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  1. Cheat suspected

    Lately the Ocean seems to be a real fortress... The other day we encountered one and we were 2 buc and 1 vic. The grape was really ineffective. Balls were better. Our vic melted in a few minutes and had to run away. We exited the fight and replaced the vic by an ocean which was able at the end to cap the other ocean but it was a hard fought battle.
  2. I know: Development times: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time
  3. I don't personally expect anything anymore. When it's here it's here. And I read what you post in patch 19: But I know people who because of the redeemable wipe thought it would be the sign for UI. The reason I hope the UI will come soon is mostly while thinking about new player retention and nothing else. I can play with the way it is now, let's be honest if I'm still here playing after 2 years and 3 months that means that I can live with a lot of stuff going on in this game. But when thinking about new players with their expectations I think a nice UI will help them appreciate more the beauty of the game which in the end will mean more people playing, and less negative reviews (maybe?) from new players.
  4. Durability

    No thanks. I like the 1 dura ships.
  5. patrol areas are in predefined places and they change every day. It's not in your local/capital area So far we have seen 3 spots: North East of La Navasse (deep waters) North of Shroud Cay (shallow waters) East-North East of Tumbado (deep waters)
  6. And I really hope the new UI will also come very soon. Some people were hoping it would happen at the same time as the redeemable clearance.
  7. Future wipes

    And I really wonder why people are talking about it now... Every time I have seen discussion about it it always had the same effect. So if you want to scare people away... please continue. Yesterday evening we ended up with 160 players (and at some point under 150)...
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    Too many trashed manes around here I can't barely follow who's who anymore.
  9. PVP missions are good, we need more

    Duuuu... Do you really need to state the obvious
  10. PVP missions are good, we need more

    when you don't know where the next one is going to happen and those mission are new it's kind of difficult, of course with time we will have enough repairs for all the freetowns. For now we still have to shift resources. And since I don't have an alt I can't use it to move stuff while I play/fight.
  11. Reward long trips

    yesterday I sailed from La Navasse to Fort Royal bringing some material and books back to my capital, I had a faint hope to maybe get a sealed bottle on the way home. I got a lot of fish that I was processing all the way to make space for more to come. But alas no bottle... I haven't found any bottle since the last patch and I read so many stories of people sailing 5mn and getting a bottle. So long sails could have that reward... more chance to get a bottle. And that too:
  12. PVP missions are good, we need more

    Yeah the the first event at Shourd, someone bought all the repair from the store and hyped the price. That's what I call entrepreneurship at its best (For him) but many players are not willing to pay 2 or 3k for a repair.
  13. PVP missions are good, we need more

    IT depend to whom you cater this zone... If it's easy access to 2 nations (repairs closed by- new ship closed by) I don't see the other nations participating. At least with free town we can open an outpost and go there.
  14. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    my content in Naval Action is players... It seems that at night time we don't have enough of them... Or if there is enough of them they don't dare to get out of their protected zone which must be extremely boring.