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  1. Unfortunately this is a far cry from being perfect...this just continues to limit the potential of the game. With the game as it currently stands it will not provide the experience that will attract a new player base.
  2. I do like this concept and it does have a lot of positive concepts that could provide a game for everyone. I still think that the Dev's can accomplish a lot more with two servers...PvE can be made into one variant of the game and PvP can continue to grow based upon a balanced hostility system and economics based upon a wartime environment. The PvE can be based upon an economic environment but would also be able to engage in limited combat such as raids. Grasping both concepts and moving them forward could create a huge influx and offer players a variety of gaming experiences based upon their gaming needs.
  3. All those posts and this is the most cogent response you can come up with. If anyone is going to get ignored it would be and individual who is actually contributing nothing to this thread. But thanks for trying.
  4. New weights system!

    That "billion dollars" is will come out of taxpayer coffers and will only serve to replace his property...ROFLMAO
  5. Because it is not just a PvP game...
  6. PvE Server Game play overhaul

    AngryPanCake excellent ideas... Don't believe that the game originally was a "sandbox" game which is why they are making a WoWS mod for the game, will have to watch and shoot!!! Was also wondering if it is possible to transfer the XP that you get once you reach the RA rank...have been there for more than a year, keep collecting xp but there is nothing to do with it. Could convert to trading/crafting or ship knowledge on a sliding scale. Just a thought!!!
  7. Pirates - a personal view on their role in the game

    What are the Developers plans with the game...are they trying to make it realistic? If so then your point is valid...Pirates never were a nation, their role was typically a chaotic interrupter and not as a nation.
  8. Ship wipe - coming soon!

    Ships Ships lose their quality levels - as it was deemed redundant This would be a big hint that notes will no longer be required.
  9. I too have had the same experience with the game...it is a fun game and I also have accounts on all three servers...but have also been driven from the PvP servers because 10 pirates think it is great fun to jump a Basic Cutter...must be desperate for that 100 xp...It has been a fun 2000 hours but it may be time for a change of games. Best of Luck

    Gotta love this drama...you just can't make this stuff up You people do realize that this is just a game??? Right
  11. 17 to 19 ports in one evening lost PVP 2

    Sinking your ships on many occasions is not one of them...LOL
  12. 17 to 19 ports in one evening lost PVP 2

    Mr Doomed....you mistake me for someone who actually cares. I only buy labor contracts for use on the other servers...all the DRAMA is laughable and keeps me entertained!!! So please...don't stop for the love of God!!!