part of the forum.... There is also a threat called: Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?
  2. Global Chat on Global Server

    Little update. So far I have 4 players on my ignore list. Which is fine with me since I see way less abuse on the chat. But I know it is still happening. And I really recommend to any new player to avoid the global chat if they need help. They should only stick to their nation chat or help chat (if anybody is in this one).
  3. L'Océan

    Et de penser a la condition de vie de 1100 personnes sur un bateau qui ne fait même pas 70 mètres de long.
  4. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    And it's true... I think the only ships I have now at la tortue are fast frigates (Endy and Renommees). The last fight I participated in was a rescue mission. Amiral Lou (in a Wasa) was sucked in a battle from a French AI targeted by pirates.... I came in with my trusted reno and we were able to save both ships from a big ganking group.
  5. Farming de marques

    tu m'etonnes... les choses (les livres en particulier) que l'on peut avoir avec les marques PVP ne peuvent que generer des abus malheureusement...
  6. Patch Notes & Feedback

    Et le patch d'aujourd'hui?
  7. L'Océan

    Salut, je crois qu'il y a deja eu une discussion a ce sujet quand le bateau est sorti... Pour ce qui est des lignes... le bateau dans le jeu correspond a la maquette. Du coup difficile de savoir quelle est la bonne configuration.
  8. Please fix

    that's a sad sailor life
  9. Carpentry Skillbook

    the expert carpenter is the one you should NOT learn and keep for that Northern Master Carpenters refit
  10. Global Chat on Global Server

    I have seen the same guys do this before (Swedish nation and some pirates sometimes). Every time someone try to have a conversation and they are online they will come with their "are you gay" comments... It's childish but at the same time it's against the game policies when it ends up with insults: And it's not because it happens to someone else at first that I should just ignore it. Their behavior infringe on my (and other people) enjoyment of the game.
  11. Loss of all ships in outposts

    I don't think Teutonic was confused by the closing process... He thought that as long as he was staying in that port he was closing he would not lose any ship. And since he didn't lose any material he was surprised to realize that his ships were gone.
  12. Global Chat on Global Server

    And I agree with you, we need a global chat, but the toxicity makes it hard to have a conversation with good foes without having the parasite noise of *I don't know what they are* disturbing the fun.
  13. Samana...

    It's not really a convenient port when everybody has access to La Mona and TP from there.
  14. Global Chat on Global Server

    Would it be possible to get more moderators on Global server as it seems that insults are now the norm of almost any discussion on the Global chat? I'm an adult who comes to play before and after work and I am extremely tired of not being able to have a normal conversation with foes and friends. I don't mind the banter which is fun. But when it comes to personal insults I think it goes too far. So, I do report those insulting but I really think that we need more volunteers to clean up the Global chat. I also believe that we need a global chat because it can be a fun place. just adding an example of this morning:
  15. Samana...

    Why did the Russians changed the status of Samana port? Are they going to re-open it or is it a strategic decision?