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  1. PG Monkey

    Combat - Whats happening here

    double shot has no effect on carronades
  2. PG Monkey

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Yes because there are real life accounts of that actually happening..none of a 1st rate sinking with 1 broadside though
  3. PG Monkey

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Mistakes were made but it's still bullshit if you can sink a first rate with 1 broadside
  4. PG Monkey

    Join as Group not working

    I think if you tag ai in the reinforcement zone it wont drag anyone else in..missions should work though
  5. PG Monkey

    Tow To Port Changed?

    Its changed to nearest deep water port capital or not
  6. PG Monkey

    Bug - bot firing angles

    I know the ai can shoot at some weird angles but they also have no repairs, show you their weak side and are predictable, So I can live with it
  7. PG Monkey

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    I had that problem simply restarting steam solved it
  8. PG Monkey

    Limit missions

    Nothing to do with pvp vs pve do your pve against ai fleets in the open world..also if you just want an easy game play on the pve server you can even capture 1st rate on there
  9. PG Monkey

    Limit missions

    I think we should limit the missions to certain ranks (maybe the first 3) then only new/inexperienced players get to have safe missions. That way every mission in or out of the reinforcement zone could be closed instantly. Everyone else can take their chance in the OW, there's plenty of ai fleets out there if you need to PVE
  10. PG Monkey

    Make Skins more common.

    I was watching a twitch stream where gamelabs said that in chat
  11. PG Monkey

    The Free State of VCO

    Will VCO attack the Spanish?
  12. PG Monkey

    The Free State of VCO

    It really isn't all about you
  13. PG Monkey

    Ship lost due some wierd lags.

    I dont know if its connected but I have had some issues with steam lately. Friends list saying no network connection even though I'm connected etc