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  1. same thing happened to me ..Chrome or IE explorer..also in notification settings the toggle for notifying when someone likes your post has been disabled by administrator..I just gave up with reporting it
  2. Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    Melons flying ..thats great
  3. notifications in forum

    still cant access notifications
  4. Not turning up to Port Battles

    If you want a port battle why bring 50 screeners to prevent it from happening?
  5. notifications in forum

    This the reason?
  6. notifications in forum

    mine still bugged
  7. notifications in forum

  8. Copper Plating

  9. Copper Plating

    In game the statement is true though Your confusing NA with real life
  10. Loot

    so you want to automatically get it because its too hard to sail to it?
  11. Loot

    Why should it be easy?
  12. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    The painting is nice but I think it's a forgery :