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  1. Loot

    Why should it be easy?
  2. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    The painting is nice but I think it's a forgery :
  3. Recently Killed Should not be a license to attack

    Would be open to exploits though
  4. Rum!

    works for me
  5. The usa only have about 10 capturable ports..I'm sure theres plenty more in your timezone that you can go for
  6. Why Civil Wars are Necessary

    Your safezone will protect you
  7. US disaster Inc.

  8. US disaster Inc.

    We've been fighting against rear admirals in Bucs,constitutions and wasas .How is it Seal clubbing?
  9. I still like mine
  10. Lose a fleetship very stupid

    Hostility is still pve
  11. I started going out in OW in a Victory or L'Ocean..probably back to the wasa now because I cant replace the first rates
  12. RSC V RUBLI First Rate Fight

    Hacking accusations when you get beat
  13. Proposition by the French Council - Southern Alliance

    training pb..sounds like farming to me
  14. A treatise on Naval Action: a complete guide - Mr. Doran

  15. 1st impressions

    I just wish the snow wasn't the last 6th rate to grind. Brig,Snow,Navy Brig then Mercury would be better
  16. Just need to wait for more people to start playing..I think/hope ai will soon be gone
  17. I had a battle..enemy cutters sailed into the zone and won without firing a shot
  18. Please nerf the speed mods too You do a great job trying to make the sailing better and more realistic, then hand out op upgrades that mess it all up.