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  1. PG Monkey

    Forged Paper DLC

    Just logged on to check mine..DLC is not showing up
  2. PG Monkey

    Broken grape

    Why do you need to bet?..just do the video
  3. PG Monkey

    With the new patch 19 ideas!

    I would even turn off enemy names in the battle instance
  4. PG Monkey

    Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    reduce basic cutters hold space to stop players using it to transport goods that has a side effect of making new players vunerable
  5. PG Monkey

    Outlaw "nation"

    clan based conquest is already in the game..just take other clans from your friendlist
  6. PG Monkey

    Outlaw "nation"

    You want clan based game instead of nation based..nothing to do with outlaws or pirates
  7. PG Monkey

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    To get the prolific forger you have to search for it in the store (or you get "There is no downloadable content for this game" message).
  8. same thing happened to me ..Chrome or IE explorer..also in notification settings the toggle for notifying when someone likes your post has been disabled by administrator..I just gave up with reporting it
  9. PG Monkey

    Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    Melons flying ..thats great
  10. PG Monkey

    notifications in forum

    still cant access notifications
  11. PG Monkey

    Not turning up to Port Battles

    If you want a port battle why bring 50 screeners to prevent it from happening?
  12. PG Monkey

    notifications in forum

    This the reason?
  13. PG Monkey

    notifications in forum

    mine still bugged
  14. PG Monkey

    notifications in forum

  15. PG Monkey

    Copper Plating

  16. PG Monkey

    Copper Plating

    In game the statement is true though Your confusing NA with real life
  17. PG Monkey


    so you want to automatically get it because its too hard to sail to it?
  18. PG Monkey


    Why should it be easy?
  19. PG Monkey

    Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    The painting is nice but I think it's a forgery :
  20. PG Monkey

    Should I join?

  21. PG Monkey

    Recently Killed Should not be a license to attack

    Would be open to exploits though