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  1. Yes agree completely, AI reinforcements now are a complete joke absolutely no threat at all to an attacker. Veteran players that have been abusing this and hunting low rank players in reinforcement zones are a disgrace especially those also using Alts to monitor traffic near capital ports.
  2. William Wade

    Games similar to Naval Action

    Similar in game play not setting Elite Dangerous on one of the large PVE servers.
  3. William Wade

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Which is my point exactly and this effects everything from delay in firing guns to when ships become visible. People here calling out others as noobs and that they are pussies for using DD have sub 50 pings! The 300+ ping lag a significant impact it makes games like FPS impossible to play vs other players.
  4. William Wade

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    And I notice your ping is sub 50 in that mission to avenge Mo. I would be seriously interested to hear back what you think of boarding with a Ping of 300+ - try via a VPN server on the other side of the world. The lag is significant compared to what you experience at sub 50.
  5. William Wade

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Sure and they also need to add small arms fire from crew and marines when ships are in proximity and a host of other changes to make close quarters action more realistic instead of turning into a arcade mini game where the vet with a fantasy book and stacked boarding mods can take down a SOL from a 6th rate.
  6. William Wade

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Agree previous game play was far worse with all the stern camping and rage boarding. Plus the current boarding game is little more than a ping dependent last second paper,rocks,scissors mini game. Those here with sub 100 pings please try the game via a VPN and a ping of 350-400 let me know how much you enjoy boarding then.
  7. William Wade

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    That's starting to end badly for some.
  8. William Wade

    ships modification & accessory's

    As you've suggested and discussed in the past for Pirates especially it would be great if they had more unique abilities rather than just being nation black. My understanding like being able to name ships, this would cause resource impact on servers and DB so shelved for now while devs work on bigger priorities UI & tutorials etc.
  9. William Wade

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    Welcome Mo! Glad to have you aboard. Think for some your stream is starting to become more entertaining than the game itself. Couple of times I've already heard, "can't join yet watching Mo".
  10. William Wade

    Issue with chain?

    Excluding mast hits. Ball needs a slight buff imho as rigging structure, components and sub components don't appear to be modeled at all currently, just a basic sail damage formula.
  11. William Wade

    Make Determined Defender morale based

    What's your ping?
  12. William Wade

    Make Determined Defender morale based

    Not all of us have sub 100 Pings (mine is 350) - So keep that in mind when asking for changes to DD. Or change the (arcadish) boarding mini game so it's not a win/loss based on last second clicks. And if you think ping isn't a factor play the game through a distant server via a VPN, look forward to your comments.
  13. William Wade

    Problems of NA

    Yes, NA needs a dedicated training server where players can enter a staged arena for training purposes either closed for clan members or open to all. Options for practicing different aspects key to the game from basic ship handling to port battles.
  14. William Wade

    Outlaw Patrol Mission

    When we see number of players online, I'd expect 10% or less are actually out OW hunting solo or with one or two mates.
  15. William Wade

    Outlaw Patrol Mission

    Active player population base is so low that might very well be required. I spent about three hours around La Mona and Danish waters a few hours ago and only saw one Brit when I left La Mona. Unfortunately the idea would likely just get abused.