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  1. Green to Green (France) Damage

    You could also add that his captain name in French is not really proper.
  2. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    You'll need more than one fleet to succeed then... depending of the port 2 screening fleet and then the PB fleet... Or as with the French yesterday evening, it could be only a PVP fleet with no intention of fighting the PB if there is people defending it.
  3. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    It's not that new... I remember on PVP1 server before the wipe it was standard to have big screening fleet.
  4. If the winning nation is the nation with the most ports (and the only one getting anything) then for PVP global it's gonna be GB for some times until everybody else can get a piece of their real estate...
  5. Sweden and France

    Watch your language young man. It's not by insulting that you will get anywhere in this world. At least do it properly. Thou unmuzzled bat-fowling puttock!
  6. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    "Young men makes wars and virtues of war are virtues of young men[...]. Then old men make the peace and the vices of peace are the vices of old men"
  7. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    France is at peace with the Danes, it doesn't mean we have to sleep with them or that we have to like them... So just let them be as long as we keep our own region and they don't bother us.
  8. Liste des clans actifs francophones?

    Clan BORK qui joue pour la France sur PVP Global. Nous avons quelques membres francophone pour ceux qui aiment parler la plus belle langue du monde mais l'anglais est la langue principale de la nation et du clan.
  9. [Rebuild- France] Proposition 1

    oui avec le clan BORK. On va chez les danois de temps en temps mais le pvp est difficile avec eux
  10. Why PVP Global USA Fails

    France would welcome any US players Christendom...
  11. NavScan nouveau trader tools

    bonjour, vous avez une version anglaise de ce bel outil? (ca aiderait a sa diffusion).
  12. [Rebuild- France] Proposition 1

    Moi je dis rien de tel qu'un nouvel environnement pour reconstruire la France. Et pourquoi pas sur Global? Vos nouveaux ennemis préférés n'y seront pas et personne ne se plaindra dans la nation si nous perdons des ports, nous avons deja les Danois/chinois qui s'en occupent.
  13. I'm on Global. My prime time is US eastern time... and we are at war with China the Danes and we are not afraid to loose our ports at their prime time. We go to bed when we have to, we don't wake up in the middle of the night to defend anything. We just come back to grind the hostility up. And voila! Is it perfect? no. Is it better than having restricted hours (that are not working for the non euro players) yes. Everybody can find his own server and play on it. Of course I would prefer to have only 1 pvp server so that we would have more players present at my time but the devs have decided to cater to the euro players needs. That's not my choice.
  14. 8 teams: a failed idea?

    Adding Prussia or Russia doesn't add much to the game I think. I think what we have now is enough and if we want to add something it should stick to what was there at different period of history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_evolution_of_the_Caribbean