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  1. Not a constructive or cogent statement...but to be expected.
  2. ADMIN - But we will focus on things that we want: Making rvr and pvp matter more or improving the sailing model or adding new ships. Understand the reasoning as part of the development, however alienating what population you currently have may not be the approach that you might be looking for. Understand the effect negative social media can have on a product/service once it has been focused to a single activity. Is there no way to in which development cannot approach a number of different things at the same time? There has not been a significant influx of new players over the past year...so your projected gains may not be as expected upon final release.
  3. It is unfortunate to see so much discord in these 18 pages of posts and the disconnect with PvP, so was wondering what the life expectancy of the PvE server will be?
  4. and if you think that ships sailed in reverse I have news for you friend.
  5. It is interesting that there are hundreds of posts concerning the lack of PvP and those wishing to engage in that activity only. There have been so many changes that have tried to bring people together to do that very activity, yet the population still hasn't increased...yet those same posts are made by such a small number of the overall population. Are we waiting for some magical update/upgrade to the game that will make this change and have players rushing into a game so that they can get ganked? Where do you see the error in the overall thought process?
  6. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    So just allow ganking...do you think that will bring back the players to this game???
  7. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    You can remove the safe zones buy having an indicator that captains can use to indicate they want PvP or not. Then everyone sails the OW doing what they want and if you stumble on a player looking for PvP then you are good to go...if the Captain doesn't want PvP...you keep searching...end of discussion
  8. Good luck catching AI fleets in OW with 1st Rates now!!!
  9. Global Chat on Global Server

    Oddly enough...common sense isn't! And you are always going to get the small minded people who think that their behavior is above reproach and will continue to "stir the pot" and will claim ignorance when called to account. I see another MMO has recently turned off their "global chat" capability because it became so toxic that their moderators could not keep up. There was even a key word code that caused temporary automatic bans which also failed. My understanding was that there was already a Code of Conduct in this game, but it appears not all are aware of it.
  10. Not even close...but keep licking the window
  11. Lets just kill off any hope of getting new players.
  12. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    It's a shame that you can't read...but with this response...I understand that your dimisnished cognitive abilities are severely limited and that those taxes for public school were mostly wasted. You should strongly consider a lesser game such as minecraft...they have all kinds of crayons that they can use to explain it to you.
  13. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    I actually hate the Wasa...played it a few times but don't care for it...if I have to play a 4th rate then I play an Aga...just like the game play. But "nerfing" because players can't deal with it...then they should be playing a game with simpler mechanics
  14. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    Out of all the people playing the game...no one in a 4th rate has killed a Wasa...I find that extremely hard to believe because there are some very good players in this game
  15. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    No requirement for a re-balancing...adapt the play style...is this such a hard concept for players to understand???