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  1. Legendary CSA campaign

    Pt 27 is here, sorry again for the slow upload rate
  2. Legendary CSA campaign

    Were you playing on Legendary ? Maybe I'll try that for learning's sake. @quicksabre It was definitly a sloppy tactical choice but a deliberate one : strategically speaking it felt like the best option to me : high losses for me but twice more losses for them, and my prime goal was to deplete their army stat.
  3. Legendary CSA campaign

    It would work on normal or hard but in legendary every AI unit outclasses you by a wide margin. Going for a hammer an anvil move means a thin stretched line and the unability to make a quick, decisive push anywhere. Then I'd barely have the time to capture the VP and to kill a large amount of Yankees. Yet because of the Overland's campaign difficulty I really need to reduce the Union's numbers, that's why I went for a blunt approach.
  4. Legendary CSA campaign

    A genuine slaughter, Enjoy
  5. Legendary CSA campaign

    The second part of the Army camp has just been uploaded. Mansfield is next
  6. Chickamauga: WHAT A JOKE

    It's normal that you don't get your full army. The last division of the last corps arrives next day. If you win early then it won't hit the battlefield. This is the confederate campaign, it's made hard for a reason. Being largely outnumbered just represents the south's disadvantage in manpower. I know it can be frustrating but that kind of difficulty can be overcome by rethinking yourstrategy and your army setup.
  7. Legendary CSA campaign

    As long as you can watch my videos it's all that matters
  8. Legendary CSA campaign

    Finally, it's here. A 1 hour long video of Chickamauga to make it up to you guys. Ill try to upload Mansfield soon enough.
  9. Legendary CSA campaign

    I will, sorry for the delay I'm moving atm and don't have enough time to play the game, let alone recording/editing. I'm past Cold Harbor and I believe I have good chances at beating the campaign. The AI will have minimum manpower (245k men total if I recall) so despite the heavy losses I'll take before it should be feasible.
  10. Why is Civil war so hard for beginners?

    Have you tried watching LPs on youtube ? There's a lot to learn from them. I agree there's a steep learning curve but once you start to master it the game is really fun.
  11. Legendary CSA campaign

    It's not the fortifications themselves, they're pretty fine, it's the way they're positioned. You're forced to cover a huge ground and the AI can attack them from cover. Since I needed two strong wings I had to defend a smaller area with my center, hence the initial retreat.
  12. Legendary CSA campaign

    Jackson has been uploaded, just went home from holidays and I was eager to bring this one ASAP to make up for my absence. A few typos and grammar mistakes here and there so apologies in advance for that.
  13. Battle of Washington

    From what I've seen there's a minimum number of enemy troops for each battle to avoid steam-rolling the AI. So if the army stat is below said minimum the AI will still field a certain number. It should be displayed in-game somewhere but otherwise I kinda understand why the mechanic is here
  14. Legendary CSA campaign

    We're now at Gettysburg gents. Time to lick the Yanks on their own soil
  15. Legendary CSA campaign

    @drhay53 It's all about using them cheats . More seriously if you can tell me which example you're referring to I'll be able to give a more useful explanation. Cavalry tutorial is here as promised.