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  1. Legendary CSA campaign

    Very nicely done, looks much better than what I've got. Would be interesting to know if in such context Antietam is worth fighting campaign wise
  2. Legendary CSA campaign

    They wont deploy at all. Better to shift those four brigades in another corps
  3. Legendary CSA campaign

    Apart from a few exceptions I never spend more than 10k $ on the replenishment of one brigade. It's not the end of the wolrd to lose a star 'except for arty arguably), the unit's global stats still improve overtime. Don't be afraid to use rookies.
  4. Legendary CSA campaign

    Early on I prefer to place my 2 star brigades on the flanks whenever I can : less damage taken, more damage given. That's why it's important to always bring at least two rookie brigades in every fight so they can act as tanks for your entire army. It's also helpful to constantly estimate the range of enemy brigade and place yourself accordingly to avoid their fire.
  5. Legendary CSA campaign

    New vid's out. Enjoy
  6. Can Unit Characteristics go Over 100?

    Stats are indeed not capped at 100, it's only the max displayed value as Bramborough said
  7. Legendary CSA campaign

    It was fragile but I couldn't do much else but holding. Despite the fact that I destroyed almost 80% of the 1st wave by encircling it the AI still had the number and veterancy to keep coming at me while pinning me down in other parts of the line. This is why I hate this battle, it forces you into static defense yet you don't have any fortifications and the numbers are really disfavorable.
  8. Legendary CSA campaign

    Not just yet but I've got a surprise for y'all.
  9. Fredricksburg: 43k inflicted, 7k lost

    1v1 odds at Fredericksburg ? That clearly means you've destroyed the Union before that. It's definitly time you try Legendary sir
  10. Come on Mercanto we all know your favorite movies are Gods and Generals along with Field of Lost Shoes
  11. Legendary CSA campaign

    Yeah weapons is definitly the best choice throughout the entire campaign. Before Washington I'd advise to get cash or manpower depending on what u need the most
  12. Legendary CSA campaign

    Really sorry guys, exams, then Xmas and most of the free time goes to my team on Rising Storm 2. I should be able to start uploading again in early january
  13. Legendary CSA campaign

    Pt 27 is here, sorry again for the slow upload rate
  14. Legendary CSA campaign

    Were you playing on Legendary ? Maybe I'll try that for learning's sake. @quicksabre It was definitly a sloppy tactical choice but a deliberate one : strategically speaking it felt like the best option to me : high losses for me but twice more losses for them, and my prime goal was to deplete their army stat.
  15. Legendary CSA campaign

    It would work on normal or hard but in legendary every AI unit outclasses you by a wide margin. Going for a hammer an anvil move means a thin stretched line and the unability to make a quick, decisive push anywhere. Then I'd barely have the time to capture the VP and to kill a large amount of Yankees. Yet because of the Overland's campaign difficulty I really need to reduce the Union's numbers, that's why I went for a blunt approach.