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  1. William Wade

    Open world Wind

    Even more ridiculous in battle, changes way too frequently.
  2. William Wade

    PVE: Do Away With Nations Entirely

    "Nations seem meaningless and a pointless way to divide players for no reason in an already small community." I find the PVE server itself a meaningless and pointless way to divide an already small community. Is there a way to accommodate PVE only players on the same server as PVP so they can enjoy, experience more of the games content. Make the Gulf a PVE only zone?
  3. William Wade

    OP Ships

    Pretty much, game has been dominated by a few and their alts for a couple years, rest of the population are just easy marks to bully and make fun of in game or in chat so they leave.
  4. William Wade

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    Yes to less nations, no to clan based system. All other suggestions are good and hopefully devs will at least consider some if not all of them in the near future.
  5. William Wade

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    It's like fishing, you guys over fish and then complain there is no fish.
  6. William Wade

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    The player base is so small is the reason you don't see more OW further away from capitals hence read first post.
  7. William Wade

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    Really surely you are experienced enough to tell by now, without needing a icon.
  8. William Wade

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    Instead of looking towards Devs to provide solutions. Just asking people to use sensible judgement vs new or newly returned players, give them a chance to play the game.
  9. Especially those using premium or super ships to repeatedly bully new and newly returned players. This is why the game gets a bad rap in reviews and the player base is f all. Think about what you are doing, take the time to hunt OW instead of looking for easy PVP marks just to get your name in lights on the leaderboard. Give new guys a chance to actually experience the game, otherwise the player base will be reduced to 50 or so players and their alts.
  10. William Wade

    Mateship 100 Years

    This year marks 100 years of Mateship between Australia and US Allies.
  11. William Wade

    Premium Ships Break Up

    Not so much for 5th and 6th rates, but third rates and above, yes. Even if you have to wait a week.
  12. William Wade

    Premium Ships Break Up

    So after destroying a third Hercules I get this drop at no cost in gold or time spent, just needed to wait a few days. If more ships are going to be released as premium, why bother crafting if it's going to be this easy to get a good ship.
  13. William Wade

    Premium Ships Break Up

    Referring to built in upgrades and perm slots.
  14. William Wade

    Premium Ships Break Up

    Should this be possible? Should there be a penalty attached? Seems wrong to just keep breaking them up at no expense other than time until you get the drop you want.
  15. William Wade

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    1. New UI very smooth no lag very efficient once use to it. 2. Bottom icons could be slightly larger and brighter. 3. Same for the compass slightly larger and made sharper with thinner graduations and font. 4. Overall really like the artistic design. 5. Tips and information great! Congrats team obviously a lot of thought and time has gone into these changes, looking forward to seeing the Port UI. oh and the map is perfect although could do with being able to scroll slightly further to east Bridgetown Saint Joseph feel a bit cut off.