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  1. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    It's a shame that you can't read...but with this response...I understand that your dimisnished cognitive abilities are severely limited and that those taxes for public school were mostly wasted. You should strongly consider a lesser game such as minecraft...they have all kinds of crayons that they can use to explain it to you.
  2. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    I actually hate the Wasa...played it a few times but don't care for it...if I have to play a 4th rate then I play an Aga...just like the game play. But "nerfing" because players can't deal with it...then they should be playing a game with simpler mechanics
  3. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    Out of all the people playing the game...no one in a 4th rate has killed a Wasa...I find that extremely hard to believe because there are some very good players in this game
  4. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    No requirement for a re-balancing...adapt the play style...is this such a hard concept for players to understand???
  5. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    Understood...but to change the ship because players fail to adapt is just reinforcing that failure...players should improvise and adapt their playing skills in order to overcome any perceived shortcoming in their ship...what do they think when new technologies are introduced to the battlefield...LOL Just Saying!!!
  6. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    Let me get this...because players can't adapt their play to the new ship...it needs to be nerfed...LMAO May want to try a different game if you can't adapt to change
  7. How has the new patch affected the pve server

    I know what you mean with the mix of the ships in the AI fleets...would love a bigger mixture of 1st to 3rd rate fleets. PvP AI fleets would be less as the whole premise would be players attacking each other.
  8. Ai activity

    And increase the number of AI fleets available for each rate of ship
  9. How has the new patch affected the pve server

    Would like to see more AI fleets to attack...too few 1500+ BR fleets for me to attack...anything less than 1000BR is not a match for single L'Ocean or Santi. Raids on ports would add more into the mix. I know that there are other suggested things that can be added for content.
  10. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    This is also true...63 votes out of 100,000 registered player accounts...have quite a way to go to get a majority...but good luck with that...ROFLMAo
  11. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    So the name change will actually accomplish...........................What?
  12. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    There is NO PvE Global...it is PVP GLOBAL
  13. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    So...we merge PvE Server with PvP Global...to address the lack of PvP on the Global server...this move will result in the reduction of one server and the population on the Global server will not go up as the PvE players will leave the game. The other option of merging the PvP servers is out of the question because of latency issues from different geographic locations and there are apparently two differing types of PvP styles... So what is wrong with leaving it as it stands??? You are still not going to get the PvP that you are looking for...as it stands right not those that want PvP have two server choices...anything else and you will further denigrate the server populations. Unfortunate but this the current trend.
  14. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    Just going to throw this out there...but if you merge the PvE server with the PvP Global server you will lose ALL the players that are currently playing on the PvE server...this is based upon the global chat whenever there is a suggestion of eliminating the PvE environment.....so there will be nothing gained. You will have cut the number of servers down to 2 and PvP Global will still not have enough players to satisfy those who want the pure PvP experience. Most players on these two servers have one foot out the door towards another game (according to those I have talked to).
  15. Another cogent response that provides absolutely nothing constructive to the conversation *sigh*