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  1. PG Monkey

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    ROVERS don't do politics
  2. PG Monkey

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Speak for yourself
  3. PG Monkey

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

  4. PG Monkey

    Naval Action Meme collection

  5. PG Monkey

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    Not for me it isnt, I think your just a bit paranoid about it.
  6. PG Monkey

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    It's just another ship
  7. PG Monkey

    end of the red sails - Le Requin

    Prince and privateer are better than the xebec, please make them dlc so I don't have to craft them
  8. PG Monkey

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Did you really attack the dutch ?
  9. PG Monkey

    Remove clone ships from game

    If it was an F11 bug it would be trivial at best
  10. PG Monkey

    Remove clone ships from game

    I have yet to see a good reason for removing them in this thread
  11. PG Monkey

    What is the patrol zone rotation?

    I dont know what it is so I just click on the mission tab
  12. PG Monkey

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Put 9 pounders on the Prince and 12's on the surprise
  13. I'm level 50 crafter but I would remove the crafting grind altogether
  14. PG Monkey


    Would be nice if we could use stern guns on the privateer, even 4 lb cannons the gun ports are already on the model
  15. Also if a fort causes the most damage and the player surrenders you cant get access to it
  16. PG Monkey

    Caribbean Invasion News

    You was there for at least 1 attempt because you sank my xebec outside with 2 broadsides from your l'ocean
  17. Sunbury was the best freeport
  18. PG Monkey

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    I use carta on my 5/5 hercules
  19. PG Monkey

    [OW CONTEST] The Great Manhunt! [WTF]

    But they are in xebecs