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  1. If I remember Renommée and Surprise are both French ships.
  2. We'll test as we always do... but I fear that trying to solve one problem will create a few others. One way to have heavier ship able to defend themselves could be easily implemented by adding swivel guns which could be devastating fire from higher deck to lower/smaller ships.
  3. All those who are fighting from far away right now are going to fight from even farther. The new boarding thing would make sens if the boarding wasn't limited to 1v1 and if it had consequence such as being out of the fight for quite some time.
  4. Louis Garneray

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    We took what we needed.
  5. Louis Garneray

    Poll results are in

    It doesn't look Chinese at all.... Educate yourself please: Xebec
  6. Louis Garneray

    Painting of Garneray

    Silly you again trolling... Of course I was referring to the real Louis Garneray who died 161 years ago (anniversary of his death September 11, 1857).
  7. Louis Garneray

    Poll results are in

    In a way the requin is the antidote to the restricted area. But it's a very fragile ship and against someone who knows what he is doing it's not an OP ship at all. The restricted areas are too big and people are spending too much time in their own restricted area.
  8. Louis Garneray

    Painting of Garneray

    Where are the mods when we need them ^^
  9. Louis Garneray

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    Let's go raid the Brits with it at KPR
  10. Louis Garneray

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    I was looking at the list of oldest ships: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_surviving_ships The Victory and Constitution are still relatively very young
  11. Louis Garneray

    Painting of Garneray

    One of "my" () paintings has been acquired by the Museum of Brest (western France) and will be shown in the coming weekend. Louis-Ambroise Garneray, « La troisième bataille d'Ouessant », 1838 https://musee.brest.fr/actualites/actualites-5789/la-troisieme-bataille-douessant-de-louis-ambroise-garneray-22558.html?cHash=97ac1dd1ab4e6da49ed7d2d4e2110d96 That battle is know in the English speaking world as Glorious First of June.
  12. Louis Garneray

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Thanks for the fight Brits `````````````
  13. Louis Garneray

    (DEV REQUIRED) I need help with my dead clan/guild

    That shouldn't be a big problem... easy to get money in this game
  14. Louis Garneray

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    He could be one of the two but I can't decide which one....
  15. Louis Garneray

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    Apparently you don't really know the history of all the servers we had here... Maybe you need to read more about our history. To make it short when the game became available in January 2016 on steam we had multiple servers. In Europe and in the US. Most of the players who had been playing before the release wanted to stay together so most of us played on EU server. But then the EU players complained of the night flip, so a Global server was created. It did end up the night flip for the EU players because they could take ports only at a limited time. Meanwhile on the Global server we were left to our own design... no limited time to take any port which meant that we had to survive day and night flips. Then PVP global was closed and PVP EU renamed to Caribbean server to become the new global server with a new set or rule: mainly the port timer. So to be sure you understand what we refer to when we use EU or Global it all about the gaming population. Players from EU or players from many other places. Right now we (the pvp players) are all playing on 1 server. We don't really care where the server is. Exept for the players in Asia mostly who would certainly prefer a server where they would have a better ping.