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  1. What is the formula for the BR calculations? It's seems broken, because why does the WASA have a lower BR than Agamemnon?
  2. steam is not responding again

    DoS, just saying...
  3. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    All of this just reaffirms my early assumption upon returning to this game a few months ago after a couple years break.. That the server/community is dominated by a handful of veteran players with way too much free time competing against one another at the possible longer term detriment of the player base.
  4. Port Wipe

    Right, just saying it should be expected.
  5. Port Wipe

    It's Alpha none of that matters. All of that struggle was testing. Before release I would expect a map reset with new victory conditions put in place.
  6. England Declares War on Poland!

    "privateering type doing the privateering thing" Fair enough but there is a time and a place. Not a smart move to attack trade ships next to your nations most valuable port just for a few simple PVP marks. Being "Rogue" isn't an excuse to actively go out of your way to hinder and frustrate your own nations larger ambitions.
  7. Real Life Sailing Story

    Excellent thanks very much just added to my collection. In the .99c bracket "The Corsairs of France by C. B. Norman" is excellent reading.
  8. Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    Hello, What about the pre steam Yacht redeemable? Do I have to redeem it within 30 days and hope that it's never lost?
  9. Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    I certainly don't build ships for the gold considering amount of time that goes into maintaining sufficient levels of resources. Main reward for crafting ships is helping others out, either clans for the right type of ships for Port Battles and raiding, individuals with a much sort after 5th rate or new traders with a free ship and some capital. Some improvements I'd like to see added however to make crafting even more rewarding. - Ability to name the ship - Receive action reports on ships you have crafted. - Additional specialty crafting abilities unlocked beyond level 50 which can be added to a ship.
  10. Ship speeds

    Remove all the mods and mod stacking, allow only one figurehead mod and a limited number of (realistic) skill books with decreased effectiveness, nothing more.
  11. Remove names from OS

    After they get rid of the stacking of super mods, otherwise the best players with super ships are going to have an even easier time than they already do. Similar to a sub sim with realism mods, the above could be made distance based and time you've tagged the target, longer and closer you view the other ship more information you receive.
  12. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Empires? lol No its the natural cycle of gamers, they follow the side with momentum for the easiest path towards more points and xp.
  13. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Sounds terribly dramatic for the cartoon world but it's during the kids bath time.
  14. Why did players leave?

  15. Ironic that a helicopter analogy is being used. Snow reminds me of being seated in a helicopter piloted by a student, heavy handed at the controls especially rudder causing excessive yaw/slip. Early days though and best of luck with the fine tuning.