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  1. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    I removed the last update of windows 10 (now 1709) and then I did one more time a clean up of the Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Game-Labs\Naval Action and now it works
  2. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    I changed the resolution of the desktop and tried to get in the game. I was able to get in but unfortunately the resolution was so bad that I couldn't access or ready anything. First screen selection: and then by doing esc I could get in the setting option but because it was too big I couldn't reach the place where you can select the size option.
  3. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    How do I change the resolution of the game without getting in?
  4. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    I just tried to run Ultimate General civil war... and I got the following error (if that can help) Switching to resolution 1366x0 failed, trying lower one Switching to resolution 1366x0 failed, trying lower one All resolution switches have failed Screen: could not switch resolution (1366x768 fs=1 hz=0)
  5. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    I have done so far every thing that was recommended beside rolling back the update. I'll try to do that one only as a last recourse... which may well be very soon today.
  6. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    That's one of the first thing I did after encountering the problem and nothing changed after clearing the NA registry. The screen resolution is still the same also. 1366*768 on that poor laptop.
  7. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    The laptop took all the upgrades without failure. The video card is up to date. It's an older one gt540M, which was working with NA until Thursday with lower graphic quality. I have not updated the card driver between Thursday and today. It's latest version is from Version:391.35 WHQL Release Date:2018.3.27 http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/132841/en-us The only change was windows10 pro upgraded to the latest version (cursing myself now). I did what Norfolk and Ink suggested and it's still in the same state. Others games do open without any problem.
  8. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    I'm visiting my mom I need some me-time
  9. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    they are
  10. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    Thanks for your suggestion... I checked and that's what I already have. I'm 100% sure it has to do with the windows update.
  11. Louis Garneray

    game not starting...

    I'm using my laptop (I'm on vacation). I was able to get in the game until Thursday but then I had a major update for windows 10 and since that I am unable to get the game to start. The only thing I see is the icon appearing on the bottom bar and then nothing else happen. I tried to use compatibility with windows 8 or 7 and didn't get any change. I also tried to uninstall the game and re-install it and it didn't do anything. Any suggestion will be very welcomed.
  12. Louis Garneray

    RVR options

    We have to remember that nothing forces us to own all the ports. In my clan we don't even have an handful of them. So that system might help the clans clean up the number of ports they own. That's one of your finest contribution to this forum for sure mostly off topic. Who would assume that the effects of that proposal would affect only one side?
  13. Louis Garneray

    Community Representatives.

    I That's going to be hard to find when looking at the National News
  14. Louis Garneray

    Exams - How to pass - tips and tricks

    I did that and then the healthy one stayed behind the one with damages sails. That was a fail
  15. Louis Garneray

    Stacking of hostility missions

    just look at the screenshot there is no Join France box: